Bill Polian joins the media


If you can no longer bully them, join them.

Former Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian is a full-fledged member of the media after getting hired by SiriusXM to host Late Hits three times next week. (Here’s a preview:  He predicts the Patriots will lose the Super Bowl.)

SportsBusiness Journal reported earlier in the week that Polian hired representation to handle his media career. While Polian hasn’t officially retired from the NFL, that’s a strong sign Polian is transitioning to a media-only phase.  Polian was not mentioned as a possible candidate for any of the vacant G.M. openings this offseason.

We’re going to assume that Polian will allow SiriusXM to continue to provide links to the show over the Internet.  And if someone wants to transcribe your show, Bill, that’s actually a good thing.

9 responses to “Bill Polian joins the media

  1. His time as a G.M. in the NFL is over. He is trying to get his son a job, a job not based on birthright. A lot of people in the Colts organization thought Chris Polian was not qualified to have the position he held. So far they are right.

  2. Bill is HoF GM. He did nothing but create championship calliber teams. His son did not deserve to be in the position he was in. Once he was involved in the draft process the colts draft started to suffer.

  3. If you can’t cut it as a GM, teach.

    If you can’t cut it as a teacher, become a radio talking head.

  4. GENIUS my arse!!! All the openings and not a single phone call to this blowhard. And what about junior, his incompetent son. Did he really thing that giving his son a promotion every other year and using his friends to bring the kid in for phoney interviews so he could con Mr. Irsay into paying his kid more would buy the kid legitimacy in the league. He hasn’t even gotten a sniff. Not only didn’t you hear Mr. Irsay mention the kid’s name after saying he was dimissed, you haven’t heard the kids name mentioned, even remotely, with ANY other team or opening in the league. They are a couple of con’s and they took advantage of Jim Irsay by taking the credit from the work and expertise of others in the organization and from the skills of Peyton Manning. And here is this hypocrite who demeans all media now taking a job in the media. This speaks volumes of this man’s lack of character. The is no depth he won’t sink to, no back he won’t sink a knife into, and no friend that he won’t take advantage of, lie to and then not hesitate to throw under a bus. This league is a far more moral and just entity without the ilk of people like the Polians!

  5. How does one “officially retire from the NFL”? I didn’t think that Bill Polian was employed by the NFL.

    The man did make some good things happen in Buffalo.

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