Source: Chuck Pagano to coach Colts


On Tuesday, a guy who spent one year as a defensive coordinator was hired to be the new head coach of the Raiders.  On Wednesday, word has emerged that a guy who spent one year as a defensive coordinator will be hired to be the new head coach of the Colts.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano will accept the job.

Pagano, 51, spent the 2011 season as the coordinator of the Ravens defense, after spending three seasons as the team’s secondary coach.  He also has coached with the Browns and Raiders at the NFL level, and at various colleges, including the University of Miami, East Carolina, UNLV, Boise State, and USC.

He displayed an infectious smile and a sharp sense of humor when introduced as Baltimore’s defensive coordinator last year.  “I had a great experience, or sentence,” Pagano said at the time regarding a prior stint with the Raiders.  “Well, I can’t say sentence, a two-year sentence in Oakland.  And congratulations to Hue Jackson, it’s well deserved.  And he will earn every cent that they pay him.  It won’t be much, but he will earn every nickel.  But I had a great experience out there.  And two years was plenty.”

To get him in position to be a head coach, one year as a defensive coordinator was plenty.

And if Pagano displayed that kind of charm and wit at his interview with Jim Irsay, the two men surely hit it off.

UPDATE 4:40 p.m. ET:  The Colts have announced the move.  A press conference will be held at 3:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.  We wonder whether there will be more questions about Peyton Manning than references to Rob Lowe.

85 responses to “Source: Chuck Pagano to coach Colts

  1. who is Chuck Pagano and why isn’t the next head coach Peyton Manning? After all he knows what plays to run anyway. and the colts get to pay 1 salary for two roles.

  2. We don’t have an Ed Reed to anchor our secondary, a Suggs/Lewis to anchor our middle, or a Haloti Ngata to anchor us upfront so I hope Pagano brings in a hell of a staff or some free agents.

  3. Ray, you got all the plays set up and got our “d” pumped?

    See, even I could excel at being the Ravens d/c.

  4. Defensive minded HC…Peyton injured, may not play. Sounds custom-made for Irsay to hire Peyton as the offensive coordinator.

  5. 1) Congrats Pagano. Well deserved.

    2) Does that mean Indy’s going from a Tampa 2 to a 3-4 defense?

    3) Does Hue Jackson become the OC of the Colts now?

    All I know is that Peyton better pack his bags and find some real estate in NJ.

  6. Damn ba$tards steal from Baltimore again….Good luck Coach Pagano. You got a good one Indy.

  7. Damnit!!! I called this the second I heard he was interviewing and because I dont’ have Twitter I didn’t have a shot at the Irsay Super Bowl tickets.

    Good luck Chuck! You are a HELL of a coach and will be great in Indy. Interesting to see what they do with the Defensive personell. Tough to run two great DE’s with a 3-4.

  8. I don’t like this one bit. I really wanted him to stay in Baltimore and run the defense with Ray Lewis and Co, but I guess it’s a fairly well-oiled machine. But I always liked his tenacity, and that should translate well into being a head coach. I hope the Ravens find a good replacement for him.

  9. After all the dust settles and thrashing of my looks as we have gotten the best hire,besides maybe fisher if his second tenure is better than his first.

  10. phillyphever says:
    Jan 25, 2012 4:21 PM
    1) Congrats Pagano. Well deserved.

    2) Does that mean Indy’s going from a Tampa 2 to a 3-4 defense?

    3) Does Hue Jackson become the OC of the Colts now?


    1) Very Well Deserved

    2) I would guess so, he will bring swagger, tenacity, and energy. Great secondary coach as well.

    3) Nope Welcome to Baltimore Hue, you can take the “Cam Cameron” name plate off the desk and throw it in the trash.

  11. Great hire by the Colts now make sure you get the right oc and qb coach to work with Luck cuz Manning wont be there to work with him

  12. Jesus, this is horrible news. Way to go ravens, let everyone good walk away, and keep cam cameron. Well done

  13. I wonder how many people guessed Pagano. Now I’m irrationally excited about my chances for Super Bowl tickets.

    Twitter, you beautiful beast.

  14. Did a great job of bringing back the Ravens swagger on defense this year. He is like Rex but not nearly as mouthy.

    Kind of risky taking a guy who has only been a coordinator for one year but I think it will work out well for Indy, especially compared to the others who were interviewed.

  15. So are Freeney and Mathis OLB’s now?

    Almost seems like they’ve gotta stay with the Tampa 2. Even if Freeney and Mathis could make that transition well, the rest of their front seven would not be nearly strong enough to play the other 5 positions of a 3-4. For example, who on their current roster could play a zero-tech NT??? They could spend every draft pick on defense and still go 0-16 next season if they switch to a 3-4.

  16. @jakek2 I’m pretty sure he interviewed Jerry Gray (Who seemed to be this year’s Leslie Frazier/Ron Rivera) right off the bat.

  17. Pagano’s a good coach, but he and Grigson have their work cut out for them. Bill Polian basically drafted Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Bob Sanders and then called it good. on the bright side, having Andrew Luck dropped into their laps will most likely make revamping the roster a whole lot easier…

  18. First no superbowl trip.
    Second Cam Cameron appears to be staying
    Third Pagano appears to be leaving for the COLTS of all teams… If he has a sense of humor you say he does he needs to have Mayflower coordinate his move to INDY!

    Ray Lewis should have a unlimited trust fund set-up for his kids from all the DC’s/linebacker coaches the HE made Head Coaches! Amazing.

  19. Not a bad resume, and they could have done worse. But he got the job because of his personality and sense of humor, you can bet.

    Peyton should go to Arizona. Great weather, superstar receiver in Fitzgerald, plays indoors, good staff (as long as Haley isn’t back), and a division that is theirs for the taking. Yeah, the Niners are good, but Manning would change everything. Plus, seeing him in Cardinal red would be pretty sweet.

    The Redskins are a joke. The Dolphins will never surpass the Patriots as long as Brady is there. And he’d have to fight his brother for title of New York’s best QB, probably losing, while playing for a meatball of a coach and a selfish, dysfunctional cast of supporting “characters”.

  20. Maybe its just me. Every defensive coordinator for the Ravens goes on to become a HC. Lewis, Ryan now Pagano. Maybe its not the coordinators. Maybe the players make them look good. Just a thought..

  21. I love how Pagano’s hiring as head coach of the Colts is a way for PFT to attempt and trash the Raiders again. By love, I mean “find extremely annoying.”

  22. Well,I guess that means the Colts will give up less than 450 points next year, so they got that going for them.

  23. Boom! This is a pretty solid hire.

    Obviously this is a team in transition so we can move past that and focus on the remodel. The next issue is filling out the staff and how to proceed on the Manning front.

    I was worried they were going to make a questionable move, but Pagano could be a great HC. Players like him, has a great relationship with other coaches, a sense of humor (Irsay will like that), and will bring some Defensive focus to Indy for a change.

    Welcome to Indy Chuck… let’s get to work!

  24. And congratulations to Hue Jackson, it’s well deserved. And he will earn every cent that they pay him. It won’t be much, but he will earn every nickel.
    I don’t want to say Hugh Jackson won’t be successful but Tito Jackson will have a better career.

  25. …and yet another man earns a contract off of having coached the greatest LB in NFL history!

    Truly, I think Pagano is awesome. Colts will struggle for a while anyway, but I’m sure he’ll find a way to help build them a strong D.

  26. Questionable decision + small market franchise = automatically moving to Los Angeles. LA Colts!!!!

  27. it’s not enough that you steal our team. now you steal our DC.

    Pagano is a well respected coach who is loved by his guys. It is a pity, from my perspective, but I think he will be successful.

    Here is hoping that it takes 4 or 5 years to rebuild the team and Irsay gets the itch and changes things again.

  28. Mike Nolan is coaching the Colts? Probably a good hire, but former Raven DCs do their best work in Baltimore from what I have seen (Nolan, Singletary).

  29. 1. Thank you Jim Irsay for hiring a coach today, thereby validating my post on here yesterday saying that your Twitter contest deadline meant you would make an announcement today. Screw you, thumbs downers!!

    2. Damn you Jim Irsay for not hiring Jim Tressel, not because I thought he would be a good coach, but because I now CANNOT win the the super bowl tickets.

    Bad news for all NFL defensive coordinators who have been on the job for more than a year. Apparently, your window closes after year one.

  30. Ray lewis should get d coordinator or head coaching job right when he retires he has made 5 d coordinators head coaches and they all mostly suck (m lewis, j delrio, m nolan, rex ryan and now this bum. The 1 constant was r lewis.

  31. Jim Irsay is about to be as reviled in Indianapolis as his father is in Baltimore. He really is delusional enough to think that he – and not Bill Polian – is the reason this franchise has been incredibly successful over the last dozen years. This hiring is preposterous, and if I were Andrew Luck, I might try to start finding a way to “John Elway” myself right out of being drafted by the Colts. (Any chance Luck plays baseball?)

  32. He’s done really well as a defensive backs coach, and he had a good season as D-Coordinator in Baltimore, but if I were a Colts fan I’d be a little concerned.

    My worries are totally based on PTSD from the Matt Millen era in Detroit! Rod Marinelli was supposedly a Tampa 2 guru and a defensive line genius. When he became the Lions head coach, the defense was incapable of stopping a middle school Pop Warner team from scoring 35 points. The defensive line was the worst I’ve seen in my years as a Lions fan.

    Hopefully this works out for the Colts fans. Otherwise you guys always be talking PM (Peyton Manning), and APM (After Peyton Manning). ]

  33. To the idiots who said they should have hired Tressel–Harbaugh is the exception to the rule that college coaches rarely cut it in the NFL. Please go back to following college sports with all of your “the college game is purer than the NFL” baloney (though that’s mostly said about basketball), leave commenting on the NFL to NFL fans.

  34. Without Hall Of Fame Defensive Players, Pagano won’t have any more success than in the past. And why do the Irsay’s keep trying to screw Baltimore?

  35. The events in Indianapolis remind me of the Colts final years in Baltimore, after Bert Jones’ initial injury in 1978. I am predicting 2-3 years before “Piss on Irsay” signs appear in the urinals at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  36. How many guys now have Ray-Ray, TSizzle and Ozzie Newsome’s personel skills gotten gigs as head coaches? Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Rex Ryan, and now Chuck Pagano. None of them have done squat since either.

  37. Chuck who???

    So they’re about to invest muti millions in a QB with the #1 overall pick and they’re giving him a defensive minded Head Coach to oversee his development?

    Yeah, this is gonna work.

  38. Pagano is the perfect choice.

    He’ll continue the Colt’s tradition …….. he already knows how to lose to the Patriots!


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