Steve Hutchinson wants to keep playing, Vikings may not keep him

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Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson has finished the last two seasons on injured reserve. In 2011, it was because of a concussion.

That led to some inevitable speculation about the future for the 11-year veteran, but Vikings coach Leslie Frazier confirmed Tuesday via that Hutchinson plans to continue playing.

Tom Pelissero writes that his future is unlikely to be with the Vikings. He’s due $7 million in 2012, and Minnesota may not want to keep him at that salary.

We thought Hutchinson’s play bounced back some in 2011 compared to 2010, but that is still a steep price to pay for a rebuilding team.

33 responses to “Steve Hutchinson wants to keep playing, Vikings may not keep him

  1. Not nearly as good as his prime, but still solid. An even better guy. Does more than Tim Tebow ever will for the community and charities. He just doesn’t flaunt it and bathe in all the media attention.

  2. I hope he sticks around, one of few leaders in the locker room and he can maybe teach a thing or two to Matt Kalil if the Vikes are lucky enough to nab him.

  3. Congrats on all the Super Bowls you won after stabbing Seattle in the back. Glad your new team wanted to keep you for the full duration of the poison-pill contract you signed.

    Oh, wait….

  4. Can’t let him go, restructure his deal. Hutch is too good of a guy to let leave the locker room. Let him retire in MN on his own terms. He’s still a solid guard.

  5. Hate to say it, but the Hutch’s days in Minnesota are over. The entire OL needs an overhaul, as all three QBs spent the year running for their lives.

    With Spielman committing to C John Sullivan long-term (not a smart move), and the team in desparate need of an LT, I don’t see the Vikings paying out that kind of money for a guy on the downside of this career.

  6. I don’t know if Reese is sold on Petrus or Boothe at LG long term, but if he isn’t I’d take 76 (with a number change, obviously) in an instant. Gives us a couple more years before we’d have to use a top pick for a lineman again.

  7. Hutchinson is a class act. Seattle messed up on him. He had to do what was best for him. You would have done the same. Still one of the best around. Chicago would love to have him.

  8. Wow, Hutch is gonna look great in Green and White. Leadershipin our locker room will be a big help.

  9. Its tough to pay an interior lineman that kind of money unless they are a certain all pro type guy. He was that but seems to have taken a step back. Difficult choice for the Vikings but he seems to be a very good team guy and is really outstanding in the community which is a huge plus, especially when compared to some of the Diva types who are easily sent packing once their talent ebbs a bit.
    I hope they bring him back to work with Kalil as well as their improving center Sullivan.

  10. trollhammer20 says:
    Jan 24, 2012 8:56 AM
    Congrats on all the Super Bowls you won after stabbing Seattle in the back. Glad your new team wanted to keep you for the full duration of the poison-pill contract you signed.

    Oh, wait….


    Hilarious post, he didn’t stab Seattle in the back he left for a better situation because that’s what everyone does in life. You put in your time then you get to choose where you play.

    Also, remember who Seattle signed to the exact same contract right after the Vikings got Hutch? Nate Burleson. Instantly became the most overpaid player in history and pretty sure he isn’t living out his whole “posion pill” contract.

  11. i’m surprised you haven’t posted the news about the vikings stadium: it MUST be build on the metrodome site, according to our fearless leader governor.

    that is the last news the vikings org. wanted. you may as well pack their bags.

    2 months: the vikings are gone.

  12. Steve has been a great guy for the Vikings organization, sadly his better years are clearly behind him and no reason to pay anyone that much $ on our porous offensive line. he is a gret community guy but leader in the locker room hardly…..otherwise mckinnie & loadholdt would have been set to higher standards. he is no longer to the o-line what #69 is to our d-line. we need youth, talent, & depth. Hopefully he will end up better off on a better team that can give him the chance that he deserves. No way it will happen under frasier/spielman.

  13. Redskins could definitely use some veteran help along the OLine. Would be hard to say no to a guy like Hutchinson, if the price is right.

  14. Hutch may have been a good player for the Vikings, and good in the community, but I know personally, the few times I’ve been around him, he’s been kind of an a$$ to the fans. He isn’t overly friendly and doesn’t make an effort to be nice or show much emotion

  15. @trollhammer and @straightcash844:

    Who was the constant in both scenarios?

    Tim Ruskell….nuff said.

    Yeah…Nate was overpaid in comparison to what Hutch’s worth was to us, but I liked him.

    Also, straightcash, what exactly was that “better” situation that Hutch left for? Because remember, WE WERE GOING TO PAY HIM.

    Granted, not poison-pill dollars, but he was going to get paid handsomely because he was an important cog in our offense AND we were already SB competitive so it would’ve been best of both worlds for Hutch: get paid and very good chance of being a champion much sooner than later, rather than wait for Minny to get all the other pieces together.

    So from Seattle’s POV, it’s an F on both parties. For Hutchinson for actually putting his name on that boobie-trapped dotted line, and a SUPER F with grounds for automatic revocation of GM card to Tim Ruskell for even letting it get that far in the first place!

    Damn…I really hate Tim Ruskell.

  16. He’s done a lot for the game. Really took Poison Pill contract shenanigans to a whole new level. An inspiration for the kids.

  17. He’s a good guy, still a solid player, and obviously has good taste in females. I hope the Vikes keep him — it’s not like they are facing cap problems.

  18. To trollhammer20
    Steve did not stab Seattle in the back. He is the one that had to pull the knife out of his. If they had given him a decent offer to begin with, he would have stayed a Seahawks for his entire career.

    To hawkman84
    Steve didn’t have much of a choice. Either sign the offer sheet in front of your face or risk losing your chance at the big contract you have worked your whole life for. Do you think that if the Seahawks would have offered Steve even close to that contract that he ever would have left?…not a chance.

    I would look forward to seeing Hutch back in a Seahawks jersey where he belongs!

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