Ben wants Rooney to explain where Steelers’ offense is going

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When Bruce Arians was forced out as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator, he said the decision was made by Steelers President Art Rooney II, and that Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t happy about it. Now Roethlisberger wants answers from Rooney.

Speaking to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review from the Pro Bowl, Roethlisberger said he wants the owner to explain to him where the Steelers’ offense is headed.

When I get back, I’m going to go up to Mr. Rooney’s office and ask him what he wants from me, what he wants from this offense, because I think that’s a viable question for him,” Roethlisberger said. “He’s our owner and our boss, so I really would like to know kind of what he wants and where he sees our offense going because I’d like to tell him where I see us going.”

Roethlisberger said he thinks Arians was building one of the NFL’s best offenses, and he’s surprised that Arians won’t get to continue doing that.

“We feel like we are really close to being an elite offense,” Roethlisberger said. “For your leader to be gone is kind of a shocker, but you’ve got to be ready for whatever the Rooneys and coach [Mike] Tomlin decide it our next step.”

Whatever that next step is, it’s going to be a change of pace for Roethlisberger, who would have preferred to keep the offense the Steelers already had in place.

69 responses to “Ben wants Rooney to explain where Steelers’ offense is going

  1. No quarterback wants the rb to have 40 carries a game, that’s where steelers are going and Who cares can we get some patriots giants Superbowl stories please.

  2. Way to exaggerate this story, and that headline? cmon man… if u listen to the whole interview Ben explains himself rather well and says that he wasn’t fighting for Arians to stay. Furthermore I think after so long in one system wondering the direction of the offense is pretty fair, it would be odd if Ben didn’t care enough ask imo.

  3. Also the tone of his voice in the interview was excitement about a fresh start but that doesn’t make the story as interesting when u put the facts in there does it?

  4. my wife is a steelers fan, so i hate them (im a Giants fan)

    that being said, i liked Arians and the Steelers offense.
    im with Bathroom Ben and that this was a BAD firing.
    if there are any issues, blame the GM and his non foresight in upgrading the offensive line for 3 seasons now.
    you see what happened when Ben couldnt move in the pocket ala mask the o-line defencies.

    poor firing and now you have to learn a new offense during Bathroom Ben’s “prime years”.

  5. I thought Ben learned his lessons in humility by now to shut up and do what your Owner tells you to. I suppose that hasn’t happened. I hope Art tells him that if it weren’t for his bull-headed mentality, he would still have a decent ankle by getting rid of the ball quicker. That, though, would require quick thinking and reading coverages. He only likes to play Superman on the run.

  6. Arians is simply building a high speed flying attack that was easily able to happen because of the tradition the league was labeling the steelers as. We all kno they run the rock just as good as anybody (not this season) and its easy to throw the ball off of play action with a fly route with maybe the fastest guy on the fly (wallace) and with a guy that can get open in the middle (miller). Im not praising the steelers cause im a ravens fan but i state the facts. They’ve never given up on the defense strong philosophy and as long as lebeau is coaching they can do whatever they want on offense and find ugly ways to win. Now if tommy maddox was still the qb then you would have won the two rings with that philosophy so once again, thank baltimore for something else pittsburgh fans not just finding a job in maryland where most of u do work.

  7. Don’t over do it Ben. We do not want any contention among the ranks. Keep it in the family.

  8. Flush the toilet in the bathroom stall that excites you enough to be a pervert, that’ll give you the direction.

  9. I’m guessing if this was handled a different way by management, then this isn’t even a story. If the Rooney’s didn’t want the guy back, they should have just said that. We don’t live in the 70’s any more, where nobody considers questioning their moves.

    Also, elite offenses don’t settle for 3.

  10. Maybe if Ben wouldn’t throw 15 bubble screens a game and actually throw the ball away occasionally instead of holding onto for 6 seconds, the offense would score more points. It seems like the steelers redzone offense was bubble screens and fade patterns from the 15 yard line. Steelers shouldn’t go back to pounding the running game but they need to game plan better and convince Ben that throwing it away every now and then is not a bad thing…

  11. I obviously can’t speak for every Steelers fan but I am happy to see Arians take a walk. Even though he had a lot of weapons his playcalling was barely adequate at best. I can’t remember him ever calling a play that surprised me. His insistence on not even rostering a pure fullback has had huge implications on the running game (lousy O-line and Mendenhall’s dance moves not withstanding) Here’s to hoping that changes with the next OC.

  12. DonRSD says:Jan 27, 2012 7:47 AM

    my wife is a steelers fan, so i hate them (im a Giants fan)


    So does that mean you hate everything your wife likes? LOL

  13. Lets see, Ben is going up to see the owner and require him to explain how the offense is going to work, I would suggest to Ben that he leaves that to Tomlin, I remember when I was working (before retirement) I could see myself going up to the CEO’s office and demanding a discussion on where our company was heading? I know if I did I know where I would be heading and that would be the front door looking for a new job.

  14. 1 Foot out the door for PigBen, I’m pretty sure “and this is from pittsburgh media sources” After the last incident Mr Rooney flipped out on him and gave him a final warning.

    I don’t think going into UMPC souffside and barking about Arians being gone is gonna help the cause.

  15. Ben – “Art, do what I tell you or you will end up on the wrong side of the bathroom door”

  16. Apparently Ben has not been listening to what Art Rooney II has been saying for several years now. Clearly Bruce Arians wasn’t. Rooney wanted a more balanced attack, less hits & sacks on the quarterback and better situational play calling. He has stated as recently as this week that he doesn’t want to change the system but to “tweak” things. He has been asking for these “tweaks” for three years and they have been resisted or ignored by Arians and Roethlisberger. Rooney will no longer be ignored.

    While racking up yards and stats, the Steeler’s offense was ranked #21 (not a sign of an elite offense, Ben), had poor red zone efficiency, had difficulty running in short yardage, was prone to slow developing plays, ran too many bubble screens, and ignored a high quality tight end in Heath Miller. Ignoring Miller is especially confusing since he has shown he is a mismatch in speed for most linebackers and in size for most DB’s. Plus it is not like there aren’t examples of teams using the TE as a first option (NE and NO).

    When the Steelers offense was at its best this past season (against Tennesee and New England) the plays that were called resulted in the QB making quick reads and the ball coming out quickly combined with effective running of the ball. This what Rooney wants and is what Arians and Ben resisted.

    Contrary to the uninformed opinions of some who think Rooney wants the Steelers to go back to a 60% run, ground and pound team, the truth is that he is fine with a majority passing approach but it needs to be a good one that does the following:

    * Gets the ball out quickly to minimize hits on the QB (in whom Rooney has invested >$100 million) lengthening his career
    * Utilizes the TE and RB’s to catch the ball similar to successful offenses like New England and New Orleans.
    * Know when to throw the ball away. Ben’s refusal to throw the ball away in Cleveland resulted in the ankle injury that essentially threw the Steeler’s season away. If he throws that ball away and avoids the injury, the Steelers go into SF much healthier and have a real shot at winning.
    * Improve the situational play calling – Arians called too many slow developing plays with a banged up O-line, utilized too many 5 receiver sets in the red zone (leaving receivers no room to maneuver), and refused to use a fullback to improve short yardage running.

    These things are going to happen whether Ben likes them or not.

    Arians was given a way to leave and save face by Rooney and he rejected it. He stated that he didn’t know why he wasn’t offered a contract but he should have known. Art Rooney told him why he was being let go over the past three years. Arians didnt’ listen then and didn’t listen now.

    I suspect that this will also serve as an object lesson for a certain stubborn head coach.

  17. Top NFL offenses all have the same thing in common – good to great offensive line play. It doesn’t matter what style you want to play if your offensive line isn’t up to par. The Steelers line is fair at best and until they get a serious upgrade there, it doesn’t matter what direction the new coordinator wants to take them.

  18. Drama queen at it again. And you said the ravens had problems. This team was swept, Tebow’d, one and done, and they still talk. Hilarious.

  19. Hey, Barney Rubble, the new offensive coordinator will tell you where the offense is going. So shut up, stay off of those motorcycles and get ready to receive your instructions.

    Maybe the Pittsburgh media should stop covering up for you every time you’re spotted riding your motorcycle without a helmet.

  20. Hello Ben your offense was ranked 21st, red zone sucked!!! Too many sacks, clock management was at a grade school level. This is why BA was cut loose. However, Rooney lied when he said it was Tomlin decision. The professional way to have handled it would have been to set up a meeting with Rooney without the media knowing about. Air out your concerns then zip it.

  21. Why does Ben think he’s a owed an explanation? That’s why he is the employee, not the owner.

  22. ” Maybe Mr. Rooney doesn’t think Ben is an elite QB that can run an elite offense……”

    Says the guy with Flacco behind center.

  23. If he has questions about the direction of the offense, maybe he ought to talk to his head coach. Even if he does think it’s appropriate to talk with the owner about team direction, he should just do it, and not discuss it in the media.

  24. The bell curve is about to swing again. The Steelers run is over. Ben is broken, and it’s time to draft the next in line, but it’s going to be a long time before they’re back in the playoffs again. Hate away, but you know (and fear) that it’s the truth. Cue the drop to the basement of the AFC North.

  25. DonRSD says: Jan 27, 2012 7:47 AM

    my wife is a steelers fan, so i hate them (im a Giants fan)
    And you two are probably creating cute little Patriot and Green Bay fans too. Just make sure to teach them to have a good grip, so they don’t slip off the bandwagon too early.

  26. skoobyfl says:
    Jan 27, 2012 7:55 AM
    Flush the toilet in the bathroom stall that excites you enough to be a pervert, that’ll give you the direction.


    Good one….moron…

  27. “He’s our owner and our boss, so I really would like to know kind of what he wants and where he sees our offense going because I’d like to tell him where I see us going.”

    Uh, Ben, do you understand the concept of “Boss?”

  28. ravenfan820 says:Jan 27, 2012 7:38 AM

    Maybe Mr. Rooney doesn’t think Ben is an elite QB that can run an elite offense……
    Their not talking about the Ravens you know their QB who thinks he’s an elite QB . Which he’s the only one in the world that thinks so . So how many rings does Flacco have a big 0 ok then how many times was he in the big show hmmmmmm 0 ? So maybe you should stick to something you know and thats nothing

  29. I love the comments about how the steelers are crumbling and we will be at the bottom of the AFC North now. I think the same thing was said after week 1, and look what our record was. Good predictions guys.

    As for Ben’s comments, he has a right to ask. Rooney also has the right to tell him to do whatever the new OC wants.

  30. A good place to start for the Steelers offense would be the RB depth. After Mendenhall when down in season finale, the Steelers did not run the ball effectively enough in the Wild Card round to be successful. No matter how good the passing game is (and it is solid), the Steelers brand is smash-mouth, run-downhill football. Especially in the playoffs, that has been the cornerstone of the franchises success of being champions.

  31. Roethlisberger – “Hey Rooney, where is this offense going?”

    Rooney – “Right to the top baby!”

    Roethlisberger – “No, seriously. Where is it going? I’m having trouble sleeping, and this question is really bothering me.”

    Rooney – “Ok Ben, I’ll be honest. I don’t know where it’s going. I only know that we lost to Denver and I gave Arians the axe in response to that embarrassing loss.”

    Roethlisberger – “But why? The defense let us down, not the offense.”

    Rooney – “Good point Ben. I hadn’t considered that. Hmm, where is the offense going? Hmmm…”

    Roethisberger – “Well, do you want us going more with a passing game, or should we re-establish the ground-n-pound?”

    Rooney – “Well, I could see us going either way. I think we’ve got the personnel for either.”

    Roethlisberger – “Yes, I think so too!”

    Rooney – “Good, then we’re in agreement! So long Ben, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed our chat.”

    Roethlisberger – “Me too. So long Mr. Rooney.”

  32. It’s good to see Ben break the chain of command, bye pass the head coach so he can chew some owner arse. After all he has gone some time now without a new rape. He should be allowed to run the team as a reward.

  33. @ravenator says:
    Jan 27, 2012 8:24 AM
    Drama queen at it again. And you said the ravens had problems. This team was swept, Tebow’d, one and done, and they still talk. Hilarious.
    So what sports bar are the Purple Browns and Tebow watching the Superbowl from ? Each team Pittsburgh lost to went to the playoffs, can the Ravens say the same ?
    Houston man-handled you on both sides of the ball with a rookie QB 2 weeks ago and the only reason you won that game was due to the Houston muffed punt return inside their own 10 yd line. How long has it been since the Purple Browns were in the Superbowl ?

  34. 20 points a game is not elite ben. your offense has regressed. your boss wants mendenhall to get more than 3 yards a carry and for mike wallace to learn a route other than go.

  35. My question is where is Tomlin in all of this? Why is Rooney apparently bypassing him? Isn’t it more normal for the HC to decide if his OC is doing a good enough job, and if not then fire him himself?

  36. I am a Steeler fan that is getting sick of Big Ben. Just do what your boss tells you to do Ben….Crybaby

  37. In the Steelers last four post season games Roethlisberger has played badly.

    2012 Broncos game — Down 20-6 at the half and crazily outplayed by the illustrious Tim Tebow. Brady was up 35-7 at the half against the same Broncos the next week.

    2011 Super Bowl — Thanks to two early Roethlisberger interceptions including a pick six the Steelers were down 21-3 before halftime.

    2011 Jets game — Roethlisberger was monumentally outplayed by the illustrious Mark Sanchez.

    Sanchez — 20 of 33 for 233 with two touchdowns ZERO interceptions and a 102.2 QB rating

    Roethlisberger — 10 of 19 for 133 with zero touchdowns and TWO interceptions and a QB rating of …. wait for it ….. 35.5

    Thanks to a William Gay fumble recovery TD the Steelers squeaked out a 24-19 win.

    2011 Ravens game — Thanks to a Roethlisberger fumble six the Steelers are down 21-7 at the half. Luckily the Ravens had their usual meltdown with three second half turnovers and the Steelers squeaked out a win.

    I’d like to know where this offense is going too because it has been downhill starting with Super Bowl XL against the Seahawks where Roethlisberger had a ……


    22.6 QB rating.

  38. Seriously, the above comment was meant as a choke, sorry I mean Ravens.

    But for all of you who don’t think that an employee can’t talk to the “BOSS” are probably the same employees who are still at the bottom of the sh-t pole. As a “BOSS” of a big department, I fully encourage employees to come in and say what’s on their minds. It is called an “Open door policy”, regardless of what the topic may be. Now the biggest thing would be the answer, now that is where all the comments should be made. How would or what answer would Mr Rooney give.. Not what Ben is asking.

  39. “Ben wants Rooney to explain where Steelers’ offense is going”


    I can tell him where “it’s going”.

    Unless they fix that “offensive” offensive line, it will be going “three-and-out” and punting a whole lot.

    And I can hardly wait to see it…

  40. C’mon guys. That’s just Ben trying his best to put the ‘fun’ back in the dysfunctional mess that the Steelers are right now.
    Can you blame him?

  41. I dont care that the league is now a pass-happy league.We dont have to do things like others.If you play the Packers,the Saints or the Patriots I dont believe that you will be able to beat them by throwing 45 + times the ball.You need to have a good running game to keep the elite QB on the sideline.Decent QB + solid Defense and a strong running game is still a winning formula.And Ben…if you dont like the way we’re going take a hike,you’ve already cost us a lot of headaches in recent years I’m sure we’ll get good value for you.Remember this is a team sports.

  42. Being Tebow’d was the end to your season Steeler fans. Enjoy it, because they won’t be back in the playoffs next year. Welcome to cap hell bahahahah

  43. Sometimes you see a headline here and just know you’d better read the source material if you want the real story. This was one of those times.

    You guys are masters at getting attention. (Here clickee, clickee.) But Ben isn’t beating his chest at Rooney.

  44. @siggyoo …

    Thank you! Ben was jovial and respectful. All this is much ado about nothing … as usual.

  45. @Deb

    People wonder why Ben hates media? This is why. The Trib’s mis-leading headline has everyone thinking Ben wants to go kick Rooney’s office door down and demand answers.

  46. Ben hates the media because he rapes girls and they report on it. He crashes his face into windshields and they report on it. What’s he doing at the Pro Bowl anyway?! It’s not exactly his normal backwoods college town scene. Did he run out of girls to rape in the continental U.S?

  47. Elite? Did he really say “elite?” That’s just more proof of is deluded arrogance.

    Hey, Ben! Wake up and smell the fact that you are going to join Jim Plunkett in the “two-super-bowl-rings-and-no-hall-of-fame-bust” club. Even if Arians stayed and you kept putting up 4,000 yard seasons you wouldn’t make it.

    Stop being a prima donna, knock off the insincere “my guys” crap, stop looking for the big play on every play, and push yourself to be a better quarterback and a better teammate.

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