Brent Celek unhurt in car crash

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Eagles tight end Brent Celek escaped injury in an early-morning car accident in South Philadelphia.

According to the Courier-Post, Celek was a passenger in a vehicle that, per authorities, was going too fast when it spun out of control and struck a concrete barrier at 2:30 a.m. ET.

The driver was arrested on DUI charges.  Celek was not charged.

It’s unknown whether Celek had been drinking.  When multiple people are in a car and the driver is charged with DUI, it’s unusual for the passenger(s) to be sober.

It’s also unknown whether the driver, or anyone else in the car, had been drinking Captain Morgan rum.

UPDATE 8:52 a.m. ET:  A reader points out that Wednesday was Celek’s birthday.  And indeed it was, his 27th.  Draw your own conclusions, then, about whether the driver was the least drunk person in the car.

23 responses to “Brent Celek unhurt in car crash

  1. He was prolly “working late” at his bar 879 with Herremans doing shots with the patrons. Glad to hear hes walking away less injured after this train wreck of a season the Eagles just concluded.

  2. Ummm………yeah.

    Passengers in car accidents are rarely charged.

    Because, you see, they weren’t driving.

  3. A buddy driving you home on your birthday, over served? Well that’s a first. No story here, move on.

  4. Funny last I checked if you’re 27 years old there is absolutely nothing wrong with being intoxicated as long as you’re not driving. Additionally any speculation as to who was the most intoxicated person in the car is just that. Speculation.

  5. Way to not make it till your 28th. When you make enough money to buy a fleet of taxi’s there’s really no excuse.

  6. It is a story it shows another idiot who does not make good judgement calls.

    All the money this kid makes I think maybe a car service could have got everyone home safe.

    This is the perfect example of stupid

    Quoting the Great Coach TC the man on his way to his second Super bowl Win

    nothing good happens out after midnight

  7. Bigbluefan1

    I love these giants fans. Now Tom Coughlin is a great coach again. More flip flopping. 6 weeks ago they wanted him fired. Biggest fraud fan base in sports. I also love how know they are already trying to run Carmleo and Amar out of town. FRAUDS

  8. It’s unknown whether Celek had been drinking, however the cops likely made note that his eyes were unusually red.

  9. Is it against the law to be drunk in the passenger seat of a car? Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and thank goodness nobody was hurt. But what does it matter if he was drunk in the passenger seat?

  10. “I love these giants fans. Now Tom Coughlin is a great coach again. More flip flopping. 6 weeks ago they wanted him fired”

    Sorry, which fanbase had people holding signs outside their practice facility demanding the head coach be fired until one of players threatened them to take the signs down? Oh, that’s right! It was this year’s August Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles!!! You guys are, by far, the biggest hypocrites on the planet. I LOVE your misery!!! BTW – Glad that Celek is okay. No doubt, if this happened to a Giants player, you assclowns would be trolling in the hundreds talking about how he should be put in jail or it showed the “moral decay” of NYC or some other nonsense you idiots spew on a regular basis. Just remember, dallassux, the infamous words of Joe Banner “Super Bowl or bust”.

  11. We’ve all been there, but the guy makes enough scratch to get a car service or utilize the free service the NFL provides to these guys. Thankfully no injuries except to the car.

  12. It’s nice to see a professional athlete use some sense and NOT get in the driver’s seat after having a few(or more ) drinks.

    Total non-story here other than to restore some faith in professional athletes. 99% of the stories involve a drunk player in the drivers seat….

  13. I agree with getmeouttajersey. I give some credit to Celek for not getting behind the wheel. I’m sure the person driving was saying, “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’ll drive.” Luckily nobody was hurt.

  14. east96th,

    Yeah, because NYG players don’t get driven home by drunk friends. They accidently shoot themselves and force their friends to drive them to the hospital before they get drunk. Much more considerate.

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