Revis says Rex didn’t know about problems in Jets’ locker room


Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis says head coach Rex Ryan didn’t step in to fix the problems within the locker room because he didn’t know about them.

In an interview with NFL Network at Pro Bowl practice, Revis said that when he spoke with Ryan following the Jets’ season-ending loss, Ryan was unaware of all the problems within the Jets’ locker room that were building during the season and have become public since the season ended.

“After the season, we talked,” Revis said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “Basically, he didn’t know a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes. It was just so much stuff. I’m really not going to get into it because some of the stuff is real deep. But he didn’t know a lot of the things. He wanted people to say things to him. But obviously it didn’t come out. It came out on the field.”

Ryan has often been lauded as a players’ coach who has the pulse of his team, but if all those problems existed in the Jets’ locker room and Ryan didn’t know about them, that suggests that he needs to do a better job of monitoring what’s happening on his roster. Revis says he figured the Jets’ problems would get fixed, and that in reality they worsened over the course of a season that he described as “very frustrating.”

“The season kind of spiraled late during the season,” Revis said.

Despite Ryan’s inability to keep the team united during the 2011 season, Revis says he has no doubt that Ryan is the man to lead the team in 2012. He just hopes that if Ryan is as brash as ever in his talk, the Jets are able to back it up on the field.

“We’re behind Rex,” Revis said. “If he says the Super Bowl, that’s cool. That’s why we play this game. But if we’re not winning games, then I think we need to figure out ways to win games instead of just out there talking and just saying whatever you want to say.”

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  1. If the players were looking for a person of authority to speak with and the coach was not approached then then is a real problem. Their image of him is one of a friend and buddy not a leader.

  2. With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the New York Jets select Matt Barkley.

    Joe Willie Namath the Jets new GM/HC replacing Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum said no more ground and fall down.

  3. Why did Revis wait till after the season to tell Rex?
    Wasnt he one of the leaders on the team.
    That whole organization is a soap opera

  4. They’re paying him how much a year and he’s not even aware of the state of his own locker room ?

    That’s a pretty damning statement by Revis on Ryan’s ability to manage a team. The intangibles are just as important as the things that can be easily seen and measured.

    Just another Ryan thing that makes the Jets one of the laughingstocks of the league.

  5. Why didn’t Rex know?? Isn’t he the coach?? It seems like Rex was not doing his job and maybe some of the wrong people were let go. It sounds like Rex needs to walk!!

  6. Rex “Voted By Players The Coach They’d Most Like To Play For” Ryan.

    How’s that workin’ out for them?

  7. Is Revis trying to defend Rex? He just made him sound like an even worse coach. How do you not notice this going on in you’re own locker room?

  8. Revis’ endorsement of Rex means very little.

    Of course the players are going to keep saying they love Rex. They get away with whatever they want with him in charge.

    The funny thing is that a while back some Jets players were talking about the difference between Coughlin and Rex…the concept of “players will sign here because he’s a player’s coach…” was the idea behind their statements.

    Reality is that selfish players with a “Me first” agenda are the ones who will sign with the Jets.

    The ones that really want a championship? No.

  9. Rex doesn’t need to justify his coaching. The guy is about to win his 3rd Super Bowl in a row. Wait, what? His guarantees were wrong?

  10. This really does reflect poorly on the coach. He’s SUPPOSED to know what’s going on. It’s like the CEO or operations manager not knowing what’s going on in their own office. People get fired for that. It also shows that the Jets either A) don’t have any leadership in the lockeroom or B) they have the wrong leaders. Period.

  11. So he didn’t know Holmes and Sanchez didn’t get along until that last game? No inkling? He needs to be fired then, because a coach doesn’t have to know everything but he shouldn’t be clueless. I thought Fatboy was a relationship coach and not one of his players told hikm there were issues? The jets are the little brothers of the Giants and will stay that way.

  12. Rex is too busy looking up I-95 at Foxboro to pay attention to his own team. Seemed like every week he had some disparaging remark about the Pats or a Pats player.

    Clearly this man doesn’t have the focus or attention span to be a Head Coach, and control a locker room full of Divas.

  13. Finally a decent story on this site though I would bet my life someone else wrote it and then it was just rewritten.

    Anyway, first no matter what revis says or how honest he thinks he is, Rex may have just said to revis what he had thought he had too. Or perhaps Rex didn’t know because the guy he trusts the most who kind of has to be the Sherriff for a coach by default the qb could have been steering Rex wrong. Maybe snachez wasn’t fully up front with his coach because he is a sissy when it comes to confrontation.

    No matter what the problems were the basic solution for the jets is clearly a new qb. Even with all the locker room crap the jets were still one game from getting in. Hell if Sanchez can keep from getting a safety on the biggest drive of the year the giants would be at home and the jets make the playoffs.

    As a personnel guy Rex an tanny suck. They drafted a bum and need to cut ties now. IMO the jets are a 12-4 franchise with a4-12 type qb they try to portray as a top flight guy. The truth is the man can not play. He is scared to throw and foolish with the ball. The team it self knows this and that is the biggest problem. If the team still believed in Sanchez they would work to get past his weakness, but they dont. The wr don’t even try when they get 10 yards down the field because they know mark wont throw it, that’s a bad thing but I almost understand how they feel when you watch the game. Even worse was a game like the eagles game where as soon as the offense saw Sanchez was going to pressured all game they basicly all quit because they knew they would lose by the middle of the first quarter.

    I would like to see the jets draft the qb from Boise state. I think he would fit real well playing style wise and I also think he has the best leadership skills of all the qbs in the draft including luck. They could get him late in the draft and just let Sanchez hang him self in the first few games and slide the kid right in and go back to being a run first on both sides of the ball kinda team. I think this would get te most out of the roster ( assuming they take a rb in the draft, I have them taking Richardson in the first)

  14. The only thing Wrecks is focusing on is the fact that the two teams he hates the most, went 3-0, against the best team in foot ball, and one of them is going to be a, wait for it, a real life, honest to goodness Super Bowl Champ. So he either shares the city, or the division with the Champs! This is too funny! Hollywood couldn’t have written it any better!

  15. The “problem in the locker room” is that the jets just don’t have that much talent. They got a below avg: QB, rb, offensive line, defensive lines, linebackers, coaches….

  16. . . . and he felt obligated to speak to the media about this. Shouldn’t these things be kept “in house”? Revis is only making the problem worse. Maybe they will clean up their mess next season. Maybe they really are no more than a 9-7 or 10-6 team until they prove otherwise.

  17. …problems like athlete’s foot, toe-nail fungus, corns, fallen arches…not to mention lack of ability to pay up on the bills written by by their collective flappin’ jaws…

  18. Some coaches are motivators, some are strategists and some give good interviews. Some players practice and work hard others are gamers. In the NFL they are all supposed to be grown A$$ men. If there’s a problem in the locker room that needs to be addressed leaders of the team should call a meeting, then perhaps this gives the coach an indication that there is something that requires his attention. A player going to the coach about the locker room probably isn’t the answer. Handle your business and quit talking about it.

  19. He’s the head coach. If he doesn’t have a handle on the pulse of the team, then he has no business being in charge. Where was he, judging some reality cooking show on FOX?

  20. it is a good coach that has all the players working together. if all are working together, the team will do its best. rex is not a good leader. when he was with the ravens he couldn’t act like an idiot. he had the defense working hard.

  21. This is where the Captains come in…you house the lockerroom and keep the coach up to date.

    Successful teams like the Steelers, Pats, Colts (before there soap opera), Giants, etc. they have strong locker rooms.

    Is it any wonder the Pats have gone undefeated since cutting Fat Albert loose? (that’s right, he got manhandled by the Gents and that was the end of him, and he also went winless once joining the Bucs)

    I like Revis a lot, even as a Pats fan, but this is where he should’ve got Rex informed. Maybe he did and Revis is covering for him, who really knows what goes on in the locker room…

    And here’s an interesting twist, the Red Sox of 2011 and the Jets of 2011 had the same thing in common…discord in behind the scenes and the helm not knowing what the hell was going on. Both huge disappointments to their fan bases.

  22. I can draw one of two conclusions from Revis’ comments. #1 Revis wanted to defend his head coach, but was an idiot and made Ryan look even worse (and I didn’t think that was possible before today!)
    #2 Revis intended to throw Ryan under the bus

  23. The captains are supposed to be the bridge between the coach and the players. Unfortunately, the captains were the biggest problems. “Hey coach, there are a couple of a-holes messing up in the locker room.” Rexy, “who is the biggest one?” SH: “Ahhhhh, me.” This whole organization is so bush league it defies common sense.

  24. it will be interesting to see who they cut/drop as a result of Revis’ perspective – on the Jets vs Red Sox, players LOVED tito as well

  25. This is a complete indictment of the veteran leadership of the team, that they didn’t tell Rex what was going on before it was too late, or stop it themselves before it boiled over.

  26. This is pathetic veteran leadership. You want tons of money as a “difference maker”– but when someone is poisoning your team– all of a sudden its someone else’s issue. Triple pathetic that is took to the last drive of game 16 to do something—- and if you did nothing then, shut the hell up now. As much as I hate Rex, this is with you, boys.

  27. 28 -21 look who is laughing now?

    And once again the Giants prove where the jets place is in NY and who is/has been and always will be the red headed stepchild:

  28. Well, given Rex is on record as saying he had no idea why Santonio Holmes was benched for the season finale, it’s not too hard to believe he was clueless about team chemistry, too.

    He’s the head coach, yet would have have us believe he has no idea who’s on the field or even if they’re causing problems in the locker room. He’s proof that given a good roster, just about anybody can have a good run.

  29. Revis: one of the team captains, one of the best pure CBs in the league, should have everyone’s respect in the Jets locker room… keeps his mouth shut about what he sees until 3 1/2 weeks after the season is over.

    Rolle: has played every position in the secondary without complaint, speaks his mind often, and called out his teammates before the Jets game by essentially saying ‘it’s December, everybody has aches and pains, get your butts on the practice field.’ Giants haven’t lost since and are now playing for another Lombardi.

    Which guy would you rather have in your team’s locker room?

    As for Mark Sanchez running the team, that won’t happen until the guiys who were there before him are gone. Remember, the Giants weren’t Eli’s team until after he won SB42… Tiki had just retired the year prior, Strahan retired after the game, and Shockey was traded in that off-season. Once those three guys were gone, it became Eli’s team. The Jets will not be Mark’s team until some of the players there are similarly shown the door… assuming Mark can improve his skills and show that he has the talent and mindset to actually be such a team leader.

  30. Give Rex a break, he was busy trying to sell more copies of his book about how much better the Jets were than the Giants.

    BTW Jets fans, get ready for another Mevis holdout after this season.

  31. Bill Belichick uses veterans to feel the pulse for him. They are extensions of himself and therefore, he usually has a pretty good handle on what’s going on (2009 wasn’t a great example after Vrabel and Seymour were canned).

    Maybe Rex needs to think about how much of a “player’s coach” he wants to be.

  32. Fat boy is the most annoying coach ever can’t wait to see jets miss the playoffs do he gets his job at old country buffet again .and yes I had a foot fetish with his wife and much more . Sorry rexo:)

  33. Rex was too focused on his players footwork to notice any problems in the locker room


  34. profootballwalk says:Jan 26, 2012 5:55 PM

    Rex “Voted By Players The Coach They’d Most Like To Play For” Ryan.

    How’s that workin’ out for them?



  35. What’s startling is it’s not just Rex, but the entire coaching staff were in the dark? How is that even possible?

  36. OMG. How can an NFL coach…particularly a “players” coach…NOT know what’s going on in the locker room???? If the players love him so much why didn’t one of them go to him with the problems that were simmering under the surface before they boiled over on national tv?

  37. It’s his job to know. Just like how CEO’s need to keep touch with their employee’s. Mgmt. 101. Get some.

  38. He’s such a loud-mouthed fat ass. l2 eat your words. And BTW, good job propelling the Giants to the SB with all your smack talk. Right city, but wrong team? So laughable.

  39. mogogo1 says:
    Jan 26, 2012 8:41 PM
    Well, given Rex is on record as saying he had no idea why Santonio Holmes was benched for the season finale, it’s not too hard to believe he was clueless about team chemistry, too.

    once and for all. holmes was benched with 2 minutes left in the game. should schotty have run over and begun an in depth conversation with rex with 2 mins. on the clock? it was an irrelevant piece of information until the game was over.
    what HAD TO happen was that bs sees rex before he sees the press to give him a ‘heads up’. that he didn’t is very telling about what kind of leader and ‘team player’ he was (not)

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