Chuck Pagano is still waiting to hear back from Rob Lowe


Thursday’s back-and-forth between Colts owner Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning overshadowed a monumental day in Colts franchise history.

The introduction of new coach Chuck Pagano felt secondary, but it wasn’t from a lack of enthusiasm from Pagano. Or humor. The first-time head coach was asked about Manning’s future.

“Uh, you know I’ve got a text or a call out to Rob Lowe and I haven’t heard back from Rob yet. I’m going to have to get back to you on that one,” Pagano said.

Pagano later called Manning a great leader, but said he needed time to sort out the situations with a lot of Colts leaders like Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Gary Brackett.

Pagano was somewhat vague about his offensive philosophy. He first mentioned that you have to run the ball well. He had much more defined ideas on what his defensive approach would be.

With Andrew Luck likely on the way, finding the right offensive coordinator might be even more important than finding the right head coach.

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  1. Finding the right OC and defining and sticking to an offensive philosophy are critical even if the QB is going to be Curtis Painter. There are going to be so many changes to this team.

  2. “With Andrew Luck likely on the way, finding the right offensive coordinator might be even more important than finding the right head coach.”

    Yes, I’m personally very surprised they didn’t hire an offensive coach to mentor Luck. Pagano is a good coach but we’ll see what he can accomplish… I can think of maybe 2 players on Indy’s D that would start for the Ravens….

  3. Man, talk about crapping all over Manning. What have you done for me lately takes on a whole new meaning in Indy.

  4. It sounds like we might have another head coach who loves hear themselves talk.

    I’m starting to believe that Mr. Pagano is over his head.

  5. Watching Pagano answer that question was initially painful. The media will of course report that he answered with a joke, but the “uh” was followed by a couple seconds of complete silence. It wasn’t comedic timing, either. He had no idea what he should say until he decided to make a joke about it.

  6. Yet another reason why I’m going to miss this guy in Baltimore. Now that’s a funny line. And perfectly played.

  7. Lowe is depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him. Didn’t you guys see Parks and Rec last night?

  8. Why do these situations regularly seem to go ugly? No reason for it. It just seems so simple to resolve.

    Peyton’s been paid millions upon millions while performing. He’s not now and there’s little hope things have/will improve.

    According to contract – did he earn his bonus?
    If yes – pay him.
    If no – release him before it’s due with GREAT thanks, so that money can be used to rebuild.

    If the bonus clause is ambiguous, split the money and go your separate ways. It will cost the Colts 14 mil to learn how to write better performance bonuses

    Seriously, where is the drama?

  9. He’s a quite a card. He’ll be good for some one-lines…then again a lot of loser coaches were good with funny comments. You remember Mora and “playoffs?..Playoffs!”

    He ran his mouth on Al Davis a bit toward the end of Davis’ reign… this guy and Irsay deserve each other.

    The Rob Lowe incident is ridiculous, and i’m getting the feeling that Luck will be doing face plants on the zingers Pagan chucks out…..really, really hoping Peyton is ok to face this team and drop 30-40 on them….

  10. I will say this. Ray Lewis has an impressive coaching tree. This guy here though….Chuck whatever his name is, has to be the least impressive coach that has come from Ray Lewis’ defense.

    What are the Colt’s thinking. Give Andrew Luck an offensive minded Headed Coach. At this pace they’re looking at Luck being Alex Smith or Matt Ryan 2.0 at best.

  11. Pagano = minor league Rex/Rob Ryan. Good defensive coordinator but his mouth is running already and clearly not prepared to be a “real” head coach. Too bad for the great fans in Indianapolis but Irsay junior can always call the moving vans in the middle of the night!

  12. “With Andrew Luck likely on the way, finding the right offensive coordinator might be even more important than finding the right head coach.”

    I don’t think Luck wants any part of this team. This is a disaster waiting to happen. This is the kind of situation where a failing team and instability could kill a young QB’s career. Just look at Alex Smith and the 49ers. If not for Harbough, Smith is ran out of town.

  13. Peyton’s roster bonus is not performance based. The Colts owe him the bonus on 03/08. If they pay him he’s a Colt. If they elect not to pay him he will not be a Colt and will elect to do something else unless both sides elect to renogiate bonus. Based on this weeks events that seems highly unlikely though especially since they will be paying AL a gazillion bucks to join the party. Fun stuff, being a Dolphin Fan isn’t so bad.

  14. @AlanSaysYo

    Yeah I saw that, he really looked like he had nothing to say for a few seconds until he came up with this. Then no one laughed while Pagano started chuckling to himself. He was the only one who laughed, which was funnier to me than the joke. Only thing missing was cricket noises.

  15. Amazing. With all the back and forth between Peyton, Jim, and Rob… I didn’t even know the Colts hired a new coach.

    At least the guy has a sense of humor. There is zero percent chance Peyton is a Colt next year, and that’s unbelievable.

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