Cameron didn’t think he’d be back with the Ravens


On Friday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh treated the retention of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron like a no-brainer.  In Cam Cameron’s brain, he didn’t think it was going to occur.

Matt Vensel of the Baltimore Sun reports that, the day after the team’s 23-20 loss to the Patriots in the AFC title game, Cameron told “some co-workers” that he didn’t believe he’d be back.

And for good reason.  His contract was due to expire soon, and no offer for a new deal was on the table.

Early in the week, Cameron’s status was unknown, even within the building.  And so Cameron was relieved to hear that he’d be back.

“I called Ozzie [Newsome] and said, ‘Hey, I’m just thrilled to be back,'” Cameron said.  “Ozzie said, ‘Cam, in our minds, you were never gone.’  And that means the world.”

While Cameron may have never been gone, he definitely spent some time in limbo.  Moving forward, the challenge will be to improve the offense enough to get those last few points in the last game before the Super Bowl or, even better, to get that last win or two in the regular season in order to ensure that the road to the Super Bowl will go through the stadium in which the Ravens have a 16-1 record over the past two years.

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  1. The only that his re-hiring was a no-brainer or that he ‘was never gone’ is if he has incriminating pictures of Harbaugh and Ozzie. Ask Madden could call a better game than he’s done at times.

  2. Wont happen … Camerons job was saved
    ( thank god) because they made to AFC championship game. Big mistake. Flacco isnt and never will be more than an average QB and they were trying to make him more than that and if that is the mentality, wont make it. He isnt an awfule QB… just not one worthy of throwing it as much as they do when they have RR who should be getting the ball 30 times a game.

  3. gregeer says:
    Jan 28, 2012 10:48 AM

    Ask Madden could call a better game than he’s done at times.

    I enjoyed this comment.

  4. I was glad to hear that Cam would be back….. His style of offense is tied to how good our defense is….

    Not sure why more of raven nation doesn’t understand this but, the only team that has more wins than the Ravens in the last four years is the N.O. Saints in the reular season…… No matter what we have won with Cam’s offense…..

    Do you not remember the Cavanugh years??? becareful what you all wish for….

  5. Before anyone gets on here and bashes or defends Cameron, understand that Ravens fans DO comprehend that Cam isn’t the one who missed a game tying FG, didn’t drop the game-winning TD, didn’t throw a INT with 6 minutes left, wasn’t the one who let Tom Brady vault over the pile, etc etc. But his predictable and uncreative offense sure doesn’t help things (3rd and 3, draw play here we come!)….its going to be another looooonnngg year…

  6. Well…at least that’s ONE thing Cameron got right. He SHOULD have been gone. What a stupid decision to rehire this loser.

  7. The Dolphin fans hated Cameron too, so you aren’t alone. Good Luck next year!!! 2 – 14 doesn’t endear a coach to fans.

  8. Miss a field goal? Blame the coach. Drop a TD pass? Blame the coach. Fail to execute a game plan? Blame the coach. How I long for the days of Vince Lombardi and Paul Brown. In those day, you drop a TD pass (or enough passes for first downs) and they sat you down until you got your head screwed on right. The NFL has become a soap opera.

  9. That third down draw keeps coming up. Wasn’t there a missed assignment up front. No one blocked the pats best dlineman.

  10. Should read as Cameron’s plain vanilla offense and poor receivers make Flacco look bad. Ravens need a receivers coach and a QB coach. Too bad they resigned Cameron

  11. Even if we assume that fans are idiots, riddle me this: if Cameron is such a great find then why is it that Defensive Coordinator after Defensive Coordinator keeps getting poached away by this league, and yet the only time anyone else in the league focuses on Cameron is to laugh at how retarded the organization is to cling onto a guy who apparently himself thinks his time shoulda run out?

  12. Losing Pagano, keeping Cameron…you have seen the zenith of the Ravens team this year folks. Watch for it all to go downhill.


  13. “The Ravens fans hate Cam Cameron.”

    “Not as much as Dolphin fans.”

    Best comment series of the day.

  14. Baltimore Fans…… Gotta love em!!! 4 straight playoff appearances, 2 AFC Championship games, 2 Divisional appearances, and a wild card in the last 6 seasons, and they want to hang the OC…. Why dont you look at where you have been and are going instead of crying over what YOU didnt get like a spoiled child. Buffalo, Detroit, and Cleveland would take the success of your team over their misery anyday!!!!!! The most Critical Fans cannot even enjoy the slightest of success. Can you imagine if in the last 10 years they actually had a bad team!! Welcome Back to Baltimore Cam.. Gotta feeling the Ravens will be just as good if not better next season….

  15. According to inside sources, he was back because Chuck Pagano interviewed with the Colts (which he ultimately got the job).

    Ozzie believes this team had the best chance to win the Super Bowl this year. Next year is a good chance as well, but too many free agents and Ray Rice to pay. Continuity breeds success. To have both the offense and defense with new coordinators was too much to risk.

    If the Ravens win the Super Bowl next year, half the team including the front office “retire”.

  16. Nfl1818, yup that was about the 10th time in the game Wilfork just bullrushed up the middle and collapsed the entire play from the inside of the line (props to the big dude, he made a veteran center and two young pro bowl guards look like chumps most of that afternoon) , which makes the call of a draw up the gut on 3rd and 3 with the ball being just inside your gimpy kicker’s range even that more inexplicable. If you had some remarkable foresight to tell ANYONE who had watched the whole game to that point that the next play would be a draw, they would have known what was gonna happen too.

  17. @dennychimes

    Baltimore fans are similar to other fan bases. Every fan base has immature fans, who think they have all the answers.

    I gave you a thumbs up for your post because I acknowledge there are some Ravens fans that are immature; and, for those “fans” I agree with your rant.

    However, don’t assume that is how the majority of Ravens fans are. The immature crowd always barks the loudest and gets the most attention, but most of us see them exactly the way you do.

    I, for one, have enjoyed these four years and will continue to enjoy the Ravens games for years to come.

  18. dennychimes is the smartest PFT poster I’ve read in a looonnnngggg time. Good on ya man.

  19. Don’t like Cameron as O coordinator but the draw on 3rd down is not a reason to fire him. Birk is old and tired to control the middle and he should have known or joe should have audibled. Cam’s offense is so predictable from his formations to his lack of trick plays it really doesn’t look that much different than cavanaugh’s. The only Difference is that, yes, JOE FLACCO is a Good QB who can make the throws and RR is more versatile out of the back field then Jlewis. Other than that it’s the same predictable runs up the middle.

    Here’s hoping they get another chance next year so Old Spice and Eddie can go out with the Superbowl trophy they deserve.

  20. @oldbrowndawg

    Your post really confused me. On the one hand, you (accurately) describe a time when coaches were coaches and made the right, tough kind of decisions. Then you call out fans for criticizing the Ravens coaching staff. Do you know anything about the Ravens coaching staff? Do you know that, in fact, they do NOT do what you yourself are suggesting? Do you know that they allowed David Reed, a guy who fumbled, got a penalty called against him, then fumbled AGAIN to not only return to play, but justified their actions for doing so? Do you NOT know that they allow Ray Lewis to decide whether or not he should be off the field on 3rd down/passing plays? Did you NOT see the game last year in which Dereck Mason grabbed Joe Flacco’s face mask on the sideline in the middle of the game, causing other players to have to break up the fight, only to hear the HC the following day say it was not a big deal, rather than benching him? Is THIS the coaching staff you’re defending?

  21. @backinsaddle

    In San Diego, the numbers look good. But he had Brees/Rivers, Gates, LT, VJ, & Turner (I don’t remember if Sproles was there at the same time or not.) But Brees and Rivers did not get to the next level until after he was gone.

    The debacle in Miami speaks for itself.

    Cameron’s main strength, as I see it, is in developing new/young QBs. He can get them acclimated to the speed of the NFL, and he can simplify things for them to make a reasonably good showing, as he showed in the first year with Joe Flacco. The problem comes when he tries to get these same QBs to the next level. He plays scared (which is something he did in San Diego as well), becomes overly conservative once he has a lead, he is rigid and does not take input from players, and he makes little if any game time adjustments, and maybe more than anything else, he tries to shoehorn players into the way HE thinks the schemes should be run, rather than building his schemes around the strengths/weaknesses of his players. That’s pretty much “the book” on Cam Cameron, as least as far as I’m concerned.

  22. The man is a hardheaded control-freak. He politicked Jim Zorn out of coaching Flacco, and even now, when Harbs and Ozzie are firm in their decision to get Joe another QB coach, Cam’s dodging questions from reporters asking for his opinion on the matter.

    Why? Because among other things QB coaches educate and empower QBs to read and react to pre-snap alignments?

    Last year McGahee hinted in an interview that Cam was deliberately calling plays late into Joe just to be sure his calls didnt have enough time to be altered.

    This is the kind of stubborn, selfish bureaucratic infighting we’re getting with Cam.

  23. For those people that think that us Ravens fans that don’t like Cam Cameron are blaming him for poor execution, that’s not the case. The problem with Cam Cameron is that he doesn’t understand the strengths of the team. The Ravens lost to poor teams this year, SD, TN, SEA, and JAC. In those games Ray Rice did not touch the ball enough. He ended up with 1300 yards. He averaged 9 carries per game in the losses. As soon as it is clear that Cameron is just going to throw the ball over and over, the opposing DC just pins the Defenses ears back and they rush every play. The O line is average. It’s the OC’s responsibilty to put EVERYONE on the offense in the best position to be successful. He doesn’t, or can’t, do that. It’s his job to teach Flacco how to get the ball out of this hands. It’s his job to teach the recievers how to create separation early in their routes. Its his job to teach the lineman where they need to open throwing lanes for the route combination on the play. It seems like he is just calling plays because he likes the play. No one understands what he is trying to do on offense, except him, Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome. Unfortunately, its going to keep the Ravens from winning another SB for Big Ray and a first for Mr. Ed Reed. Sorry Ed.

  24. Someone mentioned that Ravens fans are unappreciative of their success for the last couple of years. The point that Ravens are trying to make is that success would have been achieved without Cam Cameron. We had an opportunity to find an OC that would enhance the success of the team. Not simply tread on the success of the defense. And, Ravens defensive coordinators have been getting head coaching positions for years because of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, not because of their superior coaching acumen and leadership. Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Rex Ryan, now Chuck Pagano. And to a lesser degree Mike Singletary, Mike Smith, and Jack Del Rio. The only way that the Ravens will remain relevant after Ray Lewis and Ed Reed retire is if they both return as coaches or front office people. But they are both rich so why would they? Super long hours for less money than they were making as players, with no stability. I’ll still rock my Purple and Black, but damn, help me out.

  25. @brownbuddha

    And what some of these posters who are complaining about Ravens fans criticizing the coaching staff fail to realize is that the Ravens have a habit of routinely being OUT-COACHED by other teams. It’s one thing to just lose a game — rarely if ever does a team go 16-0. But to see your team, year after year, end up playing games on the road because of stupid coaching mistakes or philosophies, when all it would have taken was smart, competent coaching to get to the next level, then things like “FOUR STRAIGHT TRIPS TO THE PLAYOFFS”, and “12-4” becoming nothing but meaningless sound bytes. Maybe they don’t follow the team closely enough to understand what’s really going on, but the notion that Cam Cameron has been re-signed is a dark day in Ravens history. Even the national media has commented upon his “1960’s style” game plans. Look at any of the last 3 games the Ravens played…70% or more of the first down calls were runs to Ray Rice between the tackles. And neither Cameron nor anyone else on the Ravens don’t realize that defensive coordinators can see those patterns, and prepare their schemes accordingly? And that’s just one example; there are many more. But at least for the foreseeable future, the Ravens are stuck with that arrogant dinosaur. John Harbaugh’s misguided loyalty to Cameron because of their shared past is going to be his downfall.

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