Winslow wanted Chudzinski to coach the Bucs


Buccaneers tight end Kellen Winslow isn’t necessarily complaining about the team’s decision to hire former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano.  After all, Schiano spent a couple of years as the defensive coordinator at the place where Winslow was once a f–king soldier.

But Winslow would have preferred another coach with connections to the “U” — Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.

In a Thursday interview with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of Sirius NFL Radio, Winslow mentioned at least three times that he wanted Chudzinski.  “I was really hoping for Coach Chudzinski who I was with at Miami and Cleveland,” Winslow said.  “But, you know, we got another guy in Greg Schiano who I know and heard he’s one of the best coaches people have been around.  And he’s got a lot of enthusiasm and [is] real energetic so I’m excited, man.”

But Winslow wanted someone who could give the Tampa offense an enema.  “Just a guy that could come in and take over and get this offense going,” Winslow said.  “And, you know, I mean, he’s been top of the league past seasons, Chud I’m talking about.  You got Cam Newton going over there and their offense rolling over there and they’re a much better team for it.  Just past connections and I know what offense he runs and love his offense obviously.”

So what does Winslow think about Schiano?

“I’m happy with Greg Schiano,” Winslow said.  “You know, I was just kinda hoping that it would be Chud.  But Greg Schiano is fine with me, man.”

It sounds like one of Schiano’s first challenges will be to find an offensive coordinator who makes Winslow forget about Chudzinski.

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  1. i dont think NFL players should use terms like “soldier” or “warriors” so loosely ,

    bc they are not.

    and if some of them want to use those terms, it better be the likes of a Ray Lewis or Troy Polamalu , u know , players that actually play like that…

  2. Why would anyone care what Kellen WinslowJr opinion on the HC is? He has been close to a bust considering where he was drafted.

    Mediocre NFL TE. Nothing close to what was perceived as his potential.

  3. Winslow also wants to stop dropping passes at critical junctures, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon either.

  4. I’m from Cleveland and we’ve beat the Winslow thing to death here but without a doubt he would have been one of the best ever had he not gone knucklehead on a crotch rocket.

  5. Some time before Junior went on his recruiting trip to the library at The U. senior should have had a talk with him explaining how the world works. Son it’s better to keep you mouth shut and be thought of as a fool then be yappin all the time and remove all doubt. Might have even gotten him laid, chicks dig the silent type.

  6. Say what you want about Winslow but the guy has been a model citizen, a leader and literally the hardest working/playing Buccaneer since we traded for him.

    I’m not going to lambaste the guy for having his preferences and I don’t think his comments are evidence of him being some sort of malcontent under Schiano.

    Dude wants to win…and put up his numbers 🙂 I’m fine with that.

  7. I am quite happy Chud is staying in Carolina. The offense went from dead last to 7th in just one year. People can say what they want like “trick play Chud”, that is ridiculous right there. Chud made Derek Anderson a pro bowler when he was the Offensive Coordinator in Cleveland. The guy is a genius and knows how to coach!

  8. irishnativeson says:
    Jan 26, 2012 6:24 PM

    Senior never had “the talk” Junior.

    Whoever would give this comment a thumbs down doesn’t know who senior is!!!

  9. Thanks to the big mouth Winslow, aka the “soldjya”, the Browns passed up QB Ben Roethlisberger in the first round of 2004. The guy’s a total bust and should have been cut by the Browns after he violated his contract with his offseason antics on the infamous motorcycle. So, as many posters here have already noted, who could possibly care what this farce has to say about anything? The best line about him I can remember is when then-Steeler LB Joey Porter said of him, “What’d he ever win? He just talks.” Precisely. He’s obviously still underperforming and overtalking.

  10. Well as a Panthers Fan Tampa missed out on a solid coach and when we take 2 again from them you will say what was the reason we didn’t take Chud… GO PANTHERS

  11. When you guys put up this kind of dribble, you really do call into question whether this thing is on autopilot.

    REally, a guy saying that he would have wanted to play under somebody who was the first coach to not only get the best out of him in the pros after he’d been an injury prone bust to that point, but also coached him in college is hardly news.

    Also, your headline makes it look like Shiano and he would have some kind of rift, when it couldn’t be further from the truth in his actual remarks.

    Move along here, nothing to see, which is becoming increasingly too much of the content on this site when it used to be top notch 95% of the time.

  12. jimmygrahamchrisivory says:

    Too many Urkels on your team, that’s why your Win’s Low.

    Hands down, post of the day. Extra credit for a excellent username as well.

  13. @ oldbrowndawg & all the other Browns fans who have something to say:

    Winslow has posted seasons of 66, 77, & 75 in his 3 years with the Bucs catching footballs from Byron Leftwich then Josh Johnson, & and a young & developing Josh Freeman and couldn’t be happier to get away from your second rate, staph infection cultivating training staff. K2 is no bust.

    Sit down Clowns.

  14. Kellen Knievel up to his old stunts. Just play football, you will not be part of any hiring decisions. Stay with the Bucs, you are a perfect fit there. They Browns will win a championship before Tampa Bay.

  15. just glad he is loooong gone form Cleveland . i went ballistic on draft day when Butch Davis moved up to take him . the only guy Matt Millen ever got one over on was Davis in the Winslow trade .. Idiot !!!

    Both of them

  16. As a bucs season ticket holder,i hope winslow is one of the first to be shown the door, most of freemans picks are trying to force him the ball

  17. I agree!!!

    I don’t think Schiano will do well in Tampa because he has NO BCS appearances, no breakout season since the one similar to 2006, he’s 13-12 in his last two seasons at Rutgers (yeah, this is so big time!!!); plus, he coached on several bad Chicago Bears teams in the 1990’s.

    His coaching resume is equivalent to the one Dennis Erickson had in 2003. His NCAA highlights and number of NFL years is very similar to Bobby Petrino’s.

    Bucs fans, get ready for a disastrous three years!!!!

  18. A less-important football player doesn’t exist. He’s a non-factor on a non-team. And his daddy is a ego maniac.

    All Winslow’s: go away. Leave what’s left of the joy of football to the rest of us.

  19. Stupid article. Hey Winslow. Shut your pie hole unless you plan on using it to catch passes. Your hands were like stone. You are a bust.

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