League will allow in-game tweeting during Pro Bowl

Getty Images

The NFL’s annual Pro Bowl routinely provides the league with an occasion to let its hair down.  Or, some would say, to remove to the stick from a place where sticks ordinarily aren’t stuck.

At this year’s Pro Bowl, the league will permit players to post Twitter messages during the game, according to Darren Rovell of CNBC.

But it won’t be open season for tweeting, with players pounding away on their smartphones while in full pads.  Instead, each sideline will have a computer station.

Rovell points out that the computer stations won’t be sponsored.  He should have added “this year.”  Surely, the league will find a way to turn this into a revenue stream, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ordinarily, the league prohibits players from posting messages on Twitter and other social media beginning 90 minutes before kickoff and extending through the post-game media availability.

The game will be televised by NBC, with the game streaming online at NBCSports.com.  I’ll also be tweeting during the Pro Bowl, with questions and answers appearing on the right rail of the NBC Postseason Extra application.