Rex Ryan: I didn’t do a good enough job managing our locker room


After predicting the Super Bowl and falling short of the playoffs, Jets coach Rex Ryan acknowledges that he didn’t do a good enough job in 2011.

But Rex is still Rex, and that means he’s still confident that the Jets are heading in the right direction.

“Our locker room wasn’t as close as it’s been in the past, obviously, but one thing we know is we’re going to fix it,” Ryan said in an interview with ESPN. “We might have been knocked down this year but we’re not knocked out. We’re going to be swinging, and there’s no doubt about it. But I can’t wait. It’s about moving forward, put that stuff behind us. But there’s things we’re going to learn from. This past season, 8-8 clearly is not good enough. We did have some issues where, obviously, I never did a good enough job of recognizing it and fixing it, but we’re fixing it right now. There’s no doubt about that.”

Some unnamed Jets have said they think the way to fix the team is to get rid of Mark Sanchez and replace him with Peyton Manning, but Ryan reiterated that he’s behind Sanchez.

“I can’t talk about Peyton Manning. He’s on some other team right now,” Ryan said. “But Mark Sanchez is the future of the Jets. He’s a great quarterback and again, I can’t wait to get it going. You look at it: 4-2 in the postseason, 28-20 in the regular season over the three years that Mark and I have been together and we’re going to be together a long time.”

But while Ryan is sold on Sanchez, he may have a tough job on his hands convincing everyone else in the Jets’ locker room to get behind the quarterback.

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  1. You can’t really ENGINEER chemistry, all you can do is put a bunch of guys together who have certain types of work ethics, goals etc. and hope it works. A HC can only do so much…that said, adding guys like Holmes NEVER EVER EVER helps a team’s chemistry so some things are just no brainers, preventable and ARE the HC/ personnel people’s fault.

  2. Rather obvious that Rex is just kissing up to “I haven’t a clue” Woody Johnson. After 3 years of nothing but “bravado b.s.” coming out of Rexy’s mouth, everyone on the planet earth knows he’s a pro at “talkin’ the talk” but nothing else, except Woody. I think Rexy is just trying to buy himself one more year before Woody finally has a sober thought and fires the loudmouth. It’s too bad for Jests fans, their window of opportunity to win has been the past 3years and now too many good players are on the wrong side of their careers and all that’s left are the Holmes, Burress, Sanchez’s. The defense is but a shell of what it was a couple years ago and no matter what you think of Revis, he’s only one guy.

  3. It is highly unlikely that Peyton would sign on to be QB of the red headed stepchildren of NY football.

    Comments aside, the biggest reason is that NY belongs to little bro. Peyton will have his choice of landing spots with my money on the Redskins.

    I was listening to the FAN the other day while I was in NY and they spent an entire hour plus about PM playing for the jets .

    Guess it gives the jets fans something to dream about while they sit on their couches and watch their worst nightmare on Super Bowl Sunday.

  4. The coach made a couple of big mistakes concerning the locker room. He lost proven long term veterans of the team such as Thomas Jones, Jerricho Cotchery, Shaun Ellis, and Damien Woody. He then failed to bring in leaders to replace them. He relied on “I’m a classy guy” LT, Cromartie, and of all people Holmes. The latter he made a captain without any thought. This was a bad move. He should have know better but the environment in that organization is one of giant egos.

  5. He did a good job managing the buffet line at the Golden Buddha. “You no come back rex”! “You no come back for one week”!

  6. The easiest fix here is for Sanchez to stop being a prima donna(that GQ spread in white pants was just terrible) and basically stop being a biatch. Lead by example and if they think you’re getting white glove treatment just outwork everyone else. Earn their respect.

  7. People and teams who are really great at what they do don’t need to say a damn thing about themselves.

  8. Because you’re too damn busy talking crap about the jets are going to super bowl. Hello rexy!!

  9. Yet I see he still loves to get his mic/camera time in.

    The Jets nor any team he coaches will be succesful cause Rex is more concerned with media time than preparation time.

    Please spare me the back to back AFC title appearances. They were flukes and the JETS were gift wrapped a playoff appearance only due to other teams resting

  10. It’s not the head coache’s duty to manage the players in the locker room. That responsibility lies with the players themselves, especially the CAPTAINS. Having said that, Rex Should blame himself for naming Santonio “the turd” Holmes one of those captains.

  11. Rex
    Sit down and shut up
    Watch the Best team in Metlife play the best team in the AFC East in the Super Bowl

    Your team is the redheaded stepchild of Metlife and the AFC East

    know your role as second fiddle in both the city and the AFC

  12. .

    When this guy makes his super bowl pick, the line will instantaneously move two points …..the other way.


  13. I’m a Jets fan, and what’s telling to me about that post is Rex saying Mark’s the quarterback “of the future”. As QB of the team the past three years, I don’t think the “future” part was necessary unless, say, they were considering asking Sanchez to sit for a year or 2 behind Peyton Manning…

  14. It’s hard to do a good job in the locker room when you’re spending most of your time sniffing the player’s cleats.

  15. Thatobnoxiousguy:
    If the jets back to back title appearances is a fluke, the 9ers appearance is a dam shame…not worthy

  16. Coaches CAN’T control the locker room themselves!

    They must make sure that the team captain’s do their job and/or get a player that can control the locker room.

    Coaches can never truly control it.


    Harbaugh does not control the locker room, Ray Lewis does and that’s the way it is and that’s the way it always will be!

    Weed out the cancers or get someone that has a strong belief in team and can command respect and the locker room will be okay!

  17. Just face it Rex, the only thing you are good at is EATING. Woody, it’s time to fire Rex and get a new QB. Sanchez sucks.

  18. Is this the weekly apology from Rex? When does he shut up about something he did poorly. This guy does a lot of talking for guy who has to kiss a lot of rings.

  19. Peyton is not going to the JETS or the Redskins

    Why would he want to play in a city or a div that his little brother owns?

    That right Eli owns NYC and the NFC east the rest of you just get over it
    The egirls the cowpukes and the deadskins are his and the jets are just the redheaded stepchild of the Giants

    I would be surprised if Peyton went to any east team afc or nfc
    If he goes and plays for the fins he has to play NE twice a year the one team that has his number.

  20. IF Peyton were going to leave the Colts, and IF Peyton was cleared to play again which I don’t think he weill be, why in the world would he want to play for the dysfunctional Jets, and why would he even want to play in Jersey? That’s his brother’s playpen.

  21. The Jets don’t have cap room for Manning even if they cut Sanchez (only $5M in dead money). The Sanchez decision should be independent of Manning in any case. They need to decide if they can move forward with him or if Flynn might even be a better option at less the cost since Sanchez is due for $11M in base + roster bonus. It is amazing that Sanchez salary cap number for 2012 is only $1M less than Tom Brady’s.

  22. Wow, so that make the Jet the Red Sox of the NFL. Interesting that their main rival, the Pats, are a very well run team (can you imagine any of this happening in Belichek’s locker room?). And in baseball, the Sox are dysfunctional and the Yankee’s are the model franchise.

  23. Manning isn’t playing for that nightmare of dysfunction the Jets are calling a team. There will be much better offers.

  24. He needs to stop trying to be everybodys friend, and start raising the expectations and demands on his players performance. Santonio Holmes a captain? He can hardly even keep his “high wire act” of a life on the straight and narrow. Toughen up Rex. If these guys don’t know how to police themselves then someone needs to get in there and show some tough Love and right now that is not happening.

  25. One thing you need to learn Rex, well several. Sometimes you have to cut UR losses……..Admit UR mistake and move on. Sanchez is not a great QB!

  26. its not about you fatboy! you can be a great coach when you want too. shut up and coach. your tv show is cancelled!

  27. maddenisfordorks says: Jan 28, 2012 11:31 AM

    People and teams who are really great at what they do don’t need to say a damn thing about themselves.

    Oh, you mean like the ’85 bears and their music video?

    Good call.

  28. Wasn’t it only like a couple of weeks ago that Rexy said he had made a mistake “talking to much” and that he was going to back off on all the bravado and b.s. as it was putting too much pressure on his poor players????? Guess he couldn’t help himself!!!!!

  29. I think it’s far more difficult to “manage the locker room” when you fill the locker room with multiple forms of cancer (Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burris, Antonio Cromartie) and then expect a QB with the mental maturity of a high school junior to be your leader.

    It’s not all on you Rexy. Mike Tannenbaum essentially just grabbed a bunch of disparate parts from a bin and tried to jam them all together like a 2 year old trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. I also think that the “character” thing caught up with them this year. Santonio in particular undermined the team. And now unbelievably…. the owner comes out and proclaims they are going to keep him. It’s like saying: ‘I have a cancer in my body but I’m not going to do anything about it and see if we can co-exist.’

  30. A couple things, Wrecks:

    (1.) You wouldn’t have to worry about “managing” the locker room if you picked the right players to begin with.

    (2.) Please, please, PLEASE guarantee that the Giants win the Super Bowl.

  31. bigbluefan1 says:
    Jan 28, 2012 11:44 AM
    Sit down and shut up
    Watch the Best team in Metlife play the best team in the AFC East in the Super Bowl

    Your team is the redheaded stepchild of Metlife and the AFC East

    know your role as second fiddle in both the city and the AFC
    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to watch the game with Wrecks? I mean, usually when you watch a game, you either hate one team or like the other, so you have some rooting interest. Who is Wrecks going to root for? I think it would be such a blast. Maybe PFT could auction off a chance to watch it with Sexy. Money to charity. I know I would pay to do that.

  32. One of the few men in the NFL who has the gall to say so much to the media about his flawed, non-playoff team a week before the Super Bowl. The arrogance and bluster still amaze me.

  33. Of course he didn’t do a good job managing the locker room. Managing requires listening and assessing situations then making decisions. Rex is so busy talking junk he didn’t know what was going on.

    Like my mama used to say, “You can’t hear with your mouth!”

  34. Yeah, Rex? Didnt do a good enough job? Maybe if you didnt spend so much time thinking up stupid shat to say during press confrences, you’d have had time to hit the locker room once in awhile. In addition, perhaps you could take some time away from the buffet table and coach a little more. Just a couple suggestions.

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