Peyton is struggling to get healthy


During our NBC Pro Bowl pregame news pop from the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium, Peter King provided an update regarding the story that will dominate the discussion all week in Indianapolis.

Peter said that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is struggling to get healthy.  With barely more than a month to go before the March 8 trigger for payment of $28 million, that makes it even less likely that the Colts will pony up the cash.

Also, Peter said that Colts owner Jim Irsay strongly denied an NFL Network report that a decision was made “weeks ago.”

Still, if a decision hasn’t been made a decision is coming soon.  Don’t expect it to be made, or at least announced, before the Super Bowl.

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  1. Peyton should just retire on a good note. He has had a great career and he didnt flutter out in the end like favre did. Peyton you will make a great coach just you need to get healthy.

  2. Thank God Peter is here to help us, otherwise we might not have heard that Peyton Manning is struggling to get healthy.

    Peter King, Everybody!!!

  3. Irsay must feel like the guy at Vegas that hit big early, then put everything back into the machines, now is trying to pawn his Rolex at the local pawn shop.

    Take the advice of many Jim…. Walk Away! Sure, you hit big the first time with him. You’ve already thrown a lot of money down the drain. You MAY hit it big again with Peyton, but the odds aren’t likely. Let the rebuilding process begin and allow him to finish his career with a more likely playoff contender if he’s able to play again.

  4. Nice picture, guy.

    And I guess if Eli struggles to play well, you’ll have a picture of him eating Oreos.

  5. The decision was probably made in mid-Sept. Peyton’s excellent career is over. He is rich and famous. He will be fine. Sunday Night Football will be happy to have him next season.

  6. Please Colts fans stop whining about Irsay throwing Manning away like trash. Yes Irsay should not twitter team news, but he paid Manning last year knowing he couldn’t play…

    If they dont cut Manning and he can’t play anymore it’s basically 1/3 of the cap (40 million) the next two years to get him off books. This means a 2-14 team would have to cut what little talent is left from the glory years (Bethea, Freeney, Clark, Garcon) to stay under the cap. It would set the Colts back 5-7 years to do this and be completely irresponsible…

    To even consider paying him without being well is asinine. Yes Manning built the franchise and the Luke etc. but was well compensated plus given a golden parachute last year not to play

    This isn’t about thinking Luck is Jesus Christ. It’s about making a wise cap decision on a player that isn’t healthy right now and maybe won’t ever be. I dont want to see 18 elsewhere but if he is well by the summer and wants to play again I say good for him. But I don’t want to see my fav franchise crippled because they held on to Manning…

    Also at 36 a QB is going to regress physically injury or not because father time eventually wins each battle…

    So please stop saying this is disrespectful to cut him. They don’t have a choice…this is how the salary cap is set up

    Go Colts!

  7. Peyton’s older brother, Cooper, was diagnosed with spinal stenosis at the age of 18…never got to play college ball. Just curious if Peyton’s neck troubles could be genetic.

  8. Jim Irsay said he was just talking to Judy Garland, who’s been dead for over 40 years. So he might not be a guy you can trust to make a rational decision. I wouldn’t doubt he might report it to Rob Lowe, though.

  9. I do think people have taken his health for granted, assuming that he’ll just be the same QB he always was and will lead whatever team he plays for to the Super Bowl. The fact is he’s going on 36 and is recovering from major neck surgery.

  10. The BUCS need an Offensive Coordinator!! Come to Tampa Peyton. The weather is much better than Indy this time of year:)

  11. I don’t see what he needs his neck for? Heck – Ronnie Lott would have had the docs cut it off if it would have kept him off the field.

    Quit being such a pansy, Peyton.

  12. Wouldn’t that $28 million pay Andrew Luck for about three years? Or you could take that money and gamble it on an injured 36 year old future HOF QB, for maybe two more years at most.
    Not the most difficult decision here.

  13. Peyton needs to retire. As hard as it may be for him to accept, he has to do it for the sake of his health and wellbeing. Think of the children. Hang up the cleats, it isn’t worth it to go out on the field and then have your health take an even bigger turn for the worse.

  14. shoot if this is all the top notch investigative work it takes to be a sports reporter I think im gonna quit my day job and give it a shot.

  15. Good note?

    Manning’s last memory as a Colt is right after that dumb fool coach of his called timeout.

    Great call Caldwell. You should have been fired and kicked in the balls on the spot.

  16. its a shame this had to happen to payton, i would of much rather it be oh i don’t know tom brady. oops, here I go wishful thinking again

  17. The greatest Colt ever to play QB finished in another uniform and the city of Baltimore still adores him, he even has a statue outside of Ravens stadium.
    Its not like Indy is going to erase Peyton, its part of the football business, when its all said and done and Peyton finishes with another team or calls it quits soon, he will be the king of Indy forever.

  18. vmannj says:
    Jan 29, 2012 11:23 PM
    Peyton’s older brother, Cooper, was diagnosed with spinal stenosis at the age of 18…never got to play college ball. Just curious if Peyton’s neck troubles could be genetic.
    It could be as a general issue, but that particular disorder isn’t a factor with PM IIRC. I think I read that he and Eli were both tested a long time ago to make sure it wasn’t in their makeup.

  19. I believe Irsay when he says he didn’t decide ‘weeks ago’ on Manning’s fate. I think he faced the hard truth months ago that Manning simply isn’t getting better and that there is no chance he will be able to even take a soft practice before the next mondo payout is due.

  20. Favre it up Peyton! I, for one can hardly wait for the offseason of suspense that will be created after he is cut, and while he drags his feet deciding where to go, trying to rehab so he can just pass the physical…

  21. Peter King …..Either talking about the Patriots or Peyton Manning. Wow, such an enlightening and broad journalist!!

  22. With all due respect to Peter King, I’ll wait for my Peyton update from a more reliable source…..Rob Lowe

  23. Peyton’s condition is serious I just had full lumbar – S1 rod fusions and artificial disc put back to save me and keep me going in the engineering field. I feel jacked and after that surgery knowing I was going to become paralyzed if I dint do, it still suks doing it at the moment because I feel so jacked and don’t have fancy sports doctors to pamper me at the moment.

    Later it will pay off though as long as I am careful, so if I was manning I would call it quits. He did so much! He got his ring, money, fame, and I know it is hard to hang the old helmet up but his future is more important than the NFL.
    I am sure the Networks are ready to take him aboard and go that route instead of Peyton to Marvin Harrison in retrospect
    Now when I return to work I am going to ask the younger guys to do the grunt stuff while wont take a chance disturbing what was repaired. I like dirt bikes too so no more crazy jumping with a beer in my camelbak
    I wish him the best and hopefully he heels properly.

  24. If he is “struggling to get healthy”, then he will retire from the game. He’s not gonna go to some other team and risk further debilitating injury. Dream on– he’s 36 years old, the only 4-time league MVP and has a ring. He ALSO has a loving wife and two small children now. He’s going to dedicate 100% of his ability to his family from here on out.

  25. And in REAL breaking news, Caldwell is going to Baltimore.

    Apparently the Steelers dodged that bullet…

  26. True story: I once ate dinner next to Peter King. He never chewed with his mouth closed once.

  27. With a head that big a neck issue was only a matter of time.

    Seriously, I hope he recovers fully, but if there is a question I also hope he has enough sense to walk away in one piece.

  28. sucks to say this but im on an honest binge right now so here it goes; as a colts fan, it honestly does seem that this team is past its prime right now. But the pshyce of the team locker room can have alot to do with the product on the field. alot more than people tend to realize it seems. I think the 49ers proved that this year, While alex smith didnt play lights out, everyone can agree that he actually showed more promise than he did ever before by far. I think the attitude of the head coach was a direct cause of this. This tells me that the front office of the Colts feel that things got stale in the locker room & front office; and its sad to say this but Peyton being mad about the changes happening around him is why he is going to be shipped out like he is nothing more than a second string QB, versus, I believe, the best QB to play the game. I do happen to believe, maybe wrongly, that there is talent on the colts roster… call me biased.. but I know i am right. They just needed a different mentality to the way they were running things, and the cleaning of the entire front office is proof of that. Im sure there are a few guys here and there that would not cut it on most other teams rosters, but you have to have talent to be in the NFL. And there is talent their, I would like to believe that they believe in the core of the team, which may not include manning anymore, as incredulous as that sounds. that is the nature of the NFL. Sometimes talented players dont turn out what they were supposed to be purely on where they land and the situations they were drafted into. I think Grigson realizes all of this and that is why he was hired. Just how I feel. feel free to lambaste me if you feel like I am wrong on certain parts. But this is how I see the current situation and the ins and outs of whats going down in Colt land right now

  29. Manning in a neckbrace is better than a healthy Colt Mccoy. Welcome to Cleveland Peyton.

  30. Tavares Jackson’s been f’ed (Favre’d) over before, so he’ll be used to being backup for a high profile guy.

    Seahawks have lots of room under the cap. Give Manning a good chunk (and risk) of guaranteed money (or pay the $28m Irsay won’t give him), and a cheap, heavily incentive laden contract for 2 or 3 years. Then, say your prayers that his injury will be better in 7 months.

    Give Jackson an extension past next year, he will be a capable backup if the Manning thing bombs, and it will be almost business as usual this year (although if no Manning, Seattle will have to settle the long term QB situation once and for all, it has to improve like the defense did last year).

    Its a large risk, but the Seahawks have a QB situation in semi-flux with an ok NFL QB already, but looking for a possible upgrade, something many teams don’t have, as they either have an established starter/someone making starter money, or, would be counting on Manning or else.

    Draft some o-line help, get Lynch the workhorse at a (discounted) new contract, and both would provide extra protection for Manning and his neck. Two decent TE’s already there for the dump off quick passes too.

    HOF guys like this guy don’t come along very much if at all (last one anything like this was Brees and his shoulder injury in SD, maybe Vick), and the timing works out to at least have Seattle kick the tires.

  31. I said it before, Peyton’s private physicians and Irsay’s team physicians, “post 3 surgery assessments” certainly have known for some time how bad the damage really is. All the rest of the “spin jobs” are utter nonsense. If Peyton could play or more importantly “demonstrate” to Irsay that he could still play then we wouldn’t be looking at a March 8th deadline or for that matter the potential #1 draft pick of some kid named “Luck.”

    Looks like Sanchez may have dodged a bullet !

  32. Dungy says he will retire a Colt BUT Eli clearly said he is rehabbing and wants to play. I believe Eli Manning more than all those others.

  33. brunnerjam says:Jan 29, 2012 11:30 PM

    I do think people have taken his health for granted, assuming that he’ll just be the same QB he always was and will lead whatever team he plays for to the Super Bowl.


    I think that most smart people have been saying for the past six months that he will never play another down in the NFL…

  34. Wake up everyone who wants him to come to your team. He has NERVE damage. Nerve damage does not just get better like soft tissue and other muscle systems in the body. It has to regenerate and sometimes it NEVER does. Barring a medical miracle, in the end, Rob Lowe will have been right.

  35. @supremeomega
    I thought if a player is injuried the salary cap doesn’t not count against the team plus who pays Manning salary if he’s injuried the Colts or the Colts insurance?

  36. Could Peyton be “faking”? Could he possibly be leaking that he is not healing quickly as a move to get out of Indianapolis? When he is actually on track. Stranger things have happened, and Manning is not one to retire if not released or traded. Just a thought.

  37. hawkitnow says:
    Jan 29, 2012 11:33 PM
    As a Seahawks fan, I would take a 25% healthy Peyton Manning to a 100% Tarvaris Jackson.


    If the NFL changed the rules to allow PM to play from a wheelchair or hospital bed, I would still choose that option over Turrible Tavaris Jackson.

  38. Manning is done. The Colts can’t afford to keep him on the roster and be able to sign drafted players and veteran free agents. He should retire and go into coaching, while he still has his health, or at least what’s left of it.

  39. NO QB has ever come back from this injury. I’m not sure how many players have. Ended Sterling Sharpe’s career. Over/under has to be less than 50% chance he can come back. Based on history.

  40. The real question is why couldn’t Peter King get on air with a tie that matched yesterday?

  41. That would be awesome if they did announce it before the Super Bowl. That would be the biggest “no, look at me… over here” moment ever.

  42. Irsay should release Manning real soon. That would force Manning and many goober fans to face reality in that Peyton Manning’s career is probably over.

    Thumbs up if you think many NFL fans are total idiots.

  43. Consider also how long it will take Manning to get into football shape. Even assuming his nerve regenerates, he hasn’t played football in over a year. If the Colts did pay the $28M to keep him, there is no guarantee he would even be effective this season. It will take a full season and probably the off-season as well for him to get back into shape.

    Peyton may (possibly) play again, but not this season.

  44. Manning would be perfect as an analyst.He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.Go get a cushy job trading barbs with Booker and Marino and making sure to show them your Super Bowl ring whenever they get too smug for their own good.

  45. Wow. This is finally sinking in, and I can honestly say that at at first, I thought it would be unthinkable, for the colts to release Manning. But sadly, I put the loyalty issue to rest. They paid him a fortune for nothing last year, and I don’t think they should have to pay him again. Now if anything it should be Peyton’s turn. Give the Colts an extention on the payment, if you truly want to remain a Colt. I now understand, the team comes first, and speaking as a fan,although not a Colts fan but a Broncos fan, it saddens me to see one of the greatest at the position close the book while there are chapters left to be written. But either way stay well Peyton, that’s most important. If you come back, hopefully my man Elway will call you up.

  46. Not a Colts fan but I am a Peyton Manning fan (can’t say the same for Eli but only because I’m a Dallas fan.) Having said that, I’m going to miss Peyton and his 4 star General grasp of football. His near epileptic seizures while calling audibles after surveying the opposing defensive formations has always been great to watch. The man knows how to command a team. Hell, he damn near was the head coach while he was playing. If he never plays another down in the NFL, that will be sad. I’d love to see him come back as a coach in some capacity. Good luck and good health, Peyton.

  47. deadmanwalking47 says:
    Jan 30, 2012 8:57 AM
    i’m shocked peter king could tear himself away from the buffett line to actually put a report together.
    he knows less about football than jerry jones!

    Peter King knows a lot more than you, Goobs.

  48. Peyton Manning is, in my opinion, better than Tom Brady. They are both Hall of Fame Quarterbacks! Having said that, I must add that it is time for Peyton to take a rest and heal. Peyton, you should use this healing period to test his affinity for broadcasting. I would like to see you replace Chris Collinsworth on NBC. Al Michaels and Peyton Manning! What a combination!

    Peyton !! You’re a smart guy! You got a nice wife and two nice kids! You got more money than Mitt Romney! You also have a set of vertebrae that will paralyze you if someone hits you a little too hard! I don’t want to see your family huddled around your iron lung at Christmas, Okay! No Holiday commercials for spinal injuries; Okay!

    Take the job! Do a few commercials and call me in the morning! I have one question for you, Peyton. That year you stayed at Tennessee, do you wish that you had played that year as a pro; now? I mean that you would be $28 million richer right now.

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