Shawntae Spencer feels like the 49ers dumped him

Longtime 49ers cornerback Shawntae Spencer believes he may have played his last game in San Francisco.

Spencer has been with the 49ers since they took him in the second round of the 2004 NFL draft, and he started every game in 2009 and 2010. But with the new coaching staff arriving in 2011 he lost his starting job, and he was inactive for both playoff games. Spencer says being inactive for the playoffs made him feel like a kid without a prom date.

“It’s like dating the same girl all through junior high and high school and then come senior year, she’s dating another guy,” Spencer told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’ve played right corner since I got here.”

Spencer’s current contract runs through 2012, but he sounds like he wants to find a new date for next season.

30 responses to “Shawntae Spencer feels like the 49ers dumped him

  1. And the 49ers have been awful since you got there.

    So really it’s like dating an ugly girl all through junior high and high school who then finally blossoms and realizes she has much better prospects.

  2. I actually agree. He was much better than Clements and still better than Brown IMO. He was the only guy on the roster that could keep Fitz under relative control. Good luck in the future SS

  3. Two things – Nah, make that three: Shantae’s own admission little over a year ago that he “… had lost a step…” coupled with Harbaugh’s mantra that he would play players that “… give us a best chance for winning” along his really lousy health luck spelled his doom I think. And having at least four (faster & healthier) youngsters to contend with didn’t help much either. You gave us Niner fans your best Double S – best of luck to you down the road.

  4. spencer was a solid corner in our bad years but what he lacked was speed not that we have speed now but harbaugh is getting younger at the cornerback position, spencer will be covering T.O on the right side in the IFL HAHA jk i had to throw that in though my bad

  5. Spencer was just as bad as Nate Clements last year and when training camp started he got injured. Once he finally got healthy he promptly got hurt again. He had a nice run but all things come to an end, best thing for both parties is a clean break he gets a fresh start and the Niners can use the money saved toward re-signing Carlos Rogers and Dashon Goldson

  6. ok, what the H-E-double hockey sticks is your problem PFT?

    – articles about how terrible 9ers fans are for hassling some Saints fan AT HOME during our first playoff game in a DECADE (when a Saints fan SHOT two 9er fans in New Orleans, thousands of miles away from the stadium – where was the article about THAT?)

    – articles about ONE OR TWO idiots tweeting fake threats to Kyle Williams (and by no means am I excusing that inexcusable behavior, but the same thing happens to athletes on other teams and in other sports ALL THE TIME and I never see this kind of fuss about it)

    – articles about how Harbaugh is a jerk (when Schwartz and Payton are the ones who got their panties in a twist about some perceived slight Harbaugh never even COMPREHENDED, much less intended)

    – articles about how Harbaugh is whining (when he’s right that EVERY single other play in that game was played to conclusion, and he didn’t “whine” about ANYTHING else)

    – articles about how Harbaugh’s a jerk to the media (when Cohn has been trying to bait him all year long, for example by writing articles about how he’s an ELEVEN year old),

    and more. I could go on, but I doubt you’ll even be men enough to approve this comment. where are all the articles bad-mouthing other teams, coaches and their fans, almost all of whom have acted the EXACT same way this whole season and didn’t get called out for it by a raging maelstrom of bad press on PFT? what is your problem with San Francisco?

    you know what, I don’t even want to know. just do your job as “journalists” and try a little harder to be neutral and professional. God knows even the SLIGHTEST attempt would be a huge improvement.

  7. Stand up pro. Thought he was always a solid corner. I hope he finds a good opportunity with another team. Hopefully outside of the division, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him land in Arizona.

  8. I agree to the fact that both Tarrell Brown and Chris Culliver both played better than Shantae Spencer. Spencer doesn’t fit into Vic Fangio’s scheme. Shantae looked good before Tarrell and Dashon came to the 49ers and the previous regimes. He was all we had and on the otherside was an overpaid and overrated Nate Clements. I think its time for him to go onto a team where he fits in,but it wont be the 49ers.

  9. His contract for 2012 is a very manageable $3.2 million and he could come in very handy if Carlos Rogers gets a crazy offer come March 13th if he’s not already signed. Otherwise he’s better than serviceable and could be a decent trade chip.

  10. Spencer is a good guy and a class act, and he played well–not great, but well–in his time starting for the Niners. Unfortunately for him, he ended up on the bottom of the depth chart due to a combination of age, injuries early in the season, and younger CBs impressing the coaching staff. I wish him well and I hope the team releases him early enough for him to shop himself in free agency.

  11. You know who he would have played better than? Tremaine Brock, who I couldn’t believe I saw come in instead of Spencer in the NFC title game when Brown went down.

    Shawntae Spencer will always be an underrated 49er. He’ll never get the recognition he deserved because teams were always throwing against the chump playing on the other side. Good size, good enough speed, and always stepped up his game for challenging receivers.

    Like someone else said, “Just ask Larry Fitzgerald.” I bet he gets a full recommendation to the Cardinals’ front office this offseason.

  12. Spencer was injured most of the season. There is a reason he was inactive. Injury plagued season. Harbaugh needed all hands on deck but didn’t know whether or not Spencer could go all game long.

    Now that said people should really stop bashing Spencer. The guy has been very good for the 9ers even in a losing year. If he were being ostracized, does ANYBODY really think he’d be on the 49ers in the Playoffs?

    Hell NO! Baalke would have let him go in the FA period the way he cut Nate. Or Harbaugh would have cut ties with him the way he did Edwards.

    Hang in there Spence I know that Loss was a tough one to swallow while standing on the sidelines but there is always next year.

    People really should get off the man’s ass though cause he was one of the guys who gave it 100% the entire time before Harbaugh ever entered the picture. I see him having an excellent year next year, whether as a 9er or playing for someone else.

  13. The last 2 playoffs game are proof that brown and cup liver are no better than spencer. Brees and Eli lit up candlestick, get it?

  14. alldone… That Saints fan was in Atlanta.

    Nobody sent Williams death threats. They said he should run into a bullet(not nice but not a threat either) and kill himself. No death threats though.

    Only reason they don’t write anything bad about Manning after this game is cause the Smurfs Won the game, even though Smith played better than Manning did. Manning was running for his life in the 2nd Half. Without that short yardage near the end of regulation, Manning is sitting at home on his couch crying in his EliTE blankie.

    That turnover should never have been allowed to stand cause the guy that recovered was the only Giant to touch the ball and he was OB! That by rule is Illegal Touching, game over!

    So be happy Smurfs fans you got yours over on ours.

  15. Minnesota needs corners, talent not required, anything is better than what’s there. By the way, PFT isn’t picking on the 49ers, they are just writing the news as it comes. There isn’t much to talk about during the down time before the Super Bowl so they are just filling space.

    ALLDONESMITH- just relax.

  16. I always thought S Spencer was a pretty good number 2/3 corner. I hope the Niners keep him. We could have used him on Sunday when T Brown got injured.

  17. jackntorres says:
    Jan 24, 2012 5:12 PM

    The last 2 playoffs game are proof that brown and cup liver are no better than spencer. Brees and Eli lit up candlestick, get it?

    – – – – – – –
    You are funny. You do realize you just commented on an article about the Niners 5th string corner, don’t you? How deep does your infatuation with the Niners go? Two number combos for you: 36-32 & 5-1.

  18. solid corner but was injury prone,he deserved better i thought. life is cruel sometimes & so is the game. go tear it up somewhere ….just not on my NINERS

  19. to jackntorres:

    Welcome back dude or dudette as the case may be. Haven’t heard much from you since we kicked the arses of your beloved Saints. As I recall you guaranteed a win. Thought maybe you were drowning your sorrows on Bourbon Street.

  20. Spencer is an absolute class act. Did he once complain about being inactive most of the season?

    He goes well out of his way for fans, despite not playing this year.

    I hope we are able to keep him on the roster, he’d be a great #3 cb, and would’ve done much better than Brock last Sunday…

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