Mike Tice says his offense suits the strengths of Jay Cutler

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After being promoted to offensive coordinator in Chicago, Mike Tice says he’s in constant contact with quarterback Jay Cutler, whom Tice sees as a perfect fit for what he wants to do offensively.

The biggest strength we have is a quarterback who can make all the throws,” Tice told the Chicago Tribune. “We text, we talk on the phone, almost daily. Extensive texting. He’s asking a lot of questions and I’m giving him straight up answers. He either likes the answers or he says, ‘Oh, OK,’ which means he doesn’t like some of the answers. Right now, we have a great understanding of what our philosophy is going to be. And, all of the stuff that we are going to do, he has done. So that is a good thing.”

Tice said he will use the same terminology that former offensive coordinator Mike Martz used, but that the Bears’ offense will look more like the offense that Tice ran as head coach of the Vikings from 2002 to 2005.

“I am tailoring what I am doing to what I’ve done, which is common sense,” Tice said.

The Bears’ offense was playing well before Cutler and Matt Forte were hurt last season, so the most important change in Chicago would be keeping the key offensive players healthy. Any improvement the Meathead can bring beyond that is gravy.

19 responses to “Mike Tice says his offense suits the strengths of Jay Cutler

  1. Translation: Our offense isn’t designed to eventually draw involuntary manslaughter charges against the offensive coordinator.

  2. LOL, what exactly are Jay Cutler’s strengths?

    Looked to me like Cutler should have been handing his paycheck over to Forte for most of the season.

  3. If Tice can magically come up with the next Randy Moss he might be able to duplicate the quality of offense he had when he was coach of the Vikings.

  4. The question is – which Cutler will take the field when the season starts?

    I’ve counted about 4 different versions and none of them play a complete season.

  5. Almost anything is an improvement over Martz. The guy thought that if his system worked with Hall of Famers it would work with anyone and therefore never adjusted it. Guess he decided he made them Hall of Famers instead of the hal of famers making him look good….it should be pretty clear at this point which of those is accurate.

  6. Come one come all Cutler Haters….you’re very entertaining…his early days were dubious at best, but recently he seems to have figured it out….most of all how to tell his OC to F-off on a National telecast….

  7. Jeffrey = Mike Williams (USC)… I would rather target a defensive or offensive lineman at #19 and hope a guy like Reuben Randle falls in the second round to where you can trade up with one of your 3rd round picks and get him. I would only take Floyd or Blackmon at #19 and doubt either will be there.

  8. They should have opened this article with the following line: “From the comedic genius that brought you P.R. gems such as ‘Randy Ratio’ and ‘I need a hug’, comes the side-splitting laugher your whole family will enjoy…..”I am tailoring what I am doing to what I’ve done, which is common sense,”.

    For real, though, bears fans. This guy is a walking sound byte, and not in the good way.

  9. I don’t care what he sounds like as long as he can coach… and he’s proven to be a solid coach over the course of his career. I like what i’ve heard out of him so far. I think the biggest question will be his game-day adjustments and play-calling. I know he will get the most out of his players and put them in the best positions to succeed.

  10. I count at least 31 2011 starting QB’s who could not have played in this mess of an offense as well as Jay has……

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