Schottenheimer expected to leave New York, excited for change

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After the Jets season collapsed, the team repeatedly tried to sell the notion that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer would remain with the club.

Schottenheimer knew better. He told reporters Tuesday that he didn’t even expect to be back with the team before the Jets lost three straight games to end the season.

“I was excited about the possibility of a change and I quite honestly couldn’t be more pleased of how it ended up,” Schottenheimer said via Rich Cimini of

Now the offensive coordinator in St. Louis, Schottenheimer is looking forward to working with Sam Bradford. He also said it “will be fun” to face the Jets in 2012.

“We had a lot of success,” Schottenheimer said. “I wish we could have . . . made it to the Super Bowl.”

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  1. I’d be excited to leave, too. It had to suck being the scapegoat for a subpar QB and a coach that pressured his team into failure.

  2. Is it me or are many of these highly sought after OCF’s unproven? Josh McD, Schott, McCoy… What did they do? In the case of Marty’s son, he took one of the best run offenses in football (that earned two trips to the AFC Championship game), and converted it to a passing first team with an unproven young QB, selfish WR’s, and an O line built to run and suspect in pass protection- destroyed the offense!!!! Where is the value?

  3. Schotty’s comments PROVE that you cannot believe any of the hype and dribble that comes out of Rex Ryan, Mr. T and the Jets front office.

    The Jets should fire Rex Ryan and Mr. T and get a new QB, but Woody is too stupid to know what is the right thing to do.

  4. Why would he be back? He’s probably the most predictable play caller in the league. The only reason he gets any play in the league is because he’s a Schottenheimer, and that can only take him so far. St. Louis made a mistake, I would have gone with Hue Jackson instead of this bum…

  5. Hey Shotty us Jets fans couldnt be more pleased on how it ended up either. The 6 years of torture is finally over. I truely feel bad for the Rams and their fans.

  6. Umm schotty, you sure never seemed excited of the possibility of changing your playcalls from game to game. A lot of jet fans couldn’t be more pleased of how it ended up either. Trust me

  7. I can only guess that he “couldn’t be more pleased” because he knew there are serious limitations with Sanchez and the offenses ability to be effective was essentially crippled by the QB.

  8. billsfan27 says:
    Jan 24, 2012 7:12 PM
    I’d be excited to leave, too. It had to suck being the scapegoat for a subpar QB and a coach that pressured his team into failure.


    Scapegoat? He was calling the plays! If he had a subpar QB why did he rely on the pass?

  9. Shift wr from right to left. Move tight end from left to right. Wr shift back to right. Fb move to opposite side behind center…annnnd run up the middle. Repeat 2 more times and punt on 4th and 3.

    Good luck w that St. Louey. Good riddance

  10. The whole Jets organization consistently comes off as sloppy and unprofessional. Ever since Rex came in, they just seem to communicate poorly, to make bad decisions (in-game, personnel, coaching, “corporate culture” for lack of a better term)…I mean, we all saw Hard Knocks. Compared to the other teams featured — DAL, BAL, KC — did that look like a franchise that took itself seriously to you?

    It seems like they always felt that all you had to do to win was say you were going to win. As if they were entitled to wins because, well, just because. I don’t get it.

  11. C’mon. you guys really believe he had a chance with the most dysfunctional team and a bust QB. How did he end up being a top 25 pick? or 1st rd pick. Even i knew he was an average QB on a solid school……Matt Leinhart/Mark Sanchez/John Booty/…..C’mon….USC is good. The QB’s are and have always been average. The only okay QB was Carson Palmer and thats saying alot…..Matt Barkley though is the real deal.

  12. billsfan27 nailed it

    Imagine if you were an owner, and your rookie head coach was making guarantees that a team led by a rookie QB who left college early was sure to win the Super Bowl

    Then imagine if your stupid head coach did it again.

    And again.

    If I were that owner I’d fire any coach who crushed the psyche of the future hopes of the franchise.

    But since I’m not a Jets fan I hope they keep Wrecks Ryan forever.

  13. stlsteelerfan:

    Really, now he has a qb? Has Bradford shown absolutely anything in his first 2 seasons in the NFL? Other than being not durable at all?

    At least Sanchez, despite his vast inconsistencies in the regular season, can point to 4 playoff wins, a 9TD-3 INT ratio, 60% completion, and a 94.3 QB rating ranking 6th all time in NFL playoff history.

  14. mistersmith22:

    Are you seriously evaluating the quality of a team from watching hard knocks. Not sure if you noticed, but 2 of the teams you mentioned, the Cowboys and Chiefs, have had exponentially less success than the Jets over the last few years. Do the Chiefs get extra points for fitting your description of “professional” on hard knocks? What are you on?

    How many playoff games has KC win over the last 3 years? thats right, zero. Dallas, one. But they are more “professional.” Thats got to count for something.

  15. Watch tape of all the QB’s under Schotty in NY. The plays are exactly the same. The exception was the year Favre played for the Jets and that’s because Brett doesn’t use someone else’s play book.
    The plays Scotty put together for Pennington and Sanchez were exactly the same.

  16. Ok, ok…. He is the offensive coordinator. Was.

    He knew he was gone sometime before their final three games. Which they lost, with poor offensive perfomances.

    He is excited to be leaving or he is excited now that they are done playing games so he can leave. Hmm.

    He couldn’t be more pleased with how it ended. Is he talking about leaving the Jets the way he left the Jets? That makes me want to ask how what ended, the final three games being losses?

    Former Offensive Coordinator of the Jets? Is that what we call this kind of person these days? Offensive Coordinator? I can think of a few very infamous names in the great books of history to describe this exact series of actions.

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