Panthers update their logo

The Carolina Panthers are updating their logo.

The team announced today that it has changed its logo for the first time in the 18-year history of the franchise, with tweaks to the mouth and eye of the Panther to give it a more three-dimensional look, as well as a cleaner, easier-to-read typeface.

We have one of the finest and most recognizable logos in the NFL and wanted to make it as modern as possible without losing the dramatic essence of the mark,” team president Danny Morrison said in a statement.

Personally, I’d like some NFL team to adopt one of the logo designs at, but I like the Panthers’ new logo, too. When polled 25 design experts on the best logos in the NFL, the Panthers’ original logo made the Top 10. The new look gives that logo an updated feel.

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  1. How about Adrian Peterson wearing #21?


    Matt Forte playing while currently being listed on the Bears Injured Reserve?

  2. I hope a lot of teams update their logos over the next few seasons, but the logos on gridiron league look like they are meant to be old! and that rams one is absolutely ugly

  3. if thats the logo, someone must of designed it on windows 95. I seen better graphics in the 80’s

  4. The NFL is so strong it can wear a nickname like “Redskins” without apology. If a team like Carolina is focused on their logo in January, it just means they lack focus. They will be tweaking their logo next January, too.

  5. dawkinseffect says:
    Jan 29, 2012 9:25 PM
    if thats the logo, someone must of designed it on windows 95. I seen better graphics in the 80′s

    8 2
    I just did the teapot laugh cracking up at this comment.

  6. Just a way teams get NFL fans to spend more $ on new gear, since their current gear is now outdated. Doesnt really look any different. Ante up Panther fans.

  7. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion of course. That said, identity and branding design is actually my profession and from a creativity and execution standpoint Iv’e always thought the Panthers had the absolutely most boring and amatuerish logo in the league. Actually very surprised this design originated from the NFL Creative/Marketing department as it looks more like a Jr High BBall team logo as opposed to the polished marks like the Broncos, Texans, Seahawks and classic brands like Packers and Bears. It just doesn’t meet professional sports standards in my opinion, very lackluster effort with the new font too. If the logo worked in the first place it shouldn’t have needed to be touched, so please NFL if you go this far then might as well go all the way and wipe the Panthers slate clean and create something bold and memorable.

  8. I know that in this current age it’s safer to hate on something than it is to like it but… I really don’t care for the majority of those gridiron logos. Pats, Fins, SD & Donks Gridiron logos are decent but if the Raiders logo ever changes to that… The jokes about Undead Al will be way less humorous, ’cause the Ol Man will be walking the streets, tirelessly seeking out the culprit and inviting him/her to his new owner’s box beneath the sea…

  9. pacificnw7722 says:
    Jan 29, 2012 9:57 PM
    Will someone please re-design that bird on the Seahawks helmet!

    seahawks reps arlready said they are going to overhaul a lot this year with nike taking over uni’s, they say they will tweak colors and unis and logos. might go a little more retro

  10. So … it’s pretty much their current logo, with some minor color changes and the team name in garbage font that looks like something from a mid-90’s computer game. At least it’s not Buffaslug.

  11. purplengold, the name isn’t part of the logo, they’ve just updated both, and both are shown here for example purposes.

  12. Hey, How about leaving the logo alone and change some of the losers who play on that sorry excuse for a team…..and start with “can’t Newton”….that laptop stealing quarterback.

  13. what are u talking about everyone of those designs on gridiron are worse than the teams current logo. Glad u have n gridiron have no say.

  14. pacificnw7722 says:
    Jan 29, 2012 9:57 PM
    Will someone please re-design that bird on the Seahawks helmet!

    The Seahawks logo represents the area the team hails from better than pretty much any other. It illustrates the seabirds that are commonplace in the Pacific Northwest and does so in a style like that of the area’s indigenous people. The NAs of that region built totem poles and the design is very reminiscent of the birds carved on them.

    Now, the Browns on the other hand, need to come into the 20th century. 21st might be a stretch for them. They could really use a name change, too.

  15. one of the lamest mascot/nicknames, color scheme’s and uniforms in the history of the NFL… the only way to improve that piece of crap is by starting over.

    The Panthers, how orginal.

  16. Another design professional here, and it looks like the Panthers are continuing their run as a pure second- or third-tier team, design-wise. Teams like them and the Jags just plain look bad next to their classic predecessors.

    This isn’t terrible, but it’s a mixed bag of an update. The “flattened ears” look on the top conveys some aggression, but as any cat lover knows, it really conveys fear. And the somewhat chubbier cheek and weirdly fat lower lip (presumably a jaw, but the over-stylized roundness makes it look like something from the Fat Albert cartoon) are curious choices. The overall effect is less aggressive and fierce than the old one.

    The old team-name text was terrible, and the new one is bad too. Less dated, but only because it evokes nothing.

    The one thing I like about this: it reminds me strongly of Brak.

  17. Since the Browns have no real logo, the de facto one is usually their helmet. Since I have a cap with that helmet logo, it makes the Browns the only team who puts a picture of a hat on a hat. Dur.

  18. Glad I have plenty of merchandise with the old logo on it because I surely wont be buying anything with this ‘arena league’ garbage on it.

    It should come as no suprise that this is the best Panthers organization could come up with. Those guys over there on Mint St. havent proven that they can build a consistently successful sports franchise and now they have proven that they arent brilliant graphic design artist either.

    Way to know the pulse of your fanbase Richardson. …you wanna sell some jerseys? WIN SOME F*&@ING GAMES!

    New Logo = FAIL

  19. First of all, the logo and wordmark don’t look like they were created on Windows 95. That’s because the image featured above is just a poor quality image. Hence the rough edges.

    Secondly, if you look for a larger version of the logo, you’ll notice that it’s different from the old one in a few ways. They’re subtle, but they change the overall look and feel of the logo.

    Thirdly, it reminds me a lot of when the Seahawks redesigned their logo a while back. They didn’t completely overhaul the design, but they made it look like something that was created in this century. Whether or not you think that’s a positive isn’t the point. The point is, they updated it.

    And that’s what the Panthers have done here. The wordmark (the name itself) no longer looks like it was created in 1997, and the logo has a definitive 2008-2012 feel looking at logo design trends. And again, I’m not making a value judgment. I’m actually indifferent, although I think the wordmark is a bit uninspired.

  20. Some of you on here have absolutely no sense of what looks good lol. The Panthers’ original logo and colors are awesome (define the brand). However, the newly “re-designed” logo is weak and the font is circa 1988.

    The logos from gridiron are even worse. They are cheap and totally dull looking. It’s obvious that they went for an old-school feel and failed miserably. That’s what throwback appearances are for.

    This is 2012, not 1912.

  21. Regarding the Cleveland Browns, they could honor the Dawg Pound rooting section by adopting a St. Bernard logo for the helmet.

    No, on second thought, make it a bird dog–a bird dog clutching a dead raven…

  22. Look at how much better this fan-created Panthers logo is compared to what the Panthers officially ended up doing….(just the logo)…..

  23. The ultimate logo challenge is to design one for the “Browns”. How do you do craft a cool graphic image of a doughy looking old white dude? Their namesake owns their in-state competitor for godsakes. They should just adopt the bulldog theme and change the names to Bulldogs and give their fans SOMETHING to get amped about. It’s bad enough they already live in Cleveland. And BTW, I’m a Ravens fan and for those Cleveland fans that are delusional about having held on to thier colors and heritage – believe me, we NEVER wanted it. If only Indianapolis and Irsay had shown the same generosity when they screwed us out our regionally appropriate Colts history.

  24. now i know why the eagles never won a super bowl. their logo is facing left, the rest are facing right. damn now i know.

  25. Like someone said above, at least it’s not Buffalo.

    I was hoping for a more dramatic makeover. This one is blah. The lettering looks like the old Total cereal script. Guess we have to wait and see if they change the helmet’s background color, tho I guess they stick with a silver finish.

    For reasons I don’t totally get behind, they insist on having the panther’s head be in the shape of a combined NC/SC. If you want to suggest that then do a C in a classy font. Just state it outright.

    Btw the colors are supposed to be a non-proprietary blue like the Tar Heels combined with SC’s black state flag, like how the Mets brought together old colors. They can’t really change that.

  26. That ranking of the team’s logos (and I’m sorry but I still missing the kicking bronco over the current one) reminded me of the fact that the alternate Bengals logo (The Bengal head) is 1000% better than the striped B.

    As long as they don’t mess with the helmets it’s all good though.


  27. One of the worst logos in sports. You can tell it was designed in the 90’s and the update doesn’t help it much. Maybe if they either cut-off the gargantuan neck leaving just the head or put the whole freaking cat as the logo it would be acceptable looking.

    The Jaguars aren’t much better (blue tongue? really). Houston did it right when they came into the league. Logo and uniforms that will stand the test of time rather than blatantly represent the era they came in.

  28. Well, I find it amazing people spend so much effort worrying about a logo when this team has such huge problems. We need quality personnel, and as someone said above, we should not be courting self-confessed thieves who want to play quarterback. I went and found the archive of the laptop theft little Cammy confessed to and he is a disgrace to this team and the entire town. What a loser.

  29. A guy with the handle “gofalcons1” is saying “we” when discussing the Panthers? Explain that one.

    Panthers have some of the best colors and uni’s in the league. And I love the new logo.

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