Report: Bucs plan to hire Schiano

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It looks like the Bucs will hire a surprising college name to be their next head coach after all.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Bucs plan to hire Rutgers coach Greg Schiano. The two sides are reportedly putting the “finishing touches” on Schiano’s contract.

Of course, the Bucs were also planning to hire Oregon coach Chip Kelly at one point. They were trying to finalize that contract, but it didn’t happen. Schiano looks less likely to have a last minute change of heart.

WDAE in Tampa first reported the Bucs’ interest in Schiano on Thursday. The Bucs’ other “finalist” for the head coaching job was Mike Sherman, who Schefter reports is now talking to the Dolphins about their offensive coordinator job.

The Bucs searched far and wide for the next head coach. A recommendation from Bill Belichick reportedly help Schiano’s case.

Schiano couldn’t be more different from Kelly in his coaching philosophy. Kelly is wildly aggressive and inventive. Schiano is much more conservative and prides himself on having a disciplined team.  He once coached under Dave Wannstedt, and the two men seem to share a lot of philosophical ideas.

It’s impossible to tell what college coaches can translate success to the NFL level, but this likely won’t be a popular hire in Tampa. Schiano went 9-4 in 2011 at Rutgers after an ugly 4-8 season in 2010.

Schefter reports Schiano also interviewed with the Rams this offseason.

71 responses to “Report: Bucs plan to hire Schiano

  1. As NFLNetwork Brian Billick said, “the Bucs want someone young and cheap, and I am neither”. Why would anyone buy Bucs season tickets? The teams wants the cheapest players, coaches, and system.

  2. People rip on Fisher for barely being above .500 winning in the NFL, yet this guy is 68-67 in COLLEGE, so I expect the comment section to be filled with “horrible hire” comments.

    Because it is.

  3. I think he will be a great NFL coach. He is well-liked, well-respected, and he turned numerous better offers previously to stay at Rutgers and build that program up from the bottom of the Big East. He definitely has good character and has shown a tremendous amount of loyalty. I remember when Rutgers were the laughing of the college football football before he got there and turned things around. Now that title belongs to my Boston College Eagles…(sigh).

    Good luck with that Bucs defense though. Yikes.

  4. “this likely won’t be a popular hire in Tampa.”

    At this point, It is looking like we will take what we can get!

  5. I don’t get it… I know I’ll get hammered here and thats fine, but how is it that Greg Schiano gets an NFL HC gig and Jim Tressel loses out, not only in TB, but in Indy as well??? How many championships, league and national titles, does a guy have to win over 25+ years as a HC in order to get an opportunity at the next level? I’m well aware, as an Ohio State grad/fan, that Tressel’s offense at OSU left much to be desired, but the defenses were extraordinary, the special teams outstanding, and the championships (at OSU and YSU) flowed like water from a tap. He’s a winner, and that’s the bottom line in the NFL. Not knocking Schiano (or Chip Kelly), but Tressel obviously has the goods – like him or not.

  6. WOW.

    That sure comes out of left field.

    I have no problem with NFL teams taking chances on successful college head coaches. And there is no question that despite his mediocre record, making Rutgers relevant in football is just short of a miracle. Living in North Jersey, I’ve witnessed the entire Greg Schiano era up close and personal.

    But I don’t see his style translating to the Pro Game. He seems kind of Mike Singletaryish to me, all motivational football-as-war, getting in players faces- stuff that seems to work much better at the college level.

    It’s fairly common knowledge around here that he was angling to eventually replace Joe Paterno, and he wasn’t even considered when that job came open. Maybe he figured he reached his ceiling on the college level.

    He gives pretty good press conferences.

    So there’s that.

  7. Wow….many candidates turned down even the opportunity to interview with the Bucs because of the ownership. Guys like Jeff Fisher & Mike Mularkey and this sure makes them seem smart. This franchise appears to be about as strategic in how they do their business as General Custer. Word is that if Schiano said no they were going after the ultra successful Robert Weiner at Tampa Plant High School

  8. does this strike anyone else as an odd hire?

    hiring chip kelly might have been intriguing with a positive twist but this is just intriguing in an underwhelming way.

    that’s how we roll in the nfc south. if you can’t get aj green trade a ton of draft picks to get the next guy who isn’t aj green

  9. The Big East connection in Tampa will make Bucs fans aware of Schiano. Rutgers plays USF every other year at Raymond James Stadium. This could be an interesting hire in Tampa.

  10. Rutgers is in a state of limbo right now in the Big East. All of the legacy schools are either leaving or want to leave and that has to impact recruiting with Rutgers not having a safe landing spot. Good for Schiano for getting out at the right time. Can’t blame him. He better surround himself with established NFL people as he probably has ZERO credibility coming in.

  11. I actually prefer him over Chip. Brought Rutgers up from nothing and he coached Ray Rice, Brian Leonard and the McCourty twins. Thank God its not Sherman or Childress!

    The Glazers must play games with the media because Schiano and Kelly were never mentioned as candidates and they were the two coaches the Bucs targeted.

  12. can’t wait to hear the outcry from the fans…

    I think I would prefer a coach with some success in the NFL instead of an average college coach, but if NE bill gives him a thumbs up I’ll give him a shot before I throw all hope away…

  13. Good hire for a young team that is trying to do things on the cheap. I am just surprised that Schiano decided to make the jump now – he has turned down better jobs in the past.

  14. Not a Bucs fan at all but one of the knocks against Raheem was that he was too young and really wasn’t prepared nor did he have the experience to be a HC in the NFL, especially with a very young team. That being said how is a guy coming from College going to be a better choice for a HC? He has no NFL coaching experience, as far as I know. Raheeem at least had some. Just a thought.

  15. Actually this will be a popular move down here in Tampa. We were all depressed thinking we were getting Mike Sherman. This guy has great experience in the NFL and college, plus he coached for the U down in Miami (where he coached Ed Reed and Vilma). and of course the Hoodie and Peter King spoke highly of him. Lastly, USF plays Rutgers in the Big East, and they have had our number. He will be ok down here.

  16. As a Bengals fan I couldn’t be happier with this hire since Zimmer will now be staying at least one more year before someone gives him a shot.

  17. It is a curious hire.

    But in his defense, he did put Rutgers on the map. The were a laughingstock of college football. The only guy I ever remember making it to the league from Rutger prior to Schiano’s arrival was Marco Battaglia.

    Now there are Rutgers players picked in the first round every year, including a handful of first rounders. And five of his ex-players will be in the Super Bowl.

    Maybe he can resurrect the stagnant Bucs in the same fashion. Of course, he could also fail miserably like Mike Riley and Bob Petrino.

  18. Nice timing on Shiano’s part. Dump Rutgers a week or so before National Signing day. The new HC there won’t have much time to save recruits who decide to dump Rutgers.

  19. Nooooooooooooooooooo! As a Rutgers fan this is sad to me. I always worried him leaving for a bigger college job (he turn down Miami a few years ago), but never thought this could happen.

  20. “derfshambeaux says:
    Jan 26, 2012 10:56 AM
    Have there been any college coach that have found even moderate success in the NFL? Other than Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, I can’t think of any.”

    Johnson and Switzer had zero pro experience. Schiano has been an NFL assistant before. If that is the qualifier, you can put Tom Coughlin on that list. Jim Harbaugh is off to a good start too.

    But the last college coach brought into a high level position in Tampa was BC coach Jeff Jagodzinski, who was made offensive coordinator. That was a total disaster. He didn’t last one season.

  21. derfshambeaux says:
    Jan 26, 2012 10:56 AM
    Have there been any college coach that have found even moderate success in the NFL? Other than Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, I can’t think of any.

    derekjetersmansion says:
    Jan 26, 2012 10:59 AM
    @ derfshambeaux

    Pete Carroll is around .500, which is probably the best after Jimmy.

    I am sure I will be the first of several million posters to point out that the 49ers seemed to have some success this season with a coach they hired out of college.

  22. …………And Tom Coughlin was hired from Boston College by the Jags and he took them to the AFC title game in their second year of existence.

  23. realitypolice says:
    Jan 26, 2012 11:05 AM
    …………And Tom Coughlin was hired from Boston College by the Jags and he took them to the AFC title game in their second year of existence.
    Coughlin had NFL experience prior to being HC at BC. Schiano has been an NFL assistant. But that was 14 years ago. Coughlin was only at BC for 3-4 years. The situations are not comparable and the NFL game has changed a great deal in 14 years.

  24. I know a few high school classmates that go to Rutgers. All I can say right now is that they’re not gonna be happy to see him leave the program in shambles.

  25. I am already on the record saying I’m not sure he’s a good fit for the NFL, but people pointing out how mediocre his record is need to check themselves a little bit.

    Rutgers football was a sewer before he got there. They were an absolute laughingstock. There is no question that he leaves the program in far better shape than he found it in.

    And to the guy comparing this hire to the Jeff Fisher hire in terms of both guys having mediocre records- I don’t remember reading in the article that Schiano was getting a five year, $35 million dollar contract.

    I’ll also point out that Schiano won as many post season games in ten years as Fisher did in 17 (5).

    And he only gets to play in one per year.

  26. Great hire. Schiano has the overall vision of a great leader and is smart enough to hire the right NFL assistants in key positions. He’s a younger, more disciplined, more well-rounded version of Marty Schottenheimer.

  27. Schiano has some NFL coaching experience with the Bears. He turned down HC jobs with Michigan and Miami U, so the man is highly regarded in many circles.

  28. Don’t know why this hire would not be popular n Tampa. Doesn’t much of NJ move to Tampa when they retire?

  29. selmonfan63 says:
    Jan 26, 2012 11:00 AM
    The only question now is which HCs have contracts expiring in three years when Schiano is fired?

    Bucs=Same as it ever was.


    Exactly who did you want? Sorry, but there was nobody out there where this statement might not have been true anyway. Plus, Schiano just might be what this team needs. They SORELY lacked discipline last year. At least give the guy a chance.

  30. I think that Sherman was offered the position and decided to go to Miami insted. Become the OC and Show off your skills and become a Head Coach of a real NFL team.
    How could you want to work with a guy (Freeman) who will be in the CFL in a few years?

  31. There’s one important factor that many people tend to leave out when evaluating college coaches, and that is recruiting. On the one hand, it can make coaches like Les Miles look much better than they actually are. On the other hand it can hide some solid coaches like Schiano, who are often overlooked by the team they coach and their record.

    Of course Schiano won’t have a great career record, he coaches Rutgers. What is important is that he took them from being worse than the Dukes of the world and made them into a solid team. However, it’s still Rutgers and 5 star recruits still arent gonna go there too often, so eventually even the best of coaches will hit a ceiling at such programs. The Bucs weren’t alone in their interest; the Rams and Dolphins as well as teams in past years have looked at him, and Belichick has had a lot of praise for him as well.

    With that said, I’m not going to be a homer about the pick either. I think it’s decent, but i don’t see the appeal over Schotty, Chud, or Zimmer, nor do i see why they’d go for another college coach but one who is completely the opposite of Kelly, their first choice. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Coordinators will play a very large part in the success or failure of this move.

  32. banjojones says:
    Jan 26, 2012 11:36 AM
    Schiano has some NFL coaching experience with the Bears. He turned down HC jobs with Michigan and Miami U, so the man is highly regarded in many circles.
    That was a lifetime ago in terms of the NFL. He has been out of the league for 14 years.

  33. All the Bucs need to do now is bring back the old orange and white jerseys. Then they will have fully completed the transformation back to league doormat.

  34. derekjetersmansion says:
    Jan 26, 2012 10:59 AM
    @ derfshambeaux

    Pete Carroll is around .500, which is probably the best after Jimmy.

    Carroll was a head coach of two NFL teams before becoming a college coach. Despite Harbaugh’s success this year, the track record for college coaches isn’t good. Turning a college program around has a lot to do with recruiting, which is irrelevant to the pro game.

  35. It’s an axiom of all business in general, not just football, that you don’t just take the lowest quote without regard for the quality of the product. Even Walmart is figuring that out. How do people like the Glazers end up with all that money anyways?

  36. Looks like Panthers OC, Chud is finally in the clear. Good. Now the Panthers can settle down to business. By the way coach Schiano, be prepared to get your ass kicked 6 times by the other three teams in your division. Cause it’s comin.

  37. What? Because I hinted that Dave Wannstedt was a lousy NFL coach, I hurt your feelings little boy?

    Or was it something else I said, like the BUCS continuance of mediocrity with their potential hire of this guy?

    Tell me how I hurt your feelings so much that you had to censor my post that was in no way offensive, crude or vulgar. YOU just didn’t like it. What a putz.

    This site is beginning to suck – HARD, and I’m beginning to think that coming here is a waste of my time

  38. .

    State of the Bucs :

    Ownership – bad

    Gm – good

    Roster : better than advertised

    Maybe a young, talented group such as the Bucs needs a fiery, college style coach at this stage Why not give the man a fair opportunity ? I sincerely doubt they will be “noncompetitive ” in games, as they were many times this year.



  39. All you guys that dog this hire because he only won half his games know nothing about college football. Rutgers was one of the worst programs in college football history before he went there. Not saying he will win at the pro level, because it is a different beast. But I think its as solid a hire as any from the college level can be.

  40. Greg Schiano? How the hell does he get an nfl head coaching job. If I am Mike Sherman or any other donkey that they interviewed, I would jump off a damn bridge

  41. Classy move, 5 days before National Signing day.
    Especially after telling the kids why they should make a commitment to Rutgers. Jerk!!

  42. Last coach Belichick had high priase for outside of the pats organization was John Harbaugh that has turned out well so far.

  43. I’m actually glad some old NFL coaching fraternity retread didn’t get the job. As a Panther fan, I can’t stand the Bucs and hope they finish 0-16 every year. But I like the idea of taking a chance and bringing in somebody that could pan out to be a good coach. I’m also glad this allows us to keep Chud for another year. The continuity of having the same offensive system next year should help Cam’s development immensly. I was worried he’d have to deal with the same thing Alex Smith and Jason Campbell had to go through.

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