Kyle Williams played with a shoulder injury


Between his two costly fumbles and death threats from deranged fans, 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams had a rough Sunday night.

It’s a good thing, then, that he has a father who understands some of what he’s going through. Kenny Williams is a former major league outfielder and the current general manager of the Chicago White Sox isn’t a stranger to people going too far when their favorite team falls short of their goals.

“I’m used to the years of criticism and threats on my life from time to time, but I have to hear about threats on your son’s life while you’re watching TV and it certainly makes you question our culture of sports as it stands,” the elder Williams said to “I told his mother on the way out exactly what was coming. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Kenny Williams also said that his son was spending Monday getting treatment for a shoulder injury he suffered during the third quarter of the 23-20 loss to the Giants. The severity of the injury isn’t known, but Kyle Williams thinks he may have separated his shoulder. The elder Williams wants to make sure that no one thinks that talking about the injury is a way to deflect blame for what happened on the two fateful punts, though.

“He felt he could get the job done. He didn’t. End of story,” Kenny Williams said when asked if the injury contributed to either fumble.

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  1. “He felt he could get the job done. He didn’t. End of story,” Kenny Williams said when asked if the injury contributed to either fumble.

    Straight forward and to the point.

  2. Completely garbage the way this kid has been abused by so called “fans”. Get well soon Mr Williams and we’ll see ya next year. 🙂

  3. If the injury didn’t cause a problem then why did he bring up the point that his son was under going treatment today?

  4. Yes! That’s the ticket! Shoulder injury is to blame on the ball bouncing off his knee. Makes sense to me. If your shoulder is separated it makes you carry the ball away from your body, because it feels better. That why they strap it down away from your body to heal. Makes Perfect Sense.

    Kyle Williams..Not ready for primetime.

  5. Got to give them credit for accepting it as it is. No BS excuses. Kenny (and I assume Kyle) is straight up.

  6. Please don’t bash Kyle fellow Niner fans…we all collectively made mistakes as a team. Everything happens for a reason…it’ll make us that much stronger…trust God’s plan…well be back next year.

    Niner Faithful

  7. When your offense can’t convert a third down all day you can’t really blame the loss on one guy. There is plenty of “didn’t get the job done” to go around.

  8. The ball touching his knee was on him shouldn’t have been near it. The fumble he made a good run if he didn’t fumble everyone would be praising him he had it secured but the Giants made a great play. It stinks but we deal with it and move on. I would rather play SF than the Giants in the SB

  9. 1) one muff, one fumble 2)on the field, no injury excuses c) parents still shouldn’t comment about their professional athlete children unless given permission. Other than “he had a good game…blah blah blah. Did he lose the game, no; did he make it improbable that they win…you be the judge.

  10. Mistakes happen in football. The first one was a 1st class blunder, just get away from the ball and all is well, the second one was a pretty nice play by the coverage team. Leave the guy alone, I’m sure he’s harder on himself than any truth from these “fans”. Death threats? Really? Is this Columbian soccer?

  11. He also dove for no good reason and caught the first Giants punt of the 3rd quarter near the sidelines and could easily have bungled that one too. A punt that almost all punt returners would have not risked it and left the ball alone. He was not qualified enough to be returning those punts. Harbaugh should have used a veteran who understood the words “BALL SECURITY.” Coughlin used veterans Blackmon and Ross back there for this reason. Harbaugh is to blame for even using a reckless player like Williams and 49ers paid for it.

  12. From a 49er fan…those comments are not from fans they are from idiots and trash.

    Congrats to the Giants team and best of luck in the Super Bowl. In my opinion, though obvious, the difference between the two teams is at QB and WR.

    That season was so unexpected and fun. Hopefully they can build on it.

    Go Niners!

  13. Don’t know where to start on with the things that have been said about Kyle. Its disgusting! People need to remember IT’S ONLY FOOTBALL!! Get some perspective! I’m more angry about Bradshaws fumble not being ruled on. ‘Forward progress’. Total BS call. The ball even comes out before the whistle blows!

    Tough season ahead next year cos the schedules a killer. Least we get the gints at ours again though for some retribution. We get some receiver help and we’ll be a complete team. Think Alex is going to have an even better year with a training camp and this year under his belt.

  14. The reporter probably asked how Kenny was dealing with the fallout and to his whereabouts. Thus the answer, the treatment room.

  15. If the injury didn’t cause a problem then why did he bring up the point that his son was under going treatment today?

    To show that he is a passionate hard working team first player as opposed to being a guy who could lose and laugh it off.

  16. Fact is..if he had a shoulder injury either he or the medical staff is fully to blame. On a side note..a shoulder injury is no way responsible for letting a punt hit you in the knee

  17. I’m sure there is nothing anybody can say that would make him feel any worse then he already does. Anyone who would go so far as to make a death threat to someone is a moron and completely out of line. I wish this kid a quick recovery and a long lasting career. I hope he gets a chance at redemption.

  18. Everyone knows how a shoulder injury will make someone let a football hit him in the knee. Give the guy a break. The shoulder injury affected his judgement and made him try that diving catch earlier in the game also. And in his last collegiate game also…

  19. citynative says:
    In my opinion, though obvious, the difference between the two teams is at QB and WR.

    Maybe, but the difference in yesterday’s game was Williams bungles botyh of them and nearlu the 3rd when he dove and caught the Giants first 2nd half punt, caught it on the ground with Giants all around – lucky as can be he didn’t turn that one over as well.

  20. so can we get more info on the injury…… was he injured but didnt tell anyone on the niners staff that he was?……… to me that sounds like the case…. i dont see the niners letting him return kicks if he was injured….. well if this is the case that he didt tell anyone it shows how selfish williams is and he only did care about himself on the field and was trying to make a self for himself……….. epic fail on your part williams…..

  21. What bugs me about that overturned fumble call is how can an opponent who came back into play after being out of bounds recover it? It was never even brought up by the 2 idiot announcers and it was clear to see in each over all replay.

  22. “Between his two costly fumbles and death threats from deranged fans”

    It took me a while to admit this, but sadly it is true – a small population of moronic 9er fans have ruined our once great reputation. Fans that behave this way embarrass all sports fans.

    I hope this experience inspires to greatness for the 49ers. He will have his redemption; the league hasn’t seen the last of us.

  23. the niners lost because alex smith did nothing all day, save the early long strike to davis. other than that one play, and maybe the other TD (which was a nice enough throw, but nothing special), alex smith had no clue. the giants tackles, mckenzie and diehl, should call up alex and thank him for being so lousy….because if smith had even been halfway competent the giants two tackles would have been the goats of the game.

    the niners are a very good team but smith has a LONG way to go before he’s taken seriously.

    oh…and the giants better get their hands on a young stud LT somehow; eventually eli will get hurt.

  24. As a Giants’ fan, I’m so glad I didn’t threaten Eli with death in 06′ after he threw a million picks in his first playoff game and got shut out at home by the Panthers of all teams. Chins up 9er fans. The kid will probably win you a playoff game next year.

  25. sorry but you cant win a football game when you have your first 3rd down conversion in the late 4th quarter. leave the kid alone.

  26. as a giants fan who was genuinely concerned with the prospect of the giants playing the niners, who are a very good team. i truly say this with all due respect.
    probably more than half of the players on both teams had some sort of injury they were nursing.
    to have your dad come out with that revelation after the fact is indeed an attempt at making an excuse.

  27. Chargers have no rings says: Jan 23, 2012 5:26 PM

    Dont worry Kyle… Billy Cundiff and Lee Evans think you played fine.
    So does Nate Keading…

  28. krose91 says:
    sorry but you cant win a football game when you have your first 3rd down conversion in the late 4th quarter.

    Oh yes you can! Fact is 49ers offense did score 17 points. Eli Manning with more first down conversions only led the Giants to 10 points AND only got the other 10 points because of Williams’ bungles.

  29. How about the perspective from someone who’s not a Giant nor a 49er’s fan? Lets face it…….this kid cost the 49ers the game on the first mistake, and the fumble in the overtime was just cherry on top. Sometimes things don’t have to be over analyzed. It’s a harsh reality……..Alex Smith might not of played great, but he put his team in position to win like he did all year long……Williams put this team in position to lose and they did.

  30. I agree with those who say this was a coaching error.
    You need enough experience with players to know what is going to happen.
    Then, leave him in after the first 2 errors?

    How do you manage not one 3rd down conversion?
    No adjustments, never found anything that worked.

    Players make the plays, the goofs, of course. But they are set up to fail or succeed by the organization. There is a huge staff watching, studying the game, looking for things, where were they?

  31. I have to agree with others and say that it’s a team sport, no one person is responsible for the loss. The defense played a great game, the offense and special teams just didn’t show up. Personally I believe they started to believe their own hype from beating the saints.

  32. im ashamed of some idiots that are representing my team’s fan base and doing all these death threats! Can’t hang the whole game on him.. the rest of the WR’s couldnt get open. Williams, most of us TRUE niner fans have your back. Take this experience and grow from it and kick ass next year!

  33. I was ready to throw Williams off the team at the time but then calmed down and realized that there were 21 other guys on the field who didn’t get it done either. How many times did Manning have plenty of time to throw, how many times did the secondary let a “guy named Victor Cruz” beat them. How times did that bust Crabtree get his uniform dirty? Answer only once. Williams had a huge part in this disaster due to mental mistakes, but by no means did he lose that game by himself.

  34. lnfinite says:Jan 23, 2012 5:24 PM

    What bugs me about that overturned fumble call is how can an opponent who came back into play after being out of bounds recover it? It was never even brought up by the 2 idiot announcers and it was clear to see in each over all replay.
    He can recover it because he wasnt the first guy to touch the ball.. Williams was the first to touch it. With his knee. It wasnt brought up because there was no need to bring it up… Perhaps you should learn the rules…

  35. As a football fan I understand that the fans blame K dubb, BUT..
    had Alex Smith actually done something on Offense instead of hoping his D would bail him out, the two fumbles would not be a big story..

    Maybe after the 1st fumble put Crabtree back there but they do not trust him..( 1 catch for 5 yrds)

    So the majority of the blame should go to Smith..he looked like Tim Teabow out there from mid-3rd Qtr and on..

    Great defensive season goes to waste because of Smith, not K. Dubb.

  36. The title of this article should read “(Insert Name Here) played with a (Insert Limb Here) injury”.

    Stop making excuses and feeling sorry for the goat. Nobody should threaten anyone’s life, sure. Completely ridiculous and uncalled for. But stop trying to paint this guy as the victim now. He fumbled in a critical spot. If he’s not physically capable of holding onto the ball because of a shoulder injury, that’s on him to raise his hand and let someone know.

    He fumbled a key punt, which led to the loss of the game. No other way to paint it – when the chips were down and it was time to make a play, he made a mistake. Stop trying to pretty it up for everyone by making the kid look like some martyr.

    Good heavens…are you people football fans or the local chapter of the 18th century romance novel book club?

  37. Total blaim goes to the coaching staff. As a TV viewer it was obvious to me this guy’s head just wasn’t in the game. Poor decision making and poor position play.
    Only later did I learn I was correct and this guy was a late add for an injured player. Thus the coaching staff did not teach the kid what he was and was not supposed to do. Huge mistake on their part and they get to live with that the rest of the year.
    I don’t expect this team to go far next year when they cough up a big hair ball due to there own lack of coaching.

  38. The kid was a sixth round pick for a reason. Six round picks shouldn’t play key roles in huge games like this unless they’ve proven themselves.

  39. I blame Harbaugh for putting Kyle in that situation. He already made one mistake why not bench him like Mike Singletary would have done.

    Also Ted Jenn should have played, I don’t care what he was injured with he would have been better than Kyle. Athletes play with bad injurys all the time, Tedd should have toughen up.

    Also the real blame imo goes to the offense.. Only converted 1 3rd down the entire game. Just 1! Only one wide reciever had a catch. The 2 Vernon Davis Touchdowns came when the Giants got confused on defense.

    So even if Kyle hadn’t fumbled in overtime, I still think the Giants would have won the game, because the 9ers offense didn’t show me or anyone else that day that they were going to do something with the ball.

  40. This kid is a straight up man. He’s not the one using a should injury as an excuse, his dad is. Kyle Williams manned up and said it was all his fault the 9ers lost. He’s letting his entire team off the hook, especially that vaunted run defense that let Bradshaw gain 18 yards after the forced fumble (which was a good play by the Giants coverage unit) to make it a chip shot field goal. The defense could have come up with a big play and stopped the Giants from gaining a yard or even pushed them back a couple of yards, but they didn’t step up on the field the way this kid stepped up off the field.

  41. It was a good one-year run ‘Niner fans. Back to the drawing board. Need a completely new set of skill players on offense. Have fun with that and hope that good defense has the patience to wait around for it.

  42. You cant really put all the blame on the muffed punts. But honestly, where the hell was kyle williams and Crabtree throughout the game? Crabtree was a MAJOR disappointment yesterday.

  43. I blame the coach for not taking him out of the game if he had an injury that could affect such an important part of the game. Get well dude and get some bodyguards for a while just in case. IT”S JUST FOOTBALL for pete’s sake. Try again next year, the 49ers will do better next year than the vikes will. ha Yeah, what happened to crabtree? I think eli is good but I may dvr the SB and watch only if the pats win. Not intrigued with the matchup but yes, i am afraid the giants will win, they’re hot. packers, saints,49ers vs the pats. That would have been great.

  44. Kyle Williams last day with the 9ers was last Sunday! Plain n simple. Same goes for cundiff an Evans. Love the 9ers, hate the girls who play with them. I.E. Williams, Ginn jr, & Smith!

  45. Rusty, if the 9ers coaches didnt want Williams around any longer, they would have never cut Braylon and let this guy get a lot of playing time. Its lame fans like you that make 9er fans sound like a bunch of whiny lil itches! Dude made some big plays this year for SF. Professional players have bad games too.

  46. The bottom line is this kid is dumb. If your not catching a ball stay away. On the next fumble he barley held onto the ball when it got FINGERED out. Kid has some moves but cost the 49ers a SB appearance with how dumb he is. And now either Brady gets a 4th or the Giants get there 4th. Way to go jackass!

  47. trbowman says:
    Jan 23, 2012 5:05 PM
    Sidenote, why is no one talking about how awful of a football game Alex Smith played?


    Maybe it’s because ppl who don’t have their heads up their butts realize that SF’s WR’s don’t know how to get separation. It does not help when your 2 leading receivers are TE’s AS does not gunsling. Got it. Next.

  48. teebaggin says:
    Jan 23, 2012 5:14 PM
    21 other SF players didn’t get the job done either.


    More stupidity. The game was decided in OT. Go ask Eli and Co how eager they are to go up against SF’s defense. SF has no WR’s. The other players are just fine.

  49. Sidenote, why is no one talking about how awful of a football game Alex Smith played?
    Really!? Awful?! I don’t think he played that bad. What did you expected you would wake up Sunday with Drew Brees under center. He was the same as he always was, a lower than average QB. He had a miracle game against the Saint that must have been a fluke and everyone thought he was the second coming. He feel to earth just in time for this giant fan 🙂
    By the way Harbaugh may be a QB coach but he not a miracle worker…..draft someone!

  50. Lot of people here who are good at judging others while sitting on their couches. It’s so easy to do right? Okay you get out there and do it.

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