Is Eli better than Peyton?

Mike Florio talks with NFL Newsday columnist Bob Glauber about the Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots and Giants and his belief that Eli Manning is an elite quarterback who he’d take over Peyton Manning.

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7 responses to “Is Eli better than Peyton?

  1. I think he is. He’s playing in his 2nd Superbowl soon and Peyton will be watching from a suite because he couldn’t play this year.

    I’d bet a lot that every GM in football would take Eli over Peyton right now.

  2. Oh Gawd PFT people, we have a perfect storm here. There will be at least 5 Mannings stories a day, everyday for the next 10 days. Then its going to be Peyton all this off-season. If you overdosed on Favre, you AIN’T seen nothing yet. Mannings all the time…..

  3. I am a lifelong Colts fan. I predicted that when Eli came out of college, he would be better than big brother Peyton. Seemed to have more fire and that certain something needed to win big (read postseason) games. For a long time, my son laughed at me. This season, he’s not laughing so much. If the Giants win another SB, I think you have to give strong consideration to the idea that Peyton is the 2nd best QB in the family. There is something to be said for the fact that the Giants overall are/have been the better team, which gives Eli the edge, but that isn’t all of it.

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