Greg Schiano’s name emerges in Tampa Bay


Chip Kelly turned the job down at the last minute, but another college coach has surfaced as a potential candidate to take over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano is a possible candidate for the job, according to Tampa sports radio station WDAE. NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora later reported that he was hearing the same.

This is far from the first time Schiano’s name has surfaced as a coach who could jump from college to the NFL, but as recently as January 14, the Newark Star-Ledger was reporting that Schiano had no interest in leaving for the NFL.

Of course, if Schiano changes his mind about that, he would hardly be the first coach to do so. And owners who are willing to offer $6 million a year can be good at changing coaches’ minds.

All we know for sure about the Bucs is that they’re taking their time and considering a wide variety of candidates. Tampa Bay is the only team in the NFL that doesn’t have a coach.

8 responses to “Greg Schiano’s name emerges in Tampa Bay

  1. There is being open minded, and then there is drifting aimlessly. I think the Bucs have moved into the latter category now. At some point, you have to zero in on a candidate and get it done.

  2. I can understand them taking their time to select the right guy but shouldn’t they have some coaches down at Senior Bowl practices to look over the players ?
    Or I guess only Raheem Morris was fired and the rest of the staff is still working for them ?

  3. Talk about dragging your feet Tampa.
    Just hire Marty already.
    Then you can groom an assistant to replacement him after he retires….
    All while winning football games.

  4. It looks like the Bucs are trying to hire a coach that can relate to young just out of college players. I do not know much about Schiano”s record but by his picture he appears to be tough guy. Maybe he can bring some much needed discipline to the Buc players. It is apparent the Glazers do not want to go with the retread NFL talent available.

  5. Everybody out there looking for the next Jim Harbaugh. But he was special, even well before he left Stanford.

  6. hailvictory10 says:
    Jan 26, 2012 10:22 AM
    I’m a Rutgers fan……no way Greg leaves…..rumors from the South College coaches to sway recruits. Because Rutgers is swooping in and getting players.

    I’ll take that bet.

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