Oregon had already replaced Chip Kelly when he changed his mind

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As of this posting, 31 NFL teams have a head coach.  One doesn’t:  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs almost had a coach recently.

On Sunday night, reports emerged that Kelly was close to a deal to become the ninth coach in franchise history.  By early Monday, Kelly had withdrawn his name from consideration.

So how close did he come to taking the job?  Michael Berk of KGW, who broke the news that a deal was close, recently told WDAE radio in Tampa (via JoeBucsFan.com) that Kelly indeed had accepted the job — and that Oregon had given Kelly’s title to offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich.  So Kelly had to actually get his job back, after he had a change of heart.

Kelly ultimately turned his back on a big raise.  Per Berk, the offer was in the range of $6 million per year.

Whether the Bucs will break out that much cash for Plan B (or Plan C . . . or Plan D), isn’t known.  Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times addressed the situation in full detail during a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live.

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15 responses to “Oregon had already replaced Chip Kelly when he changed his mind

  1. So he got hired by TB, quit on Oregon, then quit on TB, then begged and git his job back at Oregon. All in less than 24 hours.

  2. As a Falcon fan I have a strong dislike for Tampa but it may be just as well for the bucs he changed his mind.

    He comes off as a tool in all this.

  3. Tampa Bay is allegedly trying to save money by slashing the severance packages of coaches if they are fired. This is obviously having a negative impact.

    Chip Kelly, Wade Philips, Jeff Fisher, and Joe Philbin have all allegedly turned down offers for the Bucs job.

    If this is true, the Bucs owner needs some negative press. This is no way to create a winning product.

  4. I liked Chip Kelley on the BCS broadcasts I saw tlate this year. I’d never heard much from him in the past but he came off as intelligent, animated and quick-witted.
    Much more so than Gene Chizik, who is, by all indications, brain dead.

  5. Oregon gets a lot of hate on this site. I’m a die hard Eagles fan, but I’m in the military and I lived in Oregon for four years. That is an amazing football program and he is a top notch coach. I think If he goes pro that any team would be lucky to have him. If Andy fails again this year, I promise I will be pulling for him to go to Philly. Just think about how fast that team is now. Chip would take that team so far. But for this year, go Ducks, and Fly Eagles Fly!!!!

  6. Having lived in Eugene for a few years in the Mike Bellotti era, I know the local press tends to be very kind to the Ducks unless they truly stink, and the Ducks haven’t stunk for over 16 years.

    Kelley had better continue the current level of success or “Duckville” will turn very quickly into a nest of stabbing haters. I’ve seen it before. If Kelley tarnishes the reputation that Bellotti and Rich Brooks built, there will be no safe haven for him in Eugene.

  7. Honestly, I have no idea what is up with all the Kelly criticism. The guy had a change of heart. How many of you criticizing him would have turned down a big pay raise to go back to the job you love and feel loyal too. I know if I had a chance to go to the next level of my career and get payed more, but go to a different company, I would be hard pressed not to. He loves being a college coach, and I think he feels he could win a NC and I think he could too. I commend him for what he did, the only mistake he made in all of it was having it leak out but that had a lot more to do with the media, so you can’t even put it on him, at least he didn’t pull a Saban.

  8. If those are all facts, that is crazy and unheard of. But it must be nice for him to be that desirable of a coach.

  9. Is it the GM or ownership that makes coaches not want to coach the Buccaneers. I mean they offer big paychecks and yet still can’t get anyone of notoriety. The coach of Rutgers, give me a break…

  10. I somewhat agree that Chip Kelly would make sense on the Eagles next year if the team tanked again. But if the team tanks again, I’d like to see the team move away from being undersized at every position even though I think Chip Kelly would do a good job with the roster as-is.

  11. I have problems with this article as it contrdicts what Rob Mullens, the Oregon Athletic Director, said he and Kelly discussed.

    Mullens said he and coach Kelly remained in close communication throughout the weekend and at times he feared Kelly would accept Tampa Bay’s offer, but Kelly never told him he was gone.

    Mullens said Kelly never requested to renegotiate his contract. Nor did Kelly make requests regarding his replacement. Mullens said he never reached the point of even considering a replacement.

    Mullens added “If the time came that we had to put a list together I’d think we would have one ready to go in a quick period of time but I don’t have one in my back pocket.”

    I think the Athletic Director is quite abit more reliable than some reporters and his unnamed source.

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