Juan Castillo not saying if he’s still Eagles’ defensive coordinator

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Three weeks after the season ended, the Philadelphia Eagles are still not saying who will coordinate their defense in 2012.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that when Juan Castillo was asked today at the Senior Bowl whether he is still the defensive coordinator, he answered, “You got to go through Andy [Reid].”

But Reid isn’t saying anything. Two weeks ago Reid was on vacation and not in a hurry to name a new defensive coordinator, and although his vacation is over, he’s still not saying anything publicly about what his coaching staff will look like next year.

Eagles fans seem to be virtually unanimous in their desire for a new defensive coordinator. But Reid may not give the fans what they want.

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  1. I’m a diehard eagles fan and Castillo needs to stay. The defense wasn’t the problem last year. He inherited a rookie LB core and that hurt. Aside from that the reason the eagles did poorly was bad turnovers and dropped passes by jackson. I counted 9 TDs dropped by Jackson last year. Relatively east catches that he didn’t make. Vick had a number of key turnovers also. We need to keep the coaching staff and just upgrade the recieving core and LB core.

  2. If Andy Reid did everything that Eagles fans wanted him to do, he would quickly become a fan himself. Hopefully he takes a long hard look at the situation and does what he thinks is best for the team.

  3. Andy never gives us what we want… a Super Bowl win, a post-Jim Johnson solid defense, a strong draft, etc. While the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, and Giants have been strengthening themselves from within, we’re drafting 26 year old guards and moving our OL coach to defensive coordinator.

  4. Who hired Castillo? Who blamed Akers, McNabb, McDermott, Jackson, Vick? Who lost to 3 of the 4 playoff coaches coaching yesterday (SF,NE,NY) AT HOME THIS SEASON?

    Reid has ignored the defensive side of the ball his entire tenure with the Eagles because Jim J was there. As a matter of fact his best players on the defensive side of the ball (Trott and Dawk) were drafted by RAY RHODES! 3 out of the 4 Giants defensive lineman could have been Eagles. You build your team through the draft not free agency.

    Reid cannot get the job done and has proven in over a decade that he cannot. Anything short of a SB win is a losing season.

  5. The Eagles could have drafted all-pro Jason Pierre Paul or Earl Thomas but instead we have the all-pro of the trainer’s room, Brandon Graham. This guy is 24 and his knees are more shot than Joe Thiesmann’s. Him and Stacy Andrews should figure out the best ways to spend the money the stole from the Eagles. Linebackers are undersized and average at best. Nnamdi is a bona-fide bust. Kurt Coleman is our best player in the secondary, that is really saying something. Nate Allen is horrific, and people who tried to say he was a “future star” (yes, this was actually said about one Nate Allen, the most average safety in history of the NFL) are just delusional. A new D Coordinator isn’t going to fix these fundamental problems.

  6. illcomm: I’m with you (and Andrew Kulp) 100% on this one. Castillo was not the problem and jettisoning him is not a short-term solution.

    Turnovers, turnovers, and lack to turnovers caused were what doomed the Eagles’ season. Castillo is surely not the best defensive coordinator in the league – and he won’t be anytime in the near future. But it does not make much sense to start with a new DC and deal with the associated growing pains, both with respect to player turnover and team learning. With a few key additions (MLB, S, and a DL) and more experience in the scheme, perhaps the overall D will be better that #8 in the league.

    The biggest thing that the team needs to improve wins in 2012-2013 is to avoid the it the ball over so much – especially in the Red Zone.

  7. The big question is going to be what was the real Eagles defense last year? Was it the horrible and confused defense we’ve seen the first four weeks who blown leads or the ferocious and opportunistic defense we seen the last few games of the season. Tough call, they certainly have talent and the results should be there sooner or later.

  8. Spags has not been formally introduced as DC in New Orleans. Nor does he show up under their staff on the Saints website…just saying.

  9. As a Giants fan, I like when the Eagles make the wrong moves, they’ve had our number for several years now and anything to turn that tide is certainly welcome. But I’m not sure keeping Castillo is the wrong move. The Eagles D really started to put it together towards the end of the season, so why would you want to start over again. With that all-star personnel, some continuity and a complete off season the Eagles will once again (unfortunately) be a very tough out

  10. baldingerspinky says:
    Jan 23, 2012 7:30 PM
    Doesn’t matter. With a new juan or the same Juan the eagles would beat the giants


    Well said but we are still heading to the Super Bowl for the 5th time with 3 wins and one loss
    And how many Super bowls have the Egals won?
    Once again the first 16 weeks you win enough to get into the playoffs and then you win the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl

    If you doubt me go find Arron Rodgers ask him if he would rather be 9-7 and going to indy or 15-1 and done

  11. OK, Castillo wasn’t incredible but he was better then most coaches. People who say you can’t make a line coach a DC, don’t know football. A good coach is a good coach. You are only as good as the talent you have. If he was a LB coach before this, there would’nt be all of this hoopla. Gregg Williams just got another job as a DC. How? Why? Brian Schotzenfruggen (I like that name better) gets another OC job. Why? People, open your minds. I am a Ram fan by they way. The Eagles had bigger issues and the Coordinator wasnt a huge reason. They didnt have depth, linebackers, or hard core players. I think they got the most out of that D. I think the Eagles should keep him and I promise next year with some key additions that this is a top 10 D. The Good ole boys network lives.

  12. First I would like to start this buy saying I am a die hard eagles fan.. And after reading some of these comments from “eagles fans” it’s no wonder why we get a bad rep!

    The eagles should keep Juan Castillo. Juan had to teach his complicated new defensive scheme to a ton of players who never even played together in a shorted training camp. Even the dumbest person could say that’s not going to work. The eagles had 9 different defensive starters from 2010 to 2011!!! So it obviously was going to take time to get these players on the same page and learn a new defense and if you look at the last quarter of the season they did come together! So why change to another new defense when Castillo can have a complete offseason to correct any other mistakes and just make the group from the last quarter of the season even stronger!

    Yes I do agree we need bigger and better LBs, but I don’t agree with commenters saying nnamdi is a bust. He had an off year in a new system. I also dont agree saying Nate Allen is a bust he has only been in the league 2 years give him a chance to shine after a 3rd yr of averageness then you can say bust.

  13. So it’s funny to me that IMO half the fans on here k ow what they are talking about and arn’t just loser marks that like to talk crap. The funny thing for me as an eagles fan is that none of the eagles fans on this site I would including with the smart posters.

    Eagles fans have this sense of entitlement . They think Andy Reid should do a press conference about who to take in the draft and take fans ideas. It’s a joke. And it’s all made up by our wonderful sports talk radio fools. These folks job is to go on the air and facts be damned be as negative as possible. It’s really quite sad.

    I am glad Juan is getting another shot as he should considering how things went . I think Andy is going to put together the right team and the eagles are going to go on and win a superbowl and then I think Andy should quit just to take a dump on these loud mouth Philly fans who have almost zero clue what they are talking about

  14. Hiring Castillo was step one in Andy’s grand comedy experiment titled “What Will It Take for Jeff Lurie to Fire Me?”

  15. To all my fellow eagles fans: we’ve been hoodwinked into believing we could win a superbowl. We should just accept the fact that we won’t for a very long time and stop caring so much. I’m tired of pouring my heart and soul into this team only to be left at the alter time and time again. Next year at this time Andy will be gone and we can just start over. time’s yours

  16. Typical Eagles secrecy. You might think it was the Manhattan Project they were working on, not coaching a second rate football team.

  17. To me silence speaks volumes. Juan will not be the coordinator or the Eagles would have already said as much.

  18. Well, if Mohrninweg gets a head coaching job, Juan would be well qualified to coordinate the offense in Andy’s mind with Howard Mudd moving over to be the defensive coordinator.


  19. Finally, there are some fans that seem level-headed. During the season, I wasn’t sure if Castillo was the best choice for DC. However, the team started to click near the end of the season (granted, against some weaker offenses), and Asomugha finally began to play a lot better towards the scheme. Early on, we missed a lot of tackles and couldn’t fill gaps – what do you expect from a young LB core? It’s easy to say “it’s obvious he should be fired” and bash Reid, but he’s been in the business for years, and it’s hard to say that we know better than he does…

  20. What other good d-coordinators are left out there? I’d rather keep Castillo at this point just to maintain some chemistry. I don’t want the defense learning a whole new system all over again.

  21. “..still” the DC?
    I don’t know if he ever was!
    The wide nine scheme could have been called the “nonexistent eleven!” Big signs over the “A” gap or “B” gap saying “Drive big truck thru HERE..” :mrgreen:

    Wasn’t anyone paying attention when JJ was alive, learning from one of the best DC’s ???

  22. baldingerspinky says:
    Jan 23, 2012 7:30 PM
    Doesn’t matter. With a new juan or the same Juan the eagles would beat the giants.

    no, no, no….you have it wrong. The “super secret” but “real” superbowl is being played by the Dream Team Eagles and the Jets. The Giants and Pats are playing in a game called the Toilet Bowl………or was it the other way around?????????

  23. The Eagles were 5-1 in the Division under Castillo. The rest of the league might want Juan to stay in Philly, tho…

    >tatum064 says: Jan 24, 2012 5:11 AM
    >Please be the defensive coordinator, please?
    >the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and N.Y. Giants

  24. Bringing in Spagnuolo would have required another complete overhaul of the defense since he leans heavily on zone blitz packages:

    1) It isn’t ideal with the down linemen in a wide 9, so Jim Washburn would be marginalized and probably malcontent.

    2) The most productive group defensive group (DE’s) would be spending more time in coverage and less time doing what they do best – pressuring the QB.

    3) The arguably least productive group (LB’s) would now be expected to provide that pressure and make those big plays.

    4) For whatever reason Nnamdi Asmogha is awful in zone coverage.

    5) I make awesome gameday chili. Just checking to see if anyone bothers to read this far into my posts.

  25. baldingerspinky says: Jan 23, 2012 7:30 PM

    Doesn’t matter. With a new juan or the same Juan the eagles would beat the giants.

    And beat nobody when it matters.

    Dream Teams are supposed to go 2-0 vs. the rebuilding Giants, with no LBs, no TE, and ELi.

    The Giants aren’t choke artists – like the entire existence of your pathetic franchise.

  26. If Andy isn’t giving the fans what they want, that’s a big plus in my book. It shows he hasn’t given up yet. If the fans made all the decisions, the Eagles would be a perennial doormat.

  27. I want to keep Juan. The defense really stepped it up the second half of the season, you can see that plain as day.

    The defense wasn’t the only problem. The offense being able to put up some TDs in the first half, MAYBE a field goal in the 3rd quarter, and practically watch from the sidelines for the whole 4th quarter didn’t help matters at all.

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