In Schiano, Bucs believe they have disciplined teacher


After a long and winding coach search, the Bucs chose a man they believe will be able to teach the youngest roster in the league.

It appears Rutgers coach Greg Schiano got the gig in part because of how he works with young players.

“He’s a defensive-minded coach whose teams have always been characterized by toughness and a physical style of play,” G.M. Mark Dominik told Roy Cumming of the Tampa Tribune. “He’s a meticulous teacher who knows how to get the most out of his players.”

Dominik mentioned that Rutgers products were disciplined, structured, and prepared. The Bucs seem to see Schiano as an antidote to Raheem Morris, whose young team absolutely collapsed down the stretch in 2011.

Then again, Tampa’s first choice was Oregon coach Chip Kelly. He couldn’t be more different than Schiano. Dominik also indicated to Cumming that the team had another mystery candidate in mind if Schiano turned them down.

This much is clear regarding the Bucs coaching search: After meeting with a bunch of former NFL coaches, the Bucs seemed focused on getting a fresh face from the college ranks.

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  1. With their choices of Dungy, Gruden, Morris and now Schiano, the Glazer-owned Bucs have always made a splash with their head coach hire. You never know who is going to succeed out of college. When asked about the hiring of Jimmy Johnson by the Cowboys, then-Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan said: “Ain’t no East Carolinas in the the NFL.” He was wrong.

  2. Good hire. The guy is a winner because he dominated the Big East. All the college coaches that came into the NFL from Johnson to Switzer to Ericcson to Carrol all won national titles. Harbaugh dominated at Stanford and got them to a BCS win, plus he had pro experience. Schiano did all that at Rutgers and more……smh.


  3. Maybe they listened to these old fools talk and thought to themselves “what the heck are we doing here- these washed up retreads all sound exactly the same. Maybe we should try something different”.

    I see Schiano as a “bring stability and toughness and a winning attitude guy” who will need to be replaced in 3 years or so by a “take them over the top guy”.

    Not sure if it will work, but I think that’s the theory.

  4. .

    I’m hopeful Bucs fans will give him a fair opportunity to prove himself. I think it’s going to be quite a culture shock for some players going from Raheem Morris to Schiano.


  5. Show me you want to win Glazers.

    Spend on the staff, spend on the free agent market and give this guy the chance to shape his own destiny (unlike the last guy).

  6. duanethomas says:
    Jan 27, 2012 11:17 AM
    Good hire. The guy is a winner because he dominated the Big East.

    You sir are as wrong as it gets. What Big East did he dominate? RU hasn’t beaten WVU since 1994 (before Shiano) and only three times since 1980! Schiano never won a Big East title, never. This is not the SEC we are talking about here. His teams were mostly undersized and overmatched and confused with his constant position switches. His Rutgers record was one game over .500 including an annual clashes with football powerhouses like Buffalo U. Jerked around starting QBs for the last three years. Shiano can recruit a bit but his in game decisions/adjustments were horrible. Good bye and good riddance.

  7. Spend in the free agent market?

    I love this dumb fan argument.

    What free agents are out there that will make a splash? Name 3.

    And then show me the big time free agents the Giants and Patriots have that got them to the Super Bowl.


  8. Dumb fan argument?
    I don’t think sensiblebuc is being unreasonable for asking that the Glazers show a little commitment to their team on this side of the pond.
    And who said they must sign “splash” free agents? The team has so many personnel holes to fill, just some good veterans who also can bring some leadership to the locker room would be an upgrade.

  9. @snookau

    Here’s 20 free agents for you who are alumni of the current or recent Pro Bowls. Some will stay with their current teams but with the amount of money the Bucs have available with their cap space anything is possible. I didn’t include in QB’s on this list because its a safe bet that Freeman isn’t going anywhere, but you could add Drew Brees, Matt Flynn, Alex Smith, Kyle Orton and others to this list.

    1. Ray Rice (played for Schiano at Rutgers)
    2. Matt Forte
    3. Arian Foster(Restricted)
    4. Reggie Wayne
    5. Wes Welker
    6. Vincent Jackson
    7. Dwayne Bowe
    8. Mike Wallace(Restricted)
    9.Marques Colston(already said he won’t give Saints a discount)
    10. Carl Nicks (All-Pro and also with the Saints who still have to resign Brees)
    11. Stevie Johnson
    12. DeSean Jackson
    13. Ben Grubbs
    14. Jeff Saturday
    15. Robert Mathis
    16. John Abraham
    17. Cliff Avril
    18. Mario Williams
    19. Brent Grimes
    20. Carlos Rogers

    Let me know if you need more names.

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