John Harbaugh calls kicking consultant’s comments “unfortunate”

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh met with the media on Friday, primarily to discuss the hiring of Dean Pees as defensive coordinator and the retention of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

But Harbaugh also addressed an issue relating to a member of his staff that, before Tuesday, not many people even knew existed.

Kicking consultant Randy Brown appeared on WIP radio in Philly on Tuesday.  Among other things, he said that foul play couldn’t be ruled out regarding the incorrect information displayed on the scoreboard at the end of the AFC title game, when kicker Billy Cundiff supposedly believed that it was only third down and had to rush to the field when he realized it was actually fourth down.

I just think it was unfortunate,” Harbaugh said regarding Brown’s remarks, via John Eisenberg of

“I’ve known Randy for a long time. Randy is a very good person,” Harbaugh said.  “If you listen to the interview, you get a very clear indication that it was in jest.  He’s known those guys for a long time.  He’s a Philly guy, he’s been on that radio station a bunch, and they were going back and forth, and there was a lot of laughing going on.

“It wasn’t meant in a serious way, but it doesn’t come out that way in print.  Randy should understand that, and he feels really bad about it right now.  We in no way at all think that [the Patriots were up to something], and we’ve said that already.”

Still, Harbaugh seems to think that Cundiff possibly believed it was third down, due to the information on the scoreboard.

“Sometimes the kicker is in back, he’s on his own, he’s at the net, and they get themselves in that place to kick a field goal.  He might be looking at the scoreboard . . . but he’s also in communication with Randy. Those guys knew, or should have known, what the down and distance was.”

If Randy Brown is looking at the scoreboard of his career in Baltimore right now, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll see this message:  Game over.  Kicking consultants are like long snappers; if you’re talking about them at all, there’s a problem.

63 responses to “John Harbaugh calls kicking consultant’s comments “unfortunate”

  1. Randy Brown is a complete hack. When you were a one-time NFL insider for the Angelo Cataldi show, nothing more needs to be said. He never added any insight whatsoever. Can’t believe that a smart organization like the Ravens actually employs him.

  2. Randy .Brown is a politician during the week, he deals with crooks, cheaters, scammers and that’s just as a consultant with the Ravens- no telling what he deals with as a politician in Philly

  3. Way to go Randy, you single handedly made an entire fanbase look like a bunch of crybabies. Nice.

  4. John Harbaugh is just being polite. The guy had a point. You don’t know, and can’t rule out the idea of the home team’s staff deliberately making a mistake on the scoreboard. Not with the Patriots. They have a history of strange circumstances that work in their favor.

  5. why would the ravens have used a timeout? then everybody would be bitching about icing their own kicker if he missed. the guy missed an easy field goal, its hard to believe but it happened. hats off to harbaugh and ray lewis for taking this tough loss like men and not acting like bernard pollard the official ravens twitter account.

  6. Its unfortunate that the head coach didn’t call a time out so the kicker wasn’t out there rushing a kick with the clock running down to 0. Save that time out for next season coach.

  7. if he’s a kicking consultant how come Cundiff was so late getting on the field? What the hell was this idiot doing?

  8. Baltimore is plummeting. The Burg is rising. Wow, greatest is about to be seen by millions.

  9. Not a fan of John Harbaugh’s, but he’s handled this situation very well. He quickly countered any suggestion that they lost because of the scoreboard. He’s listened to Brown’s entire radio interview so he could put the comments in context. And he’s reminding Brown–and everyone else–that you have to watch what you say in interviews because any snippet can be blown out of proportion to create a controversy. On this issue, he’s been the voice of reason.

    Brown made a couple of serious mistakes during and after that game. One nice thing about hiring consultants and freelancers is the no-fuss termination.

  10. You know what is the one good thing about getting bounced from the playoffs?

    The head coach of an NFL franchise has time to listen to and critique an interview his “kicking consultant” gives to a radio station that isn’t in their home market.

    I bet the janitor said some salacious things on a college radio station in Kalamazoo. What are his thoughts on that?

  11. ErikW65 says:Jan 27, 2012 10:04 PM

    John Harbaugh is just being polite. The guy had a point. You don’t know, and can’t rule out the idea of the home team’s staff deliberately making a mistake on the scoreboard.

    Anyone, who really believes it was on purpose is a total i-d-i-o-t. Anyone, with half a brain realized that the guy running the scoreboard simply got confused when the ball was fumbled forward out of bounds, and did not really result in a first down.

  12. To begin with you can’t blame the kicker, blame a coach for not calling time out. If a quarterback had to rush in and make a pass in a few seconds
    left he would call time out but if he didn’t what would happen he would throw it away if he had to
    a kicker can’t do that. There was no organazation on what to do in that case. Pay attention to detail
    is the word. In the end of some of these games you can’t think that the score would change in a few minutes. But they due he missed a easy one
    and it seems he made those all year that I saw. I will say like I tell a lot of people who you think will be in the final game it is always some body you didn’t expect. Everybody thought it would be the Packers, it always seems that way. But never happens. Only one team walks away happy the other 31 are sad, because it turn out that way.

  13. None of this changes a simple fact: The Ravens had a timeout left. If Cundiff felt rushed, he should have used it. If Harbaugh paid attention to his kicker and saw he was rushed, he should have called a timeout. No amount of ‘THE SCOREBOARDS WERE WRONG, THEY CHEATED!!!!’ changes the fact that they messed up in not calling the timeout.

    Man, they could even have taken a Delay of Game penalty and gone for the 37-yarder. What’s better, rushing a 32-yarder, or taking your time with a 37-yarder? Seriously, they want to complain about everything but how they messed up.

    If the Ravens want to blame anyone, they should look in a mirror.

  14. I know it is, “en vogue” right now to slam coaches like, the Harbaughs and the Ryans, but people like this make websites like this thrive, and they make the NFL and our lives more colorful. I for one would love to have any of them coach for my team (especially Jim Harbuagh).

  15. Created a account just to post on this…. I honestly liked harbough but this drew the line. You have a quarterback along with a huge amount of fans who hate Cameron, and you bring him back? That 3rd and 3 draw play should have been enough! Now you don’t say cundiff won’t be back??? That kick would have missed the extra point after scoring a TD for crying out loud!!! I’m tired of this crap! you’re going to end up losing your job cause you won’t let cameron walk. opponents have come out sayin his play calling is predictable for crying out loud why are you bringing him back!!!!

  16. Sorry Harbaugh you should have called a timeout, I mean that’s almost as idiotic as 12 men in the huddle.

    -Brad Childress

  17. I’d like to throw my hat in in the ring to replace him. I’m pretty sure I could handle reading low single digit numbers off big orange sticks for 60 minutes 20-24 times a year. I’ll also go out on a limb and assume I’d know which side of the field the ball should be kicked toward too.

  18. Harbaugh and Brown are friends. Brown was the kicking consultant in Philly when Harbaugh was there. Harbaugh isn’t quick to pull the trigger on firing his friends. He was certainly defending his friend today. On a side note Brown is a Mayor of a small town. NFL films did a piece in him a couple of years ago.

  19. On another side note, u have trouble getting a kickers attention to get on the field to kick use a frickin timeout. He rushed onto the field should have seen that (as a head coach) and called a T.O. As a kicker it’s tough. You have wind/distance/placement/pressure to deal with. It’s pretty tough. However he still has to make the kick. As I mentioned, that would have not even made the extra point after a TD

  20. It’s funny…this is not the first time that John Harbaugh has used the ploy of trying to downplay an inappropriate comment made by someone in the organization (or by himself) by saying that the remark was only said “in jest”. He might be a good coach, he might not be; but his pressers are to die from.

  21. It is unfortunate that:

    We lost to New England

    Harbs didn’t call a time out

    Cundiff had no idea what was going on

    Evans let them knock the ball out

    Ed Reed decided to open his mouth

    The defense let Tom Brady score on a sneak

    We lost Chuck

    We still have Cam

    Should I go on??????

  22. Oh I forgot one:

    It is unfortunate that stupid Steeler fans are still running their mouth. Really, what does it take to shut you all up?

  23. 7thlombardiontheway says: Jan 27, 2012 10:07 PM

    Baltimore is plummeting. The Burg is rising. Wow, greatest is about to be seen by millions.

    After the Steelers lost to the worst QB in the league – TWICE (Alex Smith, Tim Tebow) – this guy is still talking?

    As a neutral observer I have no issue with what Randy Brown said. Everyone makes jokes about the Patriots cheating because, you know, they cheated.

    I do have an issue with PFT reporting the incident as if Mr. Brown was being serious. PFT’s slant on the report sure seemed to have a bias in retrospect.

  24. Is there any way to get Angelo Cataldi fired? Talk about a complete hack and total fool. I hate that guy.

  25. Eric W65

    If you knew anything about football, the scoreboard is operated by the home team and is often incorrect. It’s not and never has been official> It’s for the fans. The yard markers ON THE FIELD. You know, the ones with the BIG NUMBERS in black on a field of red and held by NFL-employees dressed in the same uniform as the officials, ARE the official down-and-distance indicators.
    Read what they are saying about Randy Brown above, they apply to any Ravens fan who believes likewise! It seems like you and he are the only conspiracy theorists on this board – and he might not be long for the Ravens!

  26. Hey Ravens fans, you lost the game fair and square. Your kicker blew it in two ways, missed the kick and should have called the final timeout to be ready for the FG. Enough of the whining, the better team won the game that day. They always do, in fact 7-1 against you whiners is clear evidence that you cannot win the big games especially against the better team and franchise. So sit back and watch the Super Bowl from your couch and watch the 2 best teams in the NFL play for the Lombardi Trophy. GO PATS !!!

  27. “kicking consultant”?!?

    That sounds like a punchline all by itself. I dont know what they make, but it is easily the most overpaid job in sports.

  28. IF the Ravens had taken a timeout then the buzzard pickin cesspool that is the media would have shown, “Harbaugh Freezes Own Kicker”

    You can’t win with these poop eaters!

  29. WIP…is the National Inquirer of sports radio……its a Rag, not even close to true journalism……its Howard Stern’s version
    of the sports news

  30. tallguyme says:
    Jan 28, 2012 6:30 AM
    the one thing I don’t get in all of this… wouldn’t there be LESS pressure on Cundiff if he thought it was 3rd down?

    The 3rd down excuse isn’t about pressure it’s that Cundiff has a kick routine for each down. If he thought it was 3rd down he was doing something else, practicing on the sideline, etc, and not getting ready to run on the field.

    Still no excuse.

  31. jr4real says:Jan 27, 2012 10:07 PM

    if he’s a kicking consultant how come Cundiff was so late getting on the field? What the hell was this idiot doing?
    He’s an consultant not a coach !!! So who’s the idiot hmmm look up both words .

  32. This first family of football has turned into a couple of MAJOR CRY BABIES full of excuses.

  33. It’s pretty obvious this loss is going to stick with these guys for a long time.

  34. The situation called for Harbaugh to think/act outside the norm of what a coach is asked to do.

    In Harbaughs’ coaching career when asked to think outside the box ; ask Ed Reed to tackle, or not field punts off the hop or God forbid to sit Ray Lewis on passing downs, Harbaugh can’t do it.

    He has had the best talent over his time as head coach and has just enough to show for it to keep his job.

    Will he grow as a coach?

    Considering he didn’t have the stones to replace CCameron, we have to think the answer is no.

  35. Maybe if their kicking consultant had a consultant of his own, they would have known it was fourth down, or that it was a chip shot and a delay of game penalty wouldn’t be such a bad thing and probably better than rushing and screwing up the season. If only the Ravens had one more consultant, they’d be Indy bound.

  36. ErikW65 says:
    Jan 27, 2012 10:04 PM
    John Harbaugh is just being polite. The guy had a point. You don’t know, and can’t rule out the idea of the home team’s staff deliberately making a mistake on the scoreboard. Not with the Patriots. They have a history of strange circumstances that work in their favor.
    I’ve heard that they’ve changed the scores on the scoreboard, too.

    Whenever I hear and read about the Broncos, 49ers, Steelers, Cowboys, Panthers, Jets, Vikings, Bengals, and anyone else with a blemish in their history, I always wonder too.

    Rather than dealing with issues pertaining to real life situations, I just get consumed with sports media spin instead. ; )

  37. What exactly does a “kicking consultant” do anyway? A kicker can either kick or he can’t. Why can’t people accept that fact that Cundiff just missed the field goal…period. It happens, you know.

  38. Patpatriot7 is right on. The scoreboard is operated by the same home team crew that runs the big screen replays and inhouse music. Its funny because Harbaugh complained about the Steelers playing some song that could have hurt Flacco’s feelings but is taking the high road here. Probably because Baltimore’s scoreboard is the the worst run in the league. There have been times they won’t change the down and distance until the snap, especially after a penalty. It’s as if people who have never seen the sport are operating it.

  39. nflfollower says: Jan 28, 2012 7:48 AM

    How is one harbaugh so whiny while the other is taking his loss like a man? Younger brother could learn something here


    Actually, Jim Harbaugh IS the younger brother. And he’s handling it the way he should. He might be younger, but he’s much more together than his older brother, John. (Who can be seen running up and down the sidelines just about every game yelling at the refs, or else standing there with a lost, “deer-in-the-headlights” look.)

    So you’re right, big difference between the 2 Harbaugh brothers. One is competent and conducts himself like a seasoned NFL head coach, while the other one runs up and down like a B-Level high school gym teacher/coach.

  40. For all the trash talk that the Ravens fans did before the game, I would like to commend the majority of them for coming on here and admitting the Patriots just made a few more plays than they did. It’s unfortunate for you guys that Evans didn’t hang on and Cundiff missed the FG, but Flacco had 3 tries to win the game after Brady scored and he came up with 0 points – INT, on downs, and missed FG. I think the Ravens lost their chance at the Super Bowl when they lost the #1 seed at San Diego. Home field is nice and the Ravens were great home team all year. Instead, you finished 4-5 on the road.

  41. Respectful, John. Now if you could only slap some manners into that smug little brother of yours. A simple, “Yes, you’re right. Bradshaw did not fumble,” will do.

  42. Baltimore fans need to shut up and quit complaining. Only 3 other teams got as far as they did. Shut up about the OC, the K, the DC and anything else. Enjoy the great season your team had. And congrats on a great season!!

  43. Unfortunate! Not calling a time out was unfortunate, complaing all game is unfortunate and lets throw in pushing one of your coaches is also unfortunate. The coach need to step up and taske some responability for that lose.

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