Ochocinco leans on T.O. and Randy Moss for support


These are strange times for Chad Ochocinco. He’s reached the Super Bowl for the first time, but he’s not even sure he’ll be active for the game.

He’s experiencing his greatest team success at a time when he’s struggling individually. And that’s putting it nicely.

“No, there’s no bittersweetness,” Ochocinco told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald Friday. “There’s a competitive side to me that is angry, the competitive nature in me that it didn’t go the way it normally has. I routinely produce a certain way every year.

“So when that routine goes astray like it did this year, it feels funny. It’s something I had to get used to. But I took it in stride. I did everything I was asked on and off the field.”

Ochocinco has only spoken to the New England media a handful of times all season. He’s spoken a lot more to Terrell Owens and Randy Moss throughout the year.

“For me, those guys were my outlets. Not Twitter,” Ochocinco said. “To have those two guys in my corner, I talk to them all the time. (Moss) keeps me sane for 16 weeks, every week. Every week we talked. T.O., too. We’re close-knit, us so-called diva receivers. . . . I love those two, man. I didn’t want to burden anyone else in here with that bull. They don’t want to hear that.”

He also compared playing in a new offense to marriage.

“It’s like being married. If I’m married to Halle Berry for 10 years, and her and I break up, and I marry Scarlett Johansson, there are going to be some things I have to adjust to based off what I’m used to. That’s just the way life is in general.”

The Patriots will likely ask for a divorce after this year. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ochocinco active for the Super Bowl. He confirmed that he was inactive for the AFC title game because he was late getting back for a team meeting after going to his father’s funeral. He accepts the way Bill Belichick does things.

“Do you remember ‘Full Metal Jacket?’ Remember at the beginning of the movie? That’s Bill. Everything has to be perfect, precise, detailed . . . and I love it,” Ochocinco said laughing. “That’s why we are where we are.”

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  1. As a Giants’ fan, I hope Ochocinco is deactivated. Knowing that we are going to game plan heavily to slow down Gronkowski, Hernandez and Welker, I can see BB devising some nice plays to get Ocho involved. He’d probably be matched up on someone like rookie Amukamara and that is not something I really want to see.

  2. i think Belichick is basically keeping Ochocinco on to show “we can take any player, mold him and make him to a consummate team player”

    and you have a chance at a title. Its like “Diva receivers, please apply”

    Think DeSean Jackson might just take a look at NE?

  3. Who woulda thunk that Ocho would be this mature? I really respect the guy for how he has handled this season. He’s not pouting on the sidelines, not bashing the team in the media. It’s been hard for him, but he has quietly accepted how this season has went.

  4. This entire saga appears to be setting up some sort of inspiring and unthinkable Super Bowl performance.

    I keep thinking “this will be the week Ocho shows up”, but it just won’t happen.

    At least after this week, that anticipation will be completely gone.

  5. Really Bro? You made it this far and NOW is when you decide to open your mouth?

    I’m a Pats fan and I like Ocho but these comments really upset me. I really wanted to see him do well with the Pats this season but now I want him off the team ASAP!

  6. Ocho should be taking advice from Jerry Rice or Troy Brown, not those two whackjobs! Why would you follow players formally referred to as “cancer”? Red flag, no?

    It’s all mental. He seems overwhelmed.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if he has a huge game to build his trade value to make room for Brandon Lloyd. Thanks Josh McDaniels!

  7. Leans on T.O. and Randy Moss for support….

    Like when Charlie Sheen needs someone to lean on, he calls Darryl Strawberry or Lindsay Lohan…..

  8. I can just hear those conversations:

    Ocho: “Belichick isn’t playing me, man”.
    Moss: “I know, that guy cut me…d-a-m-n.”
    T.O.: “You guys got it good…he don’t even want me.”

  9. Chad never took himself to seriously and I think that’s why it didn’t blow up on him this year. I’d much rather see Chad have a chance for a ring than T.O.

  10. I was all set to make a nasty comment about Ocho, but I just can’t do it. The dude is funny (gotta love the Halle Berry ScarJo comment)…and it sounds like he is genuinely upset with himself. I also respect what he said about not going to twitter to vent.

    The irony of his career is that he may end up with a Superbowl ring by playing and being unselfish rather than the center of the universe. A humbling but ultimately satisfying outcome for him. Will make him a better person.

    I would say though, that consoling oneself in the arms of TO and Moss isn’t going to give one a productive outlook. He’d be better off confiding in Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, or Isaac Bruce.

  11. I think he’ll be active, just because of Gronk’s ankle. If Gronk leaves during the game, Ocho is someone the defense has to pay attention to, even if he isn’t a huge playmaker.

  12. Owens and Moss… you couldn’t ask for better role models!

    BTW, Chad didn’t have much of a choice. Either he got with Belichick’s program or his next job was with the Allen Wranglers, alongside yet another malcontent diva!

  13. Why are we wasting time talking about TO, Moss and Ocho-Stinko when we could be talking about Kim Kardashian making the move on Tebow. Now that would be an interesting date.

  14. Leaning the Pats offense and getting in sync with it is NOT like a new marriage. That’s a bad analogy designed to cloud the truth. The truth is that Ocho was in a plain-Jane vanilla offense his entire career and he had no idea what he was getting into when he went to the Pats in terms of the mental demands to learn a new complex offense and the mental discipline require of him by the coaches, Brady and the entire offense. Basically, Chad is not mentally up to the task and as such has not earned Brady’s confidence in him. A more apt analogy would be that Chad was doing community college level work for years and then all of the sudden was thrown into quantum mechanics physics at MIT and was completely run over by it. Is it possible Chad could get there with an entire off season to prepare???….. I suppose, but I seriously doubt they’ll keep him around for the money he’s signed up at. My bet is he’s gone and the Pats will move on.

    As far as him being “soul mates” with Moss and TO. Are they forming a club???….. The Society of the Mentally Unstable and Problematic Diva Receiver Club.

  15. Love him or hate him the guy is honest. Just like T.O, he may have gone over the top a few times but he told the truth. I still don’t quite understand why us fans and the media discourage athletes from laying it all out there. Do we really want the same old boring answers all the time?

  16. Belichick deserves a little criticism here. The entire offense is based on reaction — i.e., if the DB or LB does this, you go here. If they do something different, your route changes. Some (Branch) instinctively get it. Even Moss kind of figured it out. 85 has never quite got it. Too bad he dropped that TD pass in Buffalo. NE’s so-so start this season meant that Pats couldn’t spend much time dealing with him and had to keep the offense rolling with underneath stuff with Welker and the two TEs. Good for Johnson, though, for keeping quiet. Moss taught him that you can still get a paycheck if you shoot your way out of town, but only if you still have decent game.

  17. I have a feeling that we will see more of Chad in the SB than we have all season and I don’t mean in a booth.

    Chad is going to get a TD pass in the game.

  18. Moss is actually the perfect person for Chad to talk to. As soon as Moss stopped buying in, he was gone. It’s obvious from his words after he was traded that he regrets it. If he had let things be perhaps he would have been the one trying for a ring. Maybe he has expressed just that to Chad?

  19. Moss & T.O. produced over an entire career. 150+ td’s…. Ocho Stinko was a media wh*re and has scored less than 75 career td’s. Get lost Chad & dont come back.

  20. I hope Ocho has saved his money because it would be a shame if he is in the same financial condition as T.O. He will not be in the league next year. What team needs an aging, slowed down diva wide receiver who can’t run a pass route? What was going on in Cincinnati when Ocho and Housh were the receivers. Once they left the Bengals, both suffered from huge drops in productivity.

  21. Obviously his play has been a major disappointment this season, but I give him a lot of credit for handling it the way he has. There are not many pro athletes at any position in any sports who would handle such a limited role the way he has. He has kept his mouth shut and (seemingly) done all that has been asked of him. I don’t quite udnerstand why it has been so difficult for him and brady to get on the same page, but for whatever reason it has. And I also think if the Pats are to really have a chance against the Giants, they will need Ocho to play, and to make even just one play. Against the Ravens, it wasn’t a great decision to try the deep pass after the Flacco int – but it woud have been a much better call had it been Ocho running the route and not Matthew Slater.

    I also think it isn’t a crazy idea to bring him back next year. Obviously the teams knows a lot more about what happens at practice and behind the scenes – but if they think a full offseason will help him and Brady get on the same page, and considering the difficulty brady has shown connecting with a large number of new receivers (Chad Jackson, Brandon Tate, Taylor Price, Joey Galloway), it might make sense to try to make it work with Ocho, rather than roll the dice with someone else.

  22. Also, why it will help the Pats to have Ocho play in the super bowl – struggles aside- is he is an NFL caliber receiver and someone the other team at least has to take note of when he is on the field. The same cannot be said of Julian Edelman or Matthew Slater. Even without catching a ball, he can have more of an impact (even if small) than either of those other two guys. Just a split second a defensive player hesitates to react to Welker, Gronk, or Hernandez because Ocho is running a route in his vicinity, could be all the difference between a big play and a bad play.

  23. and last point – go back and watch the Pats-Giants game from week 9 . Ocho got himself open a few times for what should have been big plays. He ran a bad route one time but brady also misfired a couple of times at him. I think the Giants are a better team and for NE to win, they will need someone to be able to make a big, unexpected play. If David Tyree can do it, why can’t Ocho.

  24. dfresh897 says:
    Jan 28, 2012 1:16 PM
    Really Bro? You made it this far and NOW is when you decide to open your mouth?

    I’m a Pats fan and I like Ocho but these comments really upset me. I really wanted to see him do well with the Pats this season but now I want him off the team ASAP!

    …what did he say that was so offensive? Did you even read the article?

  25. Man….i wish the Pats would have taken a gamble and went back after Moss. after he realized what he did, and realized he wanted to play for NE, and only NE, he would have been HUGE in the offense.

  26. Why Edleman and Slater and not Chad? Both of the other guys play special teams and defense. Slats made all- pro as a STer. Chad was lost on the field this year and did not know how to adjust to audibles.

  27. To this day I chuckle when I think the skins offered up two first round picks to cincy for chad.
    And cincy just blew them off.

  28. Mixed bag on free agents for Belichick. Two big whiffs in Haynesworth and Ocho and great pick ups in Carter and Watters and a decent one in Ellis. Moore was a good find and re-signing Warren was a good move. Haynesworth didn’t even try in the last Patriots loss to the Giants (which was also the last time the Pats lost a game). He was pathetic. At least Ocho tried.

    The Pats have two first round draft picks this year. I wouldn’t mind seeing one go to a WR. But I would be happy with a DB and a LB too.

  29. Even though I hate the Jets,

    Ochocino’s career ended when he talked crap to Revis and then got shut down Week 17 and first week of the playoffs two years ago…

  30. tb12eatitbitches says: Jan 28, 2012 1:01 PM

    Chad is a good guy, I feel bad it didn’t work out. Thus far. You really think the other two mentioned would have been the same? Child please.

    Except Moss did work out extremely well in New England until last year. He then got traded to play with a guy who he always wanted to play for. Dammit Childress.

  31. mojosmagic says:
    Jan 28, 2012 2:15 PM
    He was late getting back from Dad’s funeral? This is why the Pats are hard to root for.

    Chad was not going to be active for the Ravens game because he missed too much valuable practice time. That matter was settled long before his being late for a meeting.
    You’re spinning it to make BB look bad, and that is not the case.

  32. I think at this juncture, just about every Patriot fan on the planet as well as a lot of other people are routing for this guy to be active, and make a meaningful contribution to a total team victory in the Super Bowl, as long as it is within the scope of the game plan and he is the best man for the job, as opposed to being a forced situation. I hope it works out for him.

    I also hope he sends me a pair of Beats….

  33. Hey bigperm33, great points. However I do disagree on one point. That being Julian Edelman can contribute on offense…think back to when Welker blew out his knee a couple of years ago. Edelman was a factor from the slot.

  34. The Evil Hoodie is plotting. I would not be surprised to see Brady go deep to Ocho on the first play or at some key moment.

    I’m not a particular fan of Chad’s, but he’s right that he’s had a certain level of productivity during his career. Yes he’s flat out dropped some passes and run the wrong routes but I can smell a set-up.

  35. ampats says: Jan 28, 2012 2:15 PM

    I have a feeling that we will see more of Chad in the SB than we have all season and I don’t mean in a booth.

    Chad is going to get a TD pass in the game.

    I was thinking the same thing. It would be a classic Belichickian hustle.

  36. Giants 31 – Pats 20
    and it’s not even going to be that close. suck on that Patriots fans. your time on top is and has been over for some time now. the only reason you reign atop the AFC east is because the rest of that division is pathetic. oh yeah, the three Lombardi Trophies are and will always be tainted. because the organization CHEATED.

  37. Is this a joke, or is Oucho Stinko thinking of forming a trio of Divas to sing the National Anthem pregame? H E L L, get Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards and make it a quartet!

  38. It sure seems like a lot of attention to give a mostly invisible player.
    These Chad Johnson stories aren’t exactly compelling…

  39. @1nyj,

    Those three trophies aren’t tainted, I saw them and they’re very shiney and clean.

    So what are you going to do about it? Haha.

    Yep, thats right. You’re going to cry!

    Number 4 maybe on the way?

    Are you nervous? Going to cry some more? You really are laughable. Cry baby.

  40. Just bring back Moss. Ocho is awful, and Moss has done enough good will to the organization to warrant another chance. The guys on the team love him, and contrary to what many think, has something left in the tank. He’d open that offense up big time. 2 TE’s are NE’s only deep threats??? They’d be even better with Moss. Ocho was a waste, and the reason they’ll lose next w/e for have taken a chance with him and not getting someone to stretch the field. Gmen will box them in again like they did earlier this year. BB’s needs to get over his ego and bring him back.

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