NFL teams see just how short Russell Wilson and Kellen Moore are

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For NFL teams, one of the most useful aspects of the Senior Bowl is that it’s the first opportunity to get an accurate height and weight for all the prospects in attendance. And NFL teams often find that those prospects aren’t quite as big as their colleges would have everyone believe.

For a pair of quarterbacks at this year’s game, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson and Boise State’s Kellen Moore, it won’t be good news that the yardstick revealed that they’re less than six feet tall.

Josh Norris of Rotoworld has the heights and weights of all the prospects, with Wilson checking in at 5 feet, 10 and 5/8 inches, and Moore measuring at 5 feet, 11 and 3/4 inches. It’s not often that an NFL team spends a draft pick on a quarterback who comes in that short.

Wisconsin listed Wilson at 5-foot-11, and Boise State listed Moore at 6-foot-0, so both colleges rounded up but didn’t mislead anybody about the height of their passers. Basically, this news confirms what we already thought: These two guys were excellent college quarterbacks, but they’ll be two of the shortest quarterbacks in the NFL. If they make it in the NFL.

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  1. What did Brees measure at? I know he had the same issues coming out. I think he was over 6 feet though.

  2. Someone will take a flyer on Wilson in the fifth or sixth round. He’s solid, and if he was 6 foot 4 he would be a low first round or early second round pick. If you can play you can play, and he can. By all accounts emotionally suited for the jump as well.

  3. How tall is Drew Brees? 6 foot? Yeah he will never make it in the NFL how is someone 1/4 of an inch smaller than him ever going to make it. Shoot Russell Wilson and Kellen Moore should just quit football now. End Sarcasm.

    Really though, if they can play they can play, height shouldn’t matter. Hasn’t Brees/MJD/Ray Rice/Steve Smith (Carolina) taught us anything?

  4. I don’t think it will much of a problem, I mean if a left handed QB with marginal skills can make it to the second round of the playoffs when the “experts” said he’ll never be a NFL QB, then don’t shake your stick at a 5’11” QB. Josh Johnson (Tampa Bay) anyone??

  5. What these guys lack in height, they make back up with what’s between the shoulders.

    I would much rather have an intelligent, athletic Russell Wilson than a 6’5 retard

  6. Brock Osweiler is 6’8″. You wouldn’t know it because they never mentioned it during Arizona State games. Well, other than than mentioning it 250 times a game, they never mentioned it.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing my team (Seattle, for the record) take a flyer on Moore, but I wouldn’t want to see it happen until the fourth round at the absolute earliest, more likely the fifth.

    The guy makes plays. If he’s too small, then he’s too small, but if he’s not too small, he could be very, very good. Not worth it in round 1 or 2, but later on, could be a great value pick, if for nothing else than a long-term solution at backup.

  8. Like these guys for who they are, don’t hate them for what they are not. Proven winners at the collegiate level that lead their teams, both deserve at least a shot at the next level.

  9. Yeah quit saying “what about Drew Brees”. That’s 1 exception, 1!!! Name 5 more please, that’s what I thought. That’s like saying, look at Allen Iverson, he’s only 5’10”, but how many AI’s are out there? Pretty sure NBA franchises aren’t going to go chasing good college career guys. Heck Kemba Walker nearly fell out of the top 10 and he was 6’1″. Anyway, back to football, it doesn’t make sense to take a college qb, who didn’t even have that great of careers, early in the NFL especially when they lack in the physical department.

    Moore played at Boise State, lost twice to Nevada and TCU, sorry but he couldn’t win the games they needed to in order for him to play with the big boys

  10. Unfortunately just being less than 6′ tall doesn’t make you a 65% passer like Brees or run a 4.3 like MV7. Those guys are much more the exceptions than the rule.

  11. Kellen Moore is a beast. Teams would be stupid not to try him out. Just look at his college and even high school numbers.

  12. Wilson is the steal of the draft.

    Said it before, already played behind an NFL sized line at Wisconsin. If he were taller he’d be a lock to go in the first round.

    Whoever takes a shot at him will get a steal. Future starter imo.

  13. Can’t say the same for Kellen Moore.

    His arm is incredibly weak. People talk about how arm strength is an overrated attribute for a QB and I agree, but you still need to have a good ENOUGH arm. Moore doesn’t.

    Throw out his college record – Moore played with talent that was superior to almost every opponent Boise played.

  14. Want someone to compare Brees to?

    Aaron Murray is comparable to Brees. He and Tyler Bray will both be high picks in the draft when their time in college is up.

  15. Yes, Drew Brees is a shorter than average QB who happens to be a stud, but he is an exception to the the rule.

  16. Someone should research what % of Moore’s passes were tipped or blocked. I’ll bet its no higher than anyone else. I admit I’m a Bronco homer but Moore’s football IQ is incredible and I suspect its alot harder to teach IQ than it is to teach how to throw around an outstretched arm.

  17. Funny. Brees and Vick are EXCEPTIONS to the rule. As a rule though, QBs under 6-2 rarely do well in the NFL. Over the last 30 years, only about 2-3 teams have won Super Bowls with QBs under 6-2(Theisman, Brees)

  18. I don’t think anyone mentioned that Drew Brees was short coming out of college…just wanted to throw that out there…

    Good to see that so many are coming up w/ unique arguments.

  19. People keep bringing up Brees but he’s the exception that makes the rule. Before him you have to go back decades to see another starter at that height. And he has something Wilson and Moore doesn’t and that is a cannon for an arm. He is such a freak of nature that he was worth designing an offense around, I see Moore as a possibility going to NO actually because obviously their already designed for a QB of that height and he can become a good back up to Brees and maybe after a few years behind him a possible starter when Brees hangs up his cleats. Wilson I see him as a very good maybe even top three AFL QB he just can’t make it in the NFL, not only is the height not there, neither are some of the other things you look for.

  20. I like Wilson’s combination of brains, athleticism, and maturity. If they can get him with a 7th rounder or as an undrafted free agent and maybe stash him on the practice squad, I’d like to see the Packers take him.

  21. Everyone is going to list one or two short NFL QB’s who are good. Completely ignoring what that really means.
    If you can only list two examples, that means that vast majority f guys at that height fail.

  22. I don’t know if NO needs someone like Moore or Wilson…don’t they already have a guy named Chase Daniels (small guy if I’m not mistaken) 0n the roster who has been learning and watching Brees. Think they would be set, based on the fact that Daniels is much better than Gabbert ever was at Mizzou, IMO.

    I think both of these guys could become decent/solid starters in the league but nothing too special…however…something in my gut says I could see either one of them coming out of nowhere in four-five years and lead a team to a championship. There are exceptions to the rule and we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

  23. Drew Brees, Doug Flutie, Jeff Blake, Joe Theismann, Fran Tarkenton. There are quite a few who have had distinguished careers, and quite a few more who have at least been serviceable starters at one time or another. Moore has the talent to be mentioned with the ones I named if he gets a starting job with the right team.

  24. Boy if I had a $1, for every great College QB, who couldn’t cut it in NFL. I’d be rich. 3 or 4 examples out of 100’s, means diddly squat.

  25. kaveech says:
    Jan 23, 2012 2:11 PM

    Moore played at Boise State, lost twice to Nevada and TCU, sorry but he couldn’t win the games they needed to in order for him to play with the big boys

    Moore put his team in position to win BOTH of those games, not his fault the kicker wet the bed on both occasions.

    Have you ever watched Kellen Moore play?

  26. Wilson may be short by NFL QB standards, but he’s probably better than every 3rd-stringer out there and more than half of the 2nd-stringers. He could easily be the guy that saves your season when your starter goes down.

  27. -People keep bringing up Brees but he’s the exception that makes the rule. Before him you have to go back decades to see another starter at that height. And he has something Wilson and Moore doesn’t and that is a cannon for an arm.-

    Wilson has a stronger arm than Brees. Pretty easy to see that. Accuracy matters more. That’s where Brees is a killer. Wilson has the arm strength, brains, and athleticism to play nfl qb. Accuracy and ability to make plays in the pocket is Wilson’s question marks.

    I predict the Cowboys pick R. Wilson in the 4th round. Badgers ran a similar system to the Cowboys. Seems like a fit.

  28. I don’t understand why height is such a big concern with Russell Wilson. He just played behind a line that was taller than any in the NFL this year, and all he did was set a NCAA Record for Single-Season Passer Rating. He’s accurate, intelligent (Ivy League grad parents, 4.0 GPA at NC State), a great teammate (named captain at Wisconsin), clutch, mobile, and has a strong arm. Russell’s a tremendously underrated prospect, and I get the feeling 31 teams are going to learn that the hard way.

  29. Enough with the Drew Brees comparisons.

    There is no comparison. Height or no height Drew Brees had NFL scouts noticing him in college. He was drafted in the 2nd round guys!! Some of you are acting like Drew Brees was drafted in the 7th round and defied all the odds to make it even though he was short.

    The NFL doesn’t see Wilson or Moore like they saw Brees. In their cases being short may keep a team from drafting them late or hoping just to sign them as free agents instead.

  30. Some team may take a flyer on Wilson due to his athleticism. He is more like Flutie than Brees, but I agree with those who say he needs to improve on his accuracy.

  31. I wish all you couch potatoes would stop letting other peoples past indiscretions determine other peoples futures. Wilson and Moore both have immense talent. Moore has intangibles for days. Wilson is short but he’s thick and athletic. Only thing Drew Brees or Vick shows is that you shouldn’t write someone off without seeing if their height is a factor. Ask VA Tech, Georgia, TCU, Oregon etc if Moore is too small or has an inadequate arm. Watch games not press clippings.

  32. Fran Tarkenton
    Pat Haden
    Jeff Blake
    Drew Brees
    YA Tittle
    Michael Vick
    Dave Krieg
    Doug Flutie
    Steve Young
    Joe Theismann
    Jim Zorn
    Marlon Briscoe
    Sonny Jurgenson
    Tyrod Taylor
    Eddie LeBaron

    btw In the almost 100 of existence only 15 QB’s over 6’5″ have even started an NFL game, accordingly their collective records are mediocre at best.


  33. Rex Grossman is only 6’1″ and that’s being generous. Oh ya he isn’t very good is he, but good enough to be on an NFL roster.

  34. I saw Russell Wilson play for Wisconsin this past season and this guy is a stud quarterback as well as a great human being. There is nothing wrong with his accuracy, he has great arm strength, and he set all kinds of records for completions and QB ratings. The guy is really smart, and he can use his legs to make a positive yardage play even when all his receivers are covered. As a Dolphins fan, I hope the GM and new coach Philbin see justification in acquiring Wilson as a backup to Matt Moore. It does not look like the Fins will have a high enough draft pick to get Luck or RGIII so their first round pick probably won’t be for a QB. I would feel a lot better about having Wilson on my team no matter how tall he is than JP Losman or some of the other journeymen available.

  35. There would be more Brees type exception except for the fact the small guys are not given a chance at the NFL level. Taller QBs are given more of a chance, hence, there are more of them. Remember when there were no black QBs? They weren’t smart enough, right? So they were moved to Other positions. Now that they are given a shot, there are quite a few of them. Sure, height helps, but give the successful college QBs a chance. They were successful for a reason!’

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