Giants-49ers overtime was viewed by 69 million people

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We’ve already discussed the enormous television ratings these NFL playoffs are generating, but the latest number to come in from last night’s NFC Championship Game makes it worth revisiting the subject.

Between 10 and 10:30 p.m. Eastern, Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated notes, 69.0 million viewers were watching the Giants-49ers game.

The game’s audience grew as it went on, and that monster number came during overtime. (It was probably bolstered a bit by non-football fans tuning in for American Idol, which was delayed by the game running late.) To put the audience in perspective, it’s 15 million more people than were watching at the end of the Steelers-Broncos playoff game, which up to that point was the most-watched television program of any kind since the Super Bowl.

According to the NFL, an average of 53.7 million viewers watched NFL games on Sunday, making it the most-watched Conference Championship Sunday in 30 years.

24 responses to “Giants-49ers overtime was viewed by 69 million people

  1. Along those lines, I liked that Hochuli explained the flags very clearly for new viewers. Lots of non-regular fans were tuned in yesterday, so explaining the rule that was violated was a nice move.

  2. Two big teams from opposite sides of the country. You got yourself both east and west coast audiences in full force. Plus a very close game for the SB. Two marquee teams. No brainer.

  3. Can I be honest? As a huge football fan – I was only watching it because it determined who would play in the Superbowl – It was a boring over time – Couldnt wait to get to bed.

  4. So 69,000,000 people saw Kyle Williams lose the game.

    Kyle, i’ll buy you a one way plane ticket out of San Francisco to any destination you choose, provided you never return.

  5. theysone says:
    Jan 23, 2012 4:28 PM

    So 69,000,000 people saw Kyle Williams lose the game.

    Kyle, i’ll buy you a one way plane ticket out of San Francisco to any destination you choose, provided you never return.

    – – – – – – –

    As a San Francisco native, 49er fan, and season ticket holder, does this offer also go for you? Can we buy you a ticket to leave? You give our fan base and fans in general a bad name. It sucks to lose but have some perspective. I am sure your “athletic” self sitting in your seat or on your comfortable couch would of done better?

  6. In all due respect to Kyle Williams, if I was his coach, after I saw him DIVE for a fair catch, I would have taken away the punt return responsibility.

    You knew right there that this guy didnt respect how important that job is…

  7. I barely watched either game. I’m just so fed up with both of the teams I like (Vikings, Chiefs) and their losing that I’ve lost a lot of interest in the NFL.

  8. Just goes to show you that although baseball is America’s pasttime its football thats America’s game!

  9. Remember all those guys who posted here during the lockout that they’d never watch football again? Do you suppose they enjoyed the game? 😀

  10. Now that’s a record in viewership. And I’ve seen some idiots telling they won’t watch the SB this year just because it won’t be a Harbaugh Bowl. To those, I say: stay alone.

  11. It was tough to watch as a Packers fan, but as a football fan, it was great football. Congrats to the Giants and Pats.

  12. I wonder what the viewing numbers will be for the Rams/Pats in London? Take the population of the greater Boston area and add one.
    Congrats to the 49ers. I think I’ll record the Superbowl and watch it only if the Giants win.

  13. But when the ratings were huge for Broncos-Steelers didn’t everyone in the media say it was only because of Tim Tebow?

  14. rc33 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 4:12 PM
    What the heck were the other 239 million doing?


    Either working, looking for jobs, or protesting the banksters.

  15. That WAS the Super Bowl! Don’t expect me to watch the next one – aka Pro Bowl II aka “the Honey-do Bowl”, for I won’t be watching that. I’d rather watch lips chapping over Tebow for 2 weeks instead of this media-ass-kissing orgy.

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