Jerry Jones: Eli is the biggest difference between Giants and Cowboys

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Cowboys owner/coach/spokesman/G.M. Jerry Jones was asked Monday at the Senior Bowl about the success of the Super Bowl-bound New York Giants.

In Jones’ estimation, the biggest difference between the Cowboys and the Giants is simple: Eli Manning. Ouch.

Calvin Watkins on reports that Jones subsequently offered praise for Tony Romo, possibly in an effort to put the toothpaste back in the tube. But the point seems clear. Jones essentially said that the 31-year-old quarterback of his division rival has a big edge over his own 31-year-old quarterback.

Perhaps this was Jones’ way of sending a message to Romo that he won’t be coddled any more. Even if that’s true, I fully expect Jones to later “clarify” these words and make a show of support for Romo.

It’s also worth wondering if Jones takes an overly simplistic view of what separates the two teams. We’d give the Giants the edge in terms of their pass rush, their coaching continuity, and their ability to make the right front-office decisions.

147 responses to “Jerry Jones: Eli is the biggest difference between Giants and Cowboys

  1. The biggest difference is at the GM position. The Giants have a great one, the Cowboys have an empty suit.

    Agree. Thumbs Up.

  2. Nice to see Jerry still can see and admit that Romo is not an elite qb. Romo is a good to average qb, who can win you a game or just as easily lose you a game. He does not show up big in big games. The Cowboys have a pretty talented roster. Romo is the weak link…and they will never win a SB with him as qb. Look for the Cowboys to draft a qb in the mid rounds with the hope of catching fire in a bottle.

  3. Sure, Eli is ONE difference, but if Jones thinks that’s the only difference between the two teams, it explains why he’s such a bad GM.

  4. No, I’d say the biggest difference is the Giants don’t have Jerry Jones meddling in everything.

  5. Eli is definitely more clutch than Romo in the big moments but to say that this is the only difference between the two teams just shows how delusional Jones really is.

    How about we having a real GM that drafts talented players or a defense that when is at full strength and clicking is scary to compete against.

    How about a coach that knows when to call timeouts and is one of the best at game planning.

    There are a lot of the differences between the two teams and to put it all on Romo is really unfair to a very good QB.

  6. Um no that’s not the difference. The difference is the giants want to be in the super bowl, and dont put career second stringers on the D. Romo is one of the few upsides on this team.

    On behalf of all Cowboy’s fans I promise you we are also sick of hearing Jerry talk. ALL DEFENSE THIS DRAFT!! Except a few O line guys maybe.

  7. Romo is an elite QB and a god awful, all in the same game. But he’d still go to the pro bowl ahead of Stafford. Watching the Lions-Cowboys game this year was unreal. Seeing how good he started then the flame out at the end was somethin else. I can’t believe they let him throw.

  8. It’s looking like you can’t spell elite without Eli.

    Seriously, he’s up there with Rodgers, Brees and his brother. Not statistically, but where it matters; winning.

  9. Must be delusional in his old age. He has it in Tony Romo just doesn’t have a famous last name. A good qb nothing elite or special about him can win winnable games. I’d personally take romo over sheli. I’d take about 6 or 7 over either of them.

  10. mvpolamalu says:
    Jan 23, 2012 7:13 PM
    To be fair, eli was the number 1 overall pick and Romo was an undrafted free agent
    My first reaction was whooooaa. Man, what an owner to work for. Publicly second guessing everyone.

    Regarding the above remark. It’s beginning to show why Eli was #1 overall and Romo was undrafted. But you hope your owner doesn’t point it out….

  11. Eli drive results yesterday in the 2nd half:

    Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, TD (29 yard drive after a fumbled punt), Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, FG (4 running plays after a fumbled punt)

    I think Tony Romo could probably do that.

  12. For Cowboys fans this is just Jerry being Jerry. If you put a microphone in front of his face he will give you something to print. He keeps thinking his words of praise or criticism will carry the type of weight that would turn the tide of public attitude one way or the other depending on his intention. But, even after 15 years of acting this way and it equating to exactly 1 playoff win, he still thinks his tactics will work. Cowboys fans have resolved to the idiom, “That’s just Jerry. We don’t approve but he’s all we have. He’s ours. We were here before Jerry and we’ll be here after Jerry.”

  13. I’ve lost count. Is this the 14th or the 15th player he has thrown under the bus this season? This keeps up and Dallas will have to pay a “Jerry” premium to sign FAs. Guys will want a clause in their contract paying them $250Gs every time Jerruh slams them. This why Ware’s comment about Tuck wishing he could play for Dallas was so comical. Who would want to have no chance to win a Super Bowl AND have your boss ream you out on national TV when he’s the source of the majority of the problems? Wow. Talk about a player’s paradise.

  14. Another thing the Giants have that the Cowboys don’t: Mental toughness. You NEVER saw them make the same stupid mistakes over & over like Dallas did…………………..

  15. Congrats eli!!!!! i will be rooting for the giants superbowl wk end!!! eli got hammered by our d and hung in there…49er fans wants to blame kyle williams . grow up!!!!!!heres why we lost alice smith choked!!!! he played safe so he will get a big pay check period!!! we dont have a good wr on our team…and even if we did alice would not throw to them…lol

  16. How about how the Giants have owners that let the GM do his job and never mixes in in coaching decisions.
    While Manning is better than Rink the gap between them isn’t is enormous as the above mentioned difference.

  17. No way… The biggest difference is the defensive front. Yes I consider Eli to be a “little” better than Tony Romo, But to say that is the make-or-break difference? Come on old man, you don’t say that sort of thing about a guy who has played the position better for the cowboys than any other man since Aikman. I hate the cowboys, I can’t stress that enough in words, but really? Romo is your problem?

  18. Why do people always use the word “talent” when talking about the Cowboys? It’s a friggen joke! Romo is a good QB. Bryant may turn out to be nice if he keeps his head straight. Austin is nice. Witten is on the downside. OL is not stellar. Ware is a stud. Ratliff is nice. Rest of the back 7 is garbage.

    Where are all these purported “talented” Cowboys?

  19. He has such little insight into his own role. Nice move though to deflect the attention from himself, where it rightfully belongs, onto his QB. Cowboys aren’t winning Super Bowls anytime soon with this type of leadership.

  20. Jerry is his own worst enemy. He watched that game yesterday and came away with Eli being the biggest difference? What about the coaching, the GM, the talent – especial on D? Eli took his beating like a man yesterday and didn’t flinch, but a lot more than his play went into that win for the G-Men.

  21. Let’s see, giants have the edge on offense, defense, special teams, quarterback, coaching and ownership. I think I’m missing one. Yeah, that’s right, fan base.

  22. One team is consistently overrated and overhyped [remember Troy Aikman calling Miles Austin the best receiver in football]. The Giants are better all over, and , yes Eli is a great QB but that’s not the only difference.

  23. Scott ( and others like you) if you think that Romo is the only issue the Cowboys have you are in denial, just like Jerry. The first thing Jerry needs to do is learn to say “no comment”. The second thing he needs to do is look in a mirror for the main issues of the cowboys. This is the guy that ran off Jimmy remember? Romo is a good QB, go look at his stats for the past year. Peyton has thrown an INT to lose a super bowl. Romo has not had a chance to play in the “big games” enough to say he can’t do it. I’m a Jags fan and people said the same about David. You are looking at “the grass is always greener” for a QB. See what happened to the Jags?

    Jerry has run off Parcels also, your really going to blam Romo? Be careful of what you wish for.

  24. Personally I think Tony is more gifted with ability but Romo should spend less time on the golf course and more time in film room.

    Eli didn’t become a very good QB overnight. I say very good and not great because in my opinion his skill and ability put him somewhere between #8 and #10 but his work ethic combined with his skill jump him up to #5. He works all year long with his receivers and studying game film.

    Sometimes it’s all about a great work ethic. being a team player and a team leader is what makes Eli a Great Giant !!!

  25. Eli Manning is all about football all day and every night. Its amazing he’s been so grounded and not being distracted playing in a city like NY.

    Tony Romo just seems to be happy to be the starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Whilst Eli embarks on his second superbowl win, Romo is apparently in Dubai with Tiger Woods prepping for a golf tourney. Dude is just happy to be good. Eli strives to be great.

  26. the cowboys got Romo for nothing (undrafted) so you cant really compare the two.
    On the other hand the Giants traded for Eli giving SD their 4th overall pick (Rivers) and a third round pick (kaeding) same year and the 12th overall pick the following year that turned out to become Merriman. looking back now the Giants got the best part of the deal, by far. as a Charger fan, I would take Eli over Rivers and the entire charger roster any day. He gets the job done without shooting his mouth.

  27. Thanks for the appreciation, Mr. Jones, but I’d say the difference is the whole team! Eli, Nicks, Cruz, Jacobs, Manningham and pretty much everybody else. Go Giants!

  28. Eli took a beating and still looked if he had time he would throw a touchdown. Giants defense sucked for the entire year, Jerry watched Eli have two TD to win at Dallas. Everyone is starting to see that Eli is clutch and is a beast. In saying that Romo had a hell of a year, his defense sucked and he is underrated and is not the reason they are sitting home

  29. As a non Cowboy fan living in Dallas I get to see more of Romo than I need to and while he has yet to deliver a big win his stats are good enough to win with. Statistically he had a great year this year and that includes not missing a game from a punctured lung. However, also as a non Cowboy fan it is good to see that the GM puts the blame on the wrong guy and hopefully that means little overall change for the Cowboys as the GM mistakenly believes they have the pieces in place to win it all. 8-8 will be overachieving for them next year.

  30. No Jerry, the biggest difference between the Cowboys and the Giants is that the Giants have a professional General Manager and the Cowboys a wanna be as GM. One named Jerry Jones who can not be fired.

  31. Eli gets a ton of credit for a team carried by defense and two very unlucky plays from a backup player that normally would not have been on the field yesterday.

  32. As a big Giants and Eli fan, I find it beyond a ridiculous statement. Romo’s an excellent QB, basically if he throws that pass to Austin 2 feet shorter or Austin actually runs under a still catchable ball, they win the division. Romo’s about the least of their problems, how about their awful secondary? Or the lousy D in general?

  33. A caveat…..I am a Cowboy hater and whoever Dallas is playing that day is my FAVORITE team. However, I don’t think you can blame Dallas’ problems solely on Romo. He is a very good, but probably not great, QB but when a team consistently blows 4th quarter leads, it seems to me the defense is as much if not more to blame than the QB. Dallas has had some outstanding players during these losing years and I believe the problem lies with the leadership of the team – in this case Jones – who sets the tone for the entire team.

    I can’t believe I just defended a Cowboy!!

  34. No, i think the biggest difference its that the giants owners butts out and let a competent GM run the team and get the right personnel for the team,, and jerry tries to run the team and he is not good at it, look at the playoff record post jimmy jonhson!! Thought so..

  35. teehov843 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 7:24 PM
    @mvpolamalu…. So what, Tom Brady was a 5th round pick. What’s your point?
    Not to nit pick but Brady was drafted in the 6th round which only makes the draft strategy like using a dart board for one’s picks.

    Way to throw your players under the bus Jerry and inspire confidence within your team. Jerry, I wish you would dress like Ronald McDonald at the games.

  36. Unbelievable. I’d take Romo any day. Did Jerry not see the two sure interceptions that lucky Eli got away with? What about the Eli fumble early in the game that the Giants recovered? One or two other passes could have been intercepted. Only an idiot would think the quarterback is the difference. The difference is almost everything except the quarterback position. I may have to change teams if Jerry doesn’t get IT soon.

  37. You get the feeling that Eli has gotten so much better because he has dedicated himself totally to becoming a top quarterback.

    Romo on the other hand seems to have too many other outside interests and sees football more as his paycheck than his true mission.

  38. yes, on that last sunday night game of the season, romo was playing hard. the rest of the cowboys had packed and were ready to go golfing.

    if ya ask me, jj ALREADY pays that a-hole owner bonus to FAs. buying friends so he can throw them under the bus later.

    losses to philly aside… i would look at the D and the playcalling and time outs etc vs NYJ, detroit, NE, AZ, NYG-1. espec NYG-1 (34-37). if dallas had hung on toa a 12 point lead in that game… there would have been no need for a last second FG attempt.

  39. To add to the piling on Jerry, Eli has steadily improved over his career. Romo has talent, but he seems like he makes decisions/mistakes the same way he did 3-4 years ago. Coaching, maybe?

    Also, Caughlin (sp?) isn’t flashy, but he can gameplan, he manages a game as well as anyone, and his guys don’t seem to make too many mental errors.

    Lastly, Dez Bryant is one of the leagues best at not dropping the ball, and Romo doesn’t like to throw it to him. Go figure. (see pro football focus for the drops info.)

  40. Jerruh is wrong, here’s the single biggest difference between Dallas and NY: in NY the GM is smarter than the owner.

  41. Eli might be in the convo with Bree’s Rodgers and Peyton. But no1 is in the category as Brady he is in a class of his own. Pats all the way…

  42. duanethomas says: Jan 23, 2012 7:13 PM

    The biggest difference is at the GM position. The Giants have a great one, the Cowboys have an empty suit.

    Agree. Thumbs Up.

    1047 20


    Has to be a record for thumbs up. I’m sorry for the 20 unfortunate souls that disagree. May the good lord have mercy for the weak

  43. silverhornet says:
    Jan 23, 2012 8:27 PM
    Peyton Manning to the Cowboys. Remember where you heard it first.
    And so far, we’ve “heard it here first” that Peyton is going to the Jets, Redskins, Dolphins, Cardinals, and now Dallas.


  44. I’ve been to quite a few Cowboys events over the past 3 years with my girlfriend, a cheerleader. One thing that I’ve seen over and over: Jerry acting like a drunken buffoon.

  45. actually Jerry said Romo played at that same competitive level but the rest of the team needed to be better. and anyone, fan or not, who watched Cowboys games this season knows that is true…. Romo was not the problem.

  46. I’d say one team drafts well and the other team is the Dallas Cowboys. Seriously, check out Dallas’ draft history since 2006 and all the flops they’ve had. That’s on you Jerry, my facelifted friend

  47. So if you connect the dots, Jerry will sign Peyton Manning and ship Romo to Miami where the guy that drafted him, Jeff Ireland, will give him Miami’s 1st round pick.

  48. I’d rank the Giants’ owners among the three best in the league. Like the Rooneys and Bob Kraft, the Maras/Tisch have the football smarts to hire talented people and the good sense to step out of their way. Jones is a smart guy–but he’s too stubborn to get out of his own way.

    Romo and Eli share the same goofy, aw-shucks expressions. Eli is probably more talented, but the biggest difference between them is that he knows how to step up when it matters most. With the game on the line, Romo has a history of dropping the ball–both literally and figuratively. I used to think he’d outgrow that. Now I doubt it.

  49. The biggest difference is the Giants are a professional organization while the Cowboys are the Micky Mouse Club led by Chief Musketeer Jerry Jones.

  50. all these romo apologist, isn’t romo a part of the team or is it romo and the rest of the teams fault. it appears that romo’s fan have rose colored glasses on and each year the cowboys does not make the playoffs, it always the other parts of the team is falling apart an romo is immune to being exposed as not the clutch player romo is hyped up 2 b. maybe jerry feels it’s time to look @ the qb position more seriously than in years pass. romo is just as much part of the problem with the cowboys as terrance newman, miles austin, etc. if that is the case why isn’t d ware getting the same kind of love, the media blast him as the invisible man during the course of a season an especially when he does not record a sack in a game. Let b honest here, when it time 4 romo to produce an he has had 5 season since being name the starter to do so an has failed, yet cowboy fans want everybody to hold their collective breath an exempt romo from being exposed as the failure he is.Just maybe jerry who is the owner of the cowboys an can do whatever he wants with the team because he shell out the dead presidents to do so, if he see that the face of the franchise is not producing enought to bring home the lombardi trophy, maybe it time to bring cuddle romo some competition for once. just mayb jerry is looking seriously a what has transpered since romo and eli has competed against one another for the right to go to the super bowl, eli is headed to his 2nd SB in 4 yrs while during that same time frame romo is consistenly watching the SB on a couch. just mayb jerry is wanting 2 bring in romo-friendly some serious competition so that romo-friendly doesn feel entitle to b the qb of america’s team

  51. Way to let your boy know how much you love him, pops….what a stooge, same way he drove out Jimmy Johnson. Then again maybe he’s trying to get Romo out…????

  52. I don’t get the Romo hate. He probably isn’t a HoF quality QB and tends to make mistakes in pressure situations, but he’s one of the top 10 current QBs and is certainly “good enough” to get a team to the playoffs.

    Would I take Eli over Romo? Probably – Romo has much better stats, but Eli tends to perform better under pressure. Besides that, there were definitely 2 QBs playing yesterday that are markedly worse than Romo.

    Romo has made some boneheaded plays throughout the years, but he isn’t the reason the Cowboys watched the playoffs from home this year.

  53. I’ve been a cowboy fan since I was a little boy in the early 80’s I’ve endured in that time highs and lows. I used to always feel like hey we are garbage now but we are the cowboys we will turn it arround. I am now coming to terms with the fact we will never again taste glory of this old douche continues to be a walking talking side show

  54. californiarestinpeace says:Jan 23, 2012 9:07 PM

    I’ve been to quite a few Cowboys events over the past 3 years with my girlfriend, a cheerleader


    Uh huh…

    Now back to reality – everyone except Jerruh and his idiot progeny knows that Jerruh us the problem…

  55. judsonjr says:Jan 23, 2012 7:31 PM

    Eli drive results yesterday in the 2nd half:

    Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, TD (29 yard drive after a fumbled punt), Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, FG (4 running plays after a fumbled punt)

    I think Tony Romo could probably do that.
    I think every QB in the league would have done that yesterday. Especially in those conditions and against the best D in the league.

  56. mrba4775 your right its all romo’s fault. He does all the drafting, coaching, kicking, catching, running, defending, blocking, helping the cheerleaders with dance routines, and also tapes up other players before the game. Go read the comments again, people are saying other problems exist besides Romo, not making excuses for him. Mostly the owner/gm. Romo is actually one of the least of all the issues Dallas has. Do you really trust Jerry to be the guy to go find a better QB than Romo? Good luch with that.

  57. snaponrules says: Jan 23, 2012 7:27 PM

    Seems to me the biggest difference is the Giants are not stuck with a idiot owner meddling in front office decisions.

    Hah! Yeah, but us Eagles fans are at the other end of the spectrum. We have an idiot owner who doesn’t meddle ENOUGH.

  58. Romo is average. The defense is average. The offense is average. The coaching is average. The owner/GM is even less. The Dallas Cowboys will never be an elite team again until Jerry actually hires a GM and he nor his son interferes.

  59. I’m surprised there isn’t a “media denial” Super Bowl matchup – Cowboys vs Chargers

    Kind of like the Puppy Bowl.

  60. WRONG!!!

    The biggest DIFFERENCES are Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham, Ballard, Pascoe, Hakeem Nicks, Justin Tuck, JPP…….

  61. Jones puts a turnstile of an o-line in front of Romo every year and says what he did. Complete. @$$h0le.

    Give Romo the o-lines Aikman and Smith had (prior to 1996) and Romo would have gone a great deal farther.

  62. Among all the valid differences that people have pointed out above, the real difference is the defense.

    The Cowboys haven’t gotten it right on defense since their last Super Bowl years.

    Romo’s just fine. Give him a decent defense and a little consistency in team leadership (hmm, another difference there), and he’d do great.

  63. I love all the people who said they would take Romo over Eli…he gets no respect ..he just put a beat down on the best D in football but he’s overrated…yea right. Overrated QB’s don’t go to the Super Bowl twice in 6 years. Let’s give some credit when it’s due and NOT give credit to that crappy QB Romo who CAN’T WIN THE BIG ONE!!!
    Eli > Rodgers
    Eli > Romo
    Eli > Peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Interesting comparison between the two QBs.
    Both are kind of mellow for the position. Both have great versions and bad versions. Tony has never banished the bad version. But Eli did.

    I think the Giants could win with Romo, but they could not win with Jerry Jones.

  65. Maybe the biggest difference is that the Giants don’t have a GM/owner publicly assessing his teams weaknesses at every turning point.

  66. What did Jerry say that was so conroversial? Eli had a tremendous year, Romo did not by comparison. Don’t you think it would have been a whole lot more controversial if Jones said Romo was better than Eli this year?

  67. mvpolamalu says:
    Jan 23, 2012 7:13 PM
    To be fair, eli was the number 1 overall pick and Romo was an undrafted free agent

    So what?
    Montana was no number one.
    To be fair Eli is no Montana. Not yet.

    Romo is a better golfer though.

  68. Even if Romo had more “talent” than Eli. Hard work beats talent whent talent doesn’t work hard. Dallas issues goes beyond Romo.

  69. Eli drive results yesterday in the 2nd half:

    Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, TD (29 yard drive after a fumbled punt), Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, FG (4 running plays after a fumbled punt)

    I think Tony Romo could probably do that.

    I actually don’t think Romo could – simply because these happened in a playoff game.

  70. First, let me point out that this whole article, and everyone making a big deal about this…should probably read that actual quote

    “I don’t want to take anything away [from them] but the big difference was Eli came up here and started what seemed like a pretty significant [stretch],” Jones said of Manning’s play toward the end of the season. “But the quarterback play with Eli was the huge difference. But I was pretty impressed with how they’ve defense played the last three or four ball games.”

    The guy didnt say “The difference in our team is Eli and Romo” He more said Eli was the big difference for the giants.


    Romo threw for 2 more td’s 6 less interceptions and about a 5% higher completion percentage.

    Are the Giants better than the Cowboys, Absolutely…Is Eli a better playoff QB than Romo…hard to argue that…but during the regular season, this season…the difference wasn’t much, and what was different was in Romo’s favor.

    I know you guys hate the Cowboys, it’s fine…it’s the reason we love sports…but rose colored glasses with Romo…come on…it’s not excuses…Romo is NOT our problem, there’s a ton of other things on this team that are a problem.

  71. Let’s all take off the hate and blue and silver glasses and look at the 2011 Cowboys from a common sense perspective.

    Last year, The Cowboys went 6-10, and had the 31st ranked defense in the NFL. Coming into this season, the starting unit was pretty much exactly the same as the unit that competed(if you want to call it that) last year, save Abram Elam. And I think we can all agree Abram Elam is not going to be a savior.

    On the offensive side of the ball, the Cowboys came into the season starting 3 players that never started a game in the NFL on the offensive line, and 1 playing a new position. And there were 0, yes, 0 upgrades at the skill positions. Demarco Murray did not start until the 7th game of the season, and was out for the year on the 13th, only started 7 games. The Cowboys finished 8-8.

    My question is, if you look at this from a common sense perspective, who in there right mind actually expected this team to perform better than that?

    It was obvious this team was in a transitional phase. Will they be better next year? Let’s see what Jerry comes up with in the draft and free agency. I do believe I can say this with pretty much confidence though, if Romo was playing in SF, he would be getting prepared for a Super Bowl right now……

    Also, the writer of this article, as usual, did not post the whole story. Jerry was not singling out Romo, he just stated Eli was the difference for the Giants.

  72. judsonjr says:
    Jan 23, 2012 7:31 PM
    Eli drive results yesterday in the 2nd half:

    Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, TD (29 yard drive after a fumbled punt), Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, FG (4 running plays after a fumbled punt)

    I think Tony Romo could probably do that.

    Most telling stat from Sunday:

    Eli dropped back, scrambled and threw the ball 58 times vs one of the best D’s in the league….0 picks or turnovers….period. I have 0 confidence that Tony Romo can ever do that….especially in the / a championship game.

  73. The main reason why I’m no longer a Dallas Cowboy fan !…..Jerry Jones ! ….as long as he has anything to do with this franchise , count me out ! My favorite team does not have an owner , …The Green Bay Packers !

  74. YOU picked him, Mr. GM! You didn’t inherit him from a prior GM! Your playing God and completely running your own draft has left you with a shell of a team that used to be one of the best and the blame lies strictly w/you! I don’t want to hear your bellyaching now!

  75. Tony Romo is a good and talented quarterback. The first problem with the track that Jerry went on was after the Seattle playoff game, which Tony Romo had offered his talent and the team believed in him to get them to that position, offered Tony Romo the “big bucks.” He has quickly tried to find a way to get to the “ship” since ’95 as any monkey can coach a team to another Super Bowl. Tony Romo was that opportunity to get a chance to go, which didn’t happen. Now, he is pointing fingers at his mistake by offering millions of dollars to mediocer players and blaming them. I have never seen a player think he is 65 million dollars after a fumbled snap on a field goal that he has done plenty of times before and didn’t have a problem. This is a whole franchise mistake, not just one player. Money does not make a player talented, having talent makes the player money. Tom Brady won a Super Bowl his first season start opportunity and received that big bonus. Not the case with Tony Romo.

  76. Romo is elite. And anyone that thinks different has a child’s understanding of the game. What Romo isn’t is Super-Elite like Brady and Manning. He cannot overcome a poor defense like those two consistently do.

    Yes, Brees and Rogers have overcome poor defenses but they are still behind the Big Two. Brees by a bare whisker and Rogers further still because he has only the short resume. And Big Ben has always had a great defense and an above average running game so although he is a two time SB winner he still isn’t in their class either.

    In my opinion, Eli is actually on par with Ben – and if he wins this years’ SB then they will be very similar in their careers and accomplishments.

    Romo will always get the stats because there is a lot of talent around him on the offensive side but will be consistently held back by poor defensive efforts and poor coaching efforts. He just, unlike Manning and Brady, needs more support. Change those two things and he could win more – same could be said of Rivers, Schaub, Ryan and others. Good QB’s who need more help.

  77. Ironworker 329 said – Let’s not forget one more difference. The Giants are still playing and the Cowboys are not! lol!

    Labor Unions blow.

  78. ham1 says:
    Jan 24, 2012 6:39 AM

    Romo is a better golfer though.


    Yep – he’s a Plus 3. You act as if that is a bad thing. I would give my left n*t to have be a plus golfer. As would most of the general male population…

  79. O-Line will help marco 2024yrds and Romo can get 5000 passing..Pass rush and bookend corners that play good man to man is what we need along with a tackle..

  80. Middle linebacker play can us an up grade..Get the best that Pen State can offer in the daft. Sean Lee will connect with this player..The passing of Joe Paa might motivate Lee to give his condolences on the field for his fallen coach next year…

  81. If Payton Manning is healthy, Jerry pays him whatever it costs. Peyton Manning as a Cowboy playing the Giants twice a year would be awesome!
    Manning makes them an instant NFC Super Bowl favorite!

  82. Romo cannot win (in the current scheme). Harbaugh in SF proved you have to coach to your players talents. Garrett coaches not to lose. Same as Coughlin. Big difference, is Coughlin has some say in player development. Garrett is simply a yes man. Romo would be mentioned in the same sentence if he didn’t have the dysfunctional organization behind him. Mike Jenkins as a starting CB? he is the second laziest player on the field behind Dez. Sensabaugh is not worth the money he makes. Scandrick is a clown. Brookings is over the hill. No QB can put up enough points to win with that defense giving up so much. Whitten, Austin, Robinson, Bryant etc should be putting up crazy points, but when you don’t protect your QB, and you play dink and dunk ball, you lose. All of this goes back to the crappy decisions made by Jerky.

  83. That’s Funny Jerry! it’s more then just Eli! trust me! your quickly becoming the Al Davis of the League! you have star’s, but no body that wants to get in the mud and play football, where the game is won and lost, in the trenches Jerry or should i saw Al, no disrespect Al! rest in peace!

  84. alot of differences but the biggest between the two teams is defense front 4. the giants have more than one person that can rush the passer. if you want to talk about differences among the two qbs (besides the obvious sb/playoff garb) then watch how much time eli has to stand back, with no pressure, and chuck the ball. romo, on the other hand, is having to run for his life on at least 1 out of every 3 passes. play.

    funny how much elite qbs look like romo when their offensive line doesn’t give them 3+ seconds to throw the ball.

  85. Wow! Can’t believe my comment was deleted. I must have hit a nerve eh Gregg?

    This article that Gregg Rosenthal wrote is based on yellow-journalistic tactics to try to get as many “hit counts” as possible by writing an incendiary headline for a misleading story that is based on quotes that were intentionally taken out of context by Rosenthal.

    If anyone bothers to watch the actual video of the JJ interview, he clearly says that the only player on the entire Cowboys team that is playing at Eli’s level is Tony Romo, and the only player who is playing at a Superbowl level is Romo. He indicts the rest of his team, specifically Offensive Line and especially defense. Rosenthal started this discussion with a misleading story based on out of context quotes to get as much traffic to the site as possible.

    It was the same when T.O. was the big buzz-word headline. Sports “writers” and commentators all over the country looked for any excuse to get “T.O.” in their headline somehow because they knew it would skyrocket their “hit count”.

    I lost respect for you from employing that tactic Rosenthal, but now that you are deleting my criticism of your dishonorable tactics for your posts, I have lost even more respect for you.

    Why don’t you bother answering the criticism or actually being a man and rescinding your misleading story instead of deleting my comments that nail what you’ve done on the head?

  86. The difference between the Giants AND the Cowboys??

    Playoff wins past 15 yrs:

    NY Giants 8
    D Cowboys 1

    Super Bowl’s & Wins

    NY Giants 2 (1-1)
    D Cowboys 0

    Those would be the Differences Jerry AND over those 15 years ROMO was NOT always your QB.

    Here are the other QB’S who have not done what Eli has done over that same 15 year span as well:

    Troy Aikman, Jason Garrett, Randall Cunningham, Anthony Wright, Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe..

  87. Did anyone notice that new york plays defense? Anyone notice that new york was 9-7 in the regular season? Elite Quarterbacks play great in the regular season and in postseason. Both manning and the defense got hot at the right time. very timely not elite.

  88. It’s the idiots that make of this than it is. JJ (wo is an idiot) made a single point about the difference made by the two QBs. But it was only a single point. I don’t think he claimed that the only reason Dallas lost was because of Eli.

    Idiots don’t seem to understand that football is a team game. Brady stinks up the joint in a win against the Ravens and the sports idiots still say, “Brady leads Pats to another Super Bowl”.

    Put it simpler: Switch QBs for the last Dallas Giants game. Does Eli still win with the Dallas defense giving up points left and right? Does he still win with the Dallas WRs not getting open? Does he still win with the Giants DL all over him and running for his life?

    I don’t think so. Idiots.

  89. The real problem is Jerry Jones…no more, no less. He drafted offensive players in the first round of the last two drafts when his defense desperately needed addressing. Look at it this way…in 5 of the 8 Cowboy losses this year, the defense had a lead in the 4th quarter, and in 3 of those games the lead was 13 points or more. Yet the Cowboys lost all of them. Aside from Romo’s poor performance late against the Lions, you can’t lay any of the other 7 losses at Romo’s feet. Their defense couldn’t stop people when it counted. Keep in mind that the other losses weren’t close…they were blown out twice by the Eagles and once by the Giants. Their defense needs a major influx of talent, and who have they drafted to help? Almost no one. I have said it before and will again; until Jones swallows his considerable ego and accepts that he doesn’t understand how to build a championship caliber team near as well as he believes he does, he won’t hire anyone who really DOES understand how to build such a team, and the Cowboys will continue to be the most talented bunch of underachievers in the NFL. Unfortunately Jones’ ego will not allow him to accept the truth, as because of this he looks to place the blame everywhere but where it belongs…on the man in the mirror.

  90. True. JJ still believes that you only win with offense. Just like he believed that “team chemistry” was not important. He did change his tune on that. Hopefully it won’t take another 15 years to make him see that you sell tickets with offense, but you win with defense.

    Maybe not the ’85 Bears type of defense, but you still need a defense that can get a critical stop or turnover. Dallas wiffs on both those.

  91. Very true…the 49ers rode a pedestrian offense and a great defense to the NFC championship game this year and were a boneheaded punt returner away from beating the Giants to go to the Super Bowl. We haven’t been to the NFC Championship game since ’95. Seems obvious to me which approach yields better results.

  92. Go to and get the truth. Jerry said that Eli’s play of late has been the difference. He also said that Romo had a great year and couldve had a shot in the postseason had the rest of the players stepped up. Romo had his best year and gave them a shot to win every game but that debacle in Philly

  93. My issue addresses a much more fundamental aspect that seems to be continually swept under the rug as though it will just work itself out WHEN they have better players AND that is Encroachment, Illegal procedure, Holding, Pass Interference, Illegal Formation etc…
    The VERY FIRST thing wrong with a Jason Garrett Football team is lack of Discipline!! I can put with poor play a WHOLE LOT FASTER THAN I CAN a LACK OF DISCIPLINE!

  94. I really believe the o-line will be much improved next season. And we have all seen what a couple key pieces on defence can do for a team (houston). I would really like dallas to pull in coltlen finigan if the don’t over pay him. I think his fire and passion would be great for this whole team. If they can get him and draft a pass rusher at pick 14 who will have an impact from day one I like there chances in the nfc east

  95. Romo made a few mistakes, still he had his best year stat wise. His stats are in the top 5 all the while his offensive line was porous, his defense just sucked at times.
    Stop all the pentalties, shore up the O-line, get someone that can look back at a pass coming that he is supposed to be defending instead of just running and waving his hands (sheesh).
    We keep getting rid of coaches and players that are great and then we have to try and replace them with money and picks that we need elsewhere (How far did Wades defense go this year? What, Chris Canty going to the Super Bowl). Rob Ryan is great for our entertainment value but he aint no Wade.

    We just toss out some of the finest and then grasp at unproven talent with trades that are few.

    Like thousands of you said before… It all comes back to Jerry, it’s certainly not Romo.

    I’ll never understand Romo haters – here take Quincy and stick him in your pocket, those were some of the most horrible of all Cowboy years.

  96. This is a ridiculous excuse for an article. If you listen to the whole interview JJ clearly states that it is Romo’s teammates who need to elevate their play. He said Romo is playing at a higher level than his teammates, and it was the team that had elevate their play up to Romo’s. Sensationalism at it’s worse.

  97. And by the way, all QB’s have bad days. Our defense does not help Romo very often against teams like NE. Brady had all day long on their game winning drive. All day. Romo almost never had more than 2.6 to 3.2 seconds. Sometimes that ain’t enough if receivers are taking longer to get open.

    Green Bay got shut down by NYG IN GREEN BAY! So much for Rogers being super man, eh? Will they be calling for his job in Frozen Tundra Land this year? I think not.

  98. Everybody knows how I love to spend my time, right ladies? Jerry Jones needs to “Cowboy Up” go count his money, hire me as G.M., stay out of the way, hire two Badd A. quarterbacks and watch Romo, sacarse el dedo solo. Professionals are not suppose to make bonehead plays, right J. Garrett. Ice your own kicker on your own time. They should make a movie called “the Longest Yard” pt. 2 starring Jason Garrett and Tony Romo. Shave those points, not your face and nutts. After the season, J.J. can go recount his money and give me a big, fat raise for every S.B. appearance. Every player on the squad should play quarterback in practice. This will teach them what to expect on any given play. Eat more beans!!!

  99. GUARANTEED the Cowboys WILL NEVER have a playoff / super bowl run as long as choke boy Romo is the QB, not to mention having the worse safety’s & CB’s in the league… Come on Jerry wake up and smell the coffee…

  100. Fans, we are missing the big picture. With a mediocre O-Line, a poor run game without Murray and defense that can’t hold a glass of lemonade in the 4th quarter is why the Cowboys are a middle of the road at best team. The coach should learn from his days with Jimmy Johnson. Be successful running the ball and you take pressure off your QB. Head Coach balance your attack. General Manager build your team from the lines out. Having a stud recieving core doesn’t help if your QB is dancing around or on the ground and does not have time to find them. You need more than one pass rusher to take the pressure off the Cowboy’s weak secondary.

    The QB is the least part of the Cowboy’s problems.

  101. Amen, hotrodgolfer. Been saying that for years. Sure you can win some SB if you have a super elite QB like Brady and a porous defense. Hey, let’s wait around another 20 years to find that ONE GUY.

    Or, become a balanced team: defense, offense, special teams, and a balanced playcaller. It starts in the trenches. Draft that next Brady and watch him picking his teeth off the ground with this Oline.

    Even Aikman didn’t have a great pass blocking line, hence his 1000 concussions. He had a great run blocking line and a RB who knew how to use it.

  102. Whoever said Eli Manning has been progressing through out his career is obviously oblivious to his career. He had 2 pretty good seasons in a row in 2008 and 2009. One of those season he had over a 90 quarterback rating for the first time in his career. Then all of a sudden just last year he has that horrific season with 30 turnovers and 31 touchdowns and just barely making it over 4000 yards by like a yard or something. Then this year comes along.. o what a year.. he had 4,900 yards with 26 touchdowns and 20 turnovers with a 90 something quarterback rating. Those 4,900 yards are very deceiving to the untrained eye. You have to remember that 3 other QBs broke 5,000 yards and two of them broke the record. Passing yards don’t mean anything anymore in the NFL. That stat is getting more and more irrelevant as each year passes by. So that being said, if u take away those yards his year was average at best. What puts it above average is those 4th quarter wins. I believe he had 5 or 6 come back wins this year which is a great feat. He also had 3 blown 4th quarter drives. that i can think of.. Seattle, Philly, San Fran all games they were either inside or near the red zone. His season was very over-hyped by the media this year because of how inconsistent of quarterback he has been through out his career. If he keeps doing what he did this year the next few years than i will say he has progressed, but until i see some consistency in his game then i will not say he is becoming a better quarterback

  103. come on…..coughlin is on the hot seat year after year so i don’t wanna hear how great he is. eli is about as consistent as a tornado, their d-line is ever changing and their running game features a cry-baby (jacobs for those who are unaware) and bradshaw who also is unpredictable. this is just a case of a team gettin hot at the right time. ask green bay and pitt about that. the giants aren’t great but they are playing really well right now. as for eli and romo, i wouldn’t want either. both have blown games and made really bad mistakes. just read what kbuck89 wrote, pretty much sums it up.

  104. Romo is not the problem and that is also not what Jerry says if you read the original article on the ‘Boys official website.

    He was comparing why the Giants were losing in the middle of the season and then winning at the end. The difference FOR THE GIANTS according to Jerry was Eli’s elevated play, not that he was a better QB than Romo. They have deleted my post here several times as I tried to make available the comments in context, something that doesn’t happen here.

    We’ll try a quote, direct copy and paste from the article, a blog by Nick Eatman:

    “When asked to pinpoint the major difference in the Giants’ play here lately that has propelled them back to the Super Bowl, compared to midway through the season when they had lost four straight games, Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones had an easy answer.

    Eli Manning.

    For Jones, it starts and ends with the quarterback and from his perspective, he gives Manning the bulk of the credit for the Giants’’ turnaround, although he admits the Giants’ defense and its constant pass-rush pressure is a nice advantage, too.

    But when it reflecting on his own team, and trying to compare the two situations, Jones doesn’t necessarily think the Giants have been quarterback play, but maybe just a better supporting cast.

    “Their quarterback play, as a team they got better and better near the end,” Jones said. “I don’t want to take anything away, but the big difference was Eli came up here and started what seemed like a pretty significant (run). But the quarterback play with Eli was the huge difference. But I was pretty impressed with how they’ve defense played the last three or four ball games. Eli came up big for them.”

    But bigger than Romo? Jones wouldn’t say that.

    “I thought Romo was competing at a level that would’ve given us that opportunity but the rest of us need to play better and get better before we can really gel the way the Giants are,” Jones said. ”

    Now … does that sound like “Eli is better than Tony” to you? I don’t think so.

    Other people have called names and not gotten deleted. I’m only furnishing the truth. Will they delete me again?

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