Frustration builds about Philly’s lack of plan on defense


Ron Jaworski makes his living as an ESPN analyst. But he’s also a Philadelphia-area resident that considers himself a fan of the team.

Like a lot of fans, he’s getting restless regarding the radio silence coming from the organization.

“I’m a little bit surprised that Andy Reid hasn’t stepped out and said, ‘hey, here’s what we’re doing,'” Jaworski told “We’d really like to know what is going on rather than rumor and innuendo.”

We point out these comments in large part because it’s such a departure for Jaws. He is usually very supportive of Reid and the Eagles organization. If Jaworski is starting to voice his displeasure, it’s a sign the Reid era is really in the crosshairs in 2012. Jaws’ frustration speaks to a larger confusion in Philadelphia about the team.

Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo continues to twist in the wind, unsure if he actually remains the defensive coordinator. It was at this time last year when the Eagles made the surprising decision to elevate Castillo to his position.

“The quiet is speaking volumes,” Jaworski said.

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  1. Christ, the season’s not even over yet. Believe it or not, Jaws, the guys’ lives don’t revolve around giving you fodder for your tv/radio appearances. And i’m quite sure the Eagles couldn’t care less what you think. If they did care, they’d call you and ask your opinion.

  2. Maybe they plan to hire one of the assistants from one of the Super Bowl teams.They still need a defensive backs coach too.

  3. My major issue is this:
    Everyone complains about how Andy Reid never says anything in a press conference that is worthwhile. Now everyone wants Andy Reid to hold a press conference. In the words of the immortal Ricky Watters, “For who? For what?”

    He’s not gonna say anything that tips his hand. He’s not gonna throw anyone under the bus. He’s gonna just breathe into the microphone like a woman giving childbirth, and crack jokes about ham sandwiches.

    I would put ZERO credibility in any statement from the Eagles, even if they did have a press conference about their defense, and I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that they haven’t held one yet. The season isn’t even over yet.

  4. @thekingdp:

    The last line of the second paragraph was too awesome for a mere thumb’s up.


  5. dolphins4 says:Jan 29, 2012 11:09 AM

    Maybe they plan to hire one of the assistants from one of the Super Bowl teams.They still need a defensive backs coach too.

    yeah, im sure the giants would grant the eagles permission to talk to one of their assistants. picture that one.

  6. Here’s the thing abut the Philly media and most of their fans. They feel that their entitled to an end of season press conference. They want changes, but they want them last week. Reid didn’t take his time last year and got roasted. He is taking his time now, and he’s getting roasted. What spoke volumes is when Castillo referred reporters to Reid when they asked him if he was there as DC.

  7. And Andy Reid has to tell everyone what he plans to do why? Like thekingdb said above, if he has nothing to say why what good would a press conference do.

    Also- Is it really that hard to believe that maybe Juan Castillo is keeping his job? And who says he “continues to twist in the wind?” Just because some people think he should be fired, doesn’t mean he is going to be. I am sure the he and Reid have had more than one conversation about this. Just because Reid hasn’t held a press conference telling the world what he plans to do, doesn’t mean he hasn’t told the people on his staff/in the front office

  8. They are busy trying to figure out what crazy free agency moves they can make. I’m guessing they are trying to figure out how to get peyton manning so they can have all there money tied up in the quarterback and secondary positions, and neglect the linebackers core. Besides who really wants to see reid wearing his trademark off season giant hawaiian muumuu again.

  9. I don’t know why everyone is so eagerly waiting news from philly. We have already heard the disappointi news that Andy will return.
    Everyone wants to put heat on Juan. How can u blame him for not doing well when he has the terrible talent that Andy selected for him? There’s no way ANYONE will succeed as DC in phillyif Andy is still selecting personel. A defense that is filled with starters from the 7th round and lower.

    Andy has become a joke and his arrogance has doomed us

  10. Coach Reid went way out on the limb moving his offensive line coach to defensive coordinator. He had to know there would be a learning curve. To fire Coach Castillo now would really make him look bad. Coach Castillo will be back next season……….Times yours

  11. “Maybe they plan to hire one of the assistants from one of the Super Bowl teams”

    I think more to the point is the question of why the Eagles are always waiting for the Super Bowl to be over so they can talk to one of the participating assistants, rather than the Eagles being in the Super Bowl themselves.

  12. I don’t know what Jaws is worried about. According to Gregg and Mike, the Eagles are the most dangerous team in the NFC, the one team NO one wants to play against. No changes needed!! They have the PFT stamp of approval. Of course, they also said the Giants would lose to Atlanta, Green Bay, & San Fran.

  13. The Eagles were like 8th in total D. If you watched them (I assume Jaws did) you would know it was the horrible drops, fall downs and int’s by the WR, TE and QB.

    While the D took a little to get going the O clearly put them in a hole….almost every game the first 8.

  14. “Ron Jaworski makes his living as an ESPN analyst. But he’s also a Philadelphia-area resident that considers himself a fan of the team…”

    This much is evident to anyone who’s watched the Eagles or Giants on MNF during Jaworski’s tenure in the booth. I’d like to a little less about the Eagles from Jaws and a bit more about the Giants who I recall him describing as ‘not a playoff team’.

  15. Might as well redshirt everyone next year. The team will stagger to a 3-5 start and finish 8-8. Like the last half decade or so. Never a serious threat to do anything, mostly winning against awful teams when it no longer matters.

    8-8 might be enough to get Reid a 5 year extension, though.

  16. Great article in the Green Bay Gazette parallels this story in that Ted Thompson is the one responsible directly to improve GB’s defense or else. Ted let too many good players go and sat back and thought the offense was enough to carry the day so to speak and make up for the lack of D. He had it almost right this year but it ain’t gonna work that way next year.
    Ditto Philly. They need to figure out how to beat the Giants at their game and that means a formidable pass rush. No pass rush, no super bowl.

  17. The plan is to keep opposing offenses from scoring. They just don’t have any details yet

  18. The disappoint of Reid’s silence has more to do with the rumors about Castillo being gone than anything else. For a solid week, there was a rumor saying that Castillo wouldn’t be defensive coordinator anymore. Since then, we haven’t heard anything. You’d think the least Reid could do is say that Castillo is staying. Since he hasn’t, that leads into what Jaws is saying.

    Jaws thinks that “his silence speaks volumes”. If Castillo is really staying, why hasn’t Reid said anything to dispel the rumors? This leads into Jaws thinking that Castillo will be gone and that they haven’t decided on a new defensive coordinator yet.

  19. Jaws had over 100 concussions in his career. He’s occasionally gonna say some non important stuff. Andy’s a lame duck for this year, so he couldn’t care any less about what people are thinking. We’re all just hoping the fools gold from the last four games of this season will transfer over to 2012. I just don’t see Vick staying healthy for 16 games, which will result in another mediocre season unfortunately. I believe Josh Mcdaniels will get the Philly job when Andy leaves after next season. Not saying I want that to happen, but it’s probably going to happen. And then we’ll trade for tebow and go 8-8 and maybe win a playoff game once every 3 years. ~ Martyred Philly Fan

  20. The season isn’t even over yet.

    Apparently the rest of the non-playoff teams (and the 10 playoff teams eliminated by now) did not get that memo, judging by the flood of reports since the day after the regular season ended regarding which coaches are staying, who got canned, and who is getting hired to fill new vacancies.

    There are advantages to getting those decisions squared away sooner rather than later, to get new coaches and scouts/player personnel types on the same page leading up to free agency and the draft.

    The Eagles can play it any way they want, and they don’t owe anyone public updates on their internal discussions. But of course it’s going to get commented on when they have remained quiet amidst all the news coming out from other teams.

    Would also suck for Castillo to get fired now, when the job market is almost dried up. Although they can probably keep him around as something other than DC if they decide to go another direction there.

  21. there is a reason his nickname ‘JAWS’; he has a big mouth and doesn’t have a life outside of watching coaches film all day…to question Reid without the season even being over is to draw attention to himself as Reid may have someone in mind that is currently on either the Pats or Giants staff. ESPN would be well served to remove the jaws from MNF so you could actually enjoy the broadcasts. Reid knows what he is doing and there is plenty of time for the DC to be annointed and an philisophy deployed.

  22. It’s funny how people say figure out a way to beat the giants. I thought the Eagles won the last game against the Giants and also went 5-1 in the division . Yeah they gave up leads mainly because old Juan didn’t learn man corners aren’t that good at playing zone . So for anyone to say this team is garbage is just being a hater. Get on with your life for the fact is the eagles don’t have to have your approval on nothing . Your boss doesn’t have to have your approval to change policies does he or she? This is a business first and foremost people get over it. P.S. f… Jaws he just mad that when the number 7 jersey is retired and headed to the hall of fame his name won’t be on it.

  23. Maybe they haven’t said anything about Castillo because they don’t plan on doing anything with Castillo.

  24. Castillo will be back. Not because he should, because Reid is stubborn, like everything else he does. How many times in the last five years have the Giants been to The Big Show? What’s Reid had 14 years? Reid flat out is a victim of the Peter Principle. He will not get Our Birds to The Super Bowl. Example: Starting middle line backer for the Phila. Eagles is….Casey Matthews? are you kidding?

  25. Tired of hearing people say that Reid is being arrogant because he has not spoken with the media, where is it written that he has to. I don’t see it as him being arrogant, I see it as being more like he is not going to let the media (especially in Philly) bully him. I can’t say that I blame him. Apparently he doesn’t have anything to report, I don’t hear other coaches telling their plans. As a fan I am willing to wait until Reid says whats happening, I am sure he will do that when the time is right and more importantly when he feels he should, not the media.

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