CFL linebacker heads to the Vikings


In 2010, linebacker Solomon Elimimian was the CFL’s most outstanding rookie.  He now has the title of most outstanding name on the Minnesota Vikings roster.

The former BC Lion has joined the Vikings, according to his agent.

Elimimian reportedly was being pursued by the Rams and the Panthers.

The Vikings have not yet announced the news.  Last week, Saskatechewan Roughriders linebacker Jerrell Freeman joined the Colts.

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  1. I watched his highlight reel on youtube and this guy is fast and can hit. The sad part is that he might actually have to tone down his aggressive hits in order to play in the NFL and keep Goodell happy. The hits in the CFL look a lot harder than the NFL because Goodell is not in charge there.

  2. Univeristy of Hawaii Warrior!

    Nose for the ball and highly intelligent.

    Drive to make tackles.

    He belongs in the NFL.

  3. I wont pretend to know anything about the guy or think he will be the next ray lewis but taking the highlight videos at face value, he is patient with great footwork and sure tackling form… Good luck young man

  4. WHile the Bears search for a GM, that won’t really be a GM cause he can’t pick his Head Coach, but probably will be able to do the draft….they’ll miss out on players on the market now…..and I thought Jerry was a Boob, Ted Philips is right there with him, and he’s making the selection!

  5. Refreshing! A Vikings story not related to the stadium drama! Hope they don’t let E.J. get away now?

  6. He was a buffalo Bill before, though only for a couple of preseason games. You got to think he is in line to maybe be a replacement for EJ or Greenway if Greenway is moved to the MLB position.

  7. As a Minnesota Vikings fan and a Calgary Stampeders fan, I have 2 reasons to like this move. He can hit, hit hard, and was one of the better defensive players in the league over the last 2 seasons.

  8. I think thats great there is so many CFL players that are great there is a quarterback that is a great player too his name is Cassey Pritters, he ‘s kinda like Michael Vick except more accurated and he can throw the ball short and long and can run the ball to, He has the potential to be one of the greatest qb’s in the NFL if some of this morons that supposingly know football get it together and figure this out, guys like Tony Romo, Alex Smith, Rex Grossman and on and on that are a joke as starting qbs in the NFL.
    Washington, Dallas, San Francisco, Cleveland, Miami, are you listening for the sake of your teams you better be, last year a guy named Aaron Rodgers was on the winning super bowl team, this year it will be Elli Manning or some guy names Tom Brady,mmmmmmmmmmmm

    JD Mastermind
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    JD master Mind

  9. I’ve always kind of wondered why the NFL doesn’t work more closely with the CFL.

    Wouldn’t it make sense for them to have some sort of development deal where teams could send guys that have promise but aren’t quite ready up North to get some playing experience? Not sure what form it would take but it just seems a little odd that these two leagues couldn’t find some way to work together.

    For the NFL, they get a place to grow young talent plus they grow interest in Canada because Canadian football fans would feel more attached to players that went through their league to the NFL.

    For the CFL, they get a nice cash injection from the NFL, some cross promotion, maybe even a US TV contract. The NFL Network is always looking for programming.

    Seems like a win win to me.

  10. lmao jdmastermind, Casey Printers isn’t even the best QB in the CFL. He also was signed to the KC Chiefs a few years ago, made the practice squad one year and was then cut, not to be picked up by any other team.

    But he’s destined to be an all time great in the NFL lol

  11. jordon says:
    Jan 26, 2012 8:43 PM
    It’s spelled Saskatchewan. As a province it’s the easiest to draw, hardest to spell.

    Ahhh….Saskatchewan. So flat that if your dog runs away you’ve got a week to say goodbye.

  12. I know there are a bunch of us Canadians on here and I’m sure we had a good laugh for this guy to suggest Casey Printers as an NFL QB is a joke. He’s not even in the league anymore!

  13. I love Hawaii it is my favorite college team, Hawaii is where Soloman played. And Hawaii is always putting out great talent but they never get recognition because they are a WAC team. But now they are MWC so maybe that helps in the future. But in Hawaii he was known for his hard hits. Always wanted to see him in NFL and finally it happens.

  14. I hope JD’s post was a joke because Printers had 1 good year & was awful. He would’ve got SMOKED in the NFL – ask Henry Burris.

    The NFL has partnered up with the CFL financially. They’ve given them money to help develop the TV/stability of the league in exchange to sign guys in ther option year. It will never be a “true” development league because the rules are too different & the CFL won’t change with it’s storied history. Very few of these guys make it to the NFL but it presents another opportunity for guys to try to make it to the NFL if they don’t get drafted

  15. really?what about a q.b. our division we need someone to keep up with the other three pro bowl passers,and were picking up defence.

  16. I thought the Vikings were in Canada.

    Solomon was a beast at Hawaii. He puts those hits on like Donte put on Pierre Thomas.

  17. Never forget there is a reason he is playing in the CFL and not the NFL. There are a precious few players who came from the CFL who became NFL regulars…Warren Moon comes to mind…but most of the time the public soon realizes the CFL isn’t the NFL.
    The Packers took a stab at Burris and a “can’t miss” lineman a few years ago,(his name escapes me) and both couldn’t make it in Green Bay and at least one other team.

  18. The CFL does have a deal with the NFL Network. And the reason it doesn’t feed players is because the CFL is stubborn and has been around for nearly 100 years. It doesn’t want the NFL running its business.

  19. @hantheking… it was Steve Morley.

    I can only hope that Solomon has the same impact for the Vikings as Emmanuel Arceneaux.

    Skol, brutha…

  20. This guy could be great. He is not huge, but MLBs do not have to be. He is smart and can hit like crazy. Wishing you the best, Solomon.

  21. As a Viking fan, I’d like to get excited about this.

    The thing is, when is the last time a player from the CFL joined the NFL, and made a significant impact for his team? After Warren Moon in 1984, I can’t think of one.

  22. It is a LOT harder to play in the NFL than the CFL. With that said, check his youtube highlight real. My goodness. Roid rage?

  23. Given how bad the Vikings defense is, I’m not going to complain… That said, I’m guessing half of the CFL’s secondary free agents would be instant upgrades in MN…. They need corners and safties badly.

  24. yes, we need LB help, & hopefully he will be promising…….the only good thing out of this move is it did not use up a draft pick or cost us any free agency $$. E.J. is not the same or as fast since broken leg & Greenway is overrated. Ill take a D that can get off the field on 3rd down instead of leading the league & team in tackles year after year.

  25. The Vikings LB corp took a step back last season because of Singletary’s craziness took over. Now that Pagac is back & the nut job is doing whatever it is they have assigned him too, the LB’s will play much better next year.

  26. “The thing is, when is the last time a player from the CFL joined the NFL, and made a significant impact for his team? After Warren Moon in 1984, I can’t think of one”

    Does the name Cam Wake ring a bell? 22.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles in the past two seasons tells me he knows what he’s doing!

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