Jerome Simpson pleads not guilty on drug charges

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Jerome Simpson made headlines during the season with a fantastic flip over a befuddled Cardinals defender, but his offseason headlines will be focused on the courtroom instead of the football field.

Simpson was indicted on drug charges last week and he appeared in a Kentucky court for his arraignment on those charges Monday. Simpson entered a plea of not guilty on the charges, per the Associated Press. The charges are related to a 2.5 pound package of marijuana delivered to Simpson’s home in September. A subsequent search of the home turned up six more pounds of the drug as well as paraphernalia associated with packaging and smoking it.

His next court appearance is scheduled for February 20th and Simpson can remain free as long as he posts a $2,500 bond by Tuesday. If he’s found guilty, Simpson faces one to five years in prison.

Simpson is set to become a free agent in March and his football future will surely be impacted by how his court case plays out.

10 responses to “Jerome Simpson pleads not guilty on drug charges

  1. Am I the only one that noticed the horrendous attempt to ‘tackle’ Simpson on that play? He turned his back on him, didn’t even attempt to bring him down. Tackling has been getting worse and worse and worse every year. Nobody wraps up anymore, they just throw their body at the ball carrier and expect him to fall down.

  2. Since the package came from cali, it must have been Carson Palmer who sent it… Thats why it got INTERCEPTED by the police… Hopefully jerome simpson can DROP the charges.

  3. Previous reports, said his gf signed for the package, which wasn’t addressed to Simpson, just his address. Hopefully she is more faithful than Michael Vick’s cousins.

  4. That was one heck of a flip. Who knew that Simpson could gain three pounds and still get that high?

  5. @ ‘kokoskmr’……

    ‘Bengal fans must be so proud’…..


    What in the heck does that mean, idiot ?

    I guarentee there will be not one single Bengal fan that is ‘proud’ of what Simpson is alleged to have done.

    Are Bears fans ‘proud’ of Sam Hurd ? Are Panther fans ‘proud’ of Rae Carruth ? I could go on.

    There are very few NFL teams whose players have not had multiple brushes with the law; that doesn’t mean their fan bases support their actions.

    If Simpson is found guilty he deserves time, and 99% of Bengal fans will say ‘good’……..

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