Condon says Peyton will “consider the options” if he’s released

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Asked recently about the possibility of quarterback Peyton Manning playing for the Jets, agent Tom Condon offered merely a shrug.

That seems to be the most appropriate gesture for assessing the current state of the relationship between Manning and the Colts.

The verbal response encompassed the Jets and the other 30 NFL teams.  “Peyton is under contract,” Condon told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.  “If that changes, we’ll consider the options.”

And there apparently will be several.  The Cardinals reportedly will jump into the bidding, as will the Dolphins.  The 49ers, where another Condon client, Alex Smith, has finished a one-year contract, could make sense.  As could a team like the Texans, which would become a championship contender with the addition of a top-five quarterback.

Really, if Peyton is healthy, most teams not named “Patriots” or “Packers” or “Saints” or “Giants” could be/should be interested in at least toying with the possibility of the kind of upgrade Peyton would provide.

Condon’s comments also offered another potential clue as to Peyton’s current mindset regarding the Colts and, more specifically, owner Jim Irsay.  Asked about last week’s Twitter tsunami sparked by actor Rob Lowe “reporting” that Peyton will retire, Condon called the issue “[v]ery unusual, considering that Peyton doesn’t know him.”

But Lowe knows Irsay.  And Condon’s words could be interpreted as a shrewd effort to pin responsibility for the erroneous (and maybe wishful) retirement report on Irsay.

Irsay, like the Packers four years ago, would surely love nothing more than for Manning to play for no one else.  Whether Irsay is willing to give Manning another $28 million to possibly not play for the Colts in order to keep Manning from playing for another team is the question that Irsay must answer by March 8.

If nothing else has become clear in the past four days, the chances of Peyton agreeing to postpone that deadline plummeted to something close to zero the moment Irsay called Peyton a “politician.”

70 responses to “Condon says Peyton will “consider the options” if he’s released

  1. Peyton’s not going to the Texans, period. The cap room isn’t there, Schaub’s a top 10 QB when healthy, and I doubt signing with a division rival would go over well legacy wise.

  2. Really, if Peyton is healthy, most teams not named “Patriots” or “Packers” or “Saints” or “Giants” could be/should be interested in at least toying with the possibility of the kind of upgrade Peyton would provide.


    does this mean we are FINALLY putting Elijah in the “Elite” category”!!??

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  3. I heard Mike @ Mike on ESPN talk about the 49er’s as one of the best spots, they never mentioned that the 49er’s outside of Davis have no receivers. I would see the Jets as a better option for Manning.

  4. You forgot to mention the Eagles, we’re stuck with under sized, injury prone dog killer for at least one more year. Until atleast Andy gets canned and they both go to San Diego after Norvelicious gets fired and Phillip Rivers follows him to his next Offensive Coordinator job, which will probably be the LA Vikings or LA Jaguars.

  5. i dont know how every struggling team can bank on signing a player with such question marks on his health.

    My father received the same surgery as Manning. he can move, he can even throw a ball. There is no way that Peyton will be able to make a recovery physically to the man he was.

    When you are dealing with something so delicate as the neck and spine, you have to take every precaution.

    If Peyton gets hit agian, or even lands wrong, he could be right back to where he started before the surgeries..
    God bless Peyton Manning. but he should know what is important in life. he’s got enough money to life happily for the rest of his life. I would hate to see a competitor like him push himself & suffer another injury.

    I just hope he thinks long term

  6. I would say that any QB with a neck injury is serious and career threatening but with Manning and the size of that boulder on his neck, his career is dunski.

  7. The Vikings would seem to be a great fit for Manning. What do Vikings fans think? Is Ponder the future?

    You could play Manning, sit Ponder ala Aaron Rodgers.

    Manning and Peterson? Nice.

  8. Some of these team who can use an upgrade at QB can’t take Manning because of the cap room they are exposed to if they cut their current QB or for the fact the do not have the cap room to bring Manning on.

  9. Jets will get Peyton.

    Peyton can fix the locker room, Tom Moore is already there, and Tannenbaum will make the cap space work.

    Seattle Pete will trade for Sanchez, or will become Peyton’s clipboard guy.

  10. Yeah, the Eagles would most likely be out, as would the Lions, Steelers, Chargers, Panthers and Bears.

  11. When both parties agree to keep it in house, what does the media do to keep the “story” alive? Run to the agent for a quote.

  12. Speculating Manning going to the Texans is absurd. Did Schaub suddenly become garbage or something? He has been a very good QB. His issue was remaining healthy and he shed that stigma for the couple of years before this one. If Schaub were not injured there is a pretty good chance the Texans would be playing next week even with their other injuries. The only reason to raise the possibility is to generate some kind of “buzz” about Manning “sticking it” to Irsay by going to a division rival.

  13. The Cardinals???? Even if the Cardinals offered Peyton 40 mil a year would he go and play for them. They are one of the worst ran franchises out there, why would he play for that team.

  14. It will be Arizona. Manning and his inflated stats rely on an indoor climate controlled environment…..period. NO WAY he would ever jeopardize the myth that he is one of the best QBs of all time. Look at his indoor vs outdoor career stats….then compare them to Brady’s indoor/outdoor stats. Brady indoors is better. And you clowns think Manning will go into Giants stadium as a JET and toss balls around in that swirling wind to a disgruntled midget, an ex con…all under the watch of an undisciplined attention seeking loudmouth. Or San Fran with that crazy weather…or Seattle? Not a chance. Only indoor stadiums….the myth must live on!!

  15. My sense is that Peyton Manning has no intention of getting back on the field, given the serious nature of his injuries/surgeries and the violence of the game.

    But he would be a fool to admit that before payday–especially when Irsay the Jerk would be the one paying.

  16. I do not think Peyton would want to play with a wind bag like Rex Ryan or selfish WR like Santonio Holmes. The Jets “weapons” are no better then the 49ers. Just have bigger names. Do you think Peyton would want to play with Plaxico “glock” Burress? NOOO. Give up the dream Jet fans, your team sucks and Mannining is not coming to save the day. He would make the Cardinals an instaant hit with Larry Fitz.

  17. I am just fine with Joe Flacco as my QB; but imagine how sick the Ravens would be with this kind of upgrade over the next 3-5 years.

  18. Nobody has mentioned the Titans. 30 million under the cap, Payton’s home state where it all started and where he plans to live after football, a pretty good group of receivers/run game.

  19. How r the jets a better option? They have one good wr who is the focal point of all LockeR room issues, an Oline that seemed to struggle, no run game, and a D that seemed to underachieve this year.

  20. Manning will not go to Texas. They already ARE a championship contender and they have Schaub.

    Manning will not go to the Jets because Rex Ryan is a colossal idiot and that team is populated with selfish idiots.

    Manning will not go to SF because Condon is not going to dick over his own other client Alex Smith (he’ll want to make money off of TWO starting QBs on different teams)

    Manning will not go to the Cards because Maning wants to play in a big market.

    That leaves the Dolphins, which have a lot of pieces (BRandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, good o-line, good defense). The Dolphins play the Pats twice a year and Manning would get a shot at another championship at the expense of the Pats and the chance to be a hero in a town that hasn’t had a decent QB since Marino.

  21. To all the posters saying PM a class act

    I say he screwed the Colts by signing that contract knowing his neck was messed up I bet his doctor told him he may never play again now he wants another 28M before he calls it a game and hangs it up. Make me the highest paid player thanks BYE. You all know what he did and didn’t even kiss him

  22. Unless it’s known behind closed doors that Peyton is cleared medically, and the Colts are moving on, seems a little premature. Funny how the great, loves the Colts, won’t ever play anywhere else Peyton is starting to take pages from the Favre manual. This will get nasty, stay tuned.

  23. Peyton said he would be ready to play by the beginning of the regular season in 2011, didn’t happen. Peyton said that he would be able to play later in the season, didn’t happen. What the hell makes you idiots, fangirls, and tools think that Peyton is going to ever play in the NFL again?

  24. Also rule out any team with a coach who might want to express an opinion opposite to that of Mr. Manning or call him out once in a while or who values the concept of “team.”

  25. Given that Manning is upset and very competitive, I would put my money on a team in the same division as the Colts. That would be Houston baby…

    Runner-ups would be Jets, Niners, and long shot Seattle.

  26. I think most people have got the cart before the horse in this scenario.Nobody, and I mean Nobody, should be willing to shell out tens of millions of dollars to buy a QB without first knowing positively what the medical status is regarding this neck surgery! Neck Nerve injury/surgery and damage is serious business when it comes to healing and then being put back on the field! Nobody, at this point even knows if Peyton can take another snap !I would settle down and see how this shakes out before I spend millions that could end up in the crapper just like this past year !

  27. Retirement. Why risk paralysis or at the very least hardly being able to do anything for the rest of his life if he takes a helmet to helmet hit. One bad hit is all it will take.

    Time to enjoy your vast fortune.

  28. Vikings likely would require Peyton to hand over his text messaging history before they’d consider signing him. I’m not sure Peyton would accept that violation of privacy.

  29. If manning goes to the jets, it will be because of his life-long OC Tom Moore is the consultant there. Plus I heard jets are shopping Dustin Keller. Maybe making room for a D. Clark or Wayne?? Who knows.

    But if we do keep Sanchez as QB, any true jet fan or real nfl fan knows jets NEED to get Braylon Edwards back Regaurdless of what you think of him(he does not drop balls like everyone likes to paint him as) but in 2010 Sanchez had a deep ball connection with Edwards which is what jets missed this past year.

  30. I love it when people say, “Team X has no receivers.” Did you see how Peyton was able to make Jacob Tamme and Blair White seem like legitimate NFL talents?

    It takes two to tango.

  31. If the nerve does not come back 99% this guy may play but will never be worth the dollars most are speculating about. I had a bulging disk that affected the nerve in my leg. It made my toes numb but there was little pain so I ignored it. Months later the pain increased so I went to the doc. The first thing he asked me to do was raise both of my feet with my weight on my heels. Try as I might I couldn’t raise my left foot. The nerve was basically shut off.

    After shots, therapy, and time, I regained good enough use of the nerve and leg to function completely normal at work, experience no pain, and can walk heal to toe with no “foot drop”. But here’s the kicker – I cannot run half marathons any more. My doctor did a follow up and says that the nerve came back some 80% which is great, but my peak performance stuff is gone forever. I’ve taken up cycling instead. Maybe Peyton can learn to throw left handed?

  32. Much like Sidney Crosby, I think Peyton should just walk away. You have tens of millions in the bank. They can buy you lots of things, but not a new neck. If it isn’t better after all this time, maybe you should take that as a sign from your body that it’s over. There’s no shame in it. You have nothing left to prove.

    That being said, if any team out there sees the slightest progress in his neck, they’ll throw money at him just for the chance. Peyton already got a huge payday for doing absolutely nothing, and the opportunity is likely there to do it again. Don’t. Be remembered as a warrior, not a guy who bamboozled 2 franchises for 8 figures. Your legacy can be tainted in a big hurry. Talk to a guy named Favre if you don’t believe me.

  33. I had one shoulder surgery and two neck surgeries in a 19 month period trying to relieve nerve pain in my shoulder, arm and hand. I have titanium plates and screws in my neck rather than the cadavor bones Peyton has, but similar situation nonetheless. All of this happened in the same timeline as Peyton. Doctors told me that any sudden jolt could cause either more surgeries or parralization. My wife would not let me go out on a football field, I can’t imagine Peyton’s wife letting him.

  34. vetdana says:
    Jan 27, 2012 9:17 AM
    I think most people have got the cart before the horse in this scenario.Nobody, and I mean Nobody, should be willing to shell out tens of millions of dollars to buy a QB without first knowing positively what the medical status is regarding this neck surgery! Neck Nerve injury/surgery and damage is serious business when it comes to healing and then being put back on the field! Nobody, at this point even knows if Peyton can take another snap !I would settle down and see how this shakes out before I spend millions that could end up in the crapper just like this past year !

    Never put anything pass on Danny Boy Snyder to do something stupid like signing Peyton Manning to a big contract and then find out Peyton can’t play anymore.

  35. What grates me about comments that Peyton deserves speculative bonuses regardless of his health because of everything he has done for the Colts is that Peyton was paid handsomely the past few years.

    It almost reminds me of the Warren Buffet secretary being trotted out as an example regarding tax rates. They make it out like she’s being abused or something when we discover she makes 200k+ per year! As a secretary?

    Maybe Irsay is right and this is much like politics.

  36. the JETS??? are you fans serious, that team is just as bad of a circus as the Colts. There coach is Rex Ryan and they play outside, also there Oline sucks and they have no running game

    he will go warm or indoors if he is healthy

  37. If you connect all the dots and take everything into consideration, Peyton will be playing for the Jets next season. Here’s why:

    1.he has a ring and he has money and he loves the camera. At this point he’ll want to brand his name because he’s done everything there is to do on a football field. Where better to brand than NY.

    2.We all know Archie has much sway in his boys’ decisions. Are you telling me Archie is not salivating at having his two boys become kings of NY and turn the Manning name into even greater royalty?

    3.Tom Moore, Peyton’s favorite coordiantor is as we know a consultant with the Jets.

    4.Jets GM Mike Tannebaum may be playing for his job this offseason. Add to that the Jets have becomne irrelevant again with the Giants in ther SB and of course the late season meltdown. There is only one way I can think of to take care of all that in one fell swoop.

    5.Redskins? You think Archie will push his son to go play for Dan Snyder? Miami? There’s no fan base down there and they have 12 GMs. Arizona? We all know how the Manning family feels about playing out west.

    I’m telling you. It’s the Jets. Wait and see.

  38. Who knows if he will even be healthy enough to play EVER again. but reading things like this is what makes me upset to be a bills fan. i would bet that the bills would be too cheap to get us a winning qb. /sigh.

  39. Here’s how things will shake out – 1) Manning to Washington, 2) Cleveland trades up to get RG3, 3) Miami signs Flynn and 4) Seattle signs Hoyer. The Jets will stick with Sanchez, Cardinals have Kolb and Ponder will be fine in Minn.

  40. The frog on the table is that Peyton has played his entire career in a unique offensive system. When/if he moves to another team, he will need to adapt to a new system. No doubt he is smart enough to learn a new system, and he can make all the throws. But what has distinguished PM from other top QBs is all that play-resetting at the line of scrimmage. That is his signature. And, most likely, he won’t have the same reads and checkdowns in his new system. And probably not the same degree of latitude to change the play. Without his entire bag of tricks, he may become just a pretty good QB.

  41. It’s all about money for the Mannings. PayMeATon is non pitching Papa Johns Pizza….make a few mill and fatten up America….Way to go Manning. Day light is fading…and PayMeATon is slipping right into the celebrity huckster mode right behind Marino. Free money….gotta grab it all…right.

  42. I’m a Vikings fan and I would like to say that the Vikings are amongst the worst fits for Peyton. First and foremost our offensive line is in shambles – Peyton would get destroyed and this would drive him crazy not to mention just coming off surgery he needs protection now more than ever. Secondly we finally drafted a QB in Ponder who we are developing…it took us a decade to get off the merry go round of aging veteran QBs.

    SF would be interesting. Good drama yet to unfold, gotta love the NFL.

    ps. get well soon Adrian. skol

  43. “they never mentioned that the 49er’s outside of Davis have no receivers. I would see the Jets as a better option for Manning.”

    And the jets do? Haha

  44. I don’t see Peyton going to the Jets. He seems like a guy who is above all the talking and would rather just go out and let his play do all the talking. Not to mention, all of the problems in the Jets locker room right now which just keep growing. This is purely speculation and I could be wrong, but I feel the Jets are a team at the bottom of Peyton’s list.

  45. DonRSD says:
    does this mean we are FINALLY putting Elijah in the “Elite” category”!!??
    His name is Elisha.

    The answer depends on the outcome of the SB.
    If he is key to a victory, late drive, etc he would be worthy of more accolades. A clutch guy, brings his game when it counts would properly apply.

    But overall, to be in the top rank, the issue is consistency.
    He is far from done, but for example,
    his regular season record is 74-54.

    Brady is at 100-28.

    Other areas, there is also no comparison.
    But as a clutch player, a guy you want for one game?
    He would merit consideration with a win in the SB.

  46. You can narrow the possible desitinations down to the following categories:

    1) In need of a QB and don’t have one locked into a mulit-year contract
    2) Is not a losing or rebuilding team
    3) Is not a team with stability issues
    4) Has a good playing climate or indoors

    That leaves:

    49ers, Cardinals, Vikings, Titans, and Dolphins.

    I included the Vikings because I feel that it wouldn’t be out of the question to bring in Manning for 2-3 years and have Ponder learn under him.

    I would be shocked if it was not one of those teams listed above.

  47. If Manning is healthy the Redskins will sign him. Shanahan’s getting ready to do the same thing he did with an aging Elway. Go Skins!

  48. Manning isn’t going to the Jets. Typical NY Jet/Yankees fan thinking. Why would Peyton go to a team with such discord in the locker room and a pompous coaching staff? I am pretty sure Peyton, being the class act that he is, will not want to go out that way. Not to mention the 5 million left on the Jets 2012 CAP surely won’t get any deal done. Even if they were to move $$ around and renegotiate contracts it looks the best they could do is have 8-10 million available. The New Jersey Jets are a mess and will continue to stay that way while Sexy Rexy is at the helm.

  49. Peyton will not care about the receivers. He will go to the team that he believes has the best O-Line. Give him the protection…that’s all he needs.

  50. Although I have only limited respect for Manning’s whining and throwing his fellow players under the bus for past losses, there’s no doubt that he was, in his prime, one of the best QBs of all time.

    As a football fan first and foremost, no one should ever want to see one of the all time greats see their career cut short due to injury.

    As a Patriots fan I’m actually pulling for him to recover (something still uncertain) and return to Pro-Bowl form. Watching mediocre QBs in the NFL is downright painful. Peyton makes the NFL better to watch (and he won me over with his old SNL United Way spoof too)

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