Bills, Stevie Johnson not talking contract yet


When Buddy Nix addressed the media following the end of the Bills’ season, the general manager said that there was ongoing dialogue between the team and impending free agent wide receiver Stevie Johnson about a new contract.

In an interview with Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 in Buffalo, Johnson’s agent C.J. Laboy confirmed that he has spoken with Bills brass but those chats haven’t had to do with a new contract. The Bills wouldn’t comment when asked about the status of negotiations, but Laboy doesn’t sound concerned about the pace of discussions. He told Buscaglia he’s optimistic that a deal will get done and that he understands why talks aren’t going on right now.

“Far too early for that,” Laboy said. “The Bills have options.  They can use the franchise tag on him, they can negotiate an extension, or they can let him walk.  It is no secret where Stevie’s heart is, but at the same time he has to do what is best for his family.”

The Bills should have enough cap space available to sign Johnson without hindering any other plans they might have for the offseason and doing so would fit with other moves they made during the season to keep their own players around for the next few years. Coming to agreement on a number for a long-term deal could be sticky, but it is hard to believe they wouldn’t use at least the franchise tag to ensure the first receiver in team history with consecutive 1,000-yard seasons stays in town.

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  1. I just hate when these guys say things like, “…he has to do what is best for his family.”

    I understand completely what he is saying, but he’s talking like if he does one thing or another that he’ll be homeless and his kids will starve or something. For crying out loud, just man up and say, “NO, we haven’t talked yet. Ill either be a Bill or I wont. Goodbye” Instead they act like a check to check factory worker who has no choice and MUST do whatever it takes to make sure his family is fed.

  2. The deal will get done. Johnson will receive 8-8.5 million a year for the next 5 years. Small market or not, the Bills will get it done. Then they will sign another WR and LT through FA, waiting for the draft to pick up the last missing pieces, a pass rushing LB, TE and depth on the Defensive line. They might also use one or two of those picks to bolster their DB’s.

    Go Bills!!!!

  3. Stevie………..da 9ers are in the market for WR, its time to come back home to the bay

  4. Typical of the Bills to let their best guys walk rather than pay fmv. Reeks of Ralph and Jeff Litmans way of doing business. No playoffs in 13 years and asking the State for millions for “improvements” to the stadium.

    Improve your damn team!

  5. There’s a dis-incentive clause. Every time he does something incredibly stupid he’s fined 10% of his contract.

    The Bills figure he’ll be working for free by mid-season. And they’re looking forward to making a tidy profit by years end.

  6. Stevie, there are 29-30 cities better than Buffalo. Time to go to a team that appreciates your talents and you won’t with the high goober rate around Buffalo.

  7. There’s alot of things not to like about this team. Johnson’s a great receiver but it’s almost hard for me to believe him and Ochocinco aren’t related. Great talent coupled with a case of boneheaded-ness. The Bills paid alot of money for a good backup to be their starter and their defense is below average. A lot of work needs to be done to revive this franchise.

  8. No one doubts where Stevie`s heart is.
    It`s the whereabouts of his brain a lot of us wonder about!

  9. Johnson has good numbers but is a me first clown who’s more concerned with celebrating than what the team achieves.

  10. I know you have a job to do but I told you before during the season that when you listen to Stevie on his weekly radio show…you can,hear in his voice that he does not want to roll with 716 any longer…then his actions on the field showed he doesn’t want to roll with 716 any longer….of course he’s not going to say it with this being his time to get a phat offer….cmon man! !!

  11. This sounds just like last year with Paul Posluzny, he’ll end up with the Niners or Jags

  12. Pay the man and add in to his contract a fine for every stupid unsportsman like penalty he gets..hes a great reciever, but a selfish person
    (see Vernon Davis)

  13. Come back home stevie to Frisco city 9ers. I know what hood u rep out here. We need u to replace bitch williams spot as wr

  14. Bflo bills fans don’t appreciate there star players until they r gone.lets think back to some of the players the bflo fans said we didn’t need: Jason peters London Fletcher nate Clements Antoine winfield pat williams takeo spikes,OK I’m startto laugh now. Yeah ill get on the Dumbo bflo fan wagon:Stevie get outta town we don’t need u! Remember when u dropped those 3 passes that year?? Assclowns

  15. Good point about Vernon Davis. When he finally got benched for his selfish play it changed his life. Hoping the same for SJ13, no matter where he ends up.

  16. How many upcoming UFA have signed re-signed since the end of their season? Slingblade Nix sounded as if their would be little chance they let Johnson walk. My guess is if they’re not able to come to a deal he’ll get the franchise tag.

  17. the bills need to be real about things, i am season ticket holder and its pretty much been a joke the last 5 years.. pay the man show us that we are a legit franchise .. we use to be the place in the 90s where guys went to finsih there career to get a chance at winning.. (thats the pats now)
    instead we have to over pay for free agents and our scouting/drafts has been a joke since 2000 no first rounders thathad major impacts losman williams donte .i think you get the drift..

  18. Just pay the man already. Listen when the guy is passing our greatest receiver, Andre Reed, with consecutive 1000 yard seasons you gotta pay him for his production. Yes he’s had a couple BIG drops but he has a great work ethic, and he’s a leader. Forget the penalties. We need to pay #13, pick up another receiver mid round draft pick. Quinton Coples is hopefully as good as ours. If not make a big push for Mario Williams. Try to get Brent Grimes or Cortland Finnegan? We have to much space to not spend this year in the right places.

  19. Should have been done before the season ended. Stevie will make more if he hits the open market than what he is willing to take to stay in Buffalo. How many other guys can that be said for??

  20. Stevie has been one of the best receivers the bills ever had and he should have been resigned back when the Fitz deal was made…

    lets go buf
    Lets go Stevie

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