Questions raised about George Martin’s leadership of NFL Alumni

When former Giants defensive end George Martin was named the executive director and president of the NFL Alumni Association, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell praised him as the right leader for the organization. But an investigation into the organization calls into question just how good a job Martin has actually done.

George Martin hasn’t done squat except take care of himself and those around him,” former Raiders lineman Dave Pear says in a lengthy article about Martin’s leadership of the NFL Alumni Association.

Adds former Buccaneers tight end Jimmie Giles, “I don’t know what George’s agenda was. If it was to help players, he hasn’t done a very good job.”

Also being questioned is whether Martin, who has declared personal bankruptcy three times, is qualified to run the NFL Alumni Association and oversee the organization’s finances. The organization recently needed a $1 million loan from the NFL to stay solvent.

Martin, whose base salary is $270,000 a year, says the NFL Alumni Career and Business program has helped more than 50 retired players, and that a program recently gave some disadvantaged former players up to $1,000 each in assistance. But the investigation suggests that much more needs to be done, and raises questions about whether Martin is the right man to do it.

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  1. This clown who can’t handle his own personal finances is making 270K a year, and then a few retired players he’s supposed to look out for just got a whopping one thousand dollars? He got a one million dollar loan and helps only 50 guys? He should run for office in Chicago.

  2. He’s basically a beggar. And trying to get money from the current players or the NFL … two legendary greed hounds … is all but impossible. They’d make Scrooge look like Bill Gates.

  3. Wait a second. George Martin has been very active in the charitable community for decades. He raised over 2 million dollars for 9/11 families by WALKING ACROSS THE COUNTRY in 2008. While that might not make him qualified to run the Alumni Association, it should certainly make people think twice about calling him a ‘clown’ or ‘beggar’.

  4. Personal bankruptcy three times? Gotta question the guy’s judgement. I wouldn’t trust this guy to work the closing shift at a restaurant much less run the Alumni association

  5. There’s a huge difference between doing charitable work for organizations that are already set up to use celebrities to promote them and the ones that celebrities try to set up on their own. While no one wants to take away any credit for the charities George Martin has worked with, it’s clear that the Alumni needed adult supervision and instead put a kid in a candy store.

    The Alumni has now received $5 million – and counting – and still no real results. This is a perfect example of an old management principle: ‘A’ managers tend to surround themselves with other ‘A’s’ while ‘B’ managers will intentionally surround themselves with ‘C’ and ‘D’ managers simply to make themselves look better.

    I can only hope that he has managed (pun intended!) to put some money aside for himself this time when the gravy train comes to an abrupt stop. Apparently, Mr. Martin enjoys the celebrity life and all the trappings that go along with that. Like First Class airfare everywhere he goes and the lavish setting of a very expensive office in Newark. All while some veteran players continue to live homeless with no support system whatsoever from the NFL Alumni or the NFLPA.

  6. I’m not sure what’s worse; that they pay this position $270k year (and promote the fact that they gave a small number of veterans $1k- WTF?) or that they put a 3 time personally bankrupt person in charge of it?

  7. It’s a shame. He’s well-liked and a really good man, both as a charitable person and as a down-to-earth human being. That said, being well-liked can only go so far. Perhaps his involvement should not be at the top of the management structure (I don’t know anything of his business savvy, other than this article), but he is certainly someone who would serve the alumni association well.

  8. Wait a minute, wait a minute, let me put some perspective in it! I have known George Martin since he starred at the University of Oregon and have followed his pro football career and post career, so I believe my perspective is somewhat unique. His character has not changed!

    “Big George” as he is affectionately known, is an extremely humble Man of God and very conscientious about the role he has been chosen to do. If he is not performing up to par, which is ludicrous given the few tools in the tool box he has to work with, I can understand why folks like Dave Pear are upset……Pear is no longer relelvant and the only way he feels significant is to throw boulders at Martin & the NFL Alumni….if this wasn’t so serious it would be comical….like those who hate governmental affairs are afraid to run for Sheriff…let me know how that works out!
    In the meantime, what’s done in the dark shall come to the light and until then, everyone should roll up their sleeves like Martin has done and go to work for the common good!

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