Browns have renewed interest in keeping Peyton Hillis


Halfway through the 2011 season, Peyton Hillis appeared to be on his way out of Cleveland. His disastrous 2011 season included injuries, poor play, and finger-pointing from his teammates.

A quietly strong end to the season has apparently changed the team’s mind.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports via a league source the Browns are interested in re-signing Hillis at the right price. Cabot says the Browns and Hillis’ agent have yet to talk because the team has yet to contact agents about a contract.

It’s not a total shock the Browns would want Hillis at the “right price” but that price has surely gone down after a miserable year. The right price may not make Hillis very happy.

Hillis will get a contract somewhere this year, but he may have to be willing to take a smaller one-year “prove it” deal. The offers Hills gets very likely will be less than some of the multi-year contracts he turned down from the Browns last year.

45 responses to “Browns have renewed interest in keeping Peyton Hillis

  1. nooooooo cleveland he proved to be a lame and i will play and run people over when im payed well and also getting that madden cover was not a good idea as well

  2. Come to the Raiders. Well trade DMC for a first round pick which we’ll draft a top flight receiver and return to AFC dominance . . . A man can dream, right?

  3. Bring him back! He will have a bounce back season, now that he wont be on the Madden cover. Two Peytons on one team might get confusing but they can make it work. GO BROWNS!

  4. He just needs a better team. His career will be a waste staying in Cleveland. They never had a successful back since Jim brown

  5. The man was injured people. If I were Hillis I would not sign with the Browns. His stye of running results in injuries (Steven Jackson, Brandon Jacobs, etc.) Both Jacobs and Jackson are top 10 in terms of salary for a RB. Some people like to always play the race card and it annoys me but you cannot deny it here. I hope Hillis gets a good deal somewhere else and steamrolls the Browns.

  6. I called this one earlier in the year. There is no way any team in the NFL was going to sign Hillis for as much as the Browns were offering. “Renewed interest” stems from the organization probably considering Montario Hardesty to be a draft bust.

  7. You know this entire thing i feel was blown out of proportion by the media. The only thing i can not forgive is him missing that Halloween with Hillis. That was horrible. Other then that i want to give him one more year.

  8. I hope this is true.Hillis came back strong after all the drama.we need to concentrate on rt/rg and wr in the first round not a RB.With brandon jackson coming back we really don’t need a rb in this draft…OL,Wr and lb’s are what we need

  9. Injury plagued RB’s should be avoided at all cost. Especially one that plays a bruising style like Hillis. The Browns would be wise to let someone else waste their cap money on this guy.

    Starting RB’s are mostly interchangeable these days. No reason to overpay.

  10. Hillis had a monster reality check last year and knows he blew it. He should be very willing to sign an incentive laden contract for 2012 so he can cash out in 2013. The Browns can then afford to spend their top draft picks on other areas this year. That would be a win-win for both parties.

  11. Bummer. I like those “come from no where” stories. Hillis & Cruz are proof that talent evaluation and good coaching make a career, not draft position. You don’t need the #1 pick if you can develop guys.

  12. He had a pretty bizarre year and managed to take the whole Madden curse new levels but there is no doubt that when he is healthy and motivated the guy is a beast.

  13. I would be in favor of keeping Hillis but wouldn’t break the bank to do so. Even with him in the lineup the Browns have trouble running outside. He’s just not fast enough to be an outside threat.

    In other news, I just got a tweet from Tony Grossi. He reports that in the Indian Amatuer Cricket League the Bombay Bandits defeated the Mubai Marauders in a marathon four day cricket match. He tried to interview the owner of the Bandits and League Officials reported that the owner has not been seen in years, fueling specualation that the team is owned by Randy Lerner.

  14. My guess is, not many teams want him for big money until he can prove 2010 was no fluke. Overall his mileage is low and he can pound it, block and catch the ball in the flats. Sign him to a team friendly contract (3 year incentive laden), draft another RB to compliment him and we have our backfield signed for the next 3-4 years.

  15. Not for nothing, this is why the Browns continue to be a terrible organization. This guy quit on his teammates, the fans, and the GM who believed in him.

    Because he decided to step it up in the last 3 weeks of a contract year, this somehow tells the Browns its a good idea to give him a guaranteed contract?

    Im not even a Browns fan, and I was digusted when he skipped the kids Halloween charity event because he was hungover or just being spiteful. That is not the type of guy you build your team around. That team isnt competing anytime soon since they have no QB and no WR’s. It is extremely easy to replace a RB in the later rounds. This isnt Adrian Peterson. The fact that they even consider signing this guy after the garbage he pulled is exactly why this organization is a perennial loser.

  16. He’s too soft to play for anyone else in the league. He’s the perfect fit for Cleveland’s lay down offensive style.

  17. It would be more accurate to say the Browns position on Hillis has never changed. They’ve said all along they’d like him back at the right price. What has most likely changed is the likelihood that he’ll now accept the right price.

  18. This story is a direct result of the removal of Tony Grossi from the beat. He was the one who thought the team had no interest in keeping Hillis, despite strong statements to the contrary by the team. And I’m not talking about the wishy washy statements like if Colt McCoy is the team’s qb of the future.

    Grossi’s lack of objectivity is still contributing to stories involving the Browns.

  19. Give him a 3 year backloaded contract. I’d take him at the right price, and I’d make sure his eventual replacement is drafted this year. Hillis is a battering ram, and should be used as one.

  20. @seahawksfan – Nobody successful since Jim Brown? Are you serious? I guess you’ve forgotten about a couple of running backs named Mack and Byner that BOTH rushed for 1,000 plus in the same season. Oh that’s right, you were laboring in anonymity until Holmgren showed up!

  21. Same old clowns! The Mistake by the Lake lives on!

    PLEASE, for the love of last place in the AFC North, continue to sign cancers like this guy. Three decent games at the end of the year in a contract year after creating “injuries”, a missed charity appearance and general whining. Yet clowns fans still have a woody for this tool.

    And they wonder why they continue to strive for mediocrity!

    “With the sixth pick in the sixth pick in the 2004 NFL draft, the cleveland clowns select Kellen Winslow, Tight End, The University of Miami.”
    How’s that one working out for you cleveland??


  22. He’s a middle of the road running back that wants to be paid like he’s elite. He’s in for a rude awakening shortly.

  23. I gotta give the proverbial digital high to Chris*Gillis…
    would love to see the other great white hype could do in a lions uniform.

    Next to Leshoure, and (fingers crossed) a healthy jahvid to play more of a third down roll, similar to what philly has done with their slot backs in the past few years, and lord knows there is a chance for a running game to tag along behind our aerial circus (Starring the Stafford-Megatron connection)!

  24. seahawksfan25 says:
    Jan 31, 2012 12:05 AM

    He just needs a better team. His career will be a waste staying in Cleveland. They never had a successful back since Jim brown

    …other than Leroy Kelly, Greg Pruitt, Kevin Mack, Eric Metcalf, and Leroy Hoard? Yeah, I agree then.

    Btw, outside of Shaun Alexander, how may Seahawks running backs were household names (outside of Seattle)?


  25. This guy is Mike Alstott light. Cleveland is the only place he will be a feature back. If he’s looking to go back to playing fullback or sitting on the bench…he should leave the Browns.

  26. @ td4, you forgot:

    Ernest Byner and Marion Motley(HOFer)

    So, aside from Leroy Kelly, Greg Pruitt, Kevin Mack, Eric Metcalf, Leroy Hoard, Ernest Byner, and Marion Motley, the Browns have been pretty barren, minus Jim Brown.

    (although honestly, I probably wouldn’t include Hoard or Metcalf in there as an RB).

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