Greg Schiano’s deal with the Bucs is done

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There won’t be any last minute change of heart this time. The Bucs have their man: Rutgers coach Greg Schiano has agreed to a five-year contract with Tampa Bay to be their next head coach, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Schiano was ultimately was the backup plan to Oregon coach Chip Kelly. The Bucs were spurned at the last minute by Kelly on Sunday night when a deal appeared close.

Like Kelly, Schiano was an outside the box choice. But he fits the traditional mold of an NFL head coach far more than Kelly. Schiano has NFL experience and his teams are marked by discipline and conservative play. He worked under Dave Wannstedt in Chicago and has an admirer in Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Schiano is a defensive-minded coach, so his offensive coordinator hire will be crucial to the future of Josh Freeman.  The Bucs passed on Mike Sherman, Rob Chudzinski, and Brad Childress as potential head coach options. The Bucs were looking for a coach that could get a young roster in line.

Florio waxed philosophic on Schiano’s hiring on Thursday’s PFT Live. So we may as well include it below:

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43 responses to “Greg Schiano’s deal with the Bucs is done

  1. I don’t get why they give these guys 5 year contracts!? 3 years is more than enough, especially for a guy with no NFL head coaching experience.

  2. I’m not saying he can make the jump to the NFL as a head coach, but coach Schiano has proven to be a very good coach in the college ranks. Rutgers was one of the worst football programs before he got there. I think his style of coaching is what is needed in TB. I feel this is as solid as any college hire TB could have made.

  3. Great hire. Schiano has the overall vision of a great leader and is smart enough to hire the right NFL assistants in key positions. He’s a younger, more disciplined, more well-rounded version of Marty Schottenheimer.

  4. they gave him 5 yrs so when they fire him after 3, they have an excuse to go cheap again. glzers are making the bucs look like the laughing stock of the nfl again.

  5. 5 years or 5 days, contracts don’t mean squat these days. They could fire him or he could quit tomorrow.

  6. Congrats TB. Long time Giants/Rutgers fan here who thinks you just hired the next young Bill Parcells. Like Parcells did with the Giants, Schiano completely resurrected a total joke of a ball club and has a knack for making less talented teams overperform. I hope you will all be “chopping wood” for years to come.

  7. Wonderful. Now he can get busy recruiting those high school kids to proudly wear TB orange.
    What’s that…he’ll be coaching professionals? OH, well good luck with that.

  8. Best of luck to you, Greg Schiano!

    At least the last guy didn’t set any bars to high for you to excel and impress.

  9. As an expatiated Bucs fan living in the Pacific N.W. I can’t say I know much about this guy other then the apparent consensus that he turned around a floundering collegiate program. I watched most of the Bucs games last year and I gotta tell ya them boys seemed to have a wide streak of I don’t give a damn. Let’s hope that’s the first thing to change because if this team learns how to win as well as how to deal with winning they could have a pretty good run.

  10. Good luck Bucs fans. When I heard earlier in the day that there was a mystery Big East coach being considered I was thinking Jim Levitt. That would have been cool especially after how he was run out of town at USF.

  11. Flash in the pan. Wins a few every couple of years. Good luck with that. Now Rutgers will return to their losing ways.

  12. I don’t get Tampa, what does this guy bring? He upgrated Rutgers which isn’t saying much and now goes to the NFL with no experience to a team that needs some changes. Good luck with that.

  13. Belichick also admired Crennel, Mangini, Weis, Haley, McDaniels, and the video guy who took the fall for sypgate. How did it turn out for those guys

  14. i dont know about this hire. he’s an ok coach but rutgers never played any real teams under his watch, sure they beat up all the division 2 teams in September….they never won a Big Least conference title and that’s arguably the worst of all the BCS automatic qualifying conferences

  15. “carterious1 says: Jan 26, 2012 2:44 PM

    Belichick also admired Crennel, Mangini, Weis, Haley, McDaniels, and the video guy who took the fall for sypgate. How did it turn out for those guys”

    Crennel has the stuff to be a great HC, Weis is one of the best coordinators to ever play the game and would probably do well at Head coaching an NFL team. McDaniels, Haley and Mangini all have awesome potential and just need more experience and time.

  16. Wow. This looks like a boom or bust pick. I could see Schiano being a two-year wonder (ala Steve Spurrier), or being a legendary coach who could stay as long as he wants.

    I hope for his sake it works out. Otherwise he may find himself on that list of “Top 10 NFL coaches who should have stayed in college”.

  17. Did Rutgers even win the Big East last year?

    Odd move in my opinion. Not likely to work out.

  18. “I think the Bucs could have done better. Schiano is an above average college coach.”

    WHO??? There were only a bunch of previously successful geriatrics (Schottenheimer) or NFL fails (Sherman/Childress) available. If he’s an above average college coach, then he’s got a chance of being at least an average NFL coach. He’s a solid citizen that can bring discipline back to the Bucs. God knows almost the entire team quit with only 6 games to go, I’m sure he won’t let that happen. The key will be who he hires for is coordinators, that is if the Glazers let him hire who he wants. If they don’t then it’s another epic ownership failure!!

  19. The Glazers are partly hated by the Buc fans because they are so private. We never hear a thing about them, like some kind of absent owner. Clearly they raised the teams standards. Yes they had the lowest payrolls the last few seasons, but I think you can see that just landing the most free agents doesn’t get your team into the super bowl (see the Eagles!). Great players don’t leave via free agency. I am hopeful. We can’t do worse than we did last year!

  20. Dominik better hope Schiano’s his meal ticket, otherwise more upheaval can be expected in 3 years and this time Dominik and his front office.

  21. tjacks7 says:
    Jan 26, 2012 1:50 PM
    I’m going to bet that WR Sadu or whatever ends up in Tampa.


    Mohammed Sanu and that would be ironic because the Bucs need a WR badly.

  22. With NFL talent like, Ray Rice, Devin McCourty, Kenny Britt, Tiquan Underwood, Anthony Davis, Jeremy Zuttah, Eric Foster, Brian Leonard, Joe Porter, Pedro Sosa, Darnell Stapelton, Jason McCourty (all recent graduates), Schiano NEVER won a weak Big East. The wrap on him is simple, great recruiter and terrible coach. In 2009, when 2 players would eventually be drafted in the FIRST ROUND, they went 9-4 and came in fourth place in the Big East… He followed that stellar with year with a 4 and 8 record in 2010 and finished this year again, 9-4 and fourth in the WEAK Big East… His wins this year were against, NC Central, Ohio (Not The Ohio State), Syracuse, Pitt, Navy, USF, Army, Cincinnati and a 6-7 bowl game against Iowa State… His losses were to UNC, Louisville, West Virginia and Connecticut (who were 5-6)…

    So as long as the Bucs play the Rams, Cardinals, Vikings, Browns and Jaguars three times a season, we will be 8-7 heading into week 17 hoping to get into the playoffs… Let’s KEEP CHOPPIN THAT WOOD!

    But the good thing is, I am also a Rutgers fan so at least we will finally get a coach he will be able to win the big east… hopefully…

  23. It’s not like the Bucs have the worst roster in the league. They have a above average to “could be great (I know thats a stretch) quarterback and some solid players on defense. There are things to work with here. I think all Schiano has to do is make these guys WANT to excel. Make them care about being good. I think it is a pretty good hire. A risk? Absolutely. But a good risk that may pay huge dividends.

    Don’t feel bad Bucs fans. Feel hopeful.

  24. fwippel says:

    Wow. This looks like a boom or bust pick.

    Very much so…but Chip Kelly was going to be that way, as well. This guy at least has some NFL experience.

  25. This is a home run for the Glazers. He is a proven winner at a school that has historically been mediocre. He might be able to attract Ray Rice to Tampa. He will set a tone and standard for discipline.

    I hope he conditioned his acceptance on having the right to cut that feeble Warrior, WinSLOW and the terrorist at DB, Aqib Taliban. I also hope he can get that useless nerd Mark Dominik permanently reassigned to cleaning bathrooms. Lord knows he’s brought enough feces into One Buc, he ought to at least be required to clean it up.

  26. ironhawk says:

    Crennel has the stuff to be a great HC, Weis is one of the best coordinators to ever play the game and would probably do well at Head coaching an NFL team. McDaniels, Haley and Mangini all have awesome potential and just need more experience and time.

    Weis is great coordinator but there’s a very good reason he’s coaching at Kansas now…and it ain’t because he’s a good head coach. McDaniels’ tenure in Denver was so horrible it almost makes you forget how badly Haley and Mangini struggled. And Josh then went on to make the putrid Rams’ offense even worse this year as their OC.

  27. I am not sure I understand this blanket ‘college coach’ label they put on guys, like coaching in college somehow disqualifies you from the NFL. Vince Lombardi coached at West Point before coming to the NFL. Bill Parcels came from College ranks as did Jimmy Johnson.

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