Casey Hampton will undergo ACL surgery


Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton was hoping to avoid ACL surgery because he knew how hard it would be to recover from at age 34.

Unfortunately, Hampton has no choice. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Hampton will indeed after go under the knife Friday for the injury. It was believed Hampton could avoid the surgery.

It’s very hard to imagine the Steelers retaining Hampton at his current salary of $4.89 million. This is the third ACL surgery of his career.

We would expect the Steelers to release Hampton if the two sides can’t agree on a reduced contract. No matter what happens with Hampton, Pittsburgh needs new interior defensive lineman following this news and Chris Hoke’s retirement.

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  1. Well, that solves 1/5 of their $25 million cap problem. Hampton has been one of the best 3-4 nose tackles throughout his career and has lasted longer than most nose tackles do. He will be missed.

  2. Age 34 doesn’t matter so much.

    What does matter is carrying 325 lbs on a re-constructed knee.

    That’s not a good situation whether you’re 17 or 77

  3. “finished for awhile” is likely the last thing that’ll happen to this Michael Myers-like franchise.

    That these guys are harder to get rid of than a bad stain.

  4. Steelers will get 10+ wins again next season! Now they are younger and faster with Heyward and Hood. Plus Browns suck, Bengals haven’t been to playoffs in back to back seasons since who knows when and the Ravens have Flacco..nuff said!

  5. I don’t know what the problem is but its a shame with all the Steelers topics today, that my post will not stay up for more than 5 minutes. If this one does it will be the first of 5 tries today. So I will try just making no comment!

  6. Not only will the Steelers re-load. They’ll do with the #24 pick in the draft what other teams can’t do with a top 10 pick. Oh, and it’ll be even more interesting in the draft because the Ravens can’t steal picks away from us this year. 🙂

  7. There are a lot of people who want to write off the Steelers because of the “aging” defense, but it’s just not accurate.

    1) NT Steve McClendon (26) passed Chris Hoke on the depth chart this season, was basically rotating snaps with Hampton, and then did and excellent job when Hampton went down due to injury.

    2) DEs Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel might be old, but they have two recent first round picks backing them up in Ziggy Hood (24) and Cameron Heyward (22).

    So the core of the defensive line that did a pretty good job stopping Denver’s run attack (Hood, Heyward, McClendon and Keisel) will all be back. Three of those guys are 26 or under.

  8. Let’s see now. Steelers go into the season with aging veterans on defense, and people say “old and slow”, “stick a fork in them”, etc. They go 12-4.

    Then, with the possibility of the Steelers not having the aging vets return due to retirement and injury, same people say “they are done”, “stick a fork in them”, etc.

    Makes me laugh. After all these years, when will people learn that the Steelers retool as well as any franchise in the league?

    Best of luck, Big Snack!

  9. Yes, the Steelers are done. An injury to one nose tackle often kills a team. Gee, a lot of wishful thinking on this thread 😀

    Good luck with the surgery, Big Snack!! Get well soon!!

  10. blessing in disguise if you ask me. casey has been rock solid for a decade and now its time to step aside and let the youngsters have a taste. this organization is different from others in that they dont wait for things to fall apart before they rebuild like the colts did they have guys like worilds, hood, mclendon, and heyward to step in, which is why this team will again win 11+ gms again and make a run in the playoffs. not to mention they dont put all their money into one player like the colts.

  11. CH just much as we love ya here in the burgh it is time to call it a got rings on your hand.step down and let some fresh players step up..

    the steelers dont step down they reload..always a to be fresh for them pesky birds next year…lol

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