Vincent Jackson wants a long-term deal in San Diego


For much of his seven-year career with the Chargers, Vincent Jackson has been an unhappy camper. But with his best opportunity to leave San Diego approaching, Jackson says he wants to stay.

I would like to stay in San Diego,” Jackson told at the Pro Bowl. “Obviously, that’s my home, that’s where I was drafted.”

Jackson said he would prefer a long-term deal to another year of the franchise tag, although he doesn’t sound as militantly opposed to the franchise tag as he used to be.

“That’s something that’s out of my control,” he said. “I can’t concern myself with how that goes. I’d love to have a long-term deal, just to have security of where you’re going to be for a while. That’s a decision that they have to make.”

If the Chargers franchise Jackson again, he’d be guaranteed a salary of more than $13 million for the 2012 season. So the franchise tag isn’t exactly a bad deal. But the Chargers reportedly would rather avoid a contract for Jackson that hits this year’s salary cap that hard and would rather work out a long-term deal, too. Which means the Chargers and Jackson may finally work something out this offseason that makes both sides happy.

26 responses to “Vincent Jackson wants a long-term deal in San Diego

  1. Charger fans everywhere feel his frustration. The gm only offers one year deals, lets established ruining backs leave in free agency, and comes of as cheap.
    Chargers will not get a ring under this management. Just as the other 3 teams in the west have vastly been improving

  2. And I for once want to stumble across a PFT post that is not accompanied by 17 comments from trbowman, but it just isn’t happening.

  3. The leagues greediest player dosent deserve the franchise tag and 13 million. Hes starting to sound like DeSean Jackson now. He didnt care about “his home” when he was sitting out the year did he?

  4. Somewhere, Eli Manning is laughing hysterically. No, wait a minute…he’s preparing for his second Super Bowl. Keep up the good work, AJ!

  5. I hope AJ drops the ball again with this guy. My Jags really need a superb WR like Jackson to go with whoever they draft (Blackmon hopefully).

    …and Trbowman craps all over every article posted. He’s a troll.

  6. If AJ Smith doesn’t want to get fired next year then he’ll pay the man. He lost the respect of the locker room and agents across the league with the way he screwed McNeil and Jackson two years ago. Then you go and tag a guy who only showed up to play 6 games because of your mismanagement of the situation? It was -AJ SMITH- who cost them a playoff birth that year; not Norv Turner.

    It’s a no-brainer to apologize to V Jackson in the form of a contract extension. But, the Lord of No Rings will let him walk and cost the Chargers another playoff birth along with his job and the coaching staff’s jobs. Gotta love San Diego’s arrogance.

  7. I have such a bad feeling that a deal is not going to happen, considering how many great players A.J. has allowed to get away.

    Please lock him up

  8. Jackson should seize this chance to get far, far away and get that multi-year deal elsewhere. Teams that desperately need a #1 WR: Chicago, Minnesota, Jax, SF, Seattle…

  9. Come to the Vikings Vincent! We have a great head coa… wait, I mean we have a healthy star runnin… umm, we have an amazing quarterba… Well, we have great catering! Just ask Randy Moss!

  10. If I were Vincent I’d do my best to go to the Patriots. Definitely a huge need for them and would allow them to focus on defense in the draft. Imagine a motivated Vincent, Welker, and Hernandez/Gronk out there with a better defense. Lethal.

  11. I expect AJ to offer Vincent nearly the same contract as Eric Weddle got, $40 million over five years (maybe four years).
    Gates is past his prime and they need Vincent if Gates goes down or retires.
    However, Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd are nearly identical TYPE players. SD really needs a SPEEDSTER WR, and Malcolm Floyd’s contract is small beans compared to Vincent’s value.

    I’d be OK to let him walk, as Vincent BROWN has shown very nice promise… Remember, VJ doesn’t catch 100 passes per season. He’s a 60 to 70 catch guy… So he should get paid like a 60 to 70 catch guy…
    I can see VJ going to the RAMS for big $$$.

  12. BTW: Sidney Rice’s contract is five-year, $41 million (nearly identical to Eric Weddle’s). VJ will get the same offer from San Diego, BUT with TONS of escape clauses, since VJ has two DUI’s.

  13. The difference between Vincent Jackson and Desean Jackson is VJAX didnt give up on his team like Desean did. Desean didnt get a deal so he sat on the bench and pout. VJax played though injury and helped SD win games. Even without contract guaranted. Tell me whos greedy.

  14. Just sign with the Cardinals, P. Manning would appreciated it, especially when he joins the team this off-season.

    Manning +Fitzgerald+Jackson= Plenty of problems for other defenses.

  15. I watched this guy from his rookie year and all the little bonehead mistakes he made on and off the field and truly feel thst he has come a long way and has become a real man thats responsible and dependable. this is usaully when AJ(J stands for jerk) lets them walk.

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