Why this isn’t Super Bowl XLII all over again

We’re going to hear a lot about Super Bowl XLII over the next two weeks. (Also known as Super Bowl “42.”)

While New York’s playoff run has some uncanny similarities to their 2007 season, the majority of both rosters have been turned over. Only eight Patriots on this year’s team were active for that Super Bowl run.

My column for NBCSports.com Monday looked at what’s different for both teams this time around, and what’s at stake historically for Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, Tom Brady, and, Sterling Moore.

While I’m awkwardly promoting some NBC content, I may as well include our Giants-Patriots talk from Monday’s PFT Live.

You can check out Tom Curran’s entire interview on the PFT Live homepage or you can download the show on iTunes.

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17 responses to “Why this isn’t Super Bowl XLII all over again

  1. But JPP wasn’t around back in 2007 and neither was Victor Cruz. Give Coughlin enough time to game plan against Gronk and Hernandez and this is going to be one hell of a battle!

  2. This has the makings of a 42-40 game. Last team with the ball wins.
    On the other hand, it could very well be a 13-10 game.
    This is the NFL, after all.

  3. You don’t HAVE to gameplan against Gronkowski b/c that ankle won’t be near 100% for the SB. Similar to Freeney’s ankle injury in the 2009 AFCC that limited him especially after it stiffened up during the long halftime, Gronk won’t be as much of a factor as you think

  4. Lets make it simple:

    1 ) Giants D is currently playing better than Pat’s
    2) Eli and the Giants offense currenlty playing better than Pat’s

    = NYG Win 4th SB

  5. This New England team is nowhere near as good as the one from the 08 Super Bowl. If you’re a Pats fan and you really think that, I dont know what to tell you.

    This Giants team is better on offense than that 08 version that beat them. Theyre also built to be a bad matchup for the Patriots.

    the Patriots seem to be solid against the run but awful in the secondary. The Giants are pretty lousy at running the ball but Nicks and Cruz are a nightmare to defend. I would expect them to pressure Brady and throw him off his game a bit. This is the Giants game to lose

  6. “This New England team is nowhere near as good as the one from the 08 Super Bowl. If you’re a Pats fan and you really think that, I dont know what to tell you.”

    Not clear at all. That Pats team was insane but not perfect and faltered a bit as year ended. This team is getting better each week. The D is jelling, the front 7 is quite deep. Samuel better than any CB they have now but not sure about the other corner, which was a problem that year. This Pats offense scored more I believe and more importantly is better built to sustain drives bc the running game is better and the short and intermediate passing game is MUCH better (assuming Gronk). No Moss but the long ball was negated by the G’s pass rush and Moss had a way of disappearing. I like this Pats offense more. Also think Obrien a bit more experienced than McDaniels who called a poor game in SB08. Finally, this Pats team might have more character – they were behind in 3 of the last 4 games (Buff, Miami, Ravens), and have had to win with chemistry as much as talent.

    I also think the G’s are darn good and I could see agst Dallas (week 17) that they were coming big time and . . . . indeed, here they are, with Eli playing as well as ever.

    Should be a good game.

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