Neighbor calls Matt Cassel a hero after house fire

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Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel sprang into action late Thursday night when a neighbor’s house caught on fire, and he’s being hailed as a hero in the neighborhood.

When Cassel’s wife saw smoke and flames coming from a neighbor’s house, Cassel ran there, rang the doorbell and pounded on the door until the woman inside came out. The woman said she didn’t even realize her house was on fire until Cassel alerted her.

“I know Matt wouldn’t want this kind of attention, but I definitely think he was a hero last night,” a neighbor told KMBC 9 in Kansas City.

Cassel didn’t want to speak on camera about the situation but passed along a message to the TV station.

“I wasn’t heroic at all,” Cassel said. “I just ran up to the house and alerted them. The real heroes are the firefighters.”

54 responses to “Neighbor calls Matt Cassel a hero after house fire

  1. Heroism takes many forms. Sometimes it requires performing dangerous acts that put yourself in physical peril, sometimes it means standing up for what is right and risk your job, other times it’s as simple as alerting someone to danger. Many people would not have even done what Matt did and would’ve simply watched the house burn. So, yes, both he and his wife are Heros.

  2. “hero” is not a stretch. put yourself in the shoes of the lady who’s house was on fire and imagine how thankful you would be for matt cassel.

  3. On behalf of Chiefs’ fans everywhere, we wish Matt well in his future endeavors as a hero.

    Now Pioli, get us a real QB please.

  4. In this age of ignorance and stupidity, yes, he’s a hero.

    How many drooling, belly-button lint-picking idiots out there can you imagine would just watch and wonder who is going to do something?

  5. Matt Cassel and his wife are good humanitarians, however the Chiefs need to move on from you being the starting QB. No disrespect, but it time. it was a failed experiment.

    If the Chiefs want to go to and advance in the playoffs they have to make a change at QB

    Replay Terrell Suggs comments about the chiefs in the playoffs last year,and the Ravens talking about how the( qb can’t hang) and their soft. they’re not battle tested,they can’t with hang with us. unquote.

  6. “he·ro
       [heer-oh] Show IPA
    noun, plural -roes; for 5 also -ros.
    1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
    2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child.”

    …Fair enough?

  7. Hero IS a stretch – he’s a concerned neighbor, an alert citizen and a good guy but he’s not a hero.

    If he had gone in the house and done a room by room sweep for people – that’s a hero.

    Hero – to me, implies at the least a modicum of danger – knocking on the door of your neighbor doesn’t apply.

  8. I find Matt Cassel to be horrendously overrated. I think he filled in on an outstanding Patriots team that made him look leaps and bounds better than he is. Just my opinion, but laying that out there to say this:

    Absolutely, I would consider his actions heroic. Putting himself in any kind of danger to help a fellow person earns him that in my book.

  9. Well, he does wear tights on Sundays…

    Well done, being alert might have saved a life. I’m sure we all would like to be able to say that of ourselves.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks the word hero is thrown around way too much these days?

    I always thought being a hero involved some kind of self sacrifice. This seems more like being a good samaritan than a hero.

  11. You can make fun of him all you want, but you would want someone like Matt to knock on your door if heaven forbid your house was on fire….good job Matt, even though this post comes from a Raiders fan.

  12. “Finally a nfl player makes news for something good and not some late night drama at “insert issue here that happens at 2:30am”.”

    Actually, every team is filed with guys who are pillars of the community and help kids, the sick, the homeless, etc. Those stories don’t generate “hits’, so they rarely make the news. Also, most of them – including Cassel who took no credit for himself – are modest about what they do. Just because the paparazzi doesn’t take pictures of these guys building a playground in a poverty stricken area, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

  13. I’m proud to observe that the Chiefs have a long history of heroics off the field

    1. Joe Delaney of course
    2. Tony G saved a choking person in a restaurant
    3. Leonard Pope’s rescue at a pool party
    4. Cassell

    Now let’s go win a g.d. playoff game

  14. Matt Cassell told anyone listening hes was NOT the hero. Just think. This could have taken place in Denver. Then there would have been a miniseries with the star telling his publicity machine to tell the world it was Gods will and he actually was a hero, and not just a hyped up ……… (fill in the blanks)

  15. Hero – quite possibly the most abused word in the English language. Once I farted in the car and cracked the windows for the other passengers to ventilate the situation. Hero.

  16. Doing the right and responsible thing should be common enough that we no longer label these people ‘heroes’, and just label them ‘good people’, and maybe one day just ‘people”.

  17. “I wasn’t heroic at all,” Cassel said. “I just ran up to the house and alerted them. The real heroes are the firefighters.”


    I totally agree with Cassel.

    He’s not a hero at all and the real heroes were the firemen…

  18. On behalf of proffesional firefighters everywhere, thanks matt. Oh yeah, dont listen to these morons. Keep playing, if any of us had any talent we’d be on the field with you.

  19. For all you people not paying attention –
    NEIGHBOR calls Matt Cassel a hero, not media, not Matt himself, NEIGHBOR called him a hero. Put yourself in her shoes & what would you say to show your appreciation ?

  20. Seems to me that the chiefs are headed in the right direction. Pope saves a kid from drowning, and Cassel saves a womans house from being burned to the ground. Now those are High Character people that i’m glad to root for on the field. Go Chiefs!

  21. @ iminra6

    Really? You quote Terrell Suggs? How’s Baltimore’s QB? Didn’t Cassell go to the Pro Bowl and take the Chiefs to the playoffs in 2010? And, gee, Jamaal Charles might have helped this year (Moeaki too). Cassel is fine.

  22. I am certain, that the actions of this man & his wife, saved the life of the home owner, as she said, she did not even realize the house was on fire. It does not take long to be overcome w/smoke inhalation, and lose consciousness (& ultimately die), the act of alerting her, was heroic.
    Praise the Lord that these two ppl were there, when the homeowner needed someone.

    God Bless

  23. Nice job by Cassell!! I been a firefighter 23 years never saved anything but a dog. And I thought it was dead when I was carrying it out of the house…

  24. This shows how far our society has fallen, that we recognize Matt cassel’s deed as heroic. While what Matt did was noble, hes not a hero. He did what a normal everyday person SHOULD do in that situation.

    It’s sad we have to glorify common sense duties

  25. Did you watch last years playoff game, plus The Chiefs schedule vs Ravens,please not to mention Cassel only went because Brady turned it down and he was The only qb Who threw intercepyions in The pro bowl, goodness sake, face The music. Overrated, but a good competitor

  26. Thank goodness it wasn’t Kyle Orton. He might have tried to pee on the flames to put it out and then….KABOOM!!!

  27. What a bunch of synical, hypocrital people who have commented here in a sarcastic or negative fashion. Great society indeed when a pro athlete does something humane but we find the need to ridicule…no wonder the western world is in a mess….just saying!

  28. I agree with Cassell, he wasn’t a hero. People throw that term around on normal people too much.

  29. Ironically, these were the same neighbors who left a flaming bag of dog poo on Cassels doorstep after last season.

  30. “Did you watch last years playoff game, plus The Chiefs schedule vs Ravens,please not to mention Cassel only went because Brady turned it down and he was The only qb Who threw intercepyions in The pro bowl, goodness sake, face The music. Overrated, but a good competitor”

    All three AFC quarterbacks struggled, combining to throw six interceptions. Philip Rivers and Matt Cassel threw two apiece, with Peyton Manning adding one for good measure. Manning was completely ineffective in limited duties, completing just two passes for 12 yards and that interception.

    Would be wise to check stats before trying to make a case. Cassel may never be an Elite QB. But he is a good QB. If we would keep a OC for more than a year he could develop. And last year wasn’t his fault. Keep up the Goo work Matt and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!

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