Licht gets second interview with Bears

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Earlier this week, one of our moles at the Senior Bowl said that Chiefs director of college scouting Phil Emery was telling people that he would be getting the Bears G.M. gig, but that no one believed him.

And for good reason.

Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht remains in the running.  The Bears announced today that Licht has returned for a second interview.

According to the Bears’ official website, Emery and Licht are the two finalists for the job.

14 responses to “Licht gets second interview with Bears

  1. Emery is probably correct in his asssertion. The Bears, as usual, seem intent on conducting a superficial search for a GM before hiring someone who will not make the long overdue organizational changes necessary. I do not know much about Emery but based on reports he seems to fit the bill as someone who worked for the Bears in the past and will go along to get along. Newspaper reports say his reputation is that of a “grinder” a hard worker. But nowhere is it reported that he has the vision, insight, or feel for the game necessary to be an inspirational leader and shake up an organization that repeatedly makes the same errors.

  2. So if Licht was director of pro personnel with the Pats, then he was the one responsible for the Haynesworth/Ochocinco flub, right? That sounds like disqualification to me!

  3. If I’m the guy doing the hiring and I read this, there is only ONE finalist, and he name does not start with P-H-I-L.

  4. I feel like Lovie and maybe the owner are really already the GM. How do hire a GM last after hiring all your assistants and coordinators? Weird.

  5. Idk about this move. The guy is known for having an eye for talent but knowing he’s from the Patriots I hope he doesn’t bring the philosophy of doing EVERYTHING on the CHEAP like the Pat cuz that’s the last thing the Bears need right now w/the Forte deal coming up & the possibility of signing stud FA’s for the franchise.

  6. This was the guy the Eagles fired and replaced with Howie Roseman. All this guy has done is built a championship quality team in New England. Maybe Lurie could trade one of those draft picks Howie accumulated and get this guy back?

  7. Ridiculous…make the choice already…you’ve had WEEKS to make a choice. It takes me less then 30 seconds to evaluate someones personality.

  8. Just to echo @steelybills- despite the Patriots success, I am not sure that being head of personnel there is such a great feather in your cap right now.

    Seems to me that that team is winning with quarterbacking and coaching despite being weak and not very deep at many positions.

    Of course, you can counter this by saying it’s really Bellichick making the personnel calls in NE, but that really doesn’t help your cause either if you’re trying to find another job.

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