With Goodell extended, all eyes turn to NFLPA and De Smith

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The lockout ended in late July.  In December, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell received a reward in the form of seven years of job security.

In contrast, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has a contract that is due to expire in roughly seven weeks.

It’s unknown whether the players will choose to keep Smith.  Before a fight for the job can crystallize, someone will have to emerge as an alternative candidate.  If no one else runs against Smith, he’ll get the extension by default.

Regardless of how it plays out, the ball will get rolling soon.  The NFLPA holds an annual press conference during Super Bowl week, and the topic of De Smith’s job security definitely will be an issue, especially in light of Goodell’s extension.

As to the potential impact of Goodell’s extension on the willingness of the players to keep Smith, it could go either way.  On one hand, the players could perceive that the owners believe they “won” the work stoppage, which would make the players leery about keeping Smith.  On the other hand, the players could feel compelled to publicly embrace Smith on an “us, too” basis in order to justify their past faith in De Smith.

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  1. Or they could vote for Smith because they believe he is the best man for the job, not because they are trying say ‘us too’….

  2. He did what Gene Upshaw was never willing to do and actually fought for the folks that paid his salary. That was a change of pace! Anyone that followed the negotiations knows that.

    While he sure has his faults-and who doesn’t-the players did very very well. Go ask any NBA player who just got hosed in their last CBA. The court fight that exposed how the league was screwing the players on TV money was a master stroke.

    The very fact that so many uneducated fanboys on this very sight still get riled up when his name is mentioned tells me he must be doing something right.

  3. Why didnt they just re-sign Goodell during the lockout to a long term contract when he was only making a dollar a year??

    Seems like that would have been a better deal 🙂

  4. It wasn’t pretty to watch but he limited the financial concessions his players had to make in a tough environment, stopped the 18 game season and cut down on practices all without missing any games. I don’t see any reason to not reward the guy for that.

  5. The only thing that I believe the players lost on is the NFL’s ability to fine them for things that were flagged during the game. If a player gets flagged for roughing the passer, why should they get docked $30K as well? There are more fines for one weeks worth of games than there was for an entire years worth of games 10 years ago. I can understand blatant “Turkey” Jones slamming Bradshaw on his head kind of fines, but these are less violent “I am going XXmph and I cannot stop myself in midair and change directions like the Matrix” fines that are complete BS. The players, De Smith should have fought against such fines, especially considering that most of the players who get fined are not top tier players and getting fined as if they are making top tier money which they aren’t. A $50K fine on Suh or Harrison isn’t the same as a $50K fine on an undrafted rookie.

  6. Extend him. He kicked the heck out of Goodell on the CBA. The players can not do better, D.Smith is their best play.

  7. In December 2011, in contrast to Goodell’s 7- year contract extension, the players justified “their past faith in De Smith” by giving him a $1,000,000 bonus.

    The NFLPA’s Constutution and By Laws calls for an election on March. It’ll be interesting to see who’s in the running.

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