Ware says full offseason with Rob Ryan will be a big improvement


Rob Ryan became the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator a year ago, but the lockout prevented him from having a full offseason to install his D in Big D. According to Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, that makes this the year that we’ll see the real Ryan defense.

“I think there’s going to be a big improvement having Rob Ryan for a whole another year, knowing his system, knowing what’s really going on,” Ware said on NFL Network, via the Dallas Morning News. “Having Jason Garrett, the leader, that motivational guy for us. I think it’s going to all just pan out next season.”

Ware thinks a full offseason together will give the defense time to make sure everyone understands his role.

“If one guy is off on our defense, the whole defense goes kaput,” Ware said. “So you got to have everybody on the same page.”

And Ware thinks they just need this offseason to get everybody on the same page.

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  1. I’d say this past season was a pretty accurate representation of what Rob Ryan brings to the table.

  2. Ryan has had many full seasons with teams with similiar defensive talent and still hasn’t done squat

  3. I’m so tired of this “need for a full offseason” crap that teams (and the media) always use. I hear the same stuff from Philly with everyone making excuses for the pathetic year the “Dream Team” had. Jim Harbaugh took his new team to 13-3 following a short offseason. Marvin Lewis and Gary Kubiak took rookie QBs to the playoffs following a short offseason.

    But veteran teams like Dallas and Philly can’t make a new defensive system work in the dreaded “short offseason”. Puh-lease.

  4. Rob Ryan is one of the most overrated people in football. He had one decent season in Oakland. That’s it. I expect more of the same next year.

  5. Getting Rob some more talent would help, with roughly $23 million to spend this offseason, I would hope they could upgrade at least Newman’s spot.

  6. Oh, Rob Ryan is still the defensive coordinator for Dallas? I thought he had gone on to become a big-time head coach already.

  7. Ware guarantees that they will overuse the blitz and be out of position again so more explosive plays are given up by the Cowboys defense in 2012.

  8. The off season aside, didn’t they have another 19-20 weeks or so weeks (including a condensed training camp) to figure it out?

    If my math is correct 19-20 weeks is around five months. Was it that complicated to install?

  9. rex ryan gets tons of crap for what he does but atleast he can coach defense. the jets have a bunch of scrubs on D.

    Of course besides 1 elite player in Revis
    Very good players in Cromartie, Harris, and Pouha.

    Besides that its a clown show.

    but rob ryan? guy has a sick front 7 and that defense is atrocious.

  10. Maybe…if you get some guys in the secondary that can cover. Rob Ryan likes to blitz…if your gonna blitz, you have to be able to cover man on man in the secondary. And Terrence Newman and Mike Jenkins are not going to cover anybody, tackle anybody, or play with any level of consistancy(they’re always injured). Get some youth in the draft.

  11. Ware and Lee are the only ones that have any say into this past year. All the others for all I care can be replaced. I am tired of excuses. First wade’s defense was too complex then they simplified then it became too predictable….then ryan’s defense….blah blah blah. All teams had the same off season…San Fran did pretty good with a new HC and DC!

    Let’s face it we have terrible players on that side of the ball. I sat there and watched all the previous superbowl defenses….the way they tackled the way they hit. You could tell teams knew they were going to get the crap beat out of them on every play. This defense is soft and that is an understatement. Most of that goes to our GM who thought it best to get a bunch of spare parts in the draft a couple of years ago….well it’s good to see that noone is left except for Buehler who will likey be too.

    Our coaches have done enough it’s time we get real
    Players on this side of the ball. Sign Nicks in FA and use the draft for all defensive….this is pathetic .

  12. Appearing like Fat Bastard with long hair sure doesn’t garner any respect from people. Why would anyone in this day and age want to look like a fat smelly bum, no matter how good of a coach he thinks he is.

  13. A new set of starting defensive backs would go a lot farther towards improving the defense than a full off-season every will. If all you add is more time together, it just means that Newman is that much oolder and that much slower.

  14. seems like every year is “the year the Cowboys put it all together.” maybe there’s not nearly as much talent on the roster as ESPN and NFL Network thinks there is.

  15. The Giants proved that pressuring the QB, not necessarily excellent CB play, can punch a ticket to the Superbowl. Dallas needs another OLB, or better yet, a DE who can annihilate the pocket. Without someone to help Ware, we’re looking at a record between 6-10 and 9-7, tops.

  16. The defense is getting oldand Ware shouldnt need a whole off season to learn how to stunt or blitz. Its really not that difficult of a concept.

    To the guy who said wade plays indy, jax, and tenn…… Dallas played wash, philly, and ny. The best team being 9-7. Not really a strong argument when all you can do is beat wash year in and year out. Congrats.

    Ware is the most over rated part of that d and should be traded for more picks. The only problem with that is jerrah is still making te picks. Dallas sucks and wont be good until jerrah expires. Lets hope for a snafu during the next plastic surgery.

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