Jim Harbaugh compares Bradshaw non-fumble to tuck rule


Sixteen years ago, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh saw a berth in the Super Bowl evaporate after teammate Quentin Coryatt failed to secure a pass from Steelers quarterback Neil O’Donnell that hit Coryatt right in the stomach.  On Sunday, another near miss on a turnover helped keep the former Colts quarterback’s team from getting back to Indianapolis.

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw caught a short pass late in regulation, and he immediately was pushed backward.  Before he hit the ground, the ball came out.  And the 49ers recovered.

But the officials ruled that Bradshaw’s forward progress had been stopped.  Thus, no fumble.  And no turnover.

On Monday, Harbaugh expressed his displeasure with the ruling.

“In my opinion, that was a fumble,” Harbaugh said Monday, via NFL.com. “I’m sure the league will defend it and the officials will defend it.  But to me, that play was still going on.  There was still struggling by Bradshaw. . . .  I felt like it was analogous with the tuck rule.”

As much as we like and respect the man who without question was the NFL’s coach of the year, Harbaugh has this one wrong.  The rule regarding forward progress is used routinely, the tuck rule sparingly.

In this specific case, Bradshaw’s forward progress was stopped.  He was being yanked backward, not falling forward.  So it was a good call.  (As was the use of the tuck rule a decade ago.)

The only remaining question is whether Harbaugh’s comments crossed the vague and at times shifting line between what will and won’t get a head coach fined for criticizing the officials.

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  1. the tuck rule still doesn’t make sense to anyone watching or hearing the rationale of that rule.

    Harbaugh has to accept the whistle was blowing before the ball came loose….after that it’s all academic

  2. while the 2 rules are entirely different, Harbaugh has a point. that was a very quick whistle on that play and more times than not those plays are not stopped that quickly, thus resulting in a fumble.

  3. I really don’t know what to think of that call. His forward progress was stopped but at what point is the play really over? Immediately when forward progress is stopped?

  4. Shut up Jim. Blaming that call is an excuse because your team couldn’t get it done. You leave it in the officials hands, you’ll always lose.

  5. thinwhiteduke76

    His Kneed does not have to be down for fwd progress to be stopped. Harbaugh is a classless jerk who could barely even give Coughlin a hand shake and then refused to speak with FOX, who pays over $1 Billion a season to televise NFC games.

    As for everyone saying they usually give a second, watch almost any catch where a WR catches the ball and then gets tackled backwards. he always gets the most fwd spot and this as no different.

    BTW Harbs: how about your boy Davis, stepping out of bounds on his first TD. Or the fact that the Giants got called for holding and you did not?

    Jim Harbaugh has lost credibility and is nothing but a cry baby. No wonder this creep could never lead a team to a Super Bowl as a player.

  6. You know how we all know it was NOT a fumble? Because the NY Giants had the ball on the next play. The forward progress call was the correct call. The players forward momentum had been stopped and he was being pushed backwards. The call was made by HL Mark Hittner who is one of the best HL in the league.

  7. the knee doesnt have to be down for the play to be called dead. when the running backs forward progress is stopped, the play if over.

  8. WAHHH. As for the last comment about the ball coming out before his knee was down… Should someone explain what forward progress means?

  9. @thinwhiteduke do you know or understand the rules of football? You don’t have to be down for the whistle to be blown, and the play to be over. Forward progress is used very frequently to rule a player down.

    The whistle blew at the appropriated time of his forward progress being stopped. The play was dead, and forward progress cannot be reviewed. I don’t even know why this is considered an issue, and as a Raiders fan, I am feel comparing it to the “Tuck Rule” is a completely false and off base arguement.

  10. Everybody and anybody who’s not affiliated or a fan of the 49ers knows Bradshaw’s foward progress was stopped and it was the right call. Hell, I can’t stand the Giants and was root for the 49ers to win and even I thought it was the correct call.

  11. You do not know the rule. The whistle I irrelevant. His progress was stopped. He was pushed to yards back. This is called all the time. Sure, let’s have a ame where players get picked up, carried backward while the whole team takes a whack at knocking the ball out. Sounds awesome. Harbaugh sounds smaller and smaller with each subsequent comment. No class.

  12. The knee does not have to be down Per the NFL 2011 Rule Book

    Section 2 Dead Ball
    Article 1: Dead Ball Declared.
    (b) when a runner is held or otherwise restrained so that his forward progress ends;

    The runner was going backwards, his forward progress had been stopped

  13. hinwhiteduke76 says:Jan 23, 2012 10:40 PM

    That WAS a fumble

    I know they blew the whistle, but his knee was NOT down when that ball popped lose.
    knee doesn’t have to be down to stop someone’s foward progress. You see it all the time. Plus as you mention the whistle was blown.

  14. even with the Raiders outta the playoffs

    they are ALWAYS INVOLVED and have a hand in things,

    ha , get it ,

    a hand,

    sterling moore

    tuck rule – bradshaw fumble,

  15. You guys are all wrong, the whistle blew well after the ball popped out. I have no idea what game you were all watching especially the first poster.

  16. I’ll agree on one point. the forward progress rule is utilized more than the tuck… way f’n more!!! no one had ever heard of a “tuck” before the NFL dusted the cobwebs off that section of the rule book for the “beloved” Tom Brady. I’m not one to think that every call that goes against the raiders is a conspiracy, but I do believe the league wants certain teams in the championship games! sure took a long time to review what was obviously a fumble.

  17. Jim Harbaugh did a great job with the 49ers this season. That being said, he needs to learn how to win with class and also to lose with class. His alleged shoving of a Fox producer and refusing an interview after the conclusion of the game, along with his comments today criticizing the officiating are inexcusable and need to be addressed by the league. Somebody needs to let this guy know that wether he wins or loses, he must act in a professional manner at all times. I’m sure he isnt the only person that needs to be told this, but as a coach he needs to be held to a higher standard.

  18. The thing that sucks about this rule, like all others, is that the offense always gets the benefit of the doubt. If Bradshaw somehow get’s free from the tackle after being pushed back, I highly doubt the whistle blows.

    If they called forward progress as quick as they did yesterday then Eli Manning would have never had a chance to complete the helmet catch…

  19. Nobody said he knee was down, thinwhiteduke76.

    When the whistle blows, the play is OVER.

    The whistle blows when forward progress is STOPPED.

    Any moron can see the runner was being dragged BACKWARDS, which is opposite of FORWARD, as you may know. Forward progress being stopped means no more yards are being gained, and being dragged backwards certainly qualifies.

    I was cheering for the Niners, but I sure have lost a ton of respect for Harbaugh and for some whiny fans for trying to muddy the logic/motives behind a perfectly straightforward call.

  20. Nothing special about this play. The officials had blow the whistle well before the fumble occurred. Nothing to do with forward momentum preventing the fumble. The whistle (because the official thought it momentum was over) ended the play.

  21. Section 2 Dead Ball
    Article 1: Dead Ball Declared.

    (b) when a runner is held or otherwise restrained so that his forward progress ends; or

    There’s a difference between not liking a rule and thinking a rule has been applied incorrectly.

  22. Once again the refs blew the whistle too early. They cost the the Lions a possible win against the Saints. They almost cost the Broncos a win vs the Steelers. Just hold the whistle a little while longer to make sure you get the play right.

    On another note, am I the only one that thinks that the Lee Evans non-td call should’ve at least been reviewed. If I recall earlier in the season from the Packers-Giants first game, that if the WR has control and two feet in bounds and is not going to the ground it’s a touchdown. I’m not saying Evans had two feet in before the knockdown. I just think it at least should’ve been viewed.

  23. that rule blows, it’s fine for a qb because you are trying to keep them from getting hurt, but anyone else the play shouldnt stop until hes down or out of bounds.. Look at any game gronkowski plays in, you think hes done, even the opponents players start standing around (yeah you DeAngelo Hall) because they think no way he’s going anywhere, then he’s slapping off the tacklers and off he goes again.

  24. thinwhiteduke76,
    Learn the rules. Your knee does not have to be down to have forward progress stopped. If you wanna complain the ref blew the whistle quickly, then you can make that point. It was a judgment call by the ref. Bradshaw was dragged back over a yard before the ball came out. Funny how you whiner fans are crying but I didn’t see you complaining when you got that ridiculous pass interference call in 2002. Karma is a #@%^. Maybe your team should have done something on offense in the second half. Stop cryin and get over it. You have a great defense and bright future.

  25. Bradshaw was CLEARLY falling backwards – hence the whistle – hence the dead ball.

    I respect Harbaugh for what he did to that 9er team, but he’s being a sore loser.

  26. So lets see you just keep the runner straight up and don’t let him go down and the defense holds him up while, everyone else pulls the ball out of his hands. Lets see does that seem fair, I guess
    if you are for the other team. Jim is just a sore loser. You need to go back and watch his anger
    on the side lines. Rules or rules they did the same
    thing in the Saints game.

  27. Just another of a long line of gray area rules and judgement calls in the NFL. Some games they blow the whistle quickly, and in others it seems like an eternity before it is blown, in the exact same situation. Too much variance from crew to crew and game to game.

    And in regards to the “tuck rule”being applied correctly a decade ago, opinions vary. The wording of the rule is ambiguous at best, as it doesnt describe with any clear definition, when the ball is deemed to be “tucked”. In this case Brady had “tucked” the ball down to his midsection, with BOTH hands on the ball, when Woodson hit him.

    In this case, common sense would tell you that the passing attempt was clearly over in this case, making it impossible for it to be irrefutably ruled and incomplete pass.

    But since it is the NFL, and gambling is involved, common sense isn’t likely to come into play any time soon.

  28. The tuck rule was a bad rule for the NFL, there’s no denying that. But the fact of the matter is that it was the rule of the NFL at the time. In fact, it was called against the Patriots earlier that year when they played the Jets, and while the call for a review came from up in the booth and not from Bellichick, you can be sure he was in the official’s ear and trying to make his case.

    People can complain about it after the fact and chew their sour grapes but the fact is it was the rule. And anyone trying to say that ended the Raiders’ legacy, they made it to the Super Bowl the very next year, so please save it.

  29. The one thing the refs continually get right is forward progress. Ever see that arm winding when a player is seemingly got out of bounds?

    Can’t believe Harbaugh is whining. Let others complain and take the high road.

  30. @pettergriffen

    “bay area teams robbed”

    I hate the Giants, but didn’t you escape with a win over NYG last time you played them in the playoffs? on a controversial [non-]call?

  31. 1st of all – AB was moving backwards for at least 2 yards. The Ref blew the whistle accordingly and as a result of the rule. And to avoid an injury.

    Shut the mouth Jim!! and all your 9ers f**!

    And you should be looking at your crappy QB and your WR-ing core. joke. who are they again? Alex Smith coming out party. over rated. and good luck with those free agents.


  32. I don’t know why he or the whiner fans are still crying. THE WHISTLE WAS BLOWN! Play ends when the whistle is blown. No matter if the ball comes out, knee down, steps out etc. PLAY WAS OVER BEFORE THE FUMBLE! GET OVER IT. Instead ask why only 1 pass was completed to a WR for 3 yards! Ask why Alex Smith continued to throw the ball in the dirt at receivers feet over their heads and out of bounds. The week before the whiners won on turnovers (New Orleans was moving the ball at will on them, only the turnovers prevented a New Orleans blowout win) this week they lost on turnovers. Get over it. You overachieved this year with no QB no Wrs and a great defense. All this whining and complaining is sickening! WAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  33. Hey Hairball !!!

    you know what was a bigger travesty in that game, it was the fact that your offense wasn’t called for one holding penalty the whole game.

    So stop crying and take it like a man !!!

  34. Ok first off, regardless whether forward progress was determined, the fact remains that the ball was out before ANY whistle was blown. Not that one call wins or loses a game, Hochuli and Pereira both got it wrong. It was a fumble plain and simple.

  35. The whistle is held to see if the runner can make a second effort. It has nothing to do with allowing the defense to strip the ball as a runner is falling backward with control of the ball. The play was not still going because the runner was unable to advance in an effort to gain more yards after being stopped initially. Had he held onto the ball would Harbaugh think the ball should have been spotted where the runner landed after he was tackled? I hope not.

  36. Harbaugh is still stinging from the loss. I was surprised he wouldn’t even do the 30 second interview after the game with Fox. I can’t knock the job he did this year but I think he has a lot to learn about sportsmanship. I thought he embarrassed himself after the Lions game and pouted after this game instead of doing what every other coach manages to do.

  37. They blew that whistle in about a tenth of a second. Ref’s are supposed to swallow the whistle and let the play play out. He just as easily could have bounced out and ran it for a TD, would they have called it back if that happened?

    Lesson: Keep the whistle quiet until you KNOW he is not escaping the tackle.

  38. And in 1998 wild card game the Green Bay Packers were robbed on a Jerry Rice fumble that lead to TOs touchdown pass 2 plays later. That call was 10 times worse. The bottom line is the whistle blew before the Giants RB fumbled.

  39. Absolute rubbish! Bradshaw was stopped at the 21 and pushed back across the 20 and then had the ball ripped from his hands on the 18 and a half yardline. BUT if Harbaugh was sharp enough , he would have had a player returning punts who knew what he was doing and knew the first goal of a punt returner especially in a game like this was to protect the ball and don’t making diving catches of punts , get away from punt bouncing on the ground and secure the ball before you start running.

  40. The call was right because a ref did blow the whistle and there is zero other ways to interpret what happened. Harbaugh is a great coach but he is dead wrong in his comparison.

    That being said IMO the ref blew the whistle to soon the man should have to be fully tackled. It’s not like Bradshaw was taken back 7 yards it was all in the motion of the play and the tackle should have been allowed to be finished thus making it a fumble. But like I said it is impossible to argue with the fact the ref did blow the whistle.

    In the end perhaps more worry about kick returners and less about correctly called plays from before.

    Also I gotta say it, are the giants a team of destiny ? I mean the giants seriously may be the worst team to make a superbowl since the 2000 giants team with Kerry Collins. I’ll give some credit to manning who has been ok, but man have they caught every break. They got Atlanta who everyone knows can’t play in the cold, then the packers who a few smart folks have been saying all year is also a team built to play in a dome and definitely not in green bay in January ( don’t forget they won on the road last year). Then the giants excluding maybe the toughest game I have ever seen him play get stomped by the niners d and end up wining because the niner kick returner just gives them ten points including the game winner. I mean think about the giants have no signature play or anything like that. They are in because a back return man thought nobody would notice if the ball hit his knee ( the game was viewed by 65 million people, but this guy thought he could fool them all).

    Oh well as an eagles fan I hope the giants plane crashes and I also hope tom Brady’s wife leaves him for mark Sanchez and this forces Brady to shave his head and smoke pot with Ricky Williams.

  41. Every football game played is going to contain questionable calls and non-calls. The way to overcome those unfortunate human mistakes is to outplay your opponent. In other words, control what you can control and that doesn’t include going 1-13 on 3rd down, having costly and untimely turnovers, possessing the ball for 11 minutes less than your opponent and running 33 fewer offensive plays. The 49ers defense played very good, offense not so much. Great season, good luck next year.

  42. I’m not a fan of either team. Yes, technically his forward progress had been stopped, they blew the whistle, so the play is dead. BUT, that was one of the QUICKEST whistles I’ve ever seen to stop forward progress!!! Routinely in the league the refs let it go for a few seconds as guys pile on before they blow the whistle. Just another example of the refs not being consistent.

  43. I would like to compare Jim Harbaugh to a big baby. He whines about EVERYTHING.

    Geeze, the runner got hit at the 21-22 and was pushed back to the 19 when the ball came out. He was falling and being pulled backward when the ball came out. If that is not the definition of forward progress, I don’t know what is.

    And I wanted the 49ers to win.

  44. No one should makes excuses for the loss.
    As a niners fan, Giants won it fair and square.

    But you do have to wonder why the whistle blew so quickly. I have seen many a play/games where the forward progress has stopped and the guy is going backwards but the whistle did not blow for a bit.

    Anyhow, water under the bridge.

  45. That was BS bottom line.

    He was still fighting for yards and and Ref prematurely blew the whistle.

    I think the ref thought Tom Brady was rushing the ball becasue i’ve never seen a whistle blown so fast. Cmon lets be real here.. its Beastmode Bradshaw rushing the ball.

    The call may have been “correct” because the whistle was blown…. but the ref blowing the whistle so early was wrong wrong wrong.

  46. It’s bad enough that Harbaugh’s going for the Academy award every second play in his antics towards the ref, as that can (sometimes) be dismissed as in-game competitive fire (even though it becomes tiresome after the first half most games), but to still be complaining the day after is pure Napa Valley whining.

  47. That whistle was a little too soon but it was congruent with the flow/violence of the game. Good call. Tuck rule, now that was baloney

  48. Ok, lets just say this was a blown call (which it wasnt). Vernoin Davis’ foot was out of bounds on the first TD. 49er OL holding alllll dayyyy = no calls. OL getting away with dirty plays, Rocky Bernards bloody mouth and we get flagged!!!

    Biased to East Coast? Sounds more like West Coast whinning!!!!!

  49. pettergriffen says: Jan 23, 2012 10:40 PM

    NFL east coast bias….

    bay area teams robbed is nothing new to us..

    make up and translate rules as you go…

    sound right?


    Totally agee! I mean, the NFL is out to get you Bay area teams! Vast conspiracy and all. Now excuse me while I get back to investigating the NBA, the frozen envelope and Patrick Ewing while wearing my tin foil hat.

  50. That was an amazing game. i can’t believe it ended the way it did. that said when the bears stood up james in the Dennis Green crown their ass game they forced a fumble even though his forward progress stopped and they allowed it to ride as a fumble. 49ers had plenty of chances but the sideline official was quick to whistle when the ball started popping out. if that is the case if a WR gets pushed back then fumbles should he get a forward progress call and keep the ball or when a WR gets pushed back then he breaks away off the tackle he should NOT get additional yardage because his forward progress was stopped. its silly let the men play til the knee or body part hits the ground. Won’t be watching the Superbowl this year. The worst team in the AFC playoff team is representing. Eli should and better win this game.

  51. I really believe Harbaugh is trying to deflect some of the intense emotions of 49er fans away from Kyle Williams and on to another target and could not care less about what people think of him . . . as if that’s a revelation.

    49ers vs Texans in Superbowl XVLII

  52. megatronownsyou says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:58 PM
    Please just go away until next season
    Why don’t you go away for a change…your team has been eliminated for a while now.
    All you do is come and dump on this board. Never seen a positive/insightful comment from you.

  53. Why can’t the niners and their fans just accept defeat everyone is looking for excuses.. Williams, the refs, the fumble… Why does no one talk about there QB only completing 12 passes yeah guess that had nothing to do with it.

  54. Giants won because they made the plays to win the game. The part of this post that cracks me up is giants fan reaction to niners fan reaction bitching about officiating.

    Giants fans all year have been crying about the officiating everytime they lost. Yes everytime. I remember reading the post about them bitching and crying when they lost to green bay during the regular season..

    Moral to the story Giants you won fair and square but your as bad as any fans when it comes to comlaining about officiating.

  55. i’m unbiased, i didn’t care who won the game. I thought the ball was coming out before the whistles blew and I watched it several times.

    yes, forward progress was stopped, but that doesn’t mean the play is dead… there are plenty of times a runner gets stuffed up the middle and then bounces to the outside and picks up big yardage… or a player who is seemingly wrapped up, but breaks the tackle and gains yardage.

    i felt like the refs blew that one dead a little too early.

  56. Well its a good thing he’s coach of the San Fransisco Whiners. Gawd man, no replay shows him going forward, his legs were caught. He wasn’t going anywhere.

  57. Stating an opinion isn’t whining. Armchair coaches who played HS football sure know the rules don’t they..if Bradshaw broke free and the whistle sounded you’d hear NY complaining he was fighting for yards. Personally I think Harbaugh is a competitor, and I’m glad we have someone with fire running our team..like him or dislike him none of us care what your opinion if him is

  58. although he shouldn’t really say anything since what’s done is done and it can’t be reversed, he definitely has a point. If I remember correctly, there was a very similar play earlier in the game where one of the San Francisco RB’s (can’t remember which) was stood up in one spot for 4 or 5 seconds before another 9er came to push and he fell forward for a couple extra yards. Although he gained yardage while Bradshaw would have lost a fumble, it’s the same principle.

  59. deadskinsforlife,
    Bradshaw was going to break out of that?? He was dragged backwards and falling. Wow…I thought Jet fans were cry babies. You guys are the worst. YOU LOST!! Tell ya what, when you guys admit to the blown call in 2002 then we will talk. Man, what a bunch of whiny d-bags. Just like your coach.

  60. Harbaugh has a point. I was watching that game and the ref blew the whistle as soon as the ball started coming loose. He wouldnt have blown the whistle had the ball not come loose and had Bradshaw consenquently broken free of the tackle and advanced the ball. Bradshaw’s forward progress had barely been interupted at the time he lost the ball. Whistle was early, especially in real time on the field.

  61. Can Harbaugh and Schwartz go to the Pro Bowl to bareknuckle box each other? I’d watch the whole stupid game for that.

  62. Will we ever hear the end of this? One comment above goes as far as to say there seem to be some bias against NFC West teams in favor of NFC East teams. This is the biggest bunch of bull if I ever heard any. What’s more funnier is these clowns seem to disregard explanations of expert after expert why the call on the field was correct.

    Let’s not even go into the officiating in the Packers-Giants game where replays showed reds blowing calls.

    Please, these comments are hilarious!

  63. That being said, the game is over and the results are logged. Cant change the game, but the NFL can be more accurate and even in the way they officiate games. I think people are more tired of that than anything else.

  64. I was rooting for the 9ers, but the call was the right one. Harbaugh sounds more and more like a cry-baby who is a very sore loser. Maybe he should get a QB who can actually complete a pass instead of blaming the refs. They might have to add an asterisk next to his name for Coach of the Year *

    * douche

  65. Only difference is we all know what forward progress is and nobody still has any idea what the tuck rule is.

    All coaches hate losing, it appears few handle it worse than the Harbaughs.

  66. Funny how the whistle for forward progress in the Giants Pats superbowl was not quick at all when Eli was wrapped up and escaped to deliver the pass to David Tyree for “The Catch.” Benefit always goes to the pretty boys on offense.

  67. I listened to this press conference on my way home from work. He was asked specifically about this situation. He wasn’t complaining, he was asked what he thought about the ruling.

  68. busterdog1 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:55 PM
    So lets see you just keep the runner straight up and don’t let him go down and the defense holds him up while, everyone else pulls the ball out of his hands. Lets see does that seem fair, I guess
    if you are for the other team. Jim is just a sore loser. You need to go back and watch his anger
    on the side lines. Rules or rules they did the same
    thing in the Saints game.
    It surprised me it took someone this long to point out why they blow the whistle. SO THEY DON’T STAND A PLAYER UP WHILE THEIR TEAM MATES SFRIP THE BALL.

  69. BTW Harbs: how about your boy Davis, stepping out of bounds on his first TD. Or the fact that the Giants got called for holding and you did not?

    Davis didn’t step out of bounds, brainiac.

  70. Theres more than play in a game, this would be a non issue if Smith converted a first down or two, instead of drawing blanks the whole game…….forward progress was stopped too

  71. I guess all you 49er homers don’t understand that when a player with the ball is falling backwards that the progress is stopped more quickly.

    What do you same 49er homers think about the review of the sideline run by Vernon Davis that was clearly showing his foot was out of bounds?

  72. Few points:

    1) It was a very quick whistle, especially in a game that they had been letting them play it through.

    2) The Head Linesman threw his beanbag, signifying a fumble. (Check the video.) He then scrambled to jam the toothpaste back in the tube by pointing in the direction of the Giants, this after the 49ers had already recovered the non-fumble.

    3) The whistle clearly came after the fumble, but only by a split-second. (Again, check the video.) What came to mind was the Lions/Saints play, where Brees fumbled, the whistle blew, the Lions recovered after the whistle, and they returned it for a TD. Of course, the Lions shouldn’t have gotten the ball, because there wasn’t a clear recovery before the whistle, but they split the difference in that situation.

    4) Ultimately, the 49ers should have run the ball more down the stretch, instead of putting it in Alex Smith’s hands, making the whole thing moot.

  73. His forward progress had stopped. It was a quick whistle, but frankly, I think it was blown at the right time.

    Using last year as an example: The Ravens stopped Fred Jackson, pushed him back 4 yards, Lewis stripped the ball from Jackson and the Ravens recovered which allowed them to win.

    The Bills got jobbed on that call because the whistle should have been blown as soon as the progress stopped and was evident that Jackson wasn’t going anywhere.

    So for once, the whistle came in at the right time.

    Harbaugh is just reaffirming the reasons why I rooted for the Giants.

  74. This once wonderful game has all but been ruined by the micro managing referees. The game is one big question mark since the league has to check and re-check every single play that occurs on the field. Even scoring plays have to be re-verified. What a shame. As for Harbaugh he is a bad-loser and seems to be a jerk from afar. Was really turned off when at the end of the game he couldnt even shake Coughlins hand , just barely, and had no class in boycotting the post game Fox TV interview. Glad the classy Giants won.

  75. Im sure Jim and Niner fans will be quiet just because a guy by the screen name gangsterg told them to.


    You mad because you guys got tebowed this year? Tuck rule was what, ten years ago and most of you fans still cry about it. Its been 24 hours since Bradshaw did/did not fumble, guarantee the Niners fans “whining” will not last ten years.

    Great game by the Giants. Good luck to both teams in the Superbowl, should be a great game.

  76. djstat

    You sir are an idiot.

    First off it wasn’t a WR it was a RB, there is a big difference between a WR catching the ball with his back to the defender and being driven back immediately and a RB running right into a LB head on.

    Second, I can point out at least half a dozen times in that game where a player was being stood up and they let it run for another 2-3 seconds before blowing the whistle.

    They blew that whistle under 1 second after the hit. It was a poor call, the 49ers now need to deal with. Anyone defending the call is only admitting they don’t watch a lot of football and have no idea about how a game is supposed to be called.

    I still don’t understand why uneducated fans even bother coming to forums… just spend your tie talking with your friends that have an equally weak amount of knowledge about whatever sport you wish to discuss. It will be more fun since you have the opportunity to debate with someone with the same amount of knowledge.

  77. I’m sure it was an honest mistake when you described the final play of the 1995 AFC Championship game as an incomplete pass to Quentin Coryatt from Steelers quarterback Neil O’Donnell instead of Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh. Interesting that I didn’t see anyone slam you for it in the comments.

  78. As someone who was rooting for the Giants, that was ridiculously quick whistle. I can honestly say I have not seen a play blown dead that fast all season. Doesn’t mean SF would have won the game, but it was without question a fumble. The officials in the playoffs are supposed to be the cream of the crop, and instances like this only lend fuel to “shady” specualtion.

    SB prediction:

    Giants 34
    Patsies 24

  79. There is no Barry Sanders highlight film without the stopping of forward progress. Referees apply the rules inconsistently and fall back on their constituents (Pereira) to make themselves feel like they are always right. This is Roger Goodell’s NFL. As it was Paul Tagliabue’s (Tuck Rule). What benefits the corporation is most important, not the legitimacy of the product. If it did, the average age of the referee’s wouldn’t be when most people are retiring.

  80. I don’t agree with the whining but I don’t think you can flat out say it was the right call. If his forward progress was stopped, then you’d have to reverse tons of fumbles. Fumbles have been rules when guys were stopped a lot more than Bradshaw on that play.

  81. People have to realize you need luck to make it to the super bowl. Giants have had wide right, tyree catch and now fumbleruski Williams. The Bradshaw fumble is also indicative of their luck. Most forward progress calls are blown dead a little later than yesterday. Giants relied on an f up to win yesterday, everyone knew that’s what that game was coming down to. Who would be the unluckiest. That ot fumble was a complete joke, barely touched.

    Pats are equally lucky. Tuck rule, cheating against Rama and Vinatieri field goals are why they are considered a dynasty. They got to play Vince young and Tebowis 2xs this year. Not to mention no Peyton Manning and the cowboys fluke collapse. If Ravens were home, no doubt they wax the pats. The cundiff f up is just another notch for a team who just beat a +.500 team for the first time. Better to be lucky than good I suppose. But these 2 teams are ridiculously fortunate.

  82. Rookie coach. Bad calls are made routinely in the NFL. Sorry niner fans. Its not you its the refs. Quit playing victim.

  83. Great teams overcome bad calls.

    Bad calls suck but they are a reality of today’s NFL. Something should be done but it won’t be.

  84. I dont think there is any question whether the call was correct by the rule book! The question is whether the whistle is EVER blown that fast on a Running Back….How many times have you seen a guy FALL FORWARD well after the D has held him up and then an O-Line man pushes him forward to help him fall forward? It happens in every game. The issue is consistency not whether the call was right or not. Officials CONSISTENTLY do not blow the whistle in that situation that fast. And if you watch the replay, the ref actually doesn’t wave his hand until the ball starts to come out. Right call but def. a very quick whistle.

  85. I agree that the call yesterday was technically correct, but all these years later I still think the tuck rule call was an over interpretation of the rule. It wasn’t the QB’s throwing motion that caused the ball to come out. It was the hit by Woodson. The rule states “When [an offensive] player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body. Also, if the player has tucked the ball into his body and then loses possession, it is a fumble.” It seems like the intent of the rule is that if a QB makes a throwing motion and the ball comes out, it is not a fumble. However, the rule doesn’t explicitly address what happens when the ball comes loose as a result of contact by a defender. This, along with the Calvin Johnson rule are two of the worst rules on the books.

  86. OK, 49ers can HAVE the fumble. But in return, they have to give the Giants the GUARANTEED TD that Devin Thomas should have had after picking up the muffed punt off #10’s knee. You remember that play, don’t you? The one where the ref blew the whistle and ended the play even though the Giants had recovered the punt?

    Giants will take the 7 on the board…49ers can have the ball at the 25 yard line, and hope to come away with something.

    Looks like both teams got a call in their favor. That’s how it usually works out.

  87. Bitch all you want about them being whiners..they are here for a long while so keep biiittcchhing and hating or get used to it because they are only going to get better so enjoy!

  88. The last playoff game between NY and SF ended on a much larger screwjob of a call. SF defender grabbing the collar of eligible receiver Rich Seubert’s pads and dragging him to the ground as he tried to catch a pass that potentially could have won the game.

    This call was far less of a screwjob and to be honest could be considered payback for the free TD SF got on the Vernon Davis TD earlier in the game. With the way the Giants defense was playing that may have amounted to a TD but more likely a FG or turnover.

  89. What a sore loser. You are really comparing this to the tuck rule? They are not even in the same hemisphere of similarity. Forward progress is ruled all the time on plays. How about you make a damn 3rd down more than once the whole game and it doesn’t come down to that.

    Face it, your team didn’t come up with the plays to win in the end and the Giants did. I thought the whole lions slap pat was overblown, but now I’m starting to think Harbaugh is just a big blow hard.

  90. That was probably one of the quickest whistles I’ve heard when a player has been stopped but is still upright, even though he’s being pushed back. I agree with other posters that seldom is the whistle blown within 1-2 seconds of a player’s momentum being stopped. Doesn’t matter that his knee wasn’t down…the whistle makes the play dead.

    And why exactly is it that coaches can’t criticize the officiating crew, especially after the obvious mistakes they made this year? Why are the refs so sacrosanct? Afraid someone’s going to hurt their feelings or that someone might actually want to make them accountable?

    Neither the 9ers or Giants are my team so I would’ve been happy either way — I like both. However, I think Coughlin has a LOT more right to complain about the horrible officiating during the Packer game.

  91. I’m a huge Niner fan and thought he was down. Was anybody else sickened by Tynes post kick celebration. My gawd, you are supposed to make that kick. Quit acting like you hit from 63 yards out.

  92. wow, everyone who is calling out Harbaugh is a loser! hes not blaming the refs at all. he was asked a question and answered it pretty well. put the haterade down and formulate an unbiased opinion for once.

    did he say they lost because of that ruling? no. god forbid he answer a question when asked. what am i saying, you people are the same ones criticizing Harbaugh for his non-postgame interview.


  93. I remember that almost pick, O’Donnell hit him right between the 5’s. His aim for defenders got better in the Superbowl that year.

  94. afc22 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:39 PM
    the tuck rule still doesn’t make sense to anyone watching or hearing the rationale of that rule.

    Especially since they made that B.S. call thru a freaking snow storm that wouldve hindered the refs view of it anyway. Gannon had confronted a ref that looked as stunned as anyone else on the field.

    They werent about to let the Raiders “steal” a win in Foxboro.

    In retrospect, the Patriots says the refs “interpreted” the call the way they saw it – back then, they knew it was over. To their credit they drove and made the FG, the rest is history.

    Nobody is never moving on from that play – it remains the most controversial play in NFL history just as the Immaculate Reception is the greatest play in NFL History.

  95. djstat says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:45 PM

    His Kneed does not have to be down for fwd progress to be stopped. Harbaugh is a classless jerk who could barely even give Coughlin a hand shake and then refused to speak with FOX, who pays over $1 Billion a season to televise NFC games.


    Dont worry, the Niners will be back to smash opponents in the mouth as they have all year – he may cry but their football style is down your throat, old school

    That tends to anger a lot of people, hence the “classless” take. It was a bitter loss after a great upset of New Orleans. Take the handshake thing with a “grain of salt”, and fox could stand to use a billion to get some decent announcers. Buck has been awful for years – get Gus Johnson and add Mike Mayock, already.

  96. Was it not a fumble because forward progress had been stopped, or was it not a fumble because the whistle had blown?

    The week earlier, Pierre Thomas was about to score when he was met by a brick wall (otherwise known as Donte Whitner) and knocked unconscious while bouncing BACKWARDS about three yards. He dropped the ball before he hit the ground while flying backwards.

    It is difficult for me to reconcile those two calls. Someone please explain this to me.


  97. Congrats to both the Giants and the 49ers on a great game, but as a fan of neither team and truely from an unbiased perspective, the refs blew this call! I replayed this play 5-10 times on DVR and the ball had been ripped out 1-2 seconds prior to the whistle being blown. Its plays like this that would make me go irate if I was a coach! Its time for the NFL to be held accountable for mistakes they make…….plays like this should be reviewable to correctly overturn a bad call, and in this case a simple review would have clearly revealed that Bradshaw fumbled before the ref even raised his arm or blew the whistle!! If you dont believe me, go watch a replay of this down and you’ll witness the ref blow his whistle when he seen the 49er players going after the loose fumble! At that point in the game/coming up to the 2 minute warning that was a huge gaff by the refs & the league for not admitting their faults

  98. If the 49ers had converted on third down a few more times or not fumbled on returns it would not be an issue.

  99. What happened to the Saints v. Packers matchup conspiracy everyone was crying about BEFORE THE DIVISIONAL ROUND??

    Take your NFL bias/East coast bias/small market bias theories and shove where you like to take it, ‘whiner fans. You’re all pathetic losers and will go back to being irreverent next year.

    You got rolled in your own house ’cause you weren’t good enough and won’t be for the foreseeable future.

    Enjoy you crappy lives in the offseason

  100. They had me until they said the tuck rule was applied correctly. Anyone watching the play can see Tom terrific has two hands on the ball when he’s hit by woodson therefore the rule doesn’t apply. By the way, has there ever been a more worthless rule? What’s the point?

  101. I agree Deadskins – if Bradshaw ran for a TD, it would have never been called back. The whistle was blown way too fast – it should have been considered a fumble. I was shocked that the refs blew the whistle that quick. They have dropped the ball on many calls this post-season, as well as at the end of the year.

  102. The Harbaughs are both self-entitled jerkoffs. If something doesn’t go their way, it’s always someone else’s fault.

  103. Wow I just lost a lost a respect after reading this headline. Been watching football for 27 years. His progress was stopped and 9ers where pulling him backwards, not to mention that the whistle blew.

  104. i understand the frustration felt by niners fans and east coast bigots & haters on this site, of which there are plenty. but you need to understand the rules and the game of football.

  105. Jim Harbaugh is developing a quick reputation as a saw loser AND an obnoxious winner. He’s not making any friends with his postgame comments and actions.

  106. Hey don’t blame 49ers fans for not knowing football, they just started watching again this year after sucking for the past fifteen years. Most of the fans are jumping back on the band wagon now. It’s been a while for most of them.

  107. That was fumble on the 18-yard line with 2:15 to go in a tied game. You can be sure the east coasters would be screaming bloody-murder today if it had happened the other way around. Phil Simms said today that it was a quick whistle. You all know it.

    And Brady’s fumble was a fumble too. He had brought the ball down and had both hands on it when he was hit. He wasn’t throwing it. Tuck, shmuck.

  108. Blame the Giants defense for pretty much shutting down V. Davis in the second half. Shut him down, Niners offense is garbage. The fumble wouldn’t have mattered.

  109. I’ve seen this play happen tons of times. 99 times out of a hundred that’s a fumble. When the running back is going down or is stopped and fumbles they always call it a fumble. They usually call the play dead when the rb keeps running and gets nowhere after 3 or 4 seconds or more and when the running back is held up and is pushed back 4 or 5 yards. I know what the rulebook says but they never blow the whistle that fast ever. If forward progress was stopped every time the player gets hit and isn’t going forward or just started going backwards and he fumbles that would go against what I’ve seen called a fumble the last couple decades. That ref blew that whistle extremely early. The refs favored nyg all game. Look at the play just before the half the nyg receiver Cruz pushes off with his left arm and catches the ball on the 21 yard line that sets them up with a field goal that was potentially the GW FG. It shouldn’t have came down to that. The niners lost and that’s it. The niners went 1/13 on 3rd downs and there receivers had 1 catch for 3 yards all game. Fumbling twice in the other teams 30 yard line never helped. Niners lost that game more than giants beat them. The media is east coast bias. Sick of the media cuffing east coast teams balls all the time.

  110. Before we get to what was or wasn’t a fumble, coach, maybe you should explain how your team only converted one 3rd down the entire game that didn’t involve a Giants penalty.

    I would love to see Schwartz give you a handshake right about now…he’d say something special, I’m sure!!

  111. What a baby! You lost get over it. 49ers fans have no class…didnt before the game and don’t have it now. I hope u guys rot in last place for another 8 years. You and your cry baby coach deserve it

  112. People need to stop over-analyzing every play. No game is won or lost by a single play or call. The Giants won they were the better team the entire game. They are also the team that destroyed both the packers and falcons.

  113. Lions fan here… We all knew Harbaugh was a douche bag sore winner after “handshake gate”. Nice to see he is just as much of a douche bag sore loser too. I guarantee he didn’t share his toys with others as a child.

  114. The call the ref made is pretty much standard. Bradshaw was completely wrapped up, and when he started to be driven back the ref blew the whistle, and then the defender ripped the ball out. Quite obviously not a fumble. I was very surprised to learn today that this was even a controversial call. This is pretty much emotion-driven stuff, lead by an over-emotional head coach.

  115. Pretty honorable of Harbaugh to try and redirect the attention off of Williams for single-handedly blowing the game.

    Think what a jackass like Parcells would do. Harbaugh deserves credit.

  116. deadskinsforlife:

    if someone would have speared bradshaw, you would have been crying for a late hit penalty – can’t have it both ways

  117. Not that many will care here based on the comments but Harbaugh was asked a direct question and gave an honest answer.

    Please not he was not whining about losing or complaining that he was robbed or anything like that.

    The exchange was toward the end of the press conference:

    “Q: What do you think about the Bradshaw play and the forward-progress call?

    -HARBAUGH: In my opinion, that was a fumble. And I’m sure the league will defend it and the officials will defend it. But to me the play was continuing.

    There was still struggling going on by Bradshaw. So feel like that was a fumble.

    We had a game against the Giants, the first time we played them, and Donte Whitner stripped the ball, where the hit’s made at the 6, and then he rips the ball out at the 9 going backwards, yeah, didn’t like that it wasn’t a fumble, but felt like that was forward progress, etc.

    This one, I did not agree with. Felt like it was a fumble. Felt like it was… this is like analogous with the Tuck Rule”

  118. Harbaugh is a bad loser, every loss this year he had something to whine about. Did you see the handshake with Coughlin? Comparing the tuck rule to the forward progress call??? Give me a freaking break LOL Keep whining Jimmy! Go GIants!

  119. even with the Raiders outta the playoffs

    they are ALWAYS INVOLVED and have a hand in things,

    ha , get it ,

    a hand,

    sterling moore

    tuck rule – bradshaw fumble,

    I see what you did there

  120. Did anyone see the ravens receiver …whit four patriots defenders pushing back for about five seconds whit no whistle…..the refs were waiting for a fumble strip ..wene after five second it did not came they blew the whistle

  121. Firstly, Bradshaw was mobbed and being bent backward awkwardly. The whistle was trying to avoid getting a player injured while being dragged backward. Secondly, it’s possible to win a game when a call goes against you. You may recall the Giants doing so against the Packers. They probably should’ve just cried about it, I guess. Stay classy, Jim.

  122. I agree 100% with Harbaugh and here’s why:

    First off, listen to the replay, they did NOT blow the whistle before the ball came loose so you can throw that excuse one out the door.

    Secondly, if Bradshaw had somehow maintained his balance while going backward and broken that tackle he could have proceeded forward beyond his previously marked forward progress until he was eventually tackled (and taken to the ground) again.

    Well, you can’t have it both ways. If the ball carrier is allowed to be knocked backward, break a tackle and proceed forward then it is 100% a live ball until he goes to the ground or the whistle is blown. Again, the whistle did not blow until after the ball came loose in this case.

  123. If I may…I’ll give it to the “Wilcard” NY Giants. They found a way to win. Let me emphasize “A – way – to – win”. Yes your team clearly won if it wasn’t for our costly fumble by Kyle Williams & that blown (non fumble Bradshaw) call by the ref. Our Defense dominated your Offense. Yeah, I’m whining ~ whatever.

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t be mad if we lost to a good team who deserved to win.

    Good luck in your “East Coast Bias” S.B. because your gonna need it.

    There’s your “class” –

  124. Harbaugh shows about as much class as the drunk angry 49er fans who were booing the national anthem before the game. WTF is up with San Fran?

    They lose and their poor-sport coach pouts, cries and then whines about bad refs.

    I’m no Giants fan, but it felt great watching the Giants beat those poor sports. It felt like America won. Like common decency and good sportsmanship won. It felt great to see the Red White and Blue victorious.

  125. I think on the field it should of been ruled a fumble. However, if it was reviewed, I wouldn’t argue with it being overturned. If you watch it not in slow motion, it’s hard to argue that it wasnt a fumble.

  126. I have watched the NFL for a long time. The rules have never been more nebulous and inconsistent in both definition and interpretation than they were this past season. A lot of good teams got screwed this year by calls that greatly affected games. Goodell needs to figure this out fast because referees are clearly grasping at straws week in and week out and it’s screwing up the product. Forget about moving the sport to London and focus on fixing the rulebook and educating those who enforce it.

    I had no dog in that fight last night, but it was a fumble.

  127. I respect the job that Harbaugh did with the 49ers this year. He’s a hell of a coach. But the man has a lot to learn about respect and losing gracefully.

    He basically blew off Tom Coughlin at the end of the game, giving him a Belichick “blink and you miss it” handshake, and then walking away as Tom was trying to talk to him. Then he refused to do the post-game interview with Fox. Now today he was pissing and moaning about a referee call.

    You lost, accept it, take it like a man, use it for motivation and come back and try again next season. That’s what a professional does.

  128. Why are the Harbaughs, Both John and Jim, such poor sports? Neither wins with class, nor loses with it. Yesterday, John pushed HIS OWN coaches in plain view of TV cameras and Jim pushed a Fox producer who was doing his job and trying to get Jim to keep his commitment to a quick post game interview, this after he will begrudgingly shakes Tom Coughlin’s hand. And today this whining about a game that is done and over with. I noticed Jim hasn’t been quoted about anything HIS TEAM could have done to win the game, like not turning the ball over twice. Both of these guys are whiners and sore losers, which makes you wonder if the entire family is.

  129. We all know the refs are going to screw the Giants in the Super Bowl in order to give Kraft a trophy. The outcome has been predetermined since Kraft “saved” the league from the lockout.

    When the refs do that I don’t want to see one Giants’ fan complaining about it. The refs giveth and the refs taketh away.

  130. Jim Harbaugh, I love you. You were the winning QB in one of the greatest games I’ve ever watched. And you’ve done wonders with this team, which isn’t my team but is a team I used to root for and wish well. But right now, you really need to get on with the shutting up and the not whining. It’s over, dude. Start working on next year.

  131. What is Harbaugh talking about? There is no comparison between the two.

    Forward progress is a rule everybody who has watched one game understands. We have seen balls get stripped like this in the past and will see it again in the future, what a dope.

  132. If the ball popped out AFTER a whistle was blown, then no fumble can occur because the play is dead. Rather than arguing that it should have been a fumble (it shouldn’t), he should be arguing that the ref’s were too quick with the whistle. I agree with him on this one, and I’ve seen other plays this season where a turnover would have occurred if the zebra’s didn’t blow the whistle so quickly. But Jim, you’re complaining about the wrong thing. It was NOT a fumble because the play was dead at the whistle, end of story.

  133. Pats fan here. This call was not even close. Forward progress is the easiest most unobjective call in the game.

    Harbaugh is just motivating for next year.

  134. Ram says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:51 PM
    Excuses are like ass.holes…… everyone’s got one and they all stink.


    I thought that was “Opinions”?

  135. When ever you taunt your opponents after so long, it tends to come back and haunt you. Hence their kick off team dancing, taunting, pointing fingers at the opposing team huddled in the middle of the field while the dj plays some stupid hip hop music. It wasn’t just on special teams either.It starts at the the coach that likes to run his suck and trickles down. So quit your crying and start displaying good sportsmanship. Maybe after that you’ll get the recognition you deserve. Until then you’ll always be known as the Whiners.

  136. Just to make things clear, the tuck rule ywas used against the Pats that same year. The jets got that call!

  137. Jim Harbaugh is fastly becoming the most annoying coach in the NFL ! Jim in my opinion, Davis stepped out of bounds on his first touch down and if the 15 yards would still apply the ball should have been spotted at the 50 yard line and with your inept offense Lee would have had to punt for the 50th time in the game !

  138. I like Jim Harbaugh, but how a NFL coach could not know how a simple rule like forward progress works is beyond me.

  139. pettergriffen says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:40 PM
    NFL east coast bias…

    Oh, like the East Coast bias towards Green Bay and Greg Jennings the previous week? That East Coast bias?

    I realize a lot of these NFL guys end up having memory loss issues, but I didn’t realize it was affecting fans too.

  140. that was a fumble usually they allow the play to go on for 1-3 seconds before blowing the whistle

    that’s a one-sided BS rule anyways that helps the offense the runner can only gain yards he can’t lose any by being pushed back & if he fumbles it they’ll just whistle it dead & his forward progress was stopped

  141. They blew that whistle in about a tenth of a second. Ref’s are supposed to swallow the whistle and let the play play out. He just as easily could have bounced out and ran it for a TD, would they have called it back if that happened?

    Lesson: Keep the whistle quiet until you KNOW he is not escaping the tackle.


    if they weren’t in the hurry up they probably wouldn’t have blown it so quickly, once the pace of the game sped up, the refs did too..

  142. As a Niners fan…

    We lost and harbaugh needs to learn some sportsmanship. It’s embarrassing. That being said, he’s not wrong. For those of you claiming forward progress was stopped so the play was over are missing the point. If its as simple as that, then a lot of fumbles would never be called. I don’t think anyone on here would say the Pierre Thomas fumble in the Niners game wasn’t the correct call. His knee wasn’t down and the ball came out. But on that play, Thomas stopped moving forward as soon as whitner hit him, before he lost the ball. So at what point is that discretion made?

  143. One thing is consistent…inconsistency by officials..it is called one way by one crew and something else by another….but Roger Goodell said fans want it that way…

  144. Someone stick a pacifier in this baby’s mouth.

    If that doesn’t work, let him have a tall glass of shut the ef up. Losing all respect for this whiner.

    -learn to lose with dignity.

    -learn to win with grace.

  145. I have it recorded and i just watched the thing about 10 times, the ball came out before the whistle was blown. Thats a fact.

  146. I’ve been calling the niners the 40whiners for years cuz thats all they do, wa wa wa wa. They cry like little babies. The Giants put a whoopin on them in their own little “candlesticky park” back yard. Ha Ha. I laugh in their faces. The whiners will be watching the the Super Bowl in the same place they’ve been watching it since Steve Young retired. Ha ha. From home. Coach Harbaugh should be pointing out that his QB missed wide open receivers all day long. And the return guy Williams had 2 turnovers all by himself. The whiners won big all year from creating turnovers and now in the playoffs they lost because their opponent was the one creating turnovers. What goes around comes around. Harbaughs whining is tarnishing an otherwise great season by the whiners. Geaux Saints! Geaux Eli!

  147. if harbaugh believes his own argument then the 49ers should be concerned about the intelligence of their coach.

    swallowing the whistle ? apples and oranges – refers to ticky tacky stuff

    whitner knocked the dude out – big difference from a 4 player scrum on a wrapped up back

  148. So it was a good call. (As was the use of the tuck rule a decade ago.)


    No, the use of the tuck rule was NOT a good call a decade ago.

    Look at the stills, look at the replay – both of Brady’s hands were on the ball. The ‘tuck’ was complete. It was a fumble.

    I feel your pain Jim H but this really isn’t quite the same.

    Tuck Rule: a horribly written rule which was incorrectly applied for a 100% BS overturn (Brady’s hands both on ball). The fact that anyone defends it with a straight face is just ludicrous to me.

    Forward progress from NYG/SF: a very quick whistle on a play which usually is allowed to go a bit longer. Like everything else related to NFL officiating – no consistency. However, it wasn’t fished out of the bowels of the rule book like the tuck rule – at least you had heard of forward progress prior to this game.

  149. Being from NE, as much as I can’t stand the Ryans, I consider this constant whining ten times worse. We have a new sucky-brothers champion in the NFL.

  150. The call was certainly a close one, you’d have debate no matter what was called on the field. Regarding Harbaugh’s complaining afterwards? Have you ever heard Belichick complain about a call? The answer is no, because according to Belichick, it’s a fumble if the ref calls it one, and it’s not if he doesn’t. It’s that simple, people.

    Now for the 10,000th time, the Tuck Rule was properly applied in the Snow Bowl. The same call went AGAINST the Patriots earlier in the season against the Jets – that’s why that during the game when the first replay was aired, I jumped out of my seat because I knew the Pats would be getting the ball back. And to be clear, the Tuck Rule still exists and has not been modified. The league looked at the rule after the 01 season and decided that no changes were warranted. The purpose of the rule is to remove as much judgement about the QB’s intention as possible.

  151. Every team that loses looks back on a call they wish they had gotten, or a play they should have made, and this is no different. Had the Giants lost, they would probably be doing the same thing. You can’t dissect the calls as they pertain to your team only, unless you want it to reek of sour grapes. As a buddy of mine used to say: “Yeah, well if Gramma had b@lls, she’d be Grandpa.”

  152. And the answer about Akers is No. The guy from Buffalo lost 4 with them and one with you guessed it! The Gmen. Apparently that 69’s the 49er’s conspiracy theory that the NFL just wants the Giant’s to win. Lol!

  153. If Bradshaw squirted through that pile then what would the call been? Remember the lynch run vs the eagles in Seattle this year? I just think its another case of human error in the game. You’ll never be able to completely have a mistake proof called game. As it looks like a fumble, the refs are covered by the magic whistle which is the end all. But this did not decide the game. If Kyle Williams doesn’t fumble twice the giants lose 17-10. Giants played good all post season and everyone knows that food teams get lucky as well, that’s just how it goes. As much as I want to see the giants lose, I think they’ll win it bc the giants D is better than the pats, even though both Ds having been playing better than they did in the regular season. We can dissect each team how the pats played a weak schedule the giants were mediocre during the season, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about playing good at the right time and a little luck and that’s what we’ll be talking about next years SB participants. As a football fan the super bowl marks the end of the season and for a football fanatic like myself, it’s kind of a sad day looking forward to September again.

  154. Tom Brady fumbled. You need 100%, incontrovertible evidence to overturn the call on the field. Ed Hochuli even tried to say that in one of the games this weekend. The call on the field was a fumble. Brady knew he fumbled. He hung his head and trudged off the field.You cannot tell me the evidence was there to overturn the call on the field.

  155. fumble or not the game is over. if williams didnt fumble the ball niners would be in…its always an excuse..i still say only reason niners hosted the game is because brees ran out of time..

  156. nfl1818 says: Jan 24, 2012 6:28 AM

    Pats fan here. This call was not even close. Forward progress is the easiest most unobjective call in the game.

    Its a “subjective” call not an un objective call. In other words a judgement call.

    I hope he isn’t motivating for next year. One Rex Ryan is too much. Don’t need Harbaugh to play head gamestoo.

    I can appreciate this call because too often the defense will hold an offensive player carrying the ball so they can strip him of the ball and the whistle won’t be blown because the d will give up a yard or two for the opportunity.

  157. On the Bradshaw play the whistle had not blown when he fumbled the ball so if forward progress had been stopped shouldn’t they have already whislted the play dead??

  158. The more Jim harps on this point, the more he paints himself a sore loser. His team lost the game thanks to a lot more than this.

  159. The West Coast Whining is out in full force. The NFL has nothing against you and did quite well with the 49ers dynasty back when. It’s nothing more than a coincidence that the two teams playing in the Super Bowl are located 200 miles from each other. Last year it was two small markets not located on the east coast. It doesn’t make a difference to the league. We all have seen bad calls during these playoffs. The forward progress ruling wasn’t even close to the worst we saw (several of which were in the Pittsburgh-Denver game).

  160. And I thought the Ravens would be the ones doing all the whining. For once they have been extremely graceful but Harbaugh west seems to be taking up the banner.

  161. According to the letter of rule, it was the right call. That said, I can’t remember the last time I saw them call forward progress that quickly.

    If you’re a Giants fan telling the Niner fans to stop whining – I’ve never seen such whining about the refs as Giants fans after BOTH Packer games this year (one of which, the most important one, the Giants won). Seriously obnoxious, especially in victory. So be careful who you tell to stop whining. Let the Niner fans have their day to complain – correct or not.

  162. yankeemofo says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:39 PM
    The raiders had the lead still at the time of that call. They choked that game away.


    Stop it.

    Plays like that are momentum changers and gave the Patriots the ball with a chance to get more points. This is what people fail to acknowledge when the refs cheat like that.

  163. ironworker329 says:
    Jan 24, 2012 7:42 AM
    And the answer about Akers is No. The guy from Buffalo lost 4 with them and one with you guessed it! The Gmen. Apparently that 69′s the 49er’s conspiracy theory that the NFL just wants the Giant’s to win. Lol!

    5 – Cornelius Bennett, Buffalo, XXV-XXVIII; Atlanta, XXXIII
    5 – Glenn Parker, Buffalo, XXV-XXVIII; N.Y. Giants, XXXV

  164. Harbaugh will whine all year. Surely he won’t find fault with all the ridiculous “hands to the face” and “illegal contact” calls that led to 10 of their 17 points when drives were heading for punts prior to those calls, will he?

  165. thinwhiteduke76 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:40 PM
    That WAS a fumble

    I know they blew the whistle, but his knee was NOT down when that ball popped lose.



    1. His knee doesn’t NEED to be down for forward progress to be stopped. Did you even play Pop Warner at least?

    2. He was knocked back a full two yards before the ball came loose. Even on replay you can see that he was stopped by two guys, and going backward before the ball was stripped.

    If you’re going to complain about that (correct) call, then bring up all the calls that went in San Francisco’s favor which were mostly BLATANTLY AWFUL and altered the outcome of two of their drives, leading to 10 points that they would not have had — given that two of those flags came on 3rd down where they would have been forced to punt.

  166. Here is a great ad for the Super Bowl you have the hairbrain brothers crying about calls and Eli and Brady walk over and hand each of them a box of tissues they can be the new spokes men for Klenex

  167. We lost and harbaugh needs to learn some sportsmanship. It’s embarrassing. That being said, he’s not wrong. For those of you claiming forward progress was stopped so the play was over are missing the point. If its as simple as that, then a lot of fumbles would never be called. I don’t think anyone on here would say the Pierre Thomas fumble in the Niners game wasn’t the correct call. His knee wasn’t down and the ball came out. But on that play, Thomas stopped moving forward as soon as whitner hit him, before he lost the ball. So at what point is that discretion made?
    The difference with PT is AB still had the ball after he reached his forward most point. The play theoretically ends at the maximum of the disposition plot, but I wouldn’t expect these 9er fans to understand calculus like this Saints fan who majored in math. The whistle just lets the players know to STOP HITTING each other. Forward progress is not where the ball is when the whistle is blown but how far the ball reached BEFORE the whistle is blown. Those of you who think forward progress is a dumb rule have obviously never played the game of football. Harbaugh needs to learn from the scrub Payton who filled in for him during the 87 strike. You have to do interviews after the game because the media makes the NFL what it is. What an @ss! And if after the game you find fault in the zebras instead of your own team’s mistakes (you know, the reason they pay Jimmy), well then you get labeled as the league’s biggest TOOT.

  168. I was watching on TV, and I am absolutely positive the whistle blew before the ball started to come loose. So absolutely positively it was not a fumble.

  169. I don’t care for either team as my team doesn’t even have a GM right now but that whistle was blown way too soon.

    If he would’ve spun out and gained 4 or 5 yds it would’ve counted as the refs swallow whistles when it’s for positive yds.

  170. Give it a rest Harbaugh. Stop whining. It was only one play of many. Your offense couldn’t move the ball in the fourth quarter and the defense gave up TD’s. The game wasn’t decided on one play. It was the correct ruling on the field…his progress was stopped and he was being pushed backwards.

  171. What a baby, seriously. Its not like that play determined the outcome of the game.

    What plays did determine the outcome of the game Jim? Oh yeah, your two special teams turnovers. Gonna cry about those are ya? Williams didnt fumble? The ball didnt hit his knee? How about your mediocre offense? 1 Third down conversion? 1 Pass completed to a WR? Pretty sure thats where you should be focusing your energy right now.

  172. Whine all you want but the game shouldn’t even have been that close. Niners got a free touchdown when Davis stepped out of bounds. And you all act like Kyle Williams simply dropped the ball in OT. He had it knocked out by the Giants. How about some credit to the G-Men for going after the ball when it counted most.

  173. The definition of a dead ball from forward progress being stopped is when a player is dragging you backwards not allowing you to gain forward progress. The san fran player was dragging Bradshaw to the ground 2 yards back and as he was falling to the ground, the other player stripped it right after the whistle blew that he was down.

    The Pierre Thomas was not forward progress because he lost the ball just as the San Fran player hit him and he was not being pushed back by another player.

    To the redskin (deadskin) fan who said Bradshaw could have gotten up and run for a TD and they wouldn’t have stopped him, the WHISTLE WAS BLOWN!! The play was dead! He couldn’t have gotten back up and run it for a TD. Please go back and watch more football because you obviously don’t know too much about it.

  174. The East Coast bias comment is just stupid already…

    The Whistle blew, right or wrong, it blew…the play is dead….

    Lose with some dignity Jim….Grow up!

  175. Jim quit crying and take your loss like a man. The call was a good one, Bradshaw’s forward progress had ended…..end of play. Anyway that one play didn’t cost you the game. Maybe it was going 0-18 or whatever on 3rd down? Comon man!

  176. And the Forty Whiners coach keeps whining. C’mon man, you sound like a viqueen with all the whining. Just shut up, be greatful for your ‘nice’ season and go ride off once again into irrelevancy and insignificance because 6-10 is on its way again.

  177. sounds like sour grapes to me. understandable, but still not a classy comment a day later. coughlin would never say something like that.

  178. Harbaugh is a good coach and a pain in the ass – he can’t help himself. Hopefully some day he will grow up, but there are not too many hopeful signs of it – especially if he still hasn’t gotten over something that happened 16 years ago. He is a good choice to coach in San Francisco, because they have plenty of cheese out there to go with his whine.

    Bill Belichik, on the other hand is a GREAT coach – if a call goes against him it goes against him, but he is already twirling his (nonexistent) mustache and plotting more nefarious moves.

    It’s only a game.

  179. I constantly feel the need to remind you “tuck rule” morons that the Raiders had TWO opportunities to stop Patriot drives after that play, and FAILED to stop them BOTH times.

    It wasn’t the “tuck rule” that cost the Raiders that game, it was the complete failure of the Raiders defense to stop New England’s offense.


    Look it up, and shut up already.

  180. None of this matters anyhow now that Patriots are in the Super Bowl. They’re playing in London next season, so it didn’t matter which team showed up. The NFL would love to have a champion play in that game, so you can bet the powers that be are already working up a way to shaft the Giants. For the sake of their own sanity, the Niners are better off being the ones sitting at home watching the game. The Giant fans should just go ahead and prepare themselves for this now.

  181. the whistle was blown really quick. know why? because of the niners defense. because they are known for being such hard hitters. player saftey, blah blah blah. But on a couple carries by kendall hunter the whistle took prob about 5 times as long to get blown. while he was moving backwards and 5 giants defenders were going for the strip. there was also another thing blown. the call. that was a fumble. and the refs totally screwed up this whole season. this is probably the worst officiated season the nfl has ever had. The tuck rule is also the worst rule / excuse in the history of the league. i still dont get it. it makes no sense at all. if you are a quarterback and you drop the ball. its a fumble.

  182. The problem is that the rule is not implemented consistently. Players routinely have their forward progress stopped, struggle for a second or two, and then break to the outside to gain additional yardage.

  183. Lee Evans couldn’t agree more.

    The NFL wanted NE and NY in the SB and did what they could to get that result.

    Year after year the fans ignore these “coincidences”.

    Jim should take notice of his brother and learn to live with it or his team will pay for it in the future.

  184. but the ball was out before the whistle was blown

    none the less, the 49ers beat themselves on multiple occasions giving up gifts that the Giants handed them…

    at least the 49ers have a legit thing to whine about, unlike Giants fans….for some reason all I heard on WFAN after the Giants Packers game were Giants fans calling in to complain about a fumble that had ZERO impact on the game…..talk about WHINERS!!!

  185. The whistle was blown, dead ball. Harbaugh needs to stop crying, good coaches can rebound from bad calls. During the GB game, Jennings clearly fumbled the ball did you hear Coughlin cry and complain, no he just went on with the next play and you didn’t hear him say one thing about that play. Good coaches and team can recover from mistakes, bad teams can’t, that’s why the Giants are going to the Superbowl and 49ers aren’t. Anyway, that was a good call. If that happen to Gore, you 9ers fans won’t even be talking about this.

  186. It amazes me how many people are failing to grasp that Bradshaw was moving backwards at the time of the “fumble,” which by rule makes it not a fumble. As somebody already pointed out to make you people realize how wrong you are (and I’ll take it a step further here), change the situation. Frank Gore is carrying the ball and gets to the 22 yard line. He is subsequently grabbed by JPP, who drags him back to the 19 yard line where Gore goes down without losing the ball. Where do you spot Frank Gore? Correct answer: At the 22 yard line, where his FORWARD MOMENTUM had been stopped. The PLAY WAS OVER. Deal with it 49ers fans. Goodness gracious.

  187. Giants fans are funny they claim that letting the play continue when according to the rule Eli was in the grasp and should have never gotten that lucky pass off but the fastest whistle ever blown on Bradshaw and that was cool I see what ever works for these idiot fans is golden

  188. As a Giants fan, I can understand, as much as every 9er fan complaining in this blog, how it is to be screwed on a penalty or a non-penalty. I will also agree with someone’s assertion here that Giants fan tend to complain ourselves. No arguments there. But I must add that “fans for any team, I don’t care what sports or what team, tend to complain when they feel like they have been on the losing end of a non-call (or call).”

    With that being said, I think we have heard enough from so-called “experts” here regarding the alleged non-fumble call. The point is, even if the 9ers “got screwed” on that play, they weren’t able to overcome it and go away with the win. Let me remind these same die-hard 9ers fans and non-Giants fans (haters), that the Giants got screwed on two calls in Green Bay and still went away with the win. Even the NFL expert in officiating said it himself that the Giants should have gotten the fumble on Jennings and the roughing the passer should not have been called late in the game. So for people to attribute the non-fumble or questionable call as giving the Giants the game, is not just absurd, it is downright stupid.

    For Harbaugh, I think he should consult Kyle Williams. There’s an article in this very site regarding him owning up to his mistakes and taking it like a “man.” Dude, you lost, now where in time has a questionable call, one call, in any game in NFL has resulted in reversing the overall outcome of that game. Now get over it.

    For 9ers fan, I can try and understand your pain but really, you’re going to hash and rehash one call? One freaking call? That is your argument for the 9ers losing the game? WOW!!!

  189. this is the same guy who shoves opposing head coaches after HE WINS. The same guy who whines about having to play on the road against his BROTHER on THANKS GIVING and literally said it wasn’t fair, although I believe his words were “we got the short end of the straw on this one”.




  190. His forward progress had been stoopped. He had been drug back two yards. The gray area here though is if you watch the replay, the whistle clearly does not blow until after the ball has popped out. That’s what has a lot of people confused.

    Play was called correctly, his progress was obviously stopped, but watch and listen to the replay. Ball is two feet up in the air when the whistle blows.

  191. Lets be honest… Niner fan here and that was the right call due to the whistle being blown. Quick whistle? ABSOUTELY! On sunday Giants ball no fumble… every other day in the NFL no question fumble niners ball!

  192. bad calls are part of the game. You can bitch and moan but I bet the Giants fans thinks its a great call, just like they would think it was a horrible call if it didnt go their way. Its part of the game, crying about it afterward wont make any difference.

  193. godzilla111111

    There was no way that would have been a catch in the field of play, so there’s no way that it’s a catch for a TD.

    “Lee Evans couldn’t agree more…”

    Give me a break. On Brady’s first interception, there was illegal contact.

    On the Pat’s last possession, Gronk was being held the whole time on a seam route.

    If you’re going to cry about a TD that wasn’t a TD, then maybe you should acknowledge the excessive contact that the Ravens were getting away with. In that case, the Pats get a first down at the end of the game (because Gronk was held) and Lee Evans never even gets a chance at the ball.

  194. I have little doubt that if the shoe were on the other foot, it was HIS running back, same situation, and the whistle DIDN’T blow, head be just as p.o.’ed.

    We may not like the near instant ending of the play when the guy is pushed back, as a part of the overall pussification of the NFL, but it’s there, and could work for him or against him equally.

    In the end, when your back up kick returner hands the winning margin to the other team – in TWO installments, complaining about plays that happen in every game shows poor sportsmanship.

  195. omniscient48

    Thomas fumbled as soon as he was hit.

    Bradshaw was carried backwards for a few yards, the whistle was blown (which means the play was dead) and then the ball came out.

    There is no conspiracy. What, did the refs figure he was going to fumble so the blew the whistle quickly to ensure that the 9ers couldn’t recover?

    Good teams overcome bad calls. Notice how the Giants were hosed on several calls last week against the Pack, yet they just won anyway, and by more than one score.

  196. The game is over. The Giants won. We get it. The point that is really being missed here is that if you go back and watch the replay, the official threw his little blue bean bag (which signfies the point of a fumble) and then ran over to the Referee and said that he called forward progress. Whether it was or not will always be a point of debate. The official making indications both ways will always lead to controversy. I’m a life long 49ers fan and I say hats off to the Giants, you played a great game congratulations on the win. Just stop the bashing of Harbaugh. Any team that lost that way would be doing the same thing. Don’t lie to yourselves and say that you would have been different. I’m glad that Harbaugh is so passionate about the game and his team. He took a 6 and 10 team and finished 13 and 3 while going on the road and beat some really good teams, with the same players as last year. The 49ers will only get better over the next several years. Giants….. Just please beat the Hateriots!

  197. This thread sounds like were discussing politics. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. Please, stop saying that the whistle blew *before* the ball came out. It didn’t. The ball came out and then the whistle blew. That’s a fact.

  198. Incredible. The forward progress rule has been in place since the dawn of Mankind, but b/c Bradshaw fumbled way after the whistle the SF fans want to cry about it?

    Take your loss gracefully.

  199. Hmm let’s see – the refs don’t call any blatant offensive or defensive holding on the Niners all game, and he is crying about one call? You lost, shut up and deal with it punk.

  200. It sucks to lose an NFC Championship game at home, I know because we lost to NYG too, but you did NOT get ripped off 49er Fans ……. Atlas Hochuley could barely get his lips off your tush for most of the game.

    You had a GREAT year, much better than anyone thought and honestly got beat by a better team.

    If the WORLD doesnt come to an end in 2012 we will see you at Lambeau Field next year if you make the playoffs

    BTW your Coach is a complete JAG !!!!! But it runs in his family.

  201. If Harbaugh spent more time coaching than complainign to the officials like the crybaby that he is, then maybe he would be in Super Bowl. Whiner… reminds be of Coach K, Bellacheat, His brother the Baltimore Bawler, and the biggest whiner of all time – Michael “OVER-RATED” Jordan, Yeah I said it. It’s not hard to win when they give you the titles! Bulls in the 90’s, and the Pats of the 2000’s.

  202. Arrogant gloater when he wins, pathetic excuse-maker when he loses. Par for the course, nothing new to report here. He was more than happy to accept wins he got by officiating errors earlier in the season, now he gets the other end of the stick and doesn’t like it.

  203. Hey Jim maybe one of the reasons you lost Sunday was because the “old” Alex Smith showed up in the second half and not because of a phantom fumble.

  204. He should definitely get a fine for his words. He directly accused the NFL and its officials for making the wrong call (the call was correct), and defending it, while he, Jim Harbaugh “knows” they made the wrong call. This guy has an ego the size of Texas. So does his brother.

  205. Although the “Tuck Rule” is a horrible rule, and even Mike Perreira thinks it should go the way of the dodo bird, it was not the rule itself that was the injustice of the infamous “tuck rule” game. It was the fact that the call on the field was fumble… and that there was no “conclusive” evidence to overturn that call on the field. There are plenty of still shots showing Brady with both hands on the ball, before Woodson’s arm comes down… which in effect means the tuck was over…. But more than anything, Walt freakin Coleman spent an eternity under the hood to come out and overturn something on a little known, rule, that may or may not have applied as there was not enough visual evidence to overturn the call on the field… which, if you are paying attention was fumble. This situation with the forward progress ruling is completely apples to oranges in comparison, and Harbaugh should quit whining and let his team lose with dignity.

  206. He should be more worried about his LAME gameplan before the half. The wuss sent a horrible message to his team by milking the clock only to give the ball back to the Giants who stuck three points up his ass.

    I thought I liked Harbaugh until watching this game. Annoying crybaby.

  207. “while the 2 rules are entirely different, Harbaugh has a point. that was a very quick whistle on that play and more times than not those plays are not stopped that quickly, thus resulting in a fumble.”

    The 9ers have a reputation for the ‘stand him up and strip’ routine that has undoubtedly been mentioned to officials by opponent coaches. If a player’s forward progress has been clearly stopped, then the player shouldn’t be targeted for a gang-strip. That is exactly what caused that fumble ( after the whistle).

  208. Whistle came quick because the defenders arms and contact was coming to Bradshaws upper neck area. Ref bailed out the player fast. Either way thats not what blew the game. That call was a quick whistle but not a terrible call in itself. The player was 2 yards back falling from where intially contact started.

    Crabtree that diva lost the game. The niners need to revamp and get some big physical WR’s. With where they sit in the drfat order Michael FLoyd outta Notre Dame might be a great fit, he isn’t a fast burner but he is like what LArry Fitzgerald was coming out of college 4.5-4.6 speed but elite hands and great at the jump ball.

    Pick em up 49ers.

  209. Hawks 49,

    sorry pal but you are showing YOUR ignorance of the rules. Even last years head of refs told everyone watching that it’s indeed the right call and no fumble. Now, are you going to argue with one of the guys that actually does know the rules?

    I remember during one of the 1st games of the season he said that this year they were going to allow for the whistle to take a bit longer to be blown, BUT if the runner is falling backwards the whistle will be blown immediately. I have the game recorded and the whistle clearly is blown before the ball was stripped. Not even close.

  210. Forward progress is without a doubt the lamest rule in the NFL. When your down by contact your down by contact. If you don’t want to be pushed back 20 yards go to the ground. The tuck rule is a close second in lameness. Anything that gives the refs an opening for their own interpretation will always be a mess. Get rid of both.

  211. stephenjr311,

    when the runner is in a vulnerable position such as FALLING BACKWARDS AND DOWN the refs blow the whistle. Had he been falling FACE DOWN either forward or backwards, the whistle would not have been blown. It’s been like that ALL season.

  212. juliusanonymous,

    I sent out a text to a few of my buddies saying exactly what you posted about our National Anthem and San Fran having zero class or respect for it. I was embarrassed for our great country during that great rendition.

  213. go49ers says: Jan 24, 2012 3:20 AM

    If I may…I’ll give it to the “Wilcard” NY Giants. They found a way to win. Let me emphasize “A – way – to – win”. Yes your team clearly won if it wasn’t for our costly fumble by Kyle Williams & that blown (non fumble Bradshaw) call by the ref. Our Defense dominated your Offense. Yeah, I’m whining ~ whatever.

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t be mad if we lost to a good team who deserved to win.

    Good luck in your “East Coast Bias” S.B. because your gonna need it.

    There’s your “class” –

    You are ABSOLUTELY right!!!!

    You’re whining!

  214. pftcensorssuck says:
    Jan 24, 2012 9:54 AM
    I constantly feel the need to remind you “tuck rule” morons that the Raiders had TWO opportunities to stop Patriot drives after that play, and FAILED to stop them BOTH times.

    It wasn’t the “tuck rule” that cost the Raiders that game, it was the complete failure of the Raiders defense to stop New England’s offense.


    Look it up, and shut up already.


    You don’t need to remind anybody of anything. The defense didn’t fail. Vinateri made 2 field goals that he has even said he would probably make 10 out of 100x’s. It’s not like the defense gave up big yardage or touchdowns, please give me a break you loser. The fact is it was a fumble and with under 2 minutes left the game is over. END OF STORY!!!

    ….. and with the play off rules now the Raiders would have had a chance to tie it or win it. I love these clueless guys who think they know everything and they do know Jack S**T!!!

  215. tricwhyte,

    I have it recorded and it (The whistle) does come before the ball is stripped.

    AND, if the ball carrier is falling backwards by a tackle face up the whistle was blown all year long.

  216. r8d3rz,

    yeppers, he was going backwards with his feet still on the ground. Huge difference. Bradshaw was in a fetal position with his face up and his feet off the ground with zero chance of escaping and getting more yards.

  217. 7to10for6allday,

    Bradshaw couldn’t have squirted through the pile because he was in a fetal position face up with zero chance of going anywhere but down and backwards, hence the reason for the whistle that was clearly blown before the ball was stripped.

  218. kilo0986,

    I have it recorded and I just watched it 11 times and the whistle does sound before the ball comes out.

    Regardless, as soon as he was in a fetal position with his face up the progress is stopped.

  219. patpatriotagain,

    if someone would have speared Bradshaw it would indeed have been a penalty. Late hit and or unnecessary roughness. That’s a no brainer.

  220. Skinzfan21,

    you said….the refs blew this call! I replayed this play 5-10 times on DVR and the ball had been ripped out 1-2 seconds prior to the whistle being blown.

    1-2 seconds. What is it? You have it recorded.

    One Thousand one


    One thousand one one thousand two

    I also have it recorded and mine shows it being whistled before the ball is stripped. Maybe the NFL sent out a DirectTV virus so there would be controversy.

  221. pftcensorssuck says:
    Jan 24, 2012 9:54 AM
    I constantly feel the need to remind you “tuck rule” morons that the Raiders had TWO opportunities to stop Patriot drives after that play, and FAILED to stop them BOTH times.

    It wasn’t the “tuck rule” that cost the Raiders that game, it was the complete failure of the Raiders defense to stop New England’s offense.


    Look it up, and shut up already.


    If the call is made correctly, Raiders win, they just have to kneel it out. Of course it cost them the game. Yes, they also could have stopped NE after the BS Tuck Rule interpretation and won the game. They didn’t. That doesn’t change the fact that Oakland would have won the game, 100% chance, had the play been ruled correctly as a fumble.

    Stop trying to defend the worst call ever.

  222. omniscient48,

    if the runner is in a vulnerable position as he was. Facing upwards with his feet off the ground and in a fetal position. The whistle is blown. Also, even if the whistle was blown a little late doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have been blown a bit earlier. The ref made the call based on what he was looking at and that is all that matters. Had Bradshaw been on his feet with a chance of escaping and making a play the whistle would have come later. It’s a pretty simple rule.

  223. Mr. Wright 212,

    1:43 left on the clock. The Raiders fall on the ball and the game is over.


  224. yayarea3,

    you are correct, when a runner is falling forward the play is not stopped. But when he is going backwards face up with his feet off the ground in a fetal position the play is stopped.

    Good call.

  225. lawrencejnc,,

    Barry Sanders? Did you really think the rules then are the same now?

    Oh my do you need to catch up.

  226. i just watched the play numerous times and it is clear that the ball is out before the whistle..as per the call, i dont think it was the right call…bradshaw breaks through the first tackle, continues to go forward, then he is hit and brought down with the ball popping out

    the whole game the refs did not blow the whistle that fast and there were other times where they let the play continue

  227. sdb0ltz,

    you said Bradshaw was still fighting for yards?


    I think you should watch the play again because it’s tough to fight for more yards when you’re being drug backwards in the fetal position with your feet off the ground.

    Or maybe you were at an arena football game

  228. All you Niners fans claiming an East Coast bias need to check your history.

    The last time these teams met in the playoffs, in the same stadium, the game ended on a blown call that cost the Giants a second chance at a game-winning FG.

    The call (based on a misunderstanding about which Giants linemen were eligible receivers on the play) was so blatantly wrong that the NFL admitted that it was a blown call the next day.

  229. go49ers says: Jan 24, 2012 3:20 AM

    If I may…I’ll give it to the “Wilcard” NY Giants. They found a way to win. Let me emphasize “A – way – to – win”. Yes your team clearly won if it wasn’t for our costly fumble by Kyle Williams & that blown (non fumble Bradshaw) call by the ref. Our Defense dominated your Offense. Yeah, I’m whining ~ whatever.

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t be mad if we lost to a good team who deserved to win.

    Good luck in your “East Coast Bias” S.B. because your gonna need it.

    There’s your “class” –


    Just one thing, and we’ll stick with facts, which is on the record books rather than your ASSumptious opinion. If the 9ers defense dominated the game, first, the Giants had a higher score, and therefore won, and second, that thing with the 9ers converting 1-13 on third down. Don’t get me wrong here, the 9ers defense played great, but I would assert the Giants defense did a better job.

    And you can say whatever you want and “not being mad if you’d lost to a good team that deserved to win it.” FACT IS—in the end of it all, bottomline, the Giants (a wildcard team) beat the 49ers (a division champ) in Candlestick Park (their home turf) to win the NFC Championship.

    Sorry, now take another sip of that drink that affects peoples judgements called WHINE!!!!!

  230. “…..after teammate Quentin Coryatt failed to secure a pass from Steelers quarterback Neil O’Donnell that hit Coryatt right in the stomach”

    That’s not really true. Steelers WR Ernie Mills realized that Coryatt had undercut his slant route and reached a hand in to knock the ball out and prevent the INT. It was a great play by a WR turning defender to prevent a turnover, and Mills should get credit for the play.

  231. I think it’s a close call for a ref to make, but that it was ultimately the right call.
    The ref, imo, is giving the forward progress to the player not just as a runner but as a pass catcher with the play being essentially bang bang. Yes it protects the runner, yes it was a quick forward progress, but these refs have to make close calls.
    So its the right call because the ref called it that way.

    Harbaugh is just an emotional coach and can’t get over the fact that if you don’t win the big one your team isn’t the best that year. Still Coach of the Year imo, Kubiak had a lot of help from Phillips, how come no COY love for my man Starvin Marvin LEwis? Bengals had a great season

  232. I think it was the correct call. Bradshaw was wrapped up and was being pulled backwards after his 5-6 yard gain. He was almost about to be sitting on a 49er defender and he had absolutely no chance of getting out of that. Right now they are pretty much heavily emphasizing player safety. Even if the whistle was a quick one, it was intended to stop the play and to stop the need to put the ball carrier on the ground.

    Had this been the NFL a few years ago then this would have been a fumble IMO, and that wouldn’t have been challengeable.

    That being said, This didn’t decide the game. This would have given the 49ers the ball in Giants territory, and given the way they didn’t convert a 3rd down all game and still couldn’t (I don’t really count their only one since that was against a Prevent defense) it would have resulted in a quick field goal and the Giants would have needed one to tie. This was before the 2 minute warning and the Giants had 2 timeouts.

  233. There is an East Coast bias in football. The League didn’t want the upstart 49ers in the S.B. and got the match up they wanted. Harbaugh is laying the ground work for next year and bringing up the so called “tuck rule” is no accident. It seems that this is ,once again, a clear example of another bogus call to get another East coast team in the big game.

    A few more examples: This year’s Heisman,the Stealers/Sea Hawks S.B. The Immaculate Reception,every college football poll for the last 20 years .

  234. “There is an East Coast bias in football. The League didn’t want the upstart 49ers in the S.B. and got the match up they wanted. Harbaugh is laying the ground work for next year and bringing up the so called “tuck rule” is no accident. It seems that this is ,once again, a clear example of another bogus call to get another East coast team in the big game.”

    I can clearly support the complaints about the Tuck Rule – like Calvin Johnson’s non-TD last season, the eyes can tell you what the verdict really should have been.

    But this? A play where forward progress is clearly stopped and the whistle has already blown? A play that happens 4 or 5 times every game? You gotta stop taking crybaby lessons from Harbaugh.

  235. I don’t care what the rule is so long as they are consistent. I haven’t seen a ref blow the whistle that quick all year, and I HAVE seen a number of fumbles after the runner was pushed backwards. You can’t say something is the right call if its inconsistent with the way plays were called the entire year.

  236. Watch the play again!

    Bradshaw falls on top of Tramaine Brock and is still in a position to get up and run as you’ve seen many times in other games. If he held onto the ball, he could’ve gotten up and run. Therefore, since he fumbled, the play should’ve continued and the 49ers should’ve gotten the ball. There was no reason for the Ref to blow the whistle that early. Compare all other plays similar to that and you will not see the Refs blow the whistle like that.

  237. sf49ers4,

    go ahead and compare, and while you are comparing see whether the runner is face down or face up. When face up or falling backwards the refs blow the whistle. Also, just because the whistle doesn’t sound as soon as it should have does not mean the ref didn’t see it right. It was 3 full yards from the forward progress till the ball came loose. The most important part of any play or call is that they get it right, and in this case it is 100% no question they got it right.

  238. jarrman46 says: Jan 23, 2012 11:02 PM

    And in 1998 wild card game the Green Bay Packers were robbed on a Jerry Rice fumble that lead to TOs touchdown pass 2 plays later. That call was 10 times worse. The bottom line is the whistle blew before the Giants RB fumbled.

    Even worse than that was the 03 49er Giant playoff game when Sueburt was an eligible receiver who was tackled on the goal line before the ball got there.

    No pass interference call was made and the game ended with no explanation ending the Giant season.

    the next day the league actually apologized for the non call

  239. Correct me if i am wrong.

    The reason forward progress plays are allowed to finish before a whistle is blown is because to assume the player is going all the way down when the player may have plans to recover and try to make a play would remove the purpose of letting plays run to a conclusion througout the game, which is to allow the players a chance to make plays. It has nothing to do with fumbles.

    Times when whistles are blown early: When a player physically, as in physics, cannot go to the ground to end the play due to solid masses, as in other players, keeping the ball-carrier standing upright.

    The early whistle in question goes against the practices and purposes of the early whistle usage.

  240. You all know the Niners were the better team and Giants got lucky. 19 million fans in NY of course your opinions are biased. You cried like babies last time the Niners took NY out of the playoffs, now you all talk crap. I will take the Niners every time and will come out on top most every time, and if you don’t like that, oh well..

  241. You should put a disclaimer on this blog that states most of your commenters are from New York and thus HATE JIM HARBAUGH. Seriously, the nonsensical diatribe from most of youse is pathetic (and I grew up there). Harbaugh is the man and has done a great job with the 49’ers and his attitude has a lot to do with it. My only criticism is that I would have pulled that PR after his first ridiculous mistake. But he’s a players coach and he stayed with him. As for the fumble – I sort of thought it was the right call – but I have seen it called (as all of you have) alot different in many games. So hey NY (and I like the Giants and Coughlin – very impressed with what he’s done and I am rooting for them in the SP ) but get the F off Harbaugh’s back –There are 30 NFL teams that would love this guy be their coach. Your negativity is pathetic.

  242. Technically, it’s the correct call. But, like the tuck rule, it never got called in other games. I’ve never seen a fumble overturned because forward progress has been stopped.

    When a rule gets applied inconsistently, like the tuck rule was, and only in a championship game, it detracts from the game.

    I have no dog in this hunt, being from Denver, but Harbaugh has a point. If the refs can point to 10 such calls made a year, he needs to shut up. But if a rule gets invoked only once a year, in a championship game, then he has a legitimate beef. Don’t tell me this was the only time all year the ball came out after forward progress was stopped. Or that in 2001, that tackle by the Raiders was the only time all year the ball got tucked. The Raiders got hosed on that call (and I’m a Raider hater) simply because of the inconsistency and randomness of invoking the rule.

    But, as someone pointed out above, the 49ers lost the game because of other plays, not this one. As Marty Schottenheimer famously said when asked about his Superbowl record: it is what it is. Suck it up and use it for motivation to play smart special teams and be up by three touchdowns next year. Then bad calls won’t affect you.

  243. You all lose sight of the fact that the referees are human. All calls are judgement calls…..some are obvious…..others less so. The referees are like judges in a courtroom……we may not always agree with the ‘verdict’, but we must accept the referee’s decision. They are the ones charged with calling the game. They don’t always get the calls right, but instant replay in most cases show the calls were correct.

    It sucks to lose a game because of a questionable call, but that’s just part of the game. Coaches need to understand this and stop blaming the officials for their team’s defeat.

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