Jim Caldwell meets with Steelers about coordinator job


The Steelers and Colts may wind up unintentionally trading offensive coaches.

Deposed Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians has landed with the Colts.  And dismissed Colts head coach Jim Caldwell may wind up in Pittsburgh.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Steelers interviewed Caldwell for their vacant coordinator position over the weekend. They are considering other candidates as well.

Going with Caldwell would clearly mark a different direction for the Steelers offense. Florio wrote earlier this week about how Ben Roethlisberger could make a power play in an effort to get quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner elevated to the offensive coordinator job.

The Steelers already showed Roethlisberger his input matters only so much when they got rid of Arians. Choosing Caldwell over an in-house candidate like Fichtner would really hammer the point home.

54 responses to “Jim Caldwell meets with Steelers about coordinator job

  1. This has nothing to do with Ben, but hiring Caldwell would really hammer the point…they have given up on winning. Caldwell are you kidding me. WOW!!!!

  2. Don’t like it at all. Wasn’t Peyton basically the OC? And Tom Moore before Peyton started calling the shots?

    They should look into Mike Miller or Tom Clements. Neither available but worth a try.

  3. LOL! OMG! You have got to be kidding me! There is no Rooney Rule for coordinators, unless it’s self imposed.

    Jim Caldwell should not be allowed within 100 yards of any NFL Facility simply based on incompetence.

  4. It’s stupid to go back to “ground and pound.” The strength of the offense is the talented young receivers. Fix the offensive line and keep your qb upright and the Steelers will be competing for the Superbowl again next year.

  5. Jim Caldwell is the right man for the job. Steeler fans have been clamoring for a boring offense, he can make that happen. Maybe they’ll become a dominant rushing attack, all they need is an offensive line, right?

  6. The Steelers already showed Roethlisberger his input matters only so much when they got rid of Arians. Choosing Caldwell over an in-house candidate like Fichtner would really hammer the point home.


    It’s about time the Steelers put arrogant old Toothy in his place.

    Next thing the new regime needs to do with
    Toothlessberger is to get him to knock off the Willis
    Reed act he seems to wanna perform every week for attention…

  7. Ticket to the game $100
    Hot dog and beer $12.50
    Watching Steeler fans meltdown PRICELESS!!!

  8. Jim Caldwell hasn’t put together a well thought out gameplan in his life.

    On defense: Rush 4 drop 7 in coverage every game, every time…

    On offense: Hope Peyton Manning is your QB to make you look good… if not, just accept the fact that you will have the 32nd ranked offense in the NFL

  9. If I were Ben Roethlisberger, I’d want Caldwell too. Afterall, it’s OC in title only, but Ben would call the shots. Caldwell would just be a good fall guy if things don’t work out on the field.

  10. I’m a huge Steelers fan, so it’s hard for me not to like Ben. But lately i haven’t agreed with the guy and he’s just ticking me off with the things he’s saying. I think with addition of Caldwell the Steelers will go back to the ground and pound game and that could be something Ben might not want. I really don’t see how Fichtner could be any better (or worse) than Arians. That being said they have utilize the talent they have on offense and that could mean throwing the ball. If Caldwell can get the O-line to play better than I’m all for it. That’s where I think the big problems are.

  11. I dont know much about Caldwell, but his uninspiring tenure in Indy (SB berth notwithstanding) should be enough to scare any team off.
    Apparently not the Steelers.

  12. melikefootball says: Jan 29, 2012 2:35 PM

    This has nothing to do with Ben, but hiring Caldwell would really hammer the point…they have given up on winning. Caldwell are you kidding me. WOW!!!!
    Yes they’ve given up on winning…that makes so much sense.

  13. Stone face is going to put Pig Ben in his place? Wow, what a move. The Steeler franchise sinks just a little bit lower.

  14. He was Peyton’s QB coach before Dungy left maybe he knows how to coordinate an offense, Collins/Painter/Orlovsky would make any offense look bad

  15. Colts fan here. Good……..luck…… Caldwell is perhaps the most inept coach to ever step foot on a football field. Offensive coordinator? Really?! Based on what exactly? The Colts? Surely the Steelers don’t think he had ANYTHING to do with the offense working. If they’re thinking he can bring with him some of the stuff Peyton did…let me assure you that he doesn’t. He doesn’t even know when to call timeouts…much less understand the intricacies of the Colts offense. I’ve never seen a coach look more clueless and confused on the sidelines. Do this only if you’re trying to throw the season. While you’re at it…Curtis Painter will be available also.

  16. Remember when Caldwell’s “All I Want” NFL Network endorsement was running?

    “All I want is for Peyton to never retire.” Or something like that.

    How true it actually was.

  17. I’m happy for Jim getting a job opportunity so soon. I’m a Colts fan, and had to put up with him occupying oxygen and space on the sidelines. However, for those of you who don’t know, he DID win Super Bowl XLI with Indy, as a QBs coach. Maybe he will be better suited as a coordinator rather than HC. I wish him the best!

  18. Not liking this at all.

    I actually feel worse for fans of teams like the Redskins, Raiders (Al era), Cowboys. Teams with meddling I-know-best ownership.

    C’mon man. Go with Fich – and put some heart and soul into that offensive line. Every offensive system will be compromised with a garbage OL. We’re like 1-4 when Pouncey is down. Not exactly how a team should protect its $102,000,000 investment at QB.

    Fix the damned OL, and quit proving that you have no clue, for YET ANOTHER YEAR, about what ails our offense.

  19. I’ve always admired the Steelers organization for the way they conduct business, but I don’t understand how ownership can overrule the head coach and franchise quarterback and fire an offensive coordinator.

    And now they’re bring in Jim Caldwell? And this is an upgrade how?

  20. Steelers plan for offensive greatness:

    Step #1: accumulate young, fast, talented recievers.

    Step #2: switch offense back to a ground and pound, run oriented scheme.


  21. I’m assuming the job responsibilities include coordinating practice times, busses, and flights. But I gotta say, I think they can find someone more qualified.

  22. Not a Steeler fan but OMG, really???Caldwell is completely useless, always looked like he had NO clue. Wow sorry Pittsburg.

  23. Great move!

    If they hurry they can balance this move by hiring Juan Castillo for defensive coordinator and switch to the wide 9!

  24. I think if you were to compile a top-10 list of the most clueless head coaches in NFL history, Caldwell would definitely be on it. This move makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t see how he could possibly get that job.

  25. Caldwell has a better offensive coaching pedigree than Fichtner. I’d prefer someone with a long history of working with pocket passers and receivers–not to mention Peyton Manning–to someone best known for the spread system Fichtner installed at Memphis. And neither Ben nor anyone connected to the team has said anything about Roethlisberger attempting any power plays.

    Caldwell worked on two championship teams at Penn State as well as the Colts Super Bowl team. Like Tomlin, he’s a Dungy guy. I hadn’t thought about him, but I’m open to anyone who can get Ben up to the next level. The idea has potential.

  26. @ottomanismydog …

    Thank you. Yes, haters gonna hate, but I’m surprised how many Steelers fans seem to have forgotten that the Rooneys have a pretty good record of hiring coaches. And Art II has been running the team for years. Nothing has happened to suggest he’s suddenly become a Jerry Jones meddler because he chose not to renew Arians’ contract. I’m sure he and Tomlin came to an agreement on that, and it was a wise decision as far as I’m concerned.

  27. Just check Caldwell’s background, this alone makes me question why the Steelers would even call him in. Does caldwell have ties to Tomlin? Makes no sense what so ever with the players the Steelers have on offense. For some reason everyone is questioning Ben’s part in this, obvious the whole article on him wanting to have a sit down with Rooney was overplayed. But I can see why Ben would be scratching his head if the sign Caldwell.

  28. Come on people…they are not going to hire Caldwell. The Steelers ALWAYS do their interviews and see what’s out there. Move on, nothing to see here…

  29. in the long run it may work out but why waste a year or two of Ben’s career to simply change an offense that only struggled because the O- line has been horrible and their one trick pony wideout drops too many passes and disappears in big games, just feels like bad judgement right now to change

  30. Who actually knows what position Caldwell was interviewing… Maybe Fichtner has been tagged as the next OC and Tomlin was actually interviewing Caldwell for the QB coach spot… or as a fill-in for Kirby Wilson as RB coach…

  31. remember because he was a bad hc doesn’t make him a bas oc look at mike martz. Tom moore was never a hc but has 4 rings as a oc.

  32. Everyone knows the league is 60/40 pass/rush. Why would they want to go back to ground and pound?? It gives no incentive for wallace, brown, sanders, or cotchrey to stay. Plus it only worked when they had bettis and bam. The guys they have now cant cut it running all game

  33. Wade Phillips comes to mind after reading there posts! He was pretty bad as a HC in Dallas but look at what he did with the Texan D this year! It was very obvious how important he was while he wasn’t on the sidelines! I trust the Steeler organization will hire the right man for the job!

  34. Rk2000 must be a ravens / Ratbird fan… Don’t hate the player hate the game.. Listen to Ben’s interview he never said anything NEGITIVE . Everyone is making a BIG deal out of nothing… Get a REAL Line & some REAL corner’s and we WIN the SB hands down. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it HATERS. It’s not the steelers fault the good/ GREAT every year.

  35. Don’t worry, Steelers fans…your organization is too smart to hire this guy. As per Adam Schefter, THE RAVENS have hired Caldwell as the QB coach. Now, they’ll have bookends with John Harbuagh, the OTHER guy who, week in, week out, looks equally lost on the sideline. Not only that, but Caldwell can be bookends with Cam Cameron, the OTHER former HC with one of the worst W/L records in NFL history. Pair them with a drunk for an O-line coach, a DC who got run out of NE, and a ST coach who has fielded one of the worst ST’s units now for 4 years and counting. Yeah…that’s got the makings of a new and improved coaching staff for the 2012 season. Unbelievable.

  36. reason35 says:Jan 29, 2012 4:12 PM

    Come on people…they are not going to hire Caldwell. The Steelers ALWAYS do their interviews and see what’s out there.


    Two things:

    1. If you are serious about hiring him, then why bring him in for an interview?
    2. Rooney and Tomlin have always been people that I used to consider smart but if they need to talk to this knucklehead to “see what’s out there” then they are slipping!

    Charity interview to drive up interest is the only logical thing; no one in their right mind hires Caldwell for any position…

    And for all you stat boys, choke on this –
    College HC record: 26–63
    Pro HC record: 26–22

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