Irsay says he and Manning will “work through it hand in hand”


After the Colts introduced their new head coach on Thursday, the owner addressed the status of their possibly former quarterback.

Rosenthal pointed out earlier in the day comments that Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star communicated via Twitter.  Kravitz now has a full article based on the things Irsay said to Kravitz and other reporters.

It’s now even more clear that Manning and Irsay are positioning themselves to absorb minimal blame for a possible divorce.  Manning wants to create the impression that, if he leaves, it will have been the team’s decision.  Irsay’s comments suggest that it will be a joint decision — and thus that any blame should be shared.

“We’ll work it through and we’ll work it through hand in hand, and we’ll talk and we’ll continue to talk as we get into February and get closer to the league year,” Irsay said.  “That’s kind of where it stands right now.”

Still, it’s clear that Irsay isn’t happy with things Manning recently said, including his characterization of the team facility as “not . . . a very good place for healing” due to all the recent changes.  “There’s not any sort of bad situation around here for healing or anything like that,” Irsay said. “That’s not a correct perspective.  Like I said, you keep it in house, your family, you talk to each other if you have problems, and he knows that.”

Irsay believes Manning’s remarks undermine the team.  “I don’t think it’s in a good interest to paint the horseshoe in a negative light, I really don’t,” Irsay said.  “He’s such a big part of that and everything else, but the horseshoe always comes first.”

Manning may disagree with that.  He thinks the people come first, and right now Manning undoubtedly is thinking about his own interests — as he should.

And so the ball is now back in the court of the quarterback Irsay called a “politician.”  While it’s still never wise to get involved in a land war in Asia, Chuck Pagano’s new boss is the Vizzini in this rapidly unfolding battle of wits.

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  1. And wouldn’t it be funny if Manning was let go, they drafted Luck who in turn said no way am i going to play there… Colt left with the stellar quarterbacking corps from last year.. Can Pagano back out now?

  2. The Horseshoe? Now Irsay is speaking in 4th person!

    This isn’t going to end well, you hear Irsay on the radio and he just sounds like a complete buffoon, Peyton will easily win the PR war.

  3. After seeing how his entire franchise depended on manning you would think Irsay would use a little more tack and class and be begging manning to stay with the team even though they are drafting his replacement and making a lot of changes. He needs to remember that his players Sell his product and make him money, not himself or any coach

  4. Any chance of Manning to the Vikings? Perhaps for the #3 pick and some maneuvering of other picks to balance it out?

    Seems like a great situation for everyone. Manning is out of the AFC. He goes to a dome team. And he can mentor (as much as his personality allows him to anyway) Christian Ponder for a couple years.

  5. These same things happened in the 90’s, we just didn’t hear about it as much before the advent of social media. It’s all just overblown drama that will settle itself with time.

  6. I’ve posted time after time(to thumb downs) that this franchise is fuc$ed. The owner is nuts and has either a pill problem or he’s a donut short of a dozen. Can it be a good thing that Dan Snyder owns my favorite team compared to Irsay? That’s a scary thought.

  7. Jim, if you are upset— look in the mirror. Your GM, and its hard to imagine he acted without your knowledge, reupped a QB with neck issues. WITHOUT A PHYSICAL.

  8. I’m picturing the two of them skipping in slow motion, holding hands, through a sunlit pasture full of daisies….

    Agh. My eyes! My eyes! God, stop the burning……

  9. Peyton can’t and won’t be traded. First, he has a no-trade clause (or the closest thing permitted under the CBA).

    second, since he has that and the team needs his permission, why in the world would he agree to a trade that will weaken his new team and strengthen the team that is about to dump him?

    If he’s healthy, he can be a free agent and go wherever the hell he wants (which i have to think would NOT include Minnesota).

  10. Aside from John Elway can anyone remember when it ended well for any franchise QB ?

    Its always the same story, team wants to move on and the QB well not so much. In this case however I think Manning has known this was coming for awhile now and if he didn’t then well he really isn’t as sharp as people think he is.

  11. This Colts things is getting very dicey – no Manning, no Polian, new GM, new coach, and a possible switch to a defensive mindset for a dome team (not a big deal, but not ideal either). Andrew Luck must wondering how he can engineer his way to the 49ers or Denver or . . . . . . . NY.

  12. Jets crashed, Colts imploding, Pig Pen upset and Old D in Pittsburg, Norv Turner still in San Diego…Pats in Superbowl …very nice…

  13. Irsay is playing his hand a bit too early. Like his dad back in the early 1970s, he is blowing up the Colts to face an uncertain future.

    I wish first-round pick, Andrew much luck and he is going to need it playing with a rebuilding Colt team.

    As for Manning, Irsay has poisoned the well for a potential trade, since other interested teams will just bide their time and wait for Peyton to get cut, or retire.

  14. Simple question:

    Should the Colts pay Manning $28,000,000.00 for this coming season without any sort of tangible, concrete evidence that his neck will not prevent him from being a highly affective $28,000,000.00 quarterback?

  15. I can’t believe this is going to happen. Peyton Manning a Free Agent. I pitty the poor division that he lands in. You are kidding yourself if you think he won’t get healthy enough to get back on the field. He never missed a game leading up to Major Surgery. He’ll be back and I hope the Dolphins take a hard look at him.

  16. Something seems fishy, I think my posts are being deleted …what happened to freedom of speech in good taste?

  17. Mannig can just keep the Colts in the dark regarding his injury and he will end up being a free agent. No information means no team will trade for him. Then once he is released, he can give anyone interested full disclosure on his condition, which will be 100%.

    Colts will be seeing him again real soon.

  18. Yep Irsay thinks players should keep their mouths shut while the owner writes the narrative to the fans and media.

    The horseshoe reference is too much, considering it is a stolen horseshoe to begin with.

    Named Colts for the horses that race in the Preakness @ Pimilico Racetrack Baltimore City.

  19. More like….Irsay-Manning-Rob Lowe will work “hand in hand” moving forward. 140 characters at a time.

  20. I am not a colts fan but after the season they just had how can fans be upset by the team deciding it is time to rebuild? as for feeling sorry for Peyton yea it is to bad he won’t be there anymore but are you really going to feel sorry for a guy who made 26 million not to play football last year and who will make another 38 if he is still on the roster playing or not? money that can be better spent rebuilding the team? as a bears fan living in Indiana personaly I hope he stays and they continue to suck and I don’t have to listen to the “our” colts nonsense.

  21. Irsay ” in my hand I hold four aces, ,in your hand Peyton, 4 deuces ! ”

    The only one getting Sandusked here is you, Peyton.

    Andrew, here’s the $ 28 mil ! Show Peyton the door !

    Gotta love business !

  22. Looks like Peyton wont be coaching the Colts either.. his name should be Payaton (money) Manning

  23. How many millions did Manning rip off the Colts in his last contract? He knew how badly he was hurt but still signed for all that money. Sure the Colts should have performed due diligence which they obviously didn’t. But that still doesn’t absolve Manning from being a greedy liar who wants to keep both the money and his reputation. Sorry, Eli. but you’re a weasel.

  24. I put this on the other thread but Daddy Irsay did the same thing to Johnny Unitas after his great career. Traded him to San Diego to sit on the bench. If he had to sit it should have been in Baltimore. All yours now Indy. Irsay…greek for scum.

  25. The horseshoe? The horseshoe?

    I though that logo was a toilet seat!

    Manning returns in a Texans uniform next year?

  26. Yeah right….the horseshoe comes first….TO YOU IDIOT……of course that is the case……..that has ALWAYS been the case with Colts….the horseshoe comes first…….over players….AND over cities….right Mr. Irsay?????

    Jim Irsay is an even BIGGER loser than his Dad………..LOL. The apple not only doesn’t fall far from the tree….it actually seems to grow stronger!

    Enjoy your pathetic excuse for a franchise Indy…if they dont move again. You had a decade where everything happened to align in your universe but that time is over. The Colts are back to being one of the worse NFL organizations and will be for the foreseeable future……LOL

  27. This is all eerily familiar. The Colts alienate their superstar QB……then draft a NEW superstar QB from Stanford! Sound familiar. (Ala Bert Jones, John Elway)

    What would be funny is if the Colts draft him and he refuses to play for them!

  28. Maybe the “horseshoe” shouldn’t have had his good buddy Rob Lowe go on twitter and try to nudge Manning into retirement.

  29. I really don’t understand this. Why can’t the Colts just draft Luck and then do a Favre/Rodgers thing for a couple of years?

    Make it crystal clear that this is Peyton’s team for now, but then by the 2014 season hand the reigns over to Luck and Peyton can move on should he desire.

    Why does that not work? Wouldn’t it be a good thing to give Luck a few years to learn under one of the greatest QB minds the league has ever seen?

  30. It always seems like as wealth and power increase, so does myopia. Why can’t these billionaires see past the end of their own noses? How can Irsay not know that his Twitter following aren’t “fans” like Manning and other great athletes have fans?

    He has no chance of winning the PR battle unless Manning comes out with something incredibly insulting to the fans and city of Indianapolis. Hope Irsay isn’t holding his breath.

  31. droopyyydog1 says:
    Jan 26, 2012 8:34 PM
    Aside from John Elway can anyone remember when it ended well for any franchise QB ?

    Its always the same story, team wants to move on and the QB well not so much. In this case however I think Manning has known this was coming for awhile now and if he didn’t then well he really isn’t as sharp as people think he is.

    Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, Terry Bradshaw.

    Could have been Brett Favre, but he retired, unretired, got traded. sent photos of little Brett to a woman, retired, unretired, threw and int in a critical situation in the NFC championship game, retired, unretired, sucked his last season.

  32. Manning took the Colts for a ride this year and made MILLIONS!

    Fire this gimp neck thief!

    He’s no different than people drawing unemployment while still having cable & internet!


  33. Liquor head son is just like his father- the living Baltimore Colt greats must just be disgusted by another Irsay. I hope there are no more…. on the other hand, Indycrapolis deserves more Irsays.

    Baltimore Colts in the HOF- 11

    Indy Colts- 0

    Thank you Art Modell !!!

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