Bill Ford Jr. wants to pay Calvin Johnson, cracks Cris Carter

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Lions receiver Calvin Johnson has one year left on his current contract and has said he wants to get a long-term deal worked out during the offseason. Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., son of owner William Clay Ford, says the team wants to make that happen just as much as Johnson does.

Asked in a Q&A on the team’s web site how important he thinks it is to get a deal done with Johnson, Ford said he sees keeping Johnson and Matthew Stafford together for years to come as crucial to the franchise.

“Well we really want Calvin here long-term and I think it’s important for us, important for Matthew, it’s important for the fans and he’s a great guy,” Ford said. “He’s a great guy on the field, he’s a great guy in the locker room and he’s a great guy off the field. They don’t make many better people than Calvin Johnson. We really want to get this done with him.”

Ford said he views Johnson as reminiscent of Barry Sanders in terms of giving the Lions an elite offensive weapon. And he took a shot at Cris Carter, who still hasn’t lived down his infamous and since-retracted claim that Johnson is not one of the NFL’s elite receivers.

“I think even Cris Carter would say that now,” Ford said. “I’ve never seen anybody like him and you’ve heard it all before. His nickname alone speaks to it. His ability to run, to jump, to get in and out of cuts at his size, and his hands. That’s the other thing: people keep talking about how fast, big and strong he is, he also has great hands. I couldn’t even begin to find a hole in his game, even a slight one. He’s got it all and then add to that that he’s also a great guy on and off the field. . . . He’s terrific.”

So terrific that the Lions sound ready to give him the biggest contract any NFL receiver has ever signed — and they’ll still be getting a good deal.

43 responses to “Bill Ford Jr. wants to pay Calvin Johnson, cracks Cris Carter

  1. If they don’t resign him, I think that they might have riots in the streets.

    I think that they will though. And he deserves it, he has worked his butt off. And more to the point, he hasn’t been a cry baby like Vincent Jackson and Chris Johnson.

  2. He is perhaps the most unique player at his position in the league. There are a half dozen elite receivers but none can do what he can. If anyone deserves a payday, he’s the guy.

  3. Cris Carter is basically the laughingstock of NFL analysts over that idiotic remark. The sooner he comes out and says, “I was wrong; Calvin Johnson’s the best receiver in the NFL,” the sooner he can stop being the coast-to-coast butt of everybody’s jokes.

  4. Chris Carter is the greatest player who ever lived, just ask him. By the way, how many Lombardi Trophys does CC have?

  5. This guy’s going to break the bank. One of the only receivers actually worth every penny of what they ask for, too.

  6. Ford said he sees keeping Johnson and Matthew Stafford together for years to come as crucial to the franchise. Cap hell is the 800# gorilla in that room. Suh’s not playing for peanuts and neither are some other high buck players.

  7. Megatron HAS to get the highest contract ever offered to a wideout. In fact, I may even say to give him the best contract ever. No one deserves it more then Megatron.

  8. The most dominant receiver in the game he changes the way defense plays,and that opens up so many hole for other wr’s.when lions get healthy lashoure and best back I see them winning 13-14 games next year,Super Bowl is on its way to Motown!!!

  9. I laugh everytime Sunday Countdown comes on on Sun mornings. You have Tom Jackson studying film (isnt helping, he is still a putz) and then you have Carter catching passes (because that will help him as an analyst) and Keyshawn getting a suit tailored (again, like that will help as an analyst). Does anyone wonder why less and less people are watching the show…

  10. Not sure why Carter is getting bashed here— The article does report that CC “retracted” his earlier opinion.

    I’m a Vikings fan—Loved Carter’s playing ability, but the guy is– and always has been– a loudmouth.

    I don’ think that anyone doubts how elite Calvin Johnson is now… But don’t be critical of someone being skeptical of a Lions first round WR becoming “elite”… History was not on Calvin’s side.

  11. To be fair to Chris Johnson and Vincent Jackson, they aren’t paid as much as Calvin Johnson is. His rookie contract was huge compared to theirs.

    Go Lions!

  12. Calvin was handicapped in Cris Carter’s evaluation because he was drafted by Detroit — which has a sad history of drafting stiff after stiff at the wide receiver position.

    But the Loins did hit it right with Megatron and Carter should acknowledge that.

    He deserves the biggest contract in NFL history — without him, Stafford has no one to throw to and Detroit is a 4-12 team.

    And Calvin is a classy guy — no stomping from him.

  13. I may be wrong, but isn’t it dumb to tie up a ton of money in 1 wide receiver? Since when is 1 WR the key to winning a title? The key is to get a few receivers. Pats don’t have 1 superstar wr only. Giants don’t, Packers don’t, Saints don’t. Know who does? Arizona, Detroit, Miami, Carolina, San Diego…

  14. I laugh to myself every year that a$$clown CC doesnt get in the HOF. And he will most certainly take credit for motivating megatron. What a douche. And Kya dont forget the buffoon leading that group on Sunday Morning.

  15. Hate to praise anyone the Pack has to deal with twice a year, but what else can you say? Calvin Johnson is the best there is right now.

  16. Cris Carter is terrible and Megatron is clearly the best WR in the game right now.

    Maybe the Lions can get him to play corner back too, they need it.

  17. Megatron, handsdown Top 3 wr’s, I’ve been a fan since he was drafted him along with Larry Fitz, Andre Johnson and my wr Miles Austin, they are all incredibly humble which I respect deeply

  18. Any team in their right mind would want this guy, and this is coming from a die hard pack fan. He’s the best there is. It’s baffling Carter even said that. CJ seems like a pretty humble guy too, that’s what makes him even more impressive.

  19. Not a Lions fan by any means but they need to get this done ASAP!! For some reason I kinda miss the Lions being a relevant team, (Ala Barry Sanders days) This will ensure that can happen!

  20. savagedolfan says:
    Jan 26, 2012 2:43 PM
    Megatron HAS to get the highest contract ever offered to a wideout. In fact, I may even say to give him the best contract ever. No one deserves it more then Megatron.

    At the moment I believe Mr. Fitz is the highest paid receiver……like I said at the moment lol

  21. Carter may have been a fool for what he said, Billy, but your daddy is still William Clay Ford – that’s a taint you’ll never be rid of.

  22. he always lives up to his hype when you watch him.

    250 lbs.
    4.3 40 time.

    Ms. Johnson must have injected steroids into his fetus

  23. When Bill Ford Jr. speaks, I listen! Utmost respect as he is the one responsible for finally getting rid of Millen. Can’t wait until he officially takes over for Dad, love his philosophy & passion…

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