League could derail new Vikings stadium at site of Metrodome

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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants a new Vikings stadium to be constructed on the site of the current one.  After initially expressing frustration regarding the possibility, the Vikings are now optimistic.

But the NFL isn’t.

According to Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the league isn’t happy with a plan that would require the Vikings to spend up to three seasons at TCF Bank Stadium, the open-air facility on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

“I can tell you there won’t be a lot of happy campers among the membership,” an unnamed source close to the situation told Murphy.  “TCF is a gem, but it’s not an NFL stadium.”

There are several problems with the alternative facility.  “Capacity is way reduced,” the source told Murphy.  “It’s a different atmosphere for visiting teams, not as much of a home-field advantage for the Vikings.  Nobody has figured out how the team will fill that loss of revenue hole.  There’s still a lot of wood to chop.”

Some of the wood that needs to be chopped relates to the service of a beverage made with hops.  Alcohol sales are prohibited at TCF Bank Stadium, but the university reportedly is willing to make an exception for NFL games played there.

Teams rarely are forced to play elsewhere while stadiums are being constructed.  In 2002, the Bears spent a season at the University of Illinois while Soldier Field underwent renovations.  Though many in Minnesota would welcome the opportunity to ditch the dome for a few years and get back outside, Metropolitan stadium-style, the better approach would be to use the Metrodome until the new building is ready.  If the new building will be on the site of the Metrodome, that simply won’t be a possibility.

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  1. I don’t know the logistics and layout of the current site, but isn’t it quite common to build the new stadium where the current parking lot is located? I know Lucas Oil Stadium is within a stone’s throw of where the RCA Dome used to be.

    Not as much of a home field advantage for the Vikings? Are you kidding? Outdoors in December in Minnesota? I would like to think that’s a pretty good home field advantage.

  2. Maybe they could play in London, Mexico City, Barcelona, Tokyo, Singapore, Johannesburg, Rome and Dubai. Oh, I forgot, Goodell’s lickspittle in St. Louis already volunteered for all those sites.

  3. “The better approach would be to use the Metrodome until the new building is ready. If the new building will be on the site of the Metrodome, that simply won’t be a possibility.”

    Thank God for that clarification…
    This whole thing is a mess, let the state and team figure this whole thing out, it would just be for 3 years. Why would the NFL do anything, say anything that could hurt the creation of a new stadium? Isn’t that what they want, everyone and their mom to be paying for a new stadium? Just shut up and let the state and team work it out how they see fit.

  4. My team is the laughing stock of the entire NFL. No stadium. Worst GM in the NFL. Worst coaching staff in the NFL. Question mark at the QB position. Weakest depth in the NFL. No defense outside the defensive line. No offensive line. No receivers. Horrible contracts. Our franchise player just tore his ACL after signing a 100 million dollar contract. On top of ALL OF THAT, we play in by far the toughest division in the NFL. This is a tough pill to swallow. This is when REAL fans show their true colors. And I still bleed purple and gold. I still love my Vikings as much as ever.

  5. The league should do nothing to get in the way of a new stadium…

    unless of course, they really would like to see the Vikings leave and don’t want to say so publicly.

  6. Just play in a park or the street because if we don’t get some serious help in the draft or free agency for the offensive line, Christian Ponder and Joe Webb will not last the season. So they might as well be playing back yard football and improvise.

    Everyone go deep!

  7. the vikings are always so draining for a fan, why does it always hav 2 be difficult…..i grew up a fan, use to ride my bike around the metrodome for hours upon hours hoping to see a glimpse of a player, that was when i was 12, 20 plus yrs later…..the vikings still have their fans going in circles. please…..jus give us some closure & a reason 2 cheer, public officials are only in office for a short time, work it out long-term, stop derailing short term…..the fans deserve more for always standing by their team.

  8. the seahawks played in a college venue while they waited for their new stadium. i dont think that killed the league.

  9. This has got to be the most ridicules process I have ever seen in my whole life. This will never get done. This team is going to end up leaving and then everyone will be happy. Sickening!

  10. might i suggest one article that summarizes the status of each teams stadium lease from Buffalo to Jacksonville to California up to Minnesota and all those in between. i am getting really confused about LA.

  11. Mike,

    Maybe hold off on the articles until “It’s official, the Vikings are relocating.”

    I hate the people in MN for basically forcing the Vikings to leave.

  12. Well there just aren’t many options then. The state has made it pretty clear they will only support it if it stays in Minneapolis. The only other potential site is Linden Ave which won’t work because the Basilica church has said they will sue if they build it there.

    Maybe they play there home games at the University of Iowa’s stadium (70,000+) during the dome renovation?

  13. There are a lot of things that we do on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis that aren’t exactly what we want to be doing…but in the end, if we know it’s good for our future…we put up with it, and we’ll be happy about it later on. I’ve been on the Vikes’/NFLs’ side all along in regards to a new stadium to keep my Vikings here where they belong. I’m as big of an advocate for this stadium that you’ll ever find. But if the NFL is telling people like me that the few million dollars it’s going to cost them to play at TCF over a “true NFL stadium” is enough to trip up this whole deal…it’s embarrassing to even ponder the thought. Your league is making $1 billion a year! Upon completion, this new palace will be in place to help drive that figure up to an even more ridiculous level! Cut the crap!

  14. The Giants had this issue back in the 70s… Yankee Stadium closed after the 1973 baseball season for its reconstruction, but Giants Stadium was not going to open until the 1976 football season. Once Yankee Stadium closed, the Giants spent the remainder of the ’73 football season and all of ’74 at the Yale Bowl in Connecticut (and that was a hike from the metro NYC area). Then the Giants shared Shea Stadium for 1975, before coming to the Meadowlands in 1976.

    Thankfully, MetLife could be built next to Giants Stadium, allowing the Giants and Jets a seamless transition in 2010.

  15. So what this article basically tells me is: It’s okay for other teams to play at interim stadiums, but when the Vikings need to the NFL says no. *Sigh* More biased acts toward my team from good ol’ Goodell.

  16. as a fan that had a problem with to much hops at last game at TCF it would be way more fan friendly in the Hills the at the metrodome site
    also the Vikings bring tens of millions a year in tax rev. its just bad business
    you got to spend money to make it can’t make money on stocks without buying them

  17. The less number of domes the better.
    I come from a hot country and I love going to games in the cold, altogether different fun experience… three layers of clothing and we are all set to go aaah 🙂

  18. I feel like the stars are aligning against the Vikings and the state of Minnesota. If one thing seems like a step forward, there are four setbacks that seem to pop up. This is well past the point of ridiculous.

    And on that note, what would another possible temporary site, the Fargodome?

  19. Minneapolis is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Being from New Orleans I am bias towards downtown stadiums but that is the way to go. If you can get the stadium up within walking distance of most of your hotels and attractions you have to go for it. It enhances existing central business district businesses and creates new ones.

    The Metrodome site is close but why not find a site even closer?

    I don’t see playing 3 seasons in a 50k seat venue with bleachers as viable option for an NFL team. They need to find another downtown site and stay in the Metrodome while the new venue is getting built.

    Either way I don’t see that team going anywhere. The Vikings have a loyal, solid fan-base that supports them even when they’re down in addition to having a deep history they belong in Minny and nowhere else.

    I am sure at the end of the day this all gets worked out.

  20. Gee, it must be really difficult figuring out how to make money off a highly profitable and heavily subsidized industry like the NFL. Good thing for those ingenious owners, or we’d all be totally screwed.

  21. The Seahawks played 2 years at Husky Stadium while Qwest was being built on the old Kingdome site.
    Fun fact: Seattle was going to use grass at Qwest, but put Fieldturf in (one of the first to use it) at Husky Stadium, and liked it so much they stuck with FieldTurf at the new stadium.

    3 years may be a bit too long, but the lost revenues are quickly forgotten assuming everything opens on time, and the revenue is accelerated with PSL’s, 25-30% premium on tickets over the old stadium (Metrodome, not TCF) $12 beers and $8 popcorn and the novelty factor which guarantees years of sellouts.

    Any league block of the site will be a veiled league/ownership attempt at getting Zigi a better deal from the city and state, either in Minnesota or sunny Los Angeles.

  22. Detroit can temporarily handle two teams. Vikes fans, get ready for that 400 mile trip to the ‘swanky’ Pontiac Silverdome.

  23. Now THIS issue may be the issue that could lead to a move to LA. The NFL doesn’t want the Vikes to move.

    But if the dunderhead pols in Minny continue to be dunderheads, this is the point where the NFL might say…….C-YA !

  24. Let me ask you something: If the Vikes stadium is going to be so profitable, why are there not 100 business groups lined up to fill in the gaps of any stadium issue?

    I know that if someone offered me a chance to invest in a product/company/stock that would be a guaranteed money maker, I would be gathering my cash and selling my my Deep Purple lp’s.

    Somethings missing.

  25. The team has played at the collegiate level recently, why not play at a stadium that reflects that?

  26. Great so the NFL, is gonna make it harder to get a stadium deal done. I don’t know if this deal will ever get done

  27. The people of Arden Hills are going to regret not having the stadium built there and everything else that Wilf would build around the stadium. They are worried about a .25% tax increase. No one would even notice, what they would notice is the increase in their property value.

  28. Gotta install heat under the field there too. I remember favre getting CRUNCHED on that frozen turf—-ouch! Last play of his career, if my memory serves me.

  29. I don’t care where they play just get the deal done. I have never seen so many hurdles and hoops to get through. I bleed purple and gold but this is why teams leave MN. I pray that never happens but who could blame them after all of this.

  30. People want their cushy sofas, private bathrooms, refrigerator nearby and the heat set at 72, and I’m not referring to watching the game at home. Before Gillette stadium was built the fans sat on cold metal bleachers to watch a bad team in a bad stadium. People need to suck it up, spend a few years “slummin” it will only make you appreciate what you have even more when you finally have it.

  31. Make it stop……PLEASE!!
    Yank this franchise now from these indifferent morons.
    This stadium should already been constructed years ago. The toothless hicks of Minihaha don’t deserve a NFL franchise. They don’t appreciate it.
    Give this team to a deserving Los Angeles. They will show these bumpkins how it’s done.

  32. Why can’t they just build it in the parking lot next to the current stadium, then implode the old one to make a new parking lot when it’s done? That’s what they did at Gillette and it was fine…

  33. If the Vikings organization is looking to have public money build them a stadium then they need a new plan. How about an owner who can afford to operate a team without begging taxpayers for a handout. Sell the team Ziggy and go back to New York.

  34. “Maybe they play there home games at the University of Iowa’s stadium (70,000+) during the dome renovation?”

    ————————————————————————————-Why would they do that? If they play at TCF stadium, they would be right at home and there would only be like 10-15k empty seats instead of 3ok.

  35. Not as much as a home field advantage? Hmm. How many playoff victories have the Vikings had since they went to a dome and how many did they have before they went to the dome?

    Minnesota has the chance to have the best home field advantage in the league with an outdoor stadium. No doubt, they will blow it.

  36. So what. Let the city build it where it is most economical for the taxpayer.

    Clearly Arden Hills would be interesting but screws the taxpayer. The bigger beneficiary is the owner. No doubt the other mafiosos are looking out for their own.

  37. The “league”, the NFL itself, is a nonprofit organization, so why should it care about lost revenue from temporarily playing in a college stadium? Oh that’s right, you’ve got it in the article:

    “The ‘membership’ won’t be happy”. Who’s the ‘membership’? All the billionaire owners, that’s who.

    So now the taxpayers of Minneapolis and Minnesota are supposed to care that some rich guy thousands of miles away, like say Jerry Jones, isn’t making enough money for a little while? Really?

  38. Ticket sales are split 60/40 between the home team and visiting teams (with the exception of luxury box sales) so the road teams would be adversely affected if the vikings played in a sub-standard stadium. During construction, the vikings should have to make up the difference to the visiting teams.

  39. Hey — the Vikes could play in Green Bay at Lambeau on alternate weeks when the Packers are on the road.

    Then there’d definitely be no home field advantage!


  40. I’m sure everyone will make Cardinals jokes, but that aside…The Cardinals played in a college stadium for over a DECADE when they moved to Arizona. No one seemed the have a problem with that, especially the NFL when the league even granted a Super Bowl to Phoenix. Remember…Super Bowl XXX was played in Sun Devil Stadium, a college stadium.

    Me thinks the powers that be want the Vikings out of Minnesota.

  41. The Seahawks played at the very crappy University of Washington’s Husky Stadium for two seasons while Century Link was being constructed. Husky stadium was such a nightmare that it is now under reconstruction. If it could be done in Seattle it could be done in Minnesota.

  42. Don’t the teams do like a 60 – 40 split of the revenue or something like that? Home team gets 60%, away team gets 40%. I would like to see an artical about what actual difference would be between the teams from playing at the MetroDump, and the TCF field. But that would mean some journalist would actually have to do some work.

  43. The league would be better off to relocate the vikings to LA instead of expanding. 32 teams is more then enough because the talent pool is only so large and the overall quality of play diminishes as the number of teams increase.

  44. At what point does Ziggy just throw his arms up in the air and say the hell with it , and sell the team ? !

  45. I think that most people are jealous of Minnesota here. The way the Minnesota Legislature has worked so cohesively with the hometown Vikings, and the people of the state. Such unity and cooperation. We salute you!

  46. It’s not even that much. It is a .03 tax on food & alcohol. An amount so small it will not be noticed.
    Here in the D.C. area, Maryland put a 10% tax on the same items for nothing because they said the state was loosing money. At least the people in MN will get a new stadium, shop, jobs, visitors, revenue, new roads, new infastructure out of the deal. But they are just too dumb to realize how much money they will make out of the deal.

    whatsitlikehere says:
    Jan 28, 2012 7:54 AM
    The people of Arden Hills are going to regret not having the stadium built there and everything else that Wilf would build around the stadium. They are worried about a .25% tax increase. No one would even notice, what they would notice is the increase in their property value.

  47. They could just forfeit all their games for three years.
    Or they could become the NFL’s version of the always-visiting, never-winning Washington Generals.
    Or they could go play in London. England has a nice history with Vikings.
    Or they can just keep doing this Minnesota Polka. It’s great entertainment.

  48. I wish they would just derail any attempt to keep the team in Minnesota & force them to LA. Minnesota has the worst fans in the NFL by far & over 40% of NFL fans in the state are Packer fans anyway. In LA, they’ll make more money & get better fan support. The Vikings claim they have sold out 144 consecutive games, but the fact is 130 of them were corporate bailouts. The 14 that weren’t? Those were the 14 games against the Packers. I’m always there when they play the Pack & the game last October was around 60% Packer fans.

  49. 10 years ago 400 million was a lot to build a stadium now it’s chump change for a NFL owner. 10 years from now 1 billion will be chump change. NFL owners shouldn’t be panhandling for public dollars for their stadiums. They’re still paying off the old dome stadium in INDY while Irsy rolls in the money and the city of Indy is crying to the state. Public finance stadiums don’t work.

  50. Funny how the NFL has become such a stadium dictatorship. If any stadium doesn’t meet their new luxery Jerry world standard it is unfeasable to play their.

    There was a time when the Rose Bowl And the LA Coliseum was good enough to house a super bowl but now it is only worth a college bowl. I don’t want the Vikings to relocate but with the current renovations to Rose bowl I am sure it is miles ahead of the Metrodome and TCF bank stadiums.

    There is only one problem with Los Angeles and that is it doesn’t balance Rodger goodells bank account accordingly. Oh and the now that that the NFL world is starting to wise up that their is no LA threat because the League can only use that Rabbit trick for only so long, the NFL host cities are starting to wise up and telling the NFL to go pound sand. NFL might be blooming in this recessive market but average folks are struggling to find jobs and make ends meet. Those things come before a Billionaires fancy stadium paid for by those without money to do so.

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