Terrell Suggs tells Skip Bayless what everyone is thinking

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The level of debate on ESPN2’s First Take usually ranges somewhere between “screaming over the top of the man sitting across from you” to “flinging poo at one another.”

That’s why Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is going to gain a lot of new fans for calling out Skip Bayless on Monday.

After Bayless tried to provoke Suggs into going on a rant that the Patriots got some “home cooking” from the officials, Suggs wouldn’t bite in this clip from BlackSportsOnline.com.

“Stop that. I know what you’re doing,” Suggs said. “Once again, stop it. Be an analyst. Don’t be a douchebag. You know what I meant.”

Thank you, Terrell Suggs. You are an American hero.

114 responses to “Terrell Suggs tells Skip Bayless what everyone is thinking

  1. Good for Suggs. I don’t know where Terrell was yeaterday, his name was not called much. Maybe Bayless has watched Hairbaugh complain so much it carried over to Suggs.

  2. i think ppl are starting to hate skip

    bc he is becoming relevant and gaining exposure,

    when it was cold pizze , no one cared or knew anything,

    he steadily has built his platform.

  3. Stand up player Suggs, I still wish the game would’ve gone to OT, just because the Raven’s played their arses off and deserved a shot at the win. Love the Pats, but I have to be honest, it was a rugged match-up and just a completely shocking end to a game.

    Raven’s D will be back next year, with a D as tough as ever, so I’m not worried about them too much. Glad to see he’s above trash-talking though.

  4. That is awesome! Cant’ stand Bayless. One of the worst in the industry and that is saying something because most of these hacks are just a bunch of blowhards who like to hear themselves talk. No real insight, no real analysis, no substance. JMO. And I like Suggs a lot but Sizzle didn’t have the greatest game yesterday either. Wrong time to “Fizzle”, unfortunately. Have to root for the G-Men even though I don’t like them either. Wish we could finally have some Superbowls that would mean something. I seriously root/hope every year that teams like the Texans, Lions, Browns, Cardinals, Bengals, Vikings, Seahawks, Chargers, Panthers, Jaguars, or the Titans win it all (well and of course the Buccaneers, as that will always be my team). I root for those other teams every year, hoping they can finally win the big game. To me, that is the best Superbowl. Watching underdogs come in and bring home a championship to their city! Again, JMO.

  5. only thing that would’ve made this better was if Troy Aikman followed up with a knife edge chop to Gutless Bayless’s throat.

  6. How did skip bayless become an analyst?

    Aren’t analysts supposed to be unbiased but yet he continuously has a hard on for tim tebow and thinks the Ravens are the worst thing to happen to the nfl.

    thank you suggs

  7. I don’t care what anyone says… that was a great football game.

    And they play against eachother next season too! Anyone think that won’t be on Sunday or Monday night? haha

  8. I have just become a Terrell Suggs fan. Everyday that ESPN continues to have Skip Bayless is another day it loses journalistic credibility… if it has any left.

  9. Bayless is an extreme A-hole and that man crush he has on Sanchez isn’t normal.

    Far from it.

  10. The Skip Bayless vs Stephen A Smith yelling at eachother all day, every day, gets old.

    And I won’t even get into the Tebow stuff.

  11. Might be the best thing Suggs has done – unfortunately, Skip going to play the victim and keep blabbing on and on while ESPN continues to pay him and overplay the soundbite from Suggs.

  12. Skip Bayless is a DRAMA KING. He is ALWAYS trying to cause DRAMA and stir things up and make SOMETHING out of NOTHING. Terrell Suggs, thank you my friend. You DEFINITELY caught him off guard with that one.

  13. As much as I dislike Suggs (being a diehard Steelers fan) I appreciate this.

    A lot of athletes would have chomped the bait on this one. Way to stand up Terrell.

    PS. I’m glad you did not advance πŸ™‚

  14. I am not a Suggs fan (especially being a Pats fan), but this is for the greater good. Thank you, Terrell, for calling out the worst sports personality on television.

  15. Fair being fair, let’s just say, if the game is played in Baltimore, the apparent touchdown in the last 2 minutes, would have been reviewed.

    Nothing is more frustrating when the officials determine the outcome of a game.

  16. Wow, as a Steelers fan I loathe Suggs, but by telling Bayles the truth, he just earned my respect.

  17. Skip Bayless trying to stir up trouble? are you F’n kidding me? Since the second the game ended last night PFT has been trying to create a firestorm about officiating at all costs. I understand that creates website hits, but comon, you are blasting a guy for the exact same shoddy journalism you are using.

  18. Skip Bayless only has a job becuase he is okay with being a DB, his act is so fake, he only says the opposite even though there is no way he belives any of the crap he says.

    His act is old, tired and played out. ESPN First Take has ruined ESPN for viewers. Blame it all on Skip Bayless.

  19. Sadly, I can see him getting fined from Lord..er I mean Roger Godall, I mean Goodell. Still too funny and it needed to be said. Bayless is horrible.

  20. OK, so I can’t even comment on this story and use the same language as the author, or Suggs.

    But what I meant to say is, to ask Bayless not to be a (insert word for a feminine hygeine product that begins with a “d”) is like asking a shark not to eat seals.

  21. you’re all stupid. they don’t have skip bayless on that show to be fair and balanced. they have him on there to provoke topics which boosts espn’s ratings. and Bayless does a mighty fine job of doing it. he is there to piss everybody off because it grabs your attention.

  22. takingbovadasmoney says:
    Jan 23, 2012 12:44 PM
    Wow, did not think Suggs could talk, with him and the Ravens choking and all.
    I’m a Pats fan and I find this statement ridiculous. Choking? Really? That was by far the toughest game the Pats won all year. They earned every inch of field they got. How is it choking to hold an offense that was above 30 PPG all year to 23?

    I heard Suggs say that on TV and was laughing big time. Surprised they don’t have a short delay in case they have to bleep something.

  23. I’m a Steelers fan, so I should hate Suggs. But I don’t. Good for him. Bayless is indeed a d-bag, and I hope this spurs a movement whereby every athlete calls him out on his contrarian nonsense. God bless you, T-Sizzle. God bless you.

  24. Jeez…. I used to hate the Ravens. But between Suggs and the classy way Ray Lewis took the pressure off the kicker with the “team loss” comments, I’m starting to like them a lot.

  25. For the record a LOT MORE than Skip Whatshisface and First Take has ruined ESPN. We’re talking about the tip of the iceberg.

  26. Wow, I don’t think i’ve ever seen more posts with 0 thumbs down than this one about Skip Bayless. It goes to show you how much this guy is hated by fans off all different teams.

  27. Suggs is a stand up guy. If he plays poorly he’ll call himself out. You might not like what he has to say, but he doesn’t sugar coat it.

    and in this one, he was dead on. skippy ball-less is a douche bag.

  28. No. Skip Bayless is not acting, that is who he is. His so-called journalism has had him run out of cities across the country and ESPN loves him because he incites FB and Twitter traffic. I do not like TSizzle, but thanks for being savvy enough to call him for who he is. That was classic.

  29. as a patriots fan i’ve grown to hate terrell suggs…after telling skip bayless what everyone else in the country thinks of him he is now off the most-hated list and i totally respect him

  30. I will not watch First Take. Bay less and Smith are absolutely horrible. Nothing but screaming, ridiculous.

  31. Even though I rooted for the Patriots to win, I have to say that I am impress with T-SIZZLE.

  32. ESPN has some talented people. Unfortunately, they employ the likes of Bayless, Woody Paige, LeBetard, and a few others who are just awful.

    At the end of the video, Bayless reminds Suggs that his language may not be fit for tv. The truth is that Bayless’ brand of “journalism” doesn’t belong on tv. Whenever I see his face, I cringe and put on something else.

  33. I’m now a BIG FAN of Terrell Suggs.

    I haven’t paid much attention to ESPN because of guys like Skip and others… All trying to BE the news rather than report on it.

    They’re the Used Car Salesemen of the Sports Industry.

  34. I think maybe a better question Skip could have asked Suggs was “Were you in the game yesterday? We never heard your name” Only time I saw Suggs clearly was when the left tackle had him pinned on his stomach during the game… LOL

  35. I like Skip Bayless because I can actually understand him when he speaks. A lot of people on that show talk with marbles in their mouth.

  36. “i think ppl are starting to hate skip
    bc he is becoming relevant and gaining
    when it was cold pizze , no one cared
    or knew anything,
    he steadily has built his platform.”

    He’s not relevant, he’s a fraud, a farce, and a hack. One of many journalists, Rome-Marriotti-etc, who take contrarian opinions, although they don’t do so because they believe it, but for page views and sensationalism. Those types have no credibility in my eyes.

  37. Perfect. Suggs just jumped from “mildly annoying and fearsome” to “enjoyably refreshing” for me.

  38. Bayless just loves all the attention he gets for saying the things he does. It strokes that big ego of his!

  39. This is a repeat of Bayless’ history. I live in the SF Bay Area and he used to write for the San Jose Mercury News. He started out by writing columns that were fairly balanced and when that went nowhere he started with the negative crap. Of course that got him attention, mostly negative, but attention nontheless. He moved on to a bigger stage and unfortunately is doing the same thing. I can hardly wait for someone to slap the S**T out of him some day.

  40. First, Skip Bayless is not an analyst, he’s an opinionated windbag. Thank you Mr. Suggs for speaking the truth. ESPN continues to lose credibility with each day they continue to employ Skip Bayless and those like him.

  41. There’s no such thing as bad publicity especially if it’s free. Bayless is a d-bag, but that’s his schtick to take the opposite opinion and argue it until his spray tanned face goes from orange to blue. That sports figures are bashing him only serves to feed his ego and push up the ratings for ESPN as viewers tune it to see what outrageous things he’s going to say.

    The best thing to show your disdain for Bayless is to simply change the channel when he’s on. The market speaks for itself, not a popular unpopular figure.

  42. To bad Skip isn’t more like his brother Rick Bayless the chef and TV host on PBS. What’s not to like about someone who can make great Mexican!!!!

  43. @ Deb

    Love it!

    @ Everyone else

    Isn’t it nice to hear a player divert from the propaganda page? Regardless of their team?

  44. 2difshoe says: Jan 23, 2012 12:49 PM

    Fair being fair, let’s just say, if the game is played in Baltimore, the apparent touchdown in the last 2 minutes, would have been reviewed.

    Nothing is more frustrating when the officials determine the outcome of a game.
    Wow, way to take the bait that Suggs was too smart to take. Forget the home town ref myth. The NFL is too smart for that sort of thing. The refs are from all around the country, and have no personal stake in the game. As for the non-TD catch, it was looked at by the guy in charge of calling for official reviews, and that official correctly noted that the ball had been knocked out of Evans’ hands before he had possession and both feet down. As such, the official chose not to stop the game. If you want to blame someone, blame Evans for letting the ball get knocked out.

    Btw, the play Suggs said he was most unsure of was the fumble that went out of bounds. He thought the ball was supposed to be spotted where it went out of bounds (which in this case would have led to a first down), but as the announcers pointed out during the game, the ball is spotted where the fumble occurred. They do that to keep teams from simply throwing the ball forward and out of bounds if they’re about to get tackled.

  45. T Sizzle always tells it like is. Skip’s skin looks like beef jerkey and he’s trying so hard to look young. Give it up and lay off the plastic surgery. Skip tries to be “opinionated” but that just his way of trying to be controversial. Too bad more athletes don’t have the sack of a T Sizzle. Used to love watching him play for Devils. Still holds record for sacks and now in NFL has the record for biggest sack!

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