Reports: Gronkowski will play in Super Bowl

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Well, that didn’t take long.

We already have reports that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be ready to play in the Super Bowl despite the ankle injury that he suffered against the Ravens.

Signs were looking good on Sunday night with Gronkowski able to return on a few plays after the injury. Now multiple reports in Boston already say he’ll be ready to face the Giants. Dan Roche of WBZ and Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald both report Gronkowski will play.

So that settles that. Just don’t expect to officially know until gametime.

31 responses to “Reports: Gronkowski will play in Super Bowl

  1. Of course he’s going to play. Only the pea brains in the media will make something out of this so they have an issue to harp on the next couple weeks.

  2. @ Tallguyme: Exactly, I was pretty sure he was ok when I saw him walking into the stadium unaided. Normally coaches/trainers/docs won’t let you walk on a serious injury like that.

    Can’t wait, should be a great rematch of the first game between these two this season, only this time Hernandez will be in the mix.

    Gonna be a great game Giants! See you in Indy!

    Go Pats!

  3. Enough is enough. Someone with a Boston accent needs to dig a hole and bury Bernard Pollard somewhere outside of Vegas.
    It’s downright frightening the way he knocks out Patriots players. He seems to play out his *** EVERY TIME he faces N.E.

  4. Pollard is like the proverbial bad penny for the Pats. Chiefs, Texans, Ravens. The guys is a journeyman JAG but keeps showing up at the wrong time.

  5. patfromwayback says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:50 AM
    Best TE in football ….there was no way he was not playing in the biggest game of the year..!!!

    GO PATS~~~~

    Lemme guess how far back…2001? Just like the rest of the Pats “fans”.

  6. pats54 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:55 AM

    Pollard is bad luck.
    Nah, he knows exactly what he is doing.
    Today’s Romanowski.
    I posted this already, but it is worth a look.
    here Romanowski grabs the arm, slams down on it.
    Same as Pollard’s move.

    Bill Romanowski Dislocates Shannon Sharpes Elbow!!

    (I suspect the embedded vid will get cut, so no link.)

  7. he should show up to the super bowl wearing a big yellow goofy shoe on the bad foot and talk about how tough he is for playing. it works in pittsburgh.

  8. Thank for the breaking news.

    Even if you hacked his foot off and left him with a stump, he’d still play.

  9. Looked very similar to the Ben hit vs the Browns…big guy falls on ankle from behind. Ben played but had only about 50% mobility and he was very limited.

    Gronk may be able to play in the SB,but he won’t be near 100%. High ankle sprains takes 6-10 weeks to heal. A TE needs to be able to cut, so if Gronk plays he won’t be very effective.

    Go Giants. No more Cheatriot Lombardis!!!

  10. Such a disappointing outcome and end to the 49ers and Ravens season. That being said, I saw the tackle and thought it was pretty clean overall. I immediately made the comment that Pollard should now be known as Pollard the Patriot Killer. Brady, Welker and now Gronk. Patriots better hope they don’t play the Ravens or whatever team Pollard is on, if he is cut/not re-signed. Not sure of his contract details or anything, I’m just saying. Guy is definitely not good for the Patriots. I agree with another commenter, Gronk will probably be at 65-75 percent at best. I’d be surprised if he is at 100 percent.

  11. I’m a Pats fan, but saying that Pollard had any intention to injure on those plays is just asanine. Hell, Pollard didn’t even hit Welker. That being said, I’m glad we dont have to play him any more this year. 🙂

  12. @ bozo

    Hey Bozo … ” i know what you are doing ” Bozo be a fan … stop being a Dbag”

    Season ticket holder since ’88… we are no all bandwagon jumpers…

  13. It could’ve been worse. Pollard went on Gronkowski’s leg during the tackle but thankfully wasn’t on it long enough to cause more damage. Once I saw it I figured he would tape it up and come back into the game. He may be sore but he has 2 weeks to heal up and rest. Both teams will have 2 weeks.

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